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Good morning…….wow the days are passing me by fast and furious! Today I start as I do every week now with house updates. Things are moving along and we are most definitely making serious progress but there are days (and weeks) that I go and no matter how much we have done, all I seem to see is how much more there is left to be done. It is daunting, overwhelming and at times downright depressing because you have to know that originally I was hoping to have moved in the spring. I know many of you right this minute behind your computer screens, ?are probably rolling your eyes thinking “don’t ?you know woman how construction has its own clock” and the answer is of course I do, ?but I really thought moving in late spring was a true and realistic possibility. Now if we get to move in late June or July I will thank my lucky stars. So now I have turned into a tyrant ?gotten a little more involved?by taking over some of the orchestration of various trades and wearing my “assertive hat” in dealing with?certain people to make sure this ball is rolling just as fast as humanly possible. With that said, you will see some major progress has been had, so its not all gloom and doom. Then I follow with some fun eye candy of some of the things I am loving this week!


HOUSE UPDATES. The foyer floor is nearly done…just love the way it came out. We used a honed French limestone, a very quiet clean limestone with black stone “dots” and border. I think it came out beautifully. The wood floors are done upstairs, that’s a major accomplishment as is most of the trim on the second floor. The plumbing has started to get installed in the upstairs bathrooms so upstairs we really truly are down to the end, we even had the carpet installer come to take measurements so I could order carpeting and we spoke to a few painters. Downstairs things continue to move along but the finishing?involved downstairs will take much longer, however the breakfast room paneling is near done, now we have to work on various stain samples, so below are some pictures of recent updates.

Foyer floor getting done!


Breakfast room bay is done at last!
Paneling is nearly done in this room….
Paneled doorways, now we just need to pick stain color
Love the way it came out
This wall is all done
Window bay is done
Putting the finishing touches on this wall


Floors in main foyer are getting done this week!





New round of “antiqued beams” getting worked on for family room and mahogany doors came in for downstairs




Wood flooring 95% done upstairs










Casing around doors and windows just about done upstairs…finally!


Black island and outer cabinet color
Limestone samples from which to choose for the limestone hood









Well, this is all this post would allow me to share since Blogger- no surprise here- is having problems again….whats going on? Its frustrating to say the least! I have gotten emails from people telling me they were unable to leave comments, complaining about their own inability to write posts, I know of my own frustrations in recent weeks. So hoping its not a sign of things to come and that they have things under control and will be able to manage it and nip what “it” is and be done with it once and for all! Us bloggers have a lot of work to do and don’t need the extra work!?In any case, wishing you a happy and stress free Thursday!



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Your house is really, REALLY starting to come along!! So exciting!!! Love, love, love the flooring.

How gorgeous are the RL rugs! I’ve got RL bed linen on our bed, it’s fantastic.

Can’t wait to see where you choose to go for your holiday!!


Tina ~
Your home is coming along just beautiful!!
It is fun to get to watch your journey with home building ~

Ohhhh I adore vacations too ~ I could definitely go on one once a month ~
We just got home from Cabo and I really really want to go soon to Italy ~ I guess we should wait just a bit πŸ™‚

Have a wonderful day!

Tina, the house just gets more incredible with each passing week. I know to you it might feel painfully slow but believe me its really moving along! The progress is just beyond! It is palace like and in such gorgeous taste. Be proud and try to enjoy it, you might even miss it when its all over:-)
Love all the details.
Love the marble, the jack rogers sandals, the pewter items are stunning going to go check them out now and the Ralph Lauren rugs are fabulous, he can do no wrong!

LOVE seeing the updates on your gorgeous home! I like the second sconce, the Regent Palms, and I’m hiring you to pick out my next slab of marble πŸ™‚ My sister is going to the Turks next month. I wasn’t jealous until now… thanks a lot… πŸ™‚

Wow I can understand why it is overwhelming, your house is incredibly detailed and enormous. Those two together equals lots of decisions and whip snapping I imagine. I love looking at the progress Tina! It is the most incredible house you are building!! Love those marble slabs, so JEALOUS!

Thank you so much for your nice comment on my blogpost of today!

I can’t take my eyes off of your breakfast room!! I wish I could see it with my own eyes! You have to congratulate the man who has done that woodwork! It is of an amazing beauty, every little detail!!
And your hall and stairway… breathtaking!!
Congratulations Tina!!Β΅

Tina, thank you so much for always leaving such lovely comments on my blog posts. Your dream home is beyond gorgeous. We built our home as well, and I understand the frustration of watching the months go by after the expected completion date. But, your home will be so worth the wait!

