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Hi I am so happy its Thursday. I have to confess Thursdays are fast becoming my favorite blogging day because it gives me a chance to discuss my favorite things of the week. I like to begin with house updates because lots of things are happening literally every day. So I start with some updates, a lot of wood floor pictures, the guys did an outstanding job, I have to say really amazing workmanship. Ditto for all the casings around the windows and doors, really heavy duty, so we are really really pleased with the trim and flooring thus far. The cabinetry guy is working hard on the breakfast room and soon will be starting the family room and back stairhall. It is extremely exciting and gratifying to see the hard work pay off! So here are some pictures I recently took followed by things I am loving this week.

HOUSE UPDATES. Well, wood flooring is nearly done upstairs. They have the tiniest little finishes to do but otherwise are done and I must say they did a fabulous job. Ditto with the trim as you will see below. It was a very exciting moment for me to tape up a wallpaper sample on the wall of the back powder room to see it against the completed marble and do a premature visual of the first completed albeit  small completed room, and it was beyond exhilarating!! First round of beams went up in breakfast room. When I took these pictures it was a virtual monsoon outside…raining cats and dogs…so some of the colors in the pictures is a bit off since I think I overcompensated by using too bright a flash, but you get the idea and yes alas it is starting to really resemble a house….exciting stuff!

First round going up…..
First round of beams in…they are not as dark as they look here
Beautiful herringbone pattern upstairs off backstair landing

Beautiful paneling in progress in breakfast room
Paneling in breakfast room

Front entrance limestone flooring started today!

Stone ready for installation

Foyer limestone in progress

New beams at work in family room
Beige and white marble basket weave in guest room 2 
Close up
Borders done
Sons shower wall complete
Floor of that bathroom
Subway tiles finished!

Decisions decisions…we went with one on the right….

Back stair landing

Beautiful basketweave flooring upstairs
Small powder room off of kitchen
Casings around windows completed
Doors to hubby’s bath

Looking down from 2nd floor going all the way down to the basement……
Doors to my last they are on!
First stretch of baseboards and plinth blocks at base of trim around doors!

BELGIAN BLUESTONE. I am on the hunt for this stone as I love the look. I would like to use this in my laundry room as its one of the few materials that I think will look great off of the reclaimed limestone in the mudroom. If I cannot get more of the reclaimed stone in time (which we will find out this week) to complete my laundry room I am going to go with this look. I love the old world look and love the drama of the black….. What do you think?

ANTIQUED MIRROR. Always liked it but now its bordering on an obsession and I just know I am going to be using lots of it in the new house. Love it in a dressing area, in a bar, for a butlers pantry, in a powder room, for sconces, I could go on and on. But here are a few wonderful ways how antiqued mirror looks quite beautiful!

Love the idea of inset panels with antique mirror
A stunning mirrored Provence planter…..
Rena Abott’s living room
Bunny Williams covered an entire wall in antique mirror
Love an oversized piece with the rosettes…..
I love this idea for a ladies dressing area….so elegant!
WORLDS AWAY MIRRORS. I love the mirrors by Worlds Away, think they would be great above a vanity for a guest room or powder room vanity. They have the antiqued mirror that I love so much too, what do you think? I love the geometric frames, they are so pretty! Click here to see more of their great collection. I also just learned they now have a blog!! So happy about that, so click here to follow them and get the latest on their fabulous line…..
KATE SPADE STRIKES AGAIN. I used to really like Kate Spade (not so much the bags but her other accessories) then fell out of love with the line. Well shes back and looking better than ever! The line is a modern day take on fresh, crisp modern feminine dressing and the clothing line is looking pretty snazzy as well, along the lines of Milly if you like that look. I am especially loving a bunch of her fun jewelry pieces……check them out!
Love this..the sea glass twisted statement choker, colors AMAZING!

The “bamboolized” necklace..great looking

Love the bibb necklace too..such a great piece for chic summer dressing
I am loving this wicker bracelet in both colors!
RALPH LAURENS NEW RESTAURANT IN PARIS. Just in case you are heading to Paris this weekend and by all means feel free to invite me if you want to, I will be happy to clear my calendar! You may want to book a table at the very chic and very quintessential “Ralph’s” by Ralph Lauren! Apparently the menu is old school American, shrimp cocktail, steaks, crabcakes, hamburgers,fried chicken…and the French are eating it up literally and figuratively! Does this guy do anything wrong? NO! How gorgeous is this restaurant? No surprise!!

