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Good morning! So happy its Friday!?You know how much I love hearing from you, love to take the pulse of what people love, the trends you style mavens are following and the style that appeals most to you. I put together a few fun collections each depicting a certain style of decor. All I ask is that you comment on which best fits your “personal style”. I love hearing from you and your feedback means so much. If you are a mixture of two styles, then just say so. I am so fascinated by the different decorating?styles and though my own personal style falls between the a few of these, ?I have an immense appreciation for all of these styles decor when done properly. So here we go…….enjoy! Also will be announcing a really exciting major giveaway in the next day or two…stay tuned!!


Hard to pick a favorite…as I love something about each of these!! Makes me wish I had a house for each style then I could truly fulfill all of my decorating aspirations and desires. Would love to know your favorite and what defines your style!! Do tell…and hope you have a wonderful and enchanted Friday.


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I am definitely a mixture of the first two!! My heart loves the country the most even though my house leans more towards the traditional. Too hard to chose between one or the other!

THIS IS AMAZING! I love all these looks right
now my house is closest to the transitional
with touches of coastal but I am loving that
European collage, oh this could be dangerous!
haha….beautifully done, Tina.


I’m a mixture of all styles for sure. It’s refreshing to change things up a bit and enjoy each one. Or visit friends who live in each of these different styles.

Happy Friday!


Great photos and style info!! I will forward to all our salespeople…thanks…

Hmmmmm! I guess I would fit into coastal chic, I have touches of that look in my home, in fact you have my master bathroom sink in your collage!! How fun for me!!! I am not transitional but love that look I lean more towards Casual Tradition with a dash of Coastal chic!!! I am a hard one to figure out!!Even for me. what category would you put me in?Kathysue

Dear Tina,
We too love many of these styles. With the heat and humidity taking its effect on all aspects of our body (frizzed hair, makeup sliding off, drenched clothes) I would have to say coastal chic. The white palette and cool colors are calming. We are in anticipation for our Beach trip on the 4th to enjoy the ocean breeze. However, for everyday living we love European Elegance! Thank you for the beautiful post and sharing the pictures.

Have a fabulous weekend!!!!

Renee and Angela

This is so timely for me Tina! I’ve been trying to figure out my style for some time. I love so much from EVERY style, so it is hard to select one. I guess I’ll have to go with Transitional though, but with touches of European and Modern. Weird combo, huh? πŸ™‚

Great Photos, as always! I would have to say I’m Timeless Transitional that leans toward Minimmalist Modern. So, I guess that makes me a Transitional Minimalist.

This is TOUGH! I’m a mix of lots– Country Charm, European Elegance, Gorgeous Grandeur, and Coastal Chic are all ME! I guess my exact style will work itself out down the road when I have my own home to decorate!

I LOVE the way you put this together. I would have to say I am a combo of timeless transitional and minimalist modern with some global/ethnic thrown in.

What great examples you put up! I am a cross between Timeless/Transitional and European Elegance…aka eclectic! But I really want a beach house so I can be charming cottage coastal!!!

This is fun! I am probably a timeless transitional mixed with modern (not minimalistic, far from it) and I love a little bit of each decorating style! I guess I am eclectic! πŸ™‚

Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend!


This is hard! It’s a three-way toss up between European Elegance, Coastal Chic and Country Charm. If I had to commit to one, it would be European Elegance.

Happy Friday! xo, A

I think I’m a little European Elegance meets Gorgeous Grandeur (mainly for the de Gournay) meets Coastal Chic. I love to look at all of it, but I find for my own living spaces I love traditional, beautiful design that makes me feel like I’m near water.

I’m European Country on a Grand scale. πŸ™‚ I like to call it “Rustic Elegance”. Happy Friday indeed! Jana

I recently discovered by taking a good look at my home that I have decorated in the British Colonial style without being fully aware …..I was obviously and still am mixing exotic/coastal with traditional….

The least favorite for me is country as it gets a bit to “cute” for me.

The mixes you put up are so much fun! My style is a mix of timeless transitional to European elegance but probably more European since I drag so much back every year from Europe. Have a wonderful Friday too Tina!

Hugs Debra,

For once, this is an easy one…country charm speaks loud and clear to me with a splash of European elegance thrown in for good measure. Hope you have a great weekend Tina!


AHHHH what an amazing post – I am loving it all but should I have to choose I am probably a mix between country charm and minimalist modern if that makes sense?? It’s a fab mix I think ;O)
A xx

Ooooh, I love your collages, the images are just gorgeous. We’ll take a bit of Modernist Minimalism combined with some Coastal Chic, accented by a touch of Cottage Charm with a little European Elegance!

May you enjoy your weekend Tina!

Lovely images! I’m definitely Country Charm, with a good dose of European Elegance splashed onto a large canvas of Victorian/Craftsman!
I love being a mutt!
xo J~

timeless transitional gets my heart, but in real life I have lots of inherited stuff. So I try to keep it edited so as not to be too cluttered feeling. I also love calm colors and in my house they are paired with inherited oriental rugs. What can I say. Few people start from scratch!

This is a great post because it makes one think. I like all the styles but two. Modern would be too uncomfortable to me and Grandeur I would be spending too much time upkeeping the look-cleaning appts. etc. and it’s too much look for me.

