We will keep this sale on our current flash sale page as we still have some items remaining. We have finally  gone through every single box (hundreds) and today. present the last of what is avilable. We found a few surprises of items that we thought we sold out of, so this is a wonderful sale to take advantage of. If you have any kind of event or party coming your way, this is an opportune time to take advantage os incredible deals!

Whatever does not sell will go in our sale category on the shop. Please read over the rules prior to ordering, as you know these things go fast!

  • There are two ways to order- call or email
  • These pieces are mostly seconds, items that have a very small flaw- could be a small scratch or a microchip, very hard to spot unless you are looking for it. Anything beyond that, we discard
  • If calling, call 800-804-9565 (between 9:30-5 EST) OR email [email protected] ***USE ONLY THIS EMAIL ADDRESS PLEASE***
  • Please use item numbers to order 
  • Everything in stock and ready to ship right out
  • If you email your order- we need your NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE AND ITEM NUMBER(S) AND PATTERN IF APPLICABLE
  • Only a paid invoice is a confirmed order
  • Limited quantities, so subject to availability
  • Final sale and shipping is extra
  • Some things can ship international, email [email protected] if you need an international quote
  • Questions? Simply email or call us




ITEM 1 And look what else we found!! Our incredible grand Greek key open ended flared hurricanes. I so love these and have several pair in my own home. Thy work best with a thick pillar candle. Will add grandeur and elegance wherever they are used! I use mine indoors and out, they really make a statement.

Measures 18″ tall

$70.00 each


ITEM 2 Look what we found more of! These fabulous rattan wrapped drinking glasses are stunning. Offered in two sizes. We had a quality control issue with this vendor and decoded to not go through with them. So we have about 100 of each size. Here is the caveat- the rattan “sleeve” is supposed to come off.

And on many the sleeve does come off but not all. So these are being sold as is. They can easily be washed with the sleeve but you have to be careful in how you do it. I own them and have washed them many times. Just letting you know that some may have the removable rattan sleeve and other will not.

Also makes a wonderful bud vase!

Medium 4.75″ tall $5.00 each

Large 6″ each $6.00 each


Diamond pattern- 7 large and 27 medium




Cane  pattern- 11 medium


ITEM 3 Medium Greek key with reeding centerpiece bowl. A beautiful functional elegant bowl with a classic Greek key motif finished with pretty reeded not he bottom

Measures 12.5″ round

$60.00. 12


ITEM 4 Can not believe we found 6 more of these fabulous lily of the valley large hurricanes. Love these and have a pair in my living room. Gorgeous and elegant design, lovely as a floral vase as well.

Large 15.5″


ITEM 5 Our large double Greek key centerpiece bowl is a stunner. Classically beautiful with a double row of Greek key. Beautiful enough on its own but also looks beautiful with seasons objects. Love it for a dining table or a large cocktail table.

Measures 15″ round


ITEM 6  Our Greek key and garland etched hurricanes, so love these. Such beautiful detailing in the medium, when lit with a pillar candle, these are a standout!

Measures 12.5″

$45.00. 37

ITEM 7 We found 2  more of these  cake dome/platters that have slight flaws, which honestly you really have to look for these are a super steal. The etching is so beautiful and these are really grand even with nothing in them! Includes a scalloped pedestal plate. These are truly showstopping beautiful. On a counter with your favorite sweets or nothing at all. The etch work is magnificent.

The cake plate is 14″ round Height of dome is 14″

$95.00 for both pieces 

ITEM 8  Found some our mid sized vertical leaf bowls, another happy surprise! A stunner especially paired with the hurricanes.

Measures 12.5″ round



ITEM 9  Found some more of the beautiful classic double Greek key hurricanes in medium. Just fabulous!

Measures 12.5″

ITEM 10 These spectacular brass footed hurricanes retail in some places for upwards of $500…..we found a few more reeded hurricanes, and I guarantee these will go fast! Beautiful as a flower vase too.

Measures 15″

Specify reeded or vertical leaf

$85.00 each 


ITEM 11 Our beautiful highly detailed swag and garland etched medium bowls have become one of our most popular items. They are stunning! We have a few that at first glance are perfect but if you look closely they might have a scratch, a slight chip, etc… offered at about half off. These are stunning show pieces!

Measures 12.5″ round


ITEM 12 Our double Greek key glass footed hurricanes are a showstopper. When these are lit, they have such a wow factor. Just beautiful detailing.

Measures 15″ tall

$60.00 each

ITEM 13 We have found some of our fabulous large showstopping etched centerpiece bowls in 2 gorgeous patterns. These have very small flaws, either a small scratch or microchip. You really have to look to find them. These are amazing on a console, center table and dining table.


Measures 12.5″



ITEM 14 Have eight left of our medium basket weave AND 2 large! These are so beautiful, love this pattern and when illuminated they are really spectacular. Also doubles as a fabulous floral vase.

Medium 12.5″ $45.00

Large 15″ $55.00

ITEM 15   Was surprised (and delighted) to find a handful of these incredible swag and garland glass footed large hurricanes.

Measures 15″ tall

$70.00 each

ITEM 16 Down to the last 6 of these fabulous cane wicker large hurricanes…some of my favorites! These are statement making hurricanes for both indoors and out!




ITEM 17  Found four more large vertical leaf footed hurricanes! These beauties go fast and double as a very stylish floral vase.

Measures 15.5″

$70.00 each

ITEM 18 Found a few more boxes of our exquisite Greek Key with reeding large centerpiece bowls. This is a showstopper, I keep one on my dining table and one of my cocktail table.

Measures 15″ round




ITEM 19 Have 2 left of the chinoiserie bird medium hurricane…another fun surprise! One is near perfect the other has an obvious chip.

Measures 12.5″

$55.00 for near perfect

$25.00 for one with the chip

ITEM 20 Have one left of medium and one large of the beautiful diamond hurricanes/vases. The large has a slight tilt and therefore is an extra bargain!

Medium 12.5″ $50.00

Large 15.5″ $45.00


Told you this was worth checking out. Reminder, I will be out of the country this week so you will not hear from me until next weekend.

Will missing being here but if you are missing my posts might I suggest going down a rabbit hole and going way back to 2013 right when I started blogging and had taken a trip to Paris. You may enjoy the “oversharing” of pictures I offered:) Looking back, there was so much beauty to take in. If you want to visit those posts, click here


And that’s a wrap. See something you love and “need”? Simply call or email your order in. Wishing everyone a fabulous week! Until next time….


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