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Good morning! I was lucky to have spent the other day with one of my dearest friends in the world in the glorious picture perfect Hamptons. It was a very long overdue “day off” which we both needed. Despite the temperatures that hovered around 100, we had a fantastic day, it was so great to catch up and spend some quality time with each other. Some of our outdoor activities were curtailed due to the intense heat so I decided to take a bunch of pictures in our travels………. The Hamptons is one of those places that means different things to different people. Some go for the world class restaurants, some for the glitzy night life and flashy clubs, many flock to the tony country and beach clubs, some to mingle and rub elbows with celebrities (not a difficult thing to do in the Hamptons), some to stroll down the  ritzy streets lined with every fashionsinstas must have designer boutiques,  and last some like myself go to the Hamptons to experience the old fashioned side of the Hamptons, what it once was and still is albeit less so. Anyone who knows me knows that I always say I feel like I was born in the wrong era………..

 Make no mistake, I love many of the fabulous restaurants, enjoy going into the gorgeous stores, and won’t say no to a game of tennis at one of the fabulous clubs but the real reason I go is for the beautiful quaint still family owned farm stands….is there anything better than choosing still warm tomatoes and perfectly ripe peaches just off the vine? I go to discover the little antique shops and creaky floored bookstores still being run by the old timer whose grandfather started the business. I look for the unpopulated beaches that are quiet and calm and equate to what a perfect day means to me. I go for bike rides to the Montauk lighthouse armed with a small picnic lunch to sit on the lawn with the vast Atlantic ocean as my backdrop. I go to meet friends and family for lunch at the roadside, “lunch on a paper plate” seafood bars that dot the road in Montauk. I go to take “house tours” of the incredible “beach cottages” that dot the shore.  Last I go to breath the ocean air, feel the coastal breeze and take in the beauty that is the Hamptons. That to me, is the ultimate getaway, a refuge to clear my head, and feel renewed and indeed I always leave there with a sense of calm and of being recharged. There truly is a Hamptons for everyone. So here are some highlights of my day, meet my Hamptons.

The beautiful ocean is a natural draw

Like hydrangeas? You will see them EVERYWHERE in every color here….

The landscape is so lush and green

This is a must stop for my kids and I when we are out in Montauk…
Casual but with a view

These are the farmstands that I cannot wait to visit when I head out east
Love the gorgeous sunflowers!
A typical Hamptons shingled beach house….love the coloration
Love the way the lattice was done on the garages
A classic weathered shingle home…so stately
The majestic Maidstone club, looks beautiful even in 104 degrees!
Of course the gorgeous beaches speak for themsevles
Even the Ralph Lauren in East Hampton is totally charming
The Palm steakhouse, one of the mainstays in the East Hampton dining scene
The Ladies Village Improvement Society in East Hampton, building dates from the 1800’s
Charming building in East Hampton laden with American flags
Beautiful bed and breakfast, could it be any more charming?

Love the touch of the old fashioned red bicycles!
Couldn’t you sit in those adirondack chairs all day with a big glass of ice tea?
Charm galore!

Picture perfect……
Pretty flowerboxes
The side view of “the perfect house”
Another in town charmer
Love the way this is done…..

Love this row of goregous hydrangeas aginast the privet hedges..perfect!

Beautiful lakes and ponds abound

This house, right as you enter the town of East Hampton is referred to by my kids as “the perfect house”, and there is not a blade of grass out of place!
Upon entering East Hampton
The Maidsone, a beautiful bed and breakfast right in town in East Hampton
Plenty of wineries to choose from!
Puts me in a Napa state of mind! this house!
The lines are perfect……….
Everything just looks greener here! Love the circle of white impatients under the tree
The cornerstore Candy Kitchen has been around for a long long time
Urban Archologoy has beautiful things, fun to go in and fantastize
One of my favorite stops!
The sunflowers are the first to welcome you…and there is always room in my car for them
If this isn’t divine inspiration to whip up something good, what is?
Picture perfect produce…….
Even the cucumbers are great looking!
No these are not fake!
Onions as art? Why not!
The pink pickup truck delivers the days fresh produce….

