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Hi there! Whew…..I have made it through what I knew would be a hectic crazy week, and it sure lived up the hype…..?and then some! We had our party on Wed. and it was A LOT of work, felt more labor intensive this year because I had had a very hectic/not so great day leading up the evening, got the beginning of a migraine, my son had a horrible bloody nose then developed a cough by late afternoon, my cleaning lady/helper called in sick very last minute…it was NUTS! Then around 6 I started feeling very nauseous?and this stayed with me the whole evening and all day Thursday. And all this while trying to prepare for 50 PEOPLE!! ?I kept looking at Teddy lounging in his cozy little bed, wishing we could trade places and then fantasized about being able to put on my robe, hit the bed and just politely explain to my guests that they were welcome to stay as long as they wanted, eat and drink to their hearts content but I needed to say good night. Ever had that kind of feeling? Of course, I persevered and by the time midnight rolled around…. I started to do my happy dance knowing it was just about over. Call me a scrooge, I promise next year will be a whole different story! It was a wonderful party and its so great to get the entire clan together, just wish I had been feeling better but alls well that ends well and we did have a great time!

I can’t believe Christmas is in 3 short days! Amazing, with the blink of an eye it will here and gone and we will be talking about……Valentines Day? LOL. Anyway hope things are calm and under control over there. I prepared part of this post in advance, since I knew the kind of week I would be having. In any case I start as always with house updates, as I have been saying for a long time, its all about the finishing at this point but the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter!!

HOUSE UPDATES The big news this week is the front entrance is 95% done and if I may say so myself, looking fabulous. I really do love it! Then backsplash got completed in kitchen, another thing I am loving. Lots of little things getting buttoned up this week. By next week dare I say we will have some fully completed spaces? Do you know how long I have waited to say that!!!! The end is near, at last! So happy to know sooner than later I will finally be home!! ?Here’s the low down on whats going on around here……

Backsplash put up on either side of hood going all the way up
Went very classic and simple, wanted to keep it understated feeling
Pardon the stove, and the “thing” to your left wil be the pot filler in case you are wondering!

Put the subways all the way up and glad I did!

Hallway/vestibule is done leading from family room to bar, the ‘window” on right is open to the butlers pantry

Moldings in tower getting primed

Opening between two hutches is painted and done….

Loving my wire. I promise I am getting you the company info for all who asked!

Painting over the silver crest, it was a beauitful color but since there is so little wall space, having a color there looks odd, so we are going with an rich creamy off white and doing the trim 2 shades lighter….this is first coat

And may I pesent to you the first and only “cleaned” room in the house, the butlers pantry! We still haven’t uncovered the floors and will do so right when we move!

Got the slightly smaller hardware, and glad I did!

A FEW GREAT RECIPES FROM FELLOW BLOGGERS. This year, I didn’t cook the dinner for our annual Chrsitmas family party, for a few reasons, we had it catered and it was wonderful, and I instead made all the appetizers (my favorite part anyway) and took care of the desserts. I have some staples in my appetizer repertoire such as mini crab cakes, mini blinis with caviar, a large baked pecan coated brie, delicious mini empanadas, a huge Italian platters of various cheeses, sausages, olives, mushrooms, crostini,etc…..but added a few new ones thanks to some blogging friends and they were so good that I have to share them! So below are two of the ones along with links to those website if you are interested in getting the recipe. I made the baked brie bites to do a test run one day last week (and gobbled up the entire batch, I know bad girl) but had to make sure they passed muster for my guests….and they did! The crab stuffed mushrooms were fabulous as well and great for large crowds, as they are both easy finger foods.

BAKED BRIE BITES (A 10+ out ot 1-10)

Viist for the recipe:?

Viisit for the recipe:?
MY CHRISTMAS DECOR AND WRAPPING. ?Being in a rental is not condusvie to being in blogland, with so much inspiration!! So though I already did a post on my Christmas decor here are a few newly updated pictures. I am done and though we aren’t in our new house, as I would have wished, i made the most of where we are (in the rental) and it really does feel quite festive and i think the magic and spirit of the holiday comes from within not from the beautiful decorations, dont’ you think? I also share some pictures of right before our party began and then surprise surprise my battery ran out! (There was no time to charge, oh well next year)!

One day I will figure out how to use this camera properly…the lighting was so pretty but now I see its totally blurry!

Setting up a small round table of appetizers
I always put out a big tray of fruit, to offset any guilt by indulging in all the “good stuff”!

My baked brie en croute in the process
Notice the close proximity of the wine….yea, no accident!
Thanks Vicky from French Essence!!!! Love these…….

A FEW THINGS I WON! I really never win anything, (almost never) but lately have been on a bit of a winning streak! I got this adorable evergreen wreath (which I am still dressing up a bit) courtesy of Emily from?Splendid Market and this fabulous book, ?Savoring the Hamptons, which I highly recommend to anyone who enjoys cooking and the Hamptons from Doreen over at ?Style Maniac who worked with Books and Books in Westhampton. I won it after submitting a short story as to why I chose a certain book for a certain someone. Isn’t winning something just awesome! ?I am just like a kid! And last I was sent those gorgeous votives up there done in mercury class with a beautiful motif, courtesy of Vicky from French Essence ?and you bet I put them to good use right away!! Thank you everyone!
MONOGRAMS! You know I love my monograms and I saw this over at Kates blog, Party Resources and thought this was the cutest thing! I can think of several ways to use these amazing monograms, and you can be sure when I have recovered from Christmas i am ordering myself one (and maybe a few gifts) How cute and creative are these!! They come in several sizes and come in unpainted wood so you can do with them what you wish! Love the idea……click here to visit Southern Proper monograms!

