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So I am often asked what inspires me to design a room, decorate a space, or whatever else I might be doing at the time involving taste and style. I am a bonafide picture, book and magazine NUT! I collect more magazines and home/decor/fashion books that some small book stores could probably handle! Some of my most prized items are all my Southern Accents magazines…they are truly my all time favorite!!!!! And I am positively sick that they are no more…I can only hope that some amazing soul will choose to resurrect them! No one in my humble opinion can even hold a candle to them!  I still like getting my Veranda magazines and do often find pages worth ripping out to add to my ridiculous collection of orphaned magazine pages.

Anyway right now I am choosing bathrooms…11 of them to do. And to boot I am doing this on my own, don’t get me wrong I am enjoying it however its very time consuming and requiring a tremendous amount of time and investigative research. One of my favorite companies for the most fabulous water jet tiles is New Ravenna (definitely check them out but be forewarned it just might make you want to redo a bathroom or two)! For my kitchen I am going with Paris Ceramics, they have the most exquisite collection of reclaimed old antique limestone floors….I am so excited! Will show you a picture of some of their floors as well. So first here is the kitchen floor then moving onto the beautiful bathroom floors. Decisions, decisions! Let me know what you think and which are your favorites!

So here are some of the most beautiful patterns, and mind you they can do these patterns in over 100 marbles and onyx stones…talk about possibilties!!

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I am using a Paris Ceramics limestone in my entry, and a New Ravenna tile in my master bath. They are wonderful companies with one of a kind products.

I can’t imagine picking out tile on my own – there are SO many choices! I am pretty low key about tile, so I pretty much went with what my designer recommended, without researching lots of options. I am really happy with what we have picked out, though!

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