Tina, my mouth is hanging open!! Omgosh your house is magnificient!! Truly!!!! Every thing you are doing is top-notch and gorgeous!! I loved the simple sconce #2. Your home is so elaborate I think the sconce will marry well to it and not shout out Look at Me, but be a lovely addition. Blogger was giving me fits so I switched to a new browser other than internet explorer, Now I can leave comments. I have not tried to post a post, we shall see if that works or not!! Happy Thursday to YOU,Kathysue

Oh Tina, if you weren’t so darn sweet and nice I’d have to hate you a little! πŸ™‚ Just kidding….your house is AMAZING. I can’t believe how much got done this week! I know it must seem slow to you, but I’m sure it will all be worth it. It is truly stunning, and I hope you have a lifetime of enjoyment in it. PS – almost had a heart attack when I opened my email and saw “House Updates”,,,, seriously, I get real palpitations!!!!
xo Stacy

The house is looking fabulous!! I can’t wait to see that gorgeous staircase when it’s finished. Also, there is only one word to describe those marble slabs … delicious, like big chunks of butter! Thank you so so much for your sweet comment yesterday. It was a nice bit of light on a cloudy day.

The house is awesome! I love the flooring and that staircase is going to be amazing! I just found your blog and I’m enjoying it. I’m a new follower πŸ™‚

Your home is looking wonderful. I know that at this point you will become very restless. Been there, will soon go through it again.
Thanks for sharing all of the beauty with us.

Wow, Tina, I’m loving your stairway! Just following the lines/curves of it seem musical! Your home is beautiful unfinished, so I can just imagine how it will look when finished! You have extremely good taste with the selection of products you have shared with us to drool over! Thank you!

the house is coming along’ll be so grand once it is all done..can’t wait for that!! for the outdoor sconce i would certainly pick the second clear favourite!look forward to following the journey of your house..have a lovely visit my blog when you have moment..xx meenal

I’m obsessed with your herringbone and basket weave wood floors- seriously divine! And your marble, perfection- very similar to what I’ve picked and so my favourite kind of marble:) As for the sconces, I think I like the last ones best but you really can’t go wrong- all gorgeous.

Don’t even know where to start.
Well let’s see. The beams,
The ones still on the ground,
sorry to remind you, are they real
or did your carpenter make them?
Need 8 of them for our master
so if you have any extra….
The paneling. Are you keeping
it light or washed or pickled?
I’m not going to comment
on the choice of resorts,
tooo jealous, but in a good way.
The eye candy!
You are so right.
Love love love Haymarket!
And the pewter…I don’t know
that I’ve seen prettier.
Thank you for sharing and
by the way, I bet you look
stunning in a hard hat!
xo Lisa

I think your home is going to be my dream home. It is truly stunning, Tina. That breakfast bay is a little slice of heaven. I like the third sconces and am heading over to vegabond house without my credit card!! – x

Hi Tina~ Wow, your house is really coming along. So incredible! And for the sconces, I really like the first picture for your house…I love the lines and detail of it.
Have a great holiday weekend. I am hoping to be able to post from our place on the lake and that there won’t be any kind of technology snafoo. πŸ™‚

Oooo, I love your house updates! Things are looking great. Love your floors, the inlaid wood is divine! Beautiful paneling! So nice to be having a peek into the construction of your beautiful home!


Happy Update Thursday! Let’s focus and get started shall we? Foyer floor is so grand in the black square “dots”, outline, and french limestone. Panels are fantastic as well as all the beams, wood floors and exteriors too. As for the iron sconces i’m drawn to the first one.

Soon you’ll be setting up Tina’s Fine Home Builders where details dictate the way, shape, form of your home. This will solve the “itch” to travel as you’ll be in constant motion and know as “Master Builder Forewoman Tina”…LOL!

Beautiful vacation snaps of what’s to come, love the Jack Rogers Sandals, Haymarket Designs and I clicked over to St. Helena Olive Oil Co. website and forgot where I was…just love blogging that way don’t you?

Ralph…need I say more and the marble slabs await I’m just drooling over the calcutta perfection and Vagabond House…I like it too.What a wonderful update!

Blogger has been sipping to much of something it took me a couple of days to load my last post…arg! But we’ll get through it as the holiday weekend approaches we’ll just refresh and start again.


