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Hi there, hope everyone is doing well. So if you remember our custom tablecloth event was a huge success and we sold out of the fabrics. Many of you wanted to place an order but we sold out quite fast.   The popularity spoke to the need that people still need and want pretty tablecloths!

I had put more fabric on order immediately and literally almost forgot about it, figuring they,  like so many other things fell into shipping chaos abyss:) It was such a wonderful surprise to get notice that the bolts were on the way and have arrived! Finding a beautiful dressy and till affordable tablecloth is like searching for a pot of gold.

I feel your pain, finding a truly beautiful tablecloth is really really hard to find. I have no idea why! Don’t  they know plenty of people love beautiful tablecloths and have all sizes of tables that they need them for! Most of what I create is because there is a need for them and beautiful custom tablecloths are one such example. Sadly I got word that this incredible fabric is disconnected. They said the textile mill had raised their prices like 40% and made it totally cost ineffective to sell anymore. So this is it!!

You would be hard pressed to find a prettier tablecloth. All of these are made to order to your size/color specifications.  There are so many things that makes these sublime. I was overjoyed to be able to get my hands on more of this truly amazing fabric, and in five beautiful colors. Last time, we sold out really fast so here is another chance.

Please read  below before placing your order-

Before you email or call your order in, please have your finished tablecloth size, and color selected. We cannot assist with sizing as everyone has a different idea of how they want their tablecloth to hang. We have included guidance below, which will explain how to order the right size for your table.

  • Two ways to order- call or email , email [email protected] or call 800-804-9565 (phones open at 9:30 EST)
  • If you email your order, please include the color, finished size of the tablecloth, name, address and phone number so we can send an invoice
  • Please have your tablecloth size and color selected prior to calling
  • Only a paid order is considered a confirmed order
  • Lead time is about 12-14 days
  • We can ship these internationally. Please email for a ship quote (we need your international shipping address)
  • The fabric is a poly blend which makes these maintenance free yet looks like a very expensive embroidered fabric, best part? It is machine washable! And spectacular looking.
  • We can do any size shown below as well as most custom sizes
  • Due to the double width of this fabric, there are NO SEAMS!
  • Virtually wrinkle free…surely worth its weight in gold! Finished with a simple hemstitch
  • These are made to order so are final sale.
  • Offered in four colors, limited yardage of each color (colors shown at bottom of post)
  • Sorry,  no rain-checks are offered, once they are gone that is it
  • Shipping is extra
  • Questions? Feel free to call or email us


Here is one of my tablecloths “in action” this is the ice blue for reference. These are good reference points to see the actual delicate and oh so beautiful pattern.  I have a  very long table, this cloth measures approx 104″ x 190″ as I wanted it full length to the floor, it’s a matter of taste/style as to how far it hangs. This fabric is so gorgeous, I want to make a ballgown out of it:)

A few closeups to show detailing (this is the ice blue color)

I got the denim, putty and smoke as I think these are particular beautiful for the coming fall/winter months-



Need one these beautiful tablecloths? Then just call or email your order in, remember these are subject to availability. Thanks for stopping by, wishing everyone a wonderful day! Until next time…..


[email protected]

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