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So this morning I will go to the new home which still sits amongst mounds and mounds of snow…but thankfully our work crew is diligently working despite the frigid temps. Mostly inside work at this point, right now its too cold to finish the limestone work. I enclose mostly pictures of the breakfast room elevation mostly because its the only one that is totally done and you get to see the finished product. Our goal is that the house will look old and as though its been there a long time. 
We will achieve this through carefully thought out landscaping which will will compliment and not compete with the already beautiful and mature landscape. Also we will grow ivy over select parts of the home. So in showing you the new….thought it would be fun to show you pictures of the old. We had so many wonderful and cherished memories in the 7 years that we lived in our previous house, it will always be remembered fondly. Our other home was a classic Georgian and we furnished it accordingly whereas our new house is French all the way, though I plan to use a lot of french influences there will be a bit of English too as I am a huge fan of English interiors. So hope you enjoy going down memory lane with he, first the old house and then in with the new……..

Our old home, a classic Georgian on a lovely spring day,  while the cherry blossoms are starting to bloom

The basement which we finished and had my sons graduation dinner in!
My master bathroom vanity

Back foyer which led to a huge beautiful stone patio

Rear foyer sitting area

Our beautiful back yard

The patio looking out onto the pool…we spent many an afternoon perched here

The rear of the house

Teddy and his cousin cooling off….

The hearth and my favorite Delft tiles from Holland purchased at Country Floors

My beautiful pale yellow kitchen with teak topped island (carerra countertops)

Breakfast room

The foyer at Christmas

Master sitting room

My wonderful  bedroom done in the palest celadon and pale taupe (Fabrics are from Beacon Hill and Scalamandre)
And in with the new…………...
The side view which is the only elevation that is complete
The porte cochere still in progress…

Another angle with the sun setting

The garage area with the newly added cuppola

You can catch a glimpse of the covered porch on the opposite side of the house, it will be completed in limestone

Part of the grounds, lots of trees everywhere….
Breakfast room bay completed

The rear of the house…I love the backs of homes!

Side patio entrance to breakfast room

A beautiful old oak tree

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Both homes are amazingly beautiful. I love the yard of the first home and think that something like that should be incorporated into the second πŸ™‚

I just found your blog yesterday and it is wonderful. I was just wondering what is making you not only move from such a lovely home but building an equally beautiful place. Can’t wait to see more pictures. MB

I love this blog, both homes are spectacular I can only imagine what your new home will look like when completed. I can’t wait to see it as it progresses, great job so far….thanks for sharing.

I love that you kept so many of the mature trees on your new lot…mature trees really differentiate the setting. Can’t wait to see more pictures of the progress, and see how your personal style has evolved.

Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog! I LOVE your blog and both your homes are absolutely gorgeous! Can’t wait to read more about the new home! I’m having my first grandchild in May! You can help me plan her nursery area in my home πŸ˜‰ XOXO

Looking forward to lots of limestone. Spectacular. It’s really nice of you to share. This is a rare opportunity for us house nuts.

Your old house was not too shabby..haha. Really a stunner too. My personal style would lend towards your new one, I love European style homes and its very european looking, what I really love is that it looks very old and its brand new, is the whole thing new or is this an addition?

BOTH homes are so beautiful, you are a lucky lady! Though they are both exquisite and done in the finest taste the newer one is just out of this world, it looks like it belongs in the European countryside, can’t wait to see more pictures.

Wow…your “old” home is simply stunning! I can’t wait to follow the progress with your new home… thank you for sharing!

WOW i really am impressed, a friend of mine was telling me about your home and as i see it for myself it really is stunning.
If your in need of any yard work any size my company is great at it.If so give us a call-1-347-882-8604 thank you

Your old house was so gorgeous I can’t imagine ever wanting to move on from there! But the new house is stunning as well…you’ve done an excellent job of making it look like it has been there forever, and the property looks gorgeous! What a wonderful journey for your family!

Oh my- both homes are stunning! I love the beautiful kitchen in your older home- sunny yellow is so cheerful!!

I can imagine your anticipation with getting started with all those wonderful plans for your new home! You sound alot like me in that my mind goes a million miles a minute and I usually wake up from 2-6 with tons of ideas spilling forth! If only I could capture them!

bee blessed

Tina what fun to visit you now from almost a year ago. I have spent practically this whole last vacation week on the computer and have had a ball going through your old posts. You have been blessed to have lived in a beautiful home moving into an even more beautiful one, what could be better than to start off the new year like that!
Best to you, love your blog and thank you for sharing this journey with all of us.

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