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Good morning! Love to showcase designers whose work I admire and Elizabeth Dinkel fits right into my description of an “uber talented” designer! Love her style. I had seen a room that she had done for a showhouse in a magazine a few years ago and knew right away this was my kind of decorator. She clearly trends towards a more traditional look, but theres nothing heavy, stuffy, overdone or off putting about any of her rooms. Though some of them are formal, there is an ease and comfort level to the very beautiful spaces she has designed. Some of the bedrooms are just downright dreamy, and the living rooms while sophisticated and stunning are all rooms I can easily see being very comfortable entertaining family and friends in. Elizabeth’s firm is based in West Hollywood, California and was established in 2004 after nearly 18 years as an interior designer. Her talents take her all over the United States and she has had her work featured in nearly every important design publication.  So take a look…what do you think of her style? Do you have a favorite room? Enjoy your Saturday!

Before I begin……I had to share with you my friends gorgeous hydrangea beds in front of her house, I had peony envy with others, now I have hydrangea envy! How gorgeous are these flowers!! Then on my way home noticed the only farm of its kind in my area has opened for the season! I was so excited…nothing like seeing that small nondescript sign beckoning you to their stands of still warm fresh fruits and vegetables…so I traveled the dirt path road and had a field day buying all the seasons freshest. Wish my camera didn’t run out of camera, the basil garlic and strawberries were so huge and picture perfect! I came home and promptly made a delicious round of brushetta and a delicious fresh pesto…..gotta love summer cooking!

 Now moving on to Elizabeth and her gorgeous work………..

What a picture perfect windowseat!
Love the green chinoiserie, fabulous!
This is sooooo gorgeous! Love this space, I would live there if this was my house!
She handles transitional spaces as well as she does very traditional ones…..
Elegant and timeless entry foyer… is so gorgeous!
How inviting and happy is this wonderful light space?
With an office like this I would be looking for “work’ to do just to stay in it!
This family room feels so welcoming and cheery
I like the fresh fabric on the drapes as a crisp play against the dark traditional wood

I like the neutral feel but would add something to the right wall, would you?
Great kitchen so bright and cheery with its Parisian style bistro chairs
Love this elegant bath
Such a handsome boys room…timeless
Love this cozy but so elegant outdoor setting
Love this inviting and cozy outdoor area with fireplace..great almost year round!
Fabulous and rich looking library paneled in elegant warm woods
Love this elegant little bathroom with its pale pink and green wallpaper
Love this gorgeous, soft and serene master bedroom…bed looks so inviting!
Beautiful white and pink ladies bath…quite decadent!
Love this classic take on an all white elegant bathroom
Pool house perfection
Well are you a fan yet? Do you like her style? Have a favorite room? Would love to know which! Wishing you a wonderful Saturday!


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I love Elizabeth Dinkel’s Design Style as well, Tina. She’s a master at mixing patterns, and adding layers of wonderful texture. The image of the family room is one I’ve never seen before. What a warm and inviting space!
Thanks for sharing!
Wendi 🙂

The hydrangeas are so beautiful. My favorite flower.
Nothing like fresh fruits and vegetables.
Elizabeths work is so pretty- was not familiar with her until now. I like how light and airy all of her interiors feel-lovely!!
Have a great weekend.

Though her style is a tad traditional for me ..I sure can appreciate her talent for creating really elegant interiors..particularly the outdoor rooms and that boys room is just spectacular..thanks for sharing..have a lovely weekend..xx meenal

Thanks for introducing Elizabeth. I love her very elegant sophisticated style and I could live in any of these spaces. I especially love her bedrooms and baths. They are designed with elegance and not over the top like some designer spaces. Hers are gorgeous. Your sure know how to pick your designers…..The hydrangeas, breathtaking! I love the little home farms with stands out front. We passed so many on our way to Florida. Of course we stopped and I bought tomatoes. I made my brushetta for lunch……

The French Hutch

Oh Tina, you always deliver the most elegant and jaw-dropping pictures! LOVE THE CHECKERED FLOORS…as you could see in my home, I just had to have that element! AND THAT POOL HOUSE…and then that stone wall with those puffy hydrangeas? ELEGANT. White against lush green and stone is all I need. MAGNIFICENT MY FRIEND! Anita

You had me with hydrangea~ Such magnificent landscaping.
Like many, I had never known of Elizabeth, however, I will recognize her now!! So many rooms were amazing, but I have to say, her treatment of the outside rooms would cause me to be company who never leaves!

oh those hydrangeas are probably the most beautiful I’ve ever seen! I would go to my friend’s house everyday just to get a glimpse she she had them! Love that designer’s work! The outdoor room with the fireplace is gorgeous…my family would love a space like that! Have a great Saturday Tina!