The nurseries are as you can imagine filled with all kinds of lush plantations
The beautiful nurseries are brimming with lush and beautiful plants of every variation

More vineyards…..

Outside at Duckwalk vineyards…..
And on this note, I will be sure to have a glass of Pinot Grigio later on and make a toast to the beautiful Hamptons! Hope you enjoyed this little stroll through the picturesque Hamptons. Have you been? If so do you have a favorite thing to do? If you haven’t been and ever get the chance…I urge you to make the trip, I promise you will find your “Hamptons” too! Enjoy your day……..


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Never been but so want to go! It looks amazing, I love how you described “your” Hamptons, those are the things and reasons I would want to go to. Beautiful pictures.

I have never been the Hamptons so I thoroughly enjoyed to taking me there this morning! I would just love to ship my bicycle up and enjoy it all on 2 wheels. How much fun for you to enjoy the day with a good friend!

Having more problems with blogger..argh!
LOVE this post. We are going in Sept. for a wedding
of my husbands best friend in college, cannot wait.
He has spent many summers there, I have never been
so cannot wait. Do you have some good restaurant
recommendations? Maybe you could do another
post on your favorite spots? I would love that, thanks for
the mini vacation to start my day.

Tina, this IS my Hamptons!! I love feeling as if was there, walking or driving by some of my favorite places. I, too, go for the beach, the farm stands, the quaint little towns that connect along Route 27.

This was almost as good as being there!!!
xoxo Elizabeth

My sister’s inlaws have a place in the Hamptons. I haven’t been there in many years, but the beach is perfection, and I love looking at all the gorgeous homes. Thanks for the pretty post. Would love to bring home some of those sunflowers and fresh veggies!

Looks like you had a wonderful day with your friends! I was in the Hammptons last year and it was a spectacular time!
Such gorgeous homes, shops and surroundings!
What a great virtual fieldtrip! Thanks for taking us along!

this post makes me want to grab a plane and head there right now! Such stunning pictures. I’ll have to pass this along to my mom…subtle hint as to where I want to go for our next weekend trip!

OH Tina, we are jealous! First jealousy, the Hampton’s is such a picturesque get away and wish we could go today. Then the second jealousy…the HYDRANGEAS! My heavens we have not seen so many gorgeous hydrangeas in bloom. What a perfect retreat for the mind and body!
Have a wonderful wednesday!
Renee and Angela

The Hamptons look so beautiful and relaxing. Love the quaintness of a great farmer’s market, and of course, the “beach cottages”…beyond stunning!! So glad you were able to take a little time for yourself…

This was a treat to travel along with you through the Hamptons. I have never been and was struck by the fact that this is almost identical to the island of Marthas Vineyard…except they only have one winery! I too cannot resist treating myself to a farmstand bouquet of big sunflowers.

My kind of place, just a little to far for a weekend getaway. Your photos tell me how beautiful it is. Maybe we need to add it to our “must go there” list.
Your post is the next best thing. Thanks for the tour Tina……..

The French Hutch

Can life get any better than that? Seriously! Gorgeous homes, amazing beaches, beautiful people, charming architecture, divine and fresh food!
The perfect place to live, huh?

The “perfect house” is just…. perfect! Wow!

Amazing post, Tina!


Luciane at

Tina this was so fun for me. Being a California gal I have never been to the Hamptons but it is on my Someday list and I know I will definitely want to see the Hamptons you showed us today!! Thank you for a beautiful day,Kathysue

It has been so long since I have been there, that I remember Dean and Deluca in East Hampton…a visual feast. My favorites are Gosman’s for lobster and the farm stands for just-picked corn, as well as browsing in all the antiques shops from Amagansett to Water Mill. I am not a beach goer, but a stop at the ocean to see the view and breathe the ocean air is a must. Lovely.

