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Home is a place you grow up wanting to leave, and grow old wanting to get back to.? ~John Ed Pearce

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Bedrooms….who doesn’t love to walk into a dreamy, heavenly, Calgon take me away bedroom? At the end of the day, isn’t that what its all about, coming home to a beautiful home, whatever beautiful may mean to you? Besides coming home to a beautiful space being very important to me, coming home to my bedroom is of paramount importance because I want my room to take me away the minute I walk into it, it is my sanctuary. ?I felt that way with my old bedroom, it was just bliss….it was done in a very soft palette with luxurious fabrics abound, a soft wool trellis carpeting, magnificent Julia Gray furniture and the absolute softest most delicious bedding by Home Treasures. Walking into my room felt like I was walking on a cloud. I closed the door and voila instantly I was transformed to a calm and peaceful place, no matter what chaos raged outside my door (and often it was my sons fighting or my husband wondering where dinner was…lol)

So in my quest to again achieve another “special and serene” space I am in ?hot pursuit and collecting pictures, magazine’s and books for inspiration. Several of Michael Howard’s bedrooms (Interior designer out of Atlanta) and who is highly talented, are just dreamy. I also like Rinfret Designs from CT. I tend to go for the soft colors and a understated perfect scale; I find ?that to be soothing and calming. I have enclosed some ?bedrooms ?that I have drawn inspiration from. Do you have a favorite?

By Rinfret Designs, this taupe and blue bedroom is very handsome and striking but serene and inviting, I like the mirrored nightstands and bed canopy
As seen in Veranda magazine, if you like reds (which I do) and monograms, this is awfully pretty

This doesn’t have the warm cozy feel as some of the others with more color but the black and white is striking and very handsome and clean

Love the colors, very soothing…great little loveseat at the end of the bed, liking the kidney shape (James Michael Howard)
This is GORGEOUS…yes its very “fancy” but the colors, the draping, the stunning Kerman rug, the beautiful french mantle are all quite spectacular
This is a lovely combination of soft colors with a nice patterned canopy against an interesting headboard….I like the colors?

I looove monograms and love the canopy over the bed
Another classic Mario Buatta room, done in his signature Chintz, but it works, though I realize it would be quite “frilly” for most men
A beautiful soft colored neutral tailored bedroom, simple but elegant

Beautiful colors, the softest pale blue/green against crisp ivory (James Michael Howard)

I like this room, in the neutrals, its not very traditional nor very modern, just very classic and soothing to the eye (James Michael Howard)

This is a very inviting room, a lot of furniture and very full but very comfortable and elegant looking (James Michael Howard)

Great carpeting with a subtle design allows this room to keep it simple and light

(James Michael Howard)

I like this for an older boys room, rich blues with an oriental rug
This is a very elegant room, I love the inviting and warm colors against the rich woods

This is very sweet and simple

This is pretty in a “transitional” way, it has a soothing palette and is very handsome without being masculine

Done in the rich gold and ivory tones, this is so inviting..the plump bed is a beautiful and soft look in the bedroom, the only thing I do not like here is the bench, it is not at all in keeping with the elegance of the rest of the room and is a little cheap looking (and I am not a fan of roman columns for that matter either)
I like the way this oceanfront bedroom chose to downplay the colors and focus on the spectacular ocean, but it remains very inviting at the same time

If you were going to have a sitting room that just happen to overlook the ocean, wouldnt’ this make a pretty one in all the muted tones?

Pure perfection, the play of colors, pattern, and subtlety is done so well here

I realize for most men, they would faint walking into a pink painted room done up with?all kinds of florals and checks, but you must admit its a happy room!
This is more modern than I would ever go, but it is very appealing, very monochromatic but love the textures and design

This is a very dramatic room done by Mario Buatta, in all his navy chintz glory, it is full of pomp and circumstance but certainly delivers!

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I really like bedroom #4! Could you take pics of the bedroom space that is unfinished in your house so that we could get an eye for the size and shape of it?

GREAT blog! You have exceptional taste and I love all the bedrooms especially the ones done in the pale blues… inviting as you said. I can’t wait to see what you will do with the bedrooms in your new house.

like the rooms a lot, love the house you are building a whole lot more:) look forward to seeing more pictures of it as it moves further along, is the inside done at all?

I love the oceanview room! I love anything with a “coastal” theme, and am a big fan of blue & white decorating. Of coure, living in north Texas, I feel a little silly decorating with a “coastal” theme, so I’ve pretty much been sticking to just the blue & white colors.

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