Tina your hydrangea’s are magnificent, What a lovely drive up to your home. My favorite designer is Phoebe Howard as you well know,but Elizabeth Dinkel is included in my list of designer that I can relate too and would feel comfortable working with. The black and white entry with the stunning green wallpaper in the dining room is one of my favorite shots and I have it in my files too!!
I love fresh produce in the summer. We live in the heart of wonderful farmland in California and have great produce at our fingertips.
I just love seeing it all lined up in baskets looking so colorful. have a wonderful weekend,Kathysue

PS I did a post by request on my favorite go-to lip colors today.

First, those hydrangeas are stunning! Secondly, thanks for introducing Elizabeth Dinkel–she is new to me, and I love what I’ve seen of her work so far! I hope to find her website, but are there books? I’m “pinning” most of the images you shared. Oh, and lastly, you’ve inspired me to make pesto today!

Your hydrangea are simply stunning, even prettier than I imagined from previous photos you posted. We are off to the local farmer’s market shortly, I loved reading about your neighbor’s market.

It was fun reading about Elizabeth, thank you for introducing us to her work!

Sending you a smile for the weekend,

The hydrangeas are beautiful. Elizabeth does such beautiful work. The window seat is such a cozy area. The outdoors area are our favorites. Guess with summer in full swing our heads are outdoors.

Gorgeous images-from the beds of hydrangeas to the beautiful rooms. I notice there is a consistent use of green through most of her rooms. Lovely! xo Diana

I like this designer’s work. She can do casual to dressy rooms and I love that. I especially loved the kitchen and dining room with the bistro chairs and the last very elegant all white bathroom.


Happy Saturday! Your friends hydranges are stunning to drive by and they beckon a stop-for-photo option for sure. Neighborhood farms are the best except when they fertilize and it’s summer. However farmer fresh is the best for your spirit and your body for sure.

They so excite us about food and great recipes and really give us a chance to celebrate being alive and carefree in summer.

I am familiar with Elizabeth Dinkel Designs and love how her rooms look very comfortable. I also like the office space and could use this design in my studio as I have two sewing machines, a seger, and a blind hemming machine that I have to rotate when I need to use them because space is limited. Smart designs like this are timeless and have mutiple uses and lots of potential uses.

Tina even if your job is to Being Creative and to coordinate the “dream” of wonderful things to “work on” recipes, event planning, travel arrangements, shopping food/fashion, new home construction schedules, project management, family activities, pet care, bill paying, gift wrapping, blogging, and entertainment, which all fall under “Estate Management” you deserve a room of your own like this one exactly. It suits you too!

There you have my blessings to create a space to be creative in…lol!

Have a wonderful weekend I will be getting familiar with Google + to see how it will effect the look of my blog on computer, smartphones, photo’s and writing style etc. and getting a little gardening in too. Might be time to print all prior blog entries (2 yrs 5 months worth) just in case another change is upon us.


Your friend’s hydrangeas are incredible! For my favorite room of all, I have to pick the white and pink ladies bathroom, followed by the tiny pink and green wallpapered powder room with the bamboo mirror. So pretty!

So exciting about your farm stand find. We have one near my mom’s house in Rancho Santa Fe called Chino Farms. All the local chefs head there.

She has such a way with bedrooms! I had seen the kitchen with the Palecek Bistro chairs before…love it.

Hydrangeas are my all time favourite flower and my mum has lots of bushes like this. These photos are incredible, imagine having those in your own garden! Wow. They just make me so happy. There is nothing like a thick, luscious bush of hydrangeas in summer, especially blue. The best. And, Elizabeth is one of my favourite designers at the moment, doing some really lovely stuff. Thanks for the gorgeous selection of photos. Adding many to my inspiration files.

The room you featured have such an elegant traditional style… just gorgeous.
I love her sense of balance, use of color and awareness of space. Her rooms have a sense of calm drama! How could I ever pick a room~ I’ll take them all!

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