Tina, Great post. I’ve never been but I suspect this would be “my version” of the Hamptons too. We spent every summer growing up at a summerhouse in the NC mountains. We kids would dock our boats and grab lunch on the club deck in wet bathing suits watching the golfers play past. Then a 5 star B&B went in (had my wedding there so I am not complaining) and the feel of the place changed. It went from laid back to coiffed women snapping their fingers at the staff, etc. I still miss the “old” laid back feel of the place. Peaches galore at the farm stands, picnics after hikes to hidden falls, rafting and mountain drives. For some reason your post reminded me of all of this.

oh dearest, I am so late….I took a stroll this morning before my usual blog stroll! OH MY GO…..I lived on the east coast for YEARS and never went to the Hamptons but out our way in Massachusetts there were lovely places just like this outside our front door. THANK YOU for this tour of a picturesque part of our country; there are such lovely places on earth!!!! ENJOY YOUR PINOT!!!! Anita

woohoooo – we are planning a lil get-away there too!!!! — my friend is down in Long Beach – it’s quite a ride – but HELLO HAMPTONS

Your beautiful photos brought back many happy memories. In the mid-seventies I spent many summers in the Hamptons working as a Nanny. I could hardly call it work when my days were spent at the members-only Southhampton Bath & Tennis Club. One of my favorite pastimes was driving down Dune Road or Gin Lane to catch a glimpse of the historic mansions, owned by families like the Mellons and Duponts. Maybe that was the start of my love for architecture and design. Lovely post, thanks!

Wow this looks like the cutest getaway in the whole Unites States! I have never been there, but wishing I could squeeze in time to go on my next trip to NY next week!

So glad you had this amazing relaxing time my friend, you deserve all of it!

Hugs & kisses from Rio!

The “perfect house” is PERFECT for me! I have loved the Hamptons and its lifestyle since I was old enough to understand. Although I love being from my birth state, I sometimes dream that I was meant to be in the Hamptons (my boys would attest to my stating this often)! Love your Hamptons Tina! Love love love it!

OMG, my heart is pounding out of my chest!
I’ve always wanted to go but after seeing your photos I can’t wait much longer.
I think I want to retire there!
Wow, Tina, thank you for sharing your Hamptons with us. I love your view!!!

Before I got to the pictures, I was captivated by how you described your Hamptons then I got to the pictures and I was wowed!!!!!! You wove such a beautiful story here, Tina and I enjoyed every word and every image. It looks pretty incredible. I was there once when I was maybe 16, good friend from camps family owned a beautiful home in I think it was Southampton. I stayed with them for a week, and it was pretty fantastic.
Havent’ been back since and living in Seattle its hardly around the corner but your post did such a great job of making me want to go back, and go back soon!!!!!

Beach, strawberries, hydrangeas. Beach, sunflowers, farm markets. Beach, restaurants, vineyards. Beach, …well, you can guess where I’m going! Love the beach and all that comes with it!

So happy you had a day away!

Thanks for the beautiful photos. I have never seen the Hamptons before. It makes me miss the US and my family. Glad you found a way to enjoy the heat!

Oh my. I must get my husband to take me here! I love everything about it—the homes, the beach, the restaurants, the fresh produce stands, hydrangeas…glad you were able to enjoy it!

Your images show the un-anointed the ‘real’ Hamptons. I stayed there for a week a few years ago and cannot stay away! I love my Southern California but oh, the Hamptons have it all! It is perfect Americana. I get the East Hampton Star Newspaper so I can keep up with the preservation efforts and their local news. It is filled with great images and the absolute best stories about such a fantasyland! Thank you for a quick revisit to such great stops as Urban Archeology and the Bridgehampton farmstand. The place just sends me!!! Yes, born in the wrong era! …Old souls??


How fun thanks for taking us along! It makes me feel like vacation time all the time. Like a Mayberry kind of town. I’m with you I am an old soul and love the simplicity of life’s pleasures yet with all the modern conveniences.

If we learn to keep it simple yet richly filled with friends, family, fantastic, food and lots of time to play everyone is happy. But always enrich your mental space with new experiences is the key to staying forever young.
Love all the photos it really does take you away…even if it’s just for a blog post or two.