MONOGRAMS. You know I love them! Here is another fun line that makes these adorable pillows, very customized with a variety of monograms and fabrics to choose from…. Luxury monograms does it all, from pillows to napkins and place mats and even tote bags. A pair of these fun pillows would be great on a bed, on a chair, on a love seat, can see them on outdoor chaise lounges…the possibilities are endless! Click here to visit their site.

OK OK, I know what you are thinking, does this girl sit around her house all day eating designer cookies…whats up with her obession with outrageously cute cookies? No, I don’t eat them, just admire them (I WISH I sat around eating these little edible cuties) and yes, I am obsessed with adorable cookies. And Rolling Pin productions does makes some of the cutest most creative ones I have seen. I am just racking my brain to think of an occasion so I can order some! A friends upcoming 50th birthday…you know who you are! Another friends daughters baby shower…and yes you know you who are too!  Check out their amazing work. Click here to find out more about what they can do for you and your special occasion.

If you are having a Halloween party
All their adorable pet cookies…

A sampling of all the celeb cookies they have done…

They can take a picture and turn it into a cookie! Love it….
NEW FABRIC CRUSH. Palace Garden…funny story. I had seen this last year. Fell in love, put it in my inspiration file only to misplace the name. Went on a frantic search but that’s like looking for a needle in haystack, so it along with a thousand other things got shuffled back to the end of my seemingly endless “to do” list and lo and behold the other day while doing one of my countless Internet searches I found it on someones blog post, and was so thankful!! I wrote the blogger who promptly wrote me back saying that my note to her had made her think that maybe she will start blogging again (she hadn’t posted in almost a year),  see there are no accidents in life!! Happy ending for us both. So now a sample of Palace Garden is on its way to me and I am in the meantime brainstorming as to where I might use this lovely print. Where do you see it? Any ideas from all you talented style mavens out there? I love the pattern, the colors..everything about it, it has the browns, the blues, a touch of dark green, bottom line is its PERFECT!
A HUNK OF BURNING PERFECT MARBLE. Wow oh wow…is this gorgeous or what? Our marble guy just sent us these photos of the huge blocks of the Calacutta Gold they are going to be getting from which we will be getting our slabs.They are gorgeous..exactly what I had in mind….lots of white, soft subtle veining, just the right amount of gray and gold veining, if it is possible to be madly in love with a piece of marble, than I am!!

TEDDY! After the scare he put us through on Mothers day, and after I have had a full week to get over my anger and decompress a bit, and now that he is off restriction (lol)  one major thing I am loving this week is Teddy  He is a great dog, such a loving, sweet, kind and gentle “giant” ..he deserves a “shout out” to borrow a word from my sons vocabulary (yes he would cringe if he was reading this) but nonetheless, Teddy this ones for you!

Well that’s what I am loving this week..plenty to love! Would love to know if there is something special that you have discovered or that you are really excited about and want to share! Hope you have a fabulous Thursday!


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Tina the house is beyond spectacular. Seeing the gorgeous quality of the finishes is so exciting, the flooring and beam/woowork is extraordinary. You have done a great job and should give yourself a big pat on the back. Love seeing the updates!
Ralphs looks really great too. Ditto on that fabric and your gorgeous white marble.
And that Teddy is way too cute for his own good:-)

I cannot get over the beautiful details of your home. I got depressed when I came home yesterday, all the beauty had gone, you will never feel like that in your home.

Oh my goodness…the wood herringbone floors make me insanely jealous, as do the basket weaved ones. Also love the black border on the bathroom floor and the beams…well all of it really- just truly spectacular. And I’m with you, madly in love with antiqued mirror and gorgeous white marble- hope to have both in my new kitchen. Gorgeous post as always lovely!!

Oh my goodness, living on a small island we just do not see homes such as this being built..stunning stunning. Your choices are perfect, your tradesmen very talented…I am blown away !! Teddy is a dollface…..

Fantastic post! It was like an e magazine:))) I am loving your home, basket weave wood floors, cream and beige basket weave tile, marble slab , staircase, Katespade beach glass, Ralph’s,Paris, and of course Teddy:))))

I am loving everything you are doing in your home, it is just spectacular! We always say when we see a beautiful older home with tons of detail “they don’t build them like they used to” well you are doing just that! It wonderful to see such intricate detail put into a home. And oh my! Your Teddy is so sweet looking and adorable. I have a black lab mix, and he is the most loving, funny, gentle dog I have ever seen!

Have a great day!

