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Ok finally coming off my high from Paris..not easily though and so not by choice! Back to reality and the drawing board of getting my house business in high gear. I thought (emphasis on the word thought) I knew what I wanted for the carpeting for the bedrooms. This AFTER I won the argument with my husband to put  in wall to wall carpeting (so much cozier and prettier in a bedroom in my opinion and remember we live in New York where we get very cold winters, case in point the 10 degrees it is right now) so carpeting to me, makes oodles of sense for all our bedrooms. So….I have started looking, though its one of the last things we will be putting in, some take 6 weeks and after waiting over two and a half years, I sure am not going to delay my move for, of all things…….carpeting! Let me know if one below is screaming out “master bedroom” or “boys room” or “guest room”…would love to know what all you tastemakers think!

Well I have discovered the wonderful world of carpeting by Patterson, Flynn and Martin (a Schumacher brand) and they nearly knocked my socks off. They are so amazing looking, I couldn’t even begin to decide. I think I want a soft palette for my master, think pales gray/blues and pale greens with a creme, many of the carpets below would work beautifully. Its always easier to start with the carpet and work my way up. I THOUGHT I knew what I wanted and now I am at a total loss for all the bedrooms, though some of the ones below I think scream “young mans room”….so please tell me what you think, and which is your favorite!

Then I move on to the wonderful world of wallpapers……way too many choices. I am just starting to scratch the surface, but have included some pretty standouts below as well as some great paint hues from Zoffany….I love to know what you think, so please let me know!

As if those aren’t breathtaking enough..onto walls, I am also really loving Farrow and Ball’s wallpapers and paints. What do you think about these papers and colors? So pretty and inspiring! The colors (the last 3 are just so pretty, soft quiet, putty gray/blue/greens which I think could be gorgeous for a master bedroom)

Love this pattern…..colors are gorgeous too, would be pretty in a bathroom

Love this regal!

This would be sooo opulent, can see it in a dark room with rich woods…

This is such a great color, neutral with just a hint of blue (parma gray)

A beautiful gray/green (light blue- don’t get the colors’ name either)

Beautiful soft gray (skylight)

Zoffany has long been one of my favorite sources for papers and paint….they do have some beautiful papers. Here are some beautiful pictures of some of their papers, hard to pick a favorite…do you have one?

Looove this pattern and of course it looks smashing with the blue and white!

Beautiful color and pattern

A close up

Love how old fashioned looking this is….
This would look great in a gentleman’s study or small cozy office or a masculine closet/dressing room

And of course there is the fabulous house of Scalamandre….I used them for a few rooms in my old home and never tired of walking into the rooms I put them in….always so beautiful, here is some Scalamandre inspiration………….(all pictures from Scalamandre)

A classic (pattern Neptunes)

So cheery and happy (pattern winegrowers)

Fresh and clean (pattern Kilkenny cats)

Love the colors (pattern Orientaux)
Always liked brown and blue together (pattern Precious cargo)

Anything green is a winner in my book (pattern Hampton court)
Beautiful colorways (pattern Edwin’s Covey)

Well that’s enough inspiration for one day…my head is spinning. Hope you have a wonderfully relaxing and enchanted weekend!

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Beautiful choices all. I love the blue-gray colorways. Of course, my only advice would be to choose a subtle pattern for the carpet, as I think it might be something one tires of kind of quickly. Have fun making your selections–I can’t wait to see your rooms when they are finished!

Beautiful post, too many great choices. Love FandB’s line as well and of course Zoffany and Scalamandre are classic mainstays. The carpeting line is gorg- have actually bought from them before, they are very expensive but you get what you pay for, had a large area rug made for a dining room from them and it was the finishing touch on the room. You have excellent taste, I look forward to seeing how you implement this into your spectacular new home.

I love all of the Scalamandre wallcoverings! Also the more neutral patterns for the floor. I have to agree with Town and Country Mom on her comment about choosing a more sublte pattern so as not to get tired of it quickly.
I have just discovered “The Enchanted Home” and look forward to reading each new post.

WOW! love the new look, magnificent and so elegant. I also love all the choices above, that carpeting line is amazing, but if you go wtih a heavily patterend carpet it does limit you though I can see how you would be so tempted. Wallpaer is a neverending maze of choices, always have such a problem choosing. I personally love Zoffanys, lots of classic choices. Cant wait to see what you select.

I think your blog redesign is perfect and looks great.

First consideration is the direction of sunlight entering the rooms. As it will effect your colors in a Light Reflective Value.

Love the blue/grey and I’d select a pale shade lighter than (parma gray) to paint all the ceilings.

Master Bedroom Carpet: Image #1 it grounds the the floor and gives you some variety for bedding choices as seasons change.

Then Parma gray for walls.

Walpaper images: Love the first one for master bath.

Boys Rooms Carpet: Images #9 & 18
Paint color skylight gray and select a grass cloth for one wall.

Guest Room Carpet: Image #8
Love pattern – last one- Edwin’s Covey with the bird theme for guest room.

Great post – you did some research!


You and I are both in the same process,not with carpet but with wallpaper. I am trying to find one for my entry hall. I have done a few post on choosing wallpaper also. The look continues!!! I love looking for wallpaper but it can be a bit daunting with so many choices. Love so many of the ones you have chosen. I like the softer hues and the larger scale patterns. All great choices, good luck in your looking,Kathysue

Dearest Enchanted,

Well, even with cold winters in New York, I would opt for solid hardwood floors and they are not cold. Combined with some great rugs, preferably cotton, that makes into a very comfy summer/winter environment. For hygiene and for lots of other reasons it would be the best choice. You ask for guidance but you give no hint as what kind of furniture you will be using it with. Will be very hard to deal with; not knowing anything.
Personally, I would look at the furniture, match a wall paper with it and look for pairing it with the right window treatment and that’s it. But having carpet, wall paper and then window treatment and bedding all different is not very ‘soothing’ to the eye and will not give a rested look.
In old European châteaus they often did weave the same curtain and bedding as they used for wall paper so that makes quite a difference!
In my Dutch home I had wall paper made from fabric too, by a famous Dutch company. That does add warmth to a home.
Wish you good luck! By the way, I’m your newest follower


What a lot of pretties you posted! I think all of us feel the angst of making decisions like these, there are *so* many choices to select from. We are big wallpaper fans, and are both amazed at how infrequently it is used these days, you have shown some nice options. Of all the paints I think the “Parma” is my personal fave, it looks like it will resonate well.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

PFM (carpeting) is one of my favorites! I love their selection and their wools are fabulous! Zoffany wallcoverings, as well as Cowtan & Tout are some of my go-to’s for sourcing wallpapers. You’ve got a great eye, I can tell by your many wonderful options.

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