I love the new sign below “Keep Calm and Drink Coffee” these signs are showing up everywhere another one I’ve seen is “Keep Calm and Eat A Cupcake” and that’s a great way to have your cake and eat it too…lol!
I’d like to see one that says “Keep Calm and Breathe”…kiss to Teddy.
Lovely post.


The Hamptons was probably my favorite place I have been to! I loved it, I only wish I could have stayed longer and that I can go back sometime soon! Your photos brought back good memories!

Loved my tour with you. I haven’t been to the Hampton’s for years but like you, I love the old fashioned stores, houses and farm stands. I want to feel like I’m somewhere else, not just east end versions of what’s in the city. Lovely visit!!

You must be my long lost sister! Girl, we would have a blast there together! As you know we are headed to Montauk and I will definitely take my boys to that restaurant you mentioned! Thanks for all the lovely sights! I’m so looking forward to visiting the place that has fueled my design inspiration for many, many years! Halleluyah!

Love this post! I feel like I just had a mini getaway. I love Nantucket for the same reasons… there are upscale shops & dining but unspoiled land, beautiful beaches, cobblestone streets and the minute you step off the ferry you feel like you are stepping back in time. xo

You captured it PERFECTLY! The views, the beach, the architecture, the vineyards…all of that spent with a dear friend makes it all worth putting up with the heat.
Dreaming. I can’t wait to visit the North Fork of LI, where I am from, different kind of charm) 🙂 My mouth is watering and can NOT wait to visit the farm stands and vineyards, and swim in the cool waters.

This is so funny, as my Hamptons is your Hamptons! Alsi, I have a post for next week that is quite similar to this one! The Palm, Virginia’s farm stand, Round Swamp, corn fields, etc. I love the Hamptons for all of the nature I experience when here and for the farm stands. I stop all the time for fresh produce that was picked that morning.

OMG!!! Soo beautiful – this is just what I needed. A dose of Hamptons inspiration. Now I wish I was going there instead of LA. May have to jiggle the itinerary at the last minute. It really is so gorgeous, and those gardens and bushes of hydrangeas are simply breathtaking. Thanks for sharing your lovely pics.

Oh I love love the perfect house! And the hydrangeas are exquisite… What a lovely trip and post. We were in NY last weekend… heat index of 110! Miserable but we had a blast…
Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos!

I’ve always dreamed about going to the Hamptons but since I live on the Jersey Shore we have enough of our own beautiful beaches (really!) that it never seems worth it to take the long trip. So thank you for this mini tour…loved it!

I have wanted to go to the Hamptons my whole life! Why don’t you organize a bloggers trip for us in your spare time! Ha! But really, wouldn’t that be so cool!!! I’ll start saviing my money! xoxo

I was meant to live here… beautiful….and yes, that really is the perfect house!!!

One day I will holiday here, I have always known I would love it 🙂

Tina, I have never been to the Hamptons but it IS on my bucket list and just got MOVED UP the list!!!! Thanks so much for taking us on this tour of YOUR hamptons! This is what I would be looking for too! The hydrangeas are amazingly gorgeous, and the HOMES!!!!! Wow! XO, Pinky

Have been once and fell in love too. We were in East Hampton and it was heaven, if we werent’ on the west coast I would be visiting all the time! My sister wants to get married there as a destination wedding (they live in Arizona) I am all for it!
This was such a beautiful post and I really enjoyed every single picture and really liked the way you expressed “your” Hamptons!

Oh I did enjoy my stroll through the Hamptons! I think you photographed (and lovely photos) everything anyone would want to see on a visit to the Hamptons. It has been a few years since I’ve been, but this just brings it all back. Really beautiful post!!!

Tina you are a very very talented writer, you have a way of grabbing someone and bringing them in and keeping them there, I was so captivated by this picture of the Hamptons and your beautiful images totally backed it up. I have only been once and it was a ball. I would love to go back, next time we are on the East coast for sure.
Thank you for this wonderful trip back.

It really is no surprise that my blog is named after a village in the Hamptons. It is the most beautiful place. I just love it. I’m so envious you can just pop down there for weekends, I wish I could. I would love to have you has my tour guide if I ever get back there (when my children grow up or my husband offers to mind them!).

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