From one tyrant to another;) I can totally understand your frustration. You should have heard the “little talk” I had with the head carpenter yesterday;) I swear it feels like they are hammering in sloooooow motion. Your progress looks wonderful. I’m sure you’ve mentioned it, but how many square feet is your new home?

Hands-down, without a doubt… the first lantern. Perfection. Looks like an original antique.

Your marble is stunning. I am so excited for you!

Oh my, the house is incredible. The details are just awe inspiring! Love the basketweave wood floors and limestones, the paneling is over the top! Your facade and limestone work is soooooo pretty. One of the prettiest houses I have ever seen (and I have seen lots of pretty houses)
Love JR too, didnt’ know they do a monogram though! Your marble-swoon! Pewter trays are magnificent. Went to Regent Palms last year for my 10 year anniversary and it was A M A Z I N G!! One of the best hotels we have ever been to, incredibly luxurious, you will not be disappointed!

Eeeek, measuring for carpet, how fabulous is that?! That really does make the end at least feasible, if not downright likely. The flooring is simply stunning Tina, not to mention the inlaid wood, all of it is gorgeous. And you should be proud of your knowledge and eye for marble, it really is splendid.

These are such fun posts, the Turks & Caicos pix make me long for a beach, any beach. (Well, almost any beach.) I think all of us are so waterlogged the notion of sun and warm sand is bliss.

You can’t go wrong with Jack Rogers, and I am such a fan of Haymarket designs, the personalized pieces make great gifts for others, in addition to oneself.

Thank you for brightening a dreary afternoon!

First – I love Jack Rodgers sandals too! I have also been wearing them for years. And your house is coming along so nice. I love the foyer floor? Are you doing all the selecting of the materials yourself? And yes – I can totally appreciate the marble slabs. I have the same counter tops in my kitchen and in my bathroom. I remember going to the marble place and picking out the slabs…it was so exciting and confusing of course – since there were so many beautiful ones to choose from. Congrats on your home progress. Can’t wait to see how you decorate it.

The cabochon floor pattern in the entry looks fabulous. We used this pattern in our last house (white marble with black marble in-dots) and wide black marble thresholds under the archways leading into adjoining rooms.

As for the sconces, the second one would compliment your home, especially on the stone facade under the small windows that have the diamond pattern. The diamonds would be echoed in the windows and sconces.

Looking forward to next week’s update!

Val (from Melbourne, Australia).

I love your limestone floors with the black dots and also how your wood floors mimic the style. Stunning.
Wuld love to hang out with you for the day and drool!

Your house is just gorgeous! I love everything you’ve chosen…the floor patterns, the marble…it’s all so divine! The second sconce is my fav! Any of those would be beautiful. I’m so ready for a vacation too!

The dark sconce gets my vote. LOVE all the pieces at the end of the post, would like to have one of each!!!!! I couldn’t leave a comment at all yesterday or last night and couldn’t post for awhile either. NOW, I have seen that ALL my followers are gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is so darn frustrating! Have a great weekend! Let us klnopw where you are going! XO, Pinky

Frist, your comment on my Silence post brought me to tears, thank you-XO

Now, I AM SO EXCITED for you! Everything looks awesome. I love how I have been “following” the process for a while. Amazing…..truly beautiful!

I hope that your holiday weekend is blessed πŸ™‚

I know what it is like to be impatient with the progress of construction! But I have to say that your home is going to be worth the wait!
Ps. Love those Jack Rodgers sandals. I have a few pairs myself but had no idea they were available monogramed. How fancy πŸ™‚

Every week it’s looking closer!! Love the limestone. I also love Haymarket and Vagabond House has been a long time obsession – love their beautiful products! I so wish I could wear Jack Rogers but they are too wide for my foot!! I may have to pay a visit to the New York store and see what they can do for me!!

Throw your worries aside,
from the pics I can see that you’ve done so much already and your house is starting to look really lovely.

I can’t wait to see the final house but in the meantime it is looking wonderful – sorry to hear about the delays – I’m sure you are excited and ready to settle in! It will soon all be a distant memory. πŸ™‚ I loved the monogrammed sandals and the other items too…I hear ya on anything with Napa is instantly appealing! πŸ™‚

Your home looks out of this world gorgeous! i’m moving in! Which floor is my bedroom located on? haha! Beautiful! and I love the sandals and the wastebaskets. I need to check them out online!

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