Ok. It’s official, I’m insanely jealous of your house. The detailing….! Spectacular.

I too have an obsession with mirrors. I guess it’s the fact that they reflect the light, perhaps, and add sparkle?

Love those cookies, they’re little works of art!

Would love eating at Ralph’s, if only to look at the decor.

That Palace Garden fabric is stunning, I could see it in a dining room or as accent pillows or on a chair.

And Teddy is a big Teddy Bear! Love that you featured him as one of your favourite things. My animals are my faves too. (And I too have teenagers who cringe when I use a “hip” expression!)

awww.. your dog is really, really adorable.

Tina, your home is absolutely amazing! When are you guys planning on moving? You must be so excited, huh? God bless your family in that house and that you guys can always be healthy and happy in there.

I always feels so happy for you when I see your home. I can feel how much you love it and how much effort you putting into this space to transform it into the perfect home for your family.

Have a wonderful day,


Luciane at

Oh, I have so much love for your new beams and that beautiful staircase! Also, the basketweave detailing on those floors are just gorgeous. I am so excited for your amazing home. I can’t wait to see the finished product!


The house is coming along magnificently! I realize I haven’t paid nearly enough attention to my floors – yours are INSPIRING!

I adore monograms and will happily check out this site.

Would you believe when I was in Paris last year, just after Ralph’s opened, I didn’t go?! BIG regret. I was staying the same neighborhood and just ran out of time. Definitely going next time…and would love for him to open a restaurant in his Greenwich store. Hint, hint, Ralph!

Have an enchanted day!!!
xo Elizabeth

I can tell Teddy is back in your good graces…how could anyone stay angry with that guy? Your stairwell is unbelievable. I am on sensory overload from so much good content in your post. Have a great weekend.

You post is amazing. I am a Kate SPade fan, a Ralph Lauren fan and a fan of decorated cookies.I love you choice of flooring for the laundry room. Your posts are always inspiring and chock full of eye-candy.

OMG, OMG, OMG, I am so wonderfully overwhelmed with such an incredibly full post of everything exceptional! Where to start…. your home is coming along beautifully impressive! LOVE IT! And so excited for you! Then, let me list my favorites of the post 1. your home progress 2. the black and white photo art of the children 3. mirrors (love mirrors) 4. wicker bangles (love bangles) 5. Ralph Lauren (anything RL) 5. monograms (love monogramming) 6. cookies (love cookies that are beautiful and taste great)!


Everything is absolutely perfect and very very exciting. Love how all your hunting and gathering have created a beautiful home even at this still early stage. It’s so worth all the deep discussions and conversations proving that when you know something is perfect you “feel” it. At a gut level never stopping until it’s set in stone which means literally just that.

Loving all things Tina on Thursday’s too…I agree there is always more great things to enjoy more of. Oh Teddy what a sweetheart. I just virtual hug him every time you share a snapshot of him. What a treasure.

Everything is turning out so perfect for you and I am so happy you choose to share your home journey and many great things through your blog. Have a great day.


Such great progress on your home! All of the floors are to die for. Your attention to detail is amazing! I got overwhelmed going to my house today thinking of all the things I have to do, and it is not nearly involved as your house project by any stretch of the imagination so I give you soooo much credit! I did notice all of your arches, and I just love them-cased arches are just gorgeous!! We must be on the same wavelength posting about Luxury Monograms on the same day too!

Bonjour Tina!
How exciting when you start seeing all the little details coming together. You must be dreaming about this.
Funny you posted about the RL restaurant – I just tried it today! The French really are ‘eating’ it up. American style has hit the City of Lights. Let’s plan a rendez-vous there!
Love those sweet cookies too, and the monograms.
Bonne journée,

Wow your home is really coming along now and it’s looking great. Go with the Belgian bluestone you’ll love it! Ralph Lauren also has a new flagship store in Manhattan and I’m dying to see it. Teddy looks just like my Dylan in those pictures it’s so cute you made him one of your favorites!

Tina, I think you have chosen every beautiful floor surface available! Gorgeous choices – I especially love the herringbone wood floors. I also love limestone – reminds me of Belgian which is always a good choice. 🙂 I also love antiqued mirrors – I am hoping to do that on one wall in our future dining room…would love to hear if you find good sources or any key learnings (ie wondering if it’s difficult to install, etc…). Great post as usual! 🙂

Where to start. Your home is just stunning…I never tire of your updates and look forward to them. Love Worlds Away…was just in the showroom two weeks ago and especially love the last mirror you posted. Love monograms and I did cute cookies as favors for my daughter’s 3rd birthday party two weeks ago. Happy Weekend.