No contest – I’m definitely the first, timeless transitional – with maybe a bit of coastal chic on the weekends. Classic, comfortable, stylish, elegant, never tires or goes out of fashion. That’s the style, not me! Thanks for this lovely post and for going to such trouble composing the styles. It was lots of fun comparing.

I love all of them, so I don’t know where that leaves me. Sure like the the presentation of this post too.
Hope your weekend is great.

The French Hutch

There are bits I like about each style… Great examples, Tina! Nice eye candy…. I know I cannot be put into one box!!!

Hi Tina~ I am european elegance all the way! That is what our main house is as far as architecture and decor. But as you saw our lake house is so laid back and casual but not too much to not be comfy cozy. I’m not sure what category the lake house would be in. Maybe a little bit of several. And by the way, I love your photo collages. I want to master doing that but have not figured it out yet. Any expert suggestions?
Have a wonderful weekend!!!

I think I am timeless transitional, but with more $$$ I would be European Elegance for sure! I am fortunate to have inhereted many beautiful pieces from the Orient, India, Africa etc. so my house is “worldly”, LOL! XO, Pinky

Timeless traditional – although if I could convince hubby to buy a beach house, I would totally decorate it in coastal chic.

Love your style groupings…I am European Elegance transitioning from (American Colonial) Timeless ‘Traditional’
Once a collector, an eternal gatherer…always thus!!! I’d bet you, too!!!

Lovely post! My preferred style is European Elegance, but my budget is happier with Country Charm! I would also love tons of houses to decorate as I love all of these styles. I don’t think I would ever choose Minimilist Modern for myself – although I’m happy to see it in other people’s homes. x Sharon

If I had to choose, I’d say I’m mostly a mixture of Coastal Chic, Country Charm and Timeless Traditional…in no particular order! Add a little Vintage Industrial and that would be my perfect mix!

As I was looking at the various decorating styles & before I read your closing statement, I was also thinking to myself how great it would be to have a home to satisfy each decorating desire. In order of preference: 1)European Elegance, 2)Timeless Transitional, 3)Gorgeous Grandeur, 4)Country Charm, 5)Minimalist Modern, 6)Coastal Chic. I think! But, definitely European Elegance & Timeless Transitional.

Dearest Tina,

OMG! This is a delicious post! Well, I have to say that I lean towards the French side, so the minimalist modern usually does NOT inspire me, so a combination of the French brocante/countryside is my muse! AND I WANT TO THANK You for visiting me yesterday; it was the last day of school (I am a teacher) and the entire day was draining, then out last night with friends left me BEHIND writing my new post and answering comments. THANK YOU, I have always seen your comments around in blogland and I am very honored to have you visit. Now…off to write a new post! Have a beautiful day, Anita

I’m drawn to so many styles that I have a terrible time when decorating my own space. Seems like every time I spy something I love that I know is just a trend, I have a huge fight with myself to keep from jumping right in! But – all in all, I’m mostly drawn to a combination of the ones you’ve listed above with the exception of Minimalist Modern.

I love elements of Timeless Traditional, Country Charm, European Elegance and Minimalist Modern.

To me, there is nothing more beautiful than a perfectly beautiful room with a European/Traditional backdrop, paired with accessories and furniture with the faded grace of Country and clean lines of Minimalist Modern. Blousy fuchsia peonies in a slick white vase. I also love colours like fuchsia, turquoise, orange, robin’s egg blue..etc used in accessories on a soft white background. It gives a space the ability to evolve with your tastes. Change out something and the whole space changes. Classy but not fussy.

How lovely of you to visit me this morning!!!! Ahhh…I am literally going to start my vacation NOW. Organizing my living space, defining my goals for the summer and AWAY I GO in my dreams to make my realities. HAVE A FAB WEEKEND DEAREST! Anita

Timeless Transitional!! I’d go into my house, but I’m forced to work outside because I’m scared of the bat!! It is boiling out here, thanks for the break! I appreciate your comments on my post. That Margie was one Sassy Saint!

I love Timeless Traditional and European Elegance. Is that a weird mix?! What appeals to me is the fresh feel of the former and soft lines of the latter. Fun to mull about how to combine the two.

What a splendid, and very tantalising, idea! And where do we fit in? Nowhere exactly, but that we imagine is the same for many of your readers and certainly, if we have read you correctly, is where perhaps you position yourself.

Most importantly, we feel, is the need to remain an individual where interior design, and most other things for that matter, is concerned rather than to attempt slavishly to copy a style directly from a magazine or book. Use such sources for inspiration, and then adapt and interpret to one’s own surroundings, lifestyle and, of course, budget.

What you have done here, in these beautifully presented collages, is to give all manner of wonderful ideas which, by broadly grouping them, directs and focuses the mind whilst, paradoxically, allows it to roam.

Probably, in answer to your original question, we find ourselves somewhere between European Elegance and, not listed(!) English Shabby Chic. Our bathroom, about which we posted only yesterday, perhaps confirms this.

We are delighted to have discovered you and look forward to returning.

Oh, this is hard!!! My style is definitely elegant and timeless ( sometimes mixed with modern style, but not too much). Have a WONDERFUL Sunday πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Kristin xo

I love your blog! To answer the question at hand, I used to be a major fan of Gorgeous Grandeur, but over the years I’ve made a 180 conversion to being totally in love with Modern Minimalist. Keep the posts coming!

European elegance is definitely my favorite style. Wish I could afford more Gorgeous Grandeur..

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