Everything at the house looks spectacular!!! Love the doors to your hubby’s bath! They look as the ones we make in our company.
Tina,can I ask you the name of the cabinetmakers you have chosen? No problem if you prefer to do not.
Have a wonderful day Tina!

So much love in this post..I’m pressed for time though, so I’ll just hit the high notes! I love the paneling in your breakfast room and the archways in your front entrance. Also love the Kate Spade wicker bracelets, and those celeb cookies are too much!

Wow! Style overload! I adore your herringbone floors (I actually let out a big sigh when I saw them) and your staircase is straight out of a fairytale! I really love progress photos! Looking forward to watch the process to the end!

Oh Miss Tina, how fabulous things are looking, that view down the stairwell is simply fabulous. The tiling is going to be extraordinary, that is evident from the photos. Wow. I just look at the images and say “wow.”

You are too funny about the mirrors and your ‘obsession,’ “I could go on and on”. They are beautiful, no wonder you are loving them!

You know how much I adore Kate Spade, you selected some especially pretty pieces though, the necklace is a favorite. The really incredible thing for me has to be the cookies. They look so wonderful, I have already opened the page for Rolling Pin Productions and shall be off to investigate as soon as I leave this comment!

Hugs to your dear Teddy, thank heaven he is where he belongs.

Okay Tina, there is just so much for me to talk about here – the herringbone floors, the limestone entrance, the basket weave marble, the fabulous doors the paneled breakfast room, I just can hardly take it all in – have been studying and restudying each room and they are all perfection!! I cannot begin to imagine how fun it is to see all of your dreaming and planning come to fruition. And of course, I love the antiqued mirrors, the monogrammed pillows and the cutest cookies ever!! Thanks for entertaining me for the afternoon ~

I am always so impressed with how much time and thought you put into your posts and we all reap the benefits. 😉

Your home is looking amazing and I am excited for you and your family (including your precious pup) to move in and enjoy.

Tina, I have been following your blog for a little while and just wanted to thank you so much for how you uplift my day! Seeing the progress on your beautiful home is fascinating and your posts are always so consistantly fabulous! Definately my favourite blog. And golden retrievers are indeed wonderful friends – could never own another breed once you’ve had one!

I love your house updates! I love to see someone with great taste put it to good use. It’s so refreshing! I’m so glad Teddy is safe and sound. He’s too pretty to be out roaming the streets. I just bought my mom, sister & sis-in-law pillows from luxury monograms for their birthday!! I’m loving your Thursday posts!

Oh my goodness…your post is like an on line magazine and I loved it! LOVE the herringbone and basket weave floor patterns…so beautiful. Looking down the staircase all the way to the basement…yikes…pretty cool!

oh, and I love monograms, just in case you thought I didn’t read to the end.

Can hardly wait until next Thursday!


What in the world can I possibly say other than your progress is really moving along quite nicely and it is AMAZING! You’ve got great taste my friend. The floors are stunning.Worlds Away is one of my favorite sources, they have amazing mirrors….use their products a lot on projects! And, Teddy isn’t he just the cutest?

Wow Tina, your home is really coming along and looking so gorgeous! I love the limestone flooring in your foyer and the sweeping staircase. I also love the Kate Spade jewelry. We met her and her husband Andy a couple of times. Her brother and his wife were in our birth class and our daughter and theirs were born on the same day, the same hospital. We stayed in touch. It was quite a thrill to meet Kate. She and Andy are as down to earth as if they were neighbors next door.
Have a great weekend!

If you end up having to use the Bluestone, it will be beautiful. Love all your house choices & all your favorites. Worlds Away has beautiful things at reasonable prices.


Your house is just wonderfull. For me, this house is one of the most beautiful houses in the world!
I hope that we see it when everything is done.

Greetings and hugs

Hi Tina, it is always exciting to see the progress in your house. I just can’t wait to see when it is all finished!! It will be sooo lovely! Thanks for showing us and be sure to have a fantastic weekend!!!

xx’s Kristin

Oh Teddy…he’s just too cute for his own good 🙂
Can I just say that Thursdays are my favorite day of the week? I’m really enjoying your updates. You are designing the kitchen of my dreams…the honed marble counters, the european appliances, the reclaimed limestone floors!!! It is going to be magnificent. I need to show your blog to my husband so that he can get inspired as well for our future kitchen reno 🙂

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