So everyone this is it! My last post before Christmas, well I will post an official “Merry Christmas” post but it won’t be of any real length, just a greeting, but I will be back next week hopefully declaring (with?reserved optimism) that we are on the brink of moving! THAT is all I want for Christmas, hope you are listening Santa!! Wishing everyone a wonderful Friday and peace and sanity during these last few days leading up to Christmas!! Jingle jingle……


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I am so sorry you were sick for your party…all looks spectacular however!
Your tree is beautiful and I doubt there was much left from your apps!
Blessings to you…..have a wonderful Christmas!

Tina- the house pictures always leave feeling a little faint, seriously. AMAZING, the kitchen the butlers, what dream spaces, you are going to have such fun working in there. And all that mill work and wood finishing is just so beautiful.
Now what you done in your temporary house is equally amazing, wow such gorgeous spaces and girl, you know how to entertain! And your gifts looked professionally wrapped! I still have many to go, and trust me they are not looking like that. I am so impressed, sorry to hear about the crappy day you had but looks like it ended with a big bang!
Sending you a Christmas hug and best wishes.

Your house is coming along beautifully! I so enjoy seeing all the finishing details. You really have such an exciting year ahead. I can only imagine how much you are looking forward to moving in day. Happy holidays and merry Christmas!

Tina, your new home could totally be turned into a gorgeous decor book.. any book editors out there reading? Hello? Best seller in the making. Your Christmas decor in your rental home is gorgeous… that is one pretty rental! The owners could easily use your photos to rent it out again in a snap. So sorry you had a migraine. You know I have them too. Sometimes it’s the stress of having so much to do that brings them on. It’s horrible… my first thought when I commit to something big is that I hope I don’t get a migraine. Wish I lived closer you could have called me to help out! xo

Well, first of all, I am so sorry you were sick leading up to the party. That makes for a horrible feeling…especially with a sick cleaning lady/helper. I know you must have been frazzled to begin with-that must have been the final straw~

Evertyhing looks beautiful, Tina, rental or not..and next year you can host this in your fabulous new home….which, by the way, is looking very good. I especially love the way your new stove looks now that you have it in place!….bwhahahaha!

The appetizers look amazing. That is my favorite part too, futzing with them. My “helper” said, “I give up a few years ago”..when I took giant grapes and slit them open crosswises (twice) so that they looked like a flower and then filled them with lemon cream cheese filling…OH MY! They were so good. She told me she thought I hsd gone over the edge with that one-lol

I hope you have a splendid, beautiful Christmas. I am glad to have met you here this year and gotten to know you. Your blog is always beautiful … and I always read… but I don’t always comment…but just know this…I AM WATCHING YOU (in a nice way!;>) Merry Christmas- Diana

Tina we are leaving for the airport in 3 hours (wish me luck( I know its going to be nuts. But I wanted to make a final stop into Enchanted home and boy, am I glad I did! The house is just incredible, I have run out of adjective, the kitchen and butlers pantry are just perfection.
So sorry to hear you werent’ feeling well, what a horrible feeling. You would never have known with how you pulled this off, however, my goodness it all looks devine. The presents, the food, the tree, all the decor, fantastic job my friend!
Want to wish you a merry Christmas just think this time next year you will be all set up in that splendid new castle and I just about imagine you will be doing over there!
Have a joyful holiday.

Tina I am so happy for you that your new home is coming along so well and is almost finished. It’s absolutely stunning, you should be very proud of yourself. Your tree is beautiful too and so sorry you weren’t feeling well for your party, I know the feeling. But the holidays are almost upon us and time for some major relaxing!

Hugs to you!

Even your ‘rental’ home is spectacular, and I’m happy to hear that your party was a great success even if you weren’t feeling well.
Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas, Tina! Thank you for your friendship and support this past year!
~ Wendi ~

Wishing you the very best of health, love and prosperity. This is a whale of a home, huge. I really love your furniture. You have classic taste. That tree and fruit platter are great. I love fresh figs.. Merry Christmas and take it easy. Yvonne

Dear Tina

What a delightful post and I believe you are doing wonderfully despite having to move shortly.
I am very impressed, your literally practiced “Keep Calm and Carry On”

Fondest wishes for a very Happy Christmas

Helen xxx

Hello Tina,

The party sounds and looks like it was fabulous. I love all of the ideas for the little bites before dinner, and of course the Brie looked fabulous, my favorite.

The house looks so beautiful, I am in awe. Everything is really so perfectly thought out and designed. The kitchen hood was my favorite update. Beautiful and the tile to the ceiling is fabulous.

Oh man, everything in the new house is looking so fabulous!! I can’t wait for you to move in!! This is such a fun blog to read! Ok, I have to say I put the wire back into my french cabinet after seeing that you put wire in your hutches. I took it out so I could see the wallpaper inside it better~but now the wire is back~a la Enchanted Home! Your party must have been great, I love how you took pics preparty, and the appetizer table looks fabulous. Pink roses for the birthday girl? I copied down the brie bites and think I might add that to my party tomorrow night. Thanks Tina!!

Merry Christmas and have a fabulous time with your family. I hope that everyone is feeling better!

Had to add to my other comment because I got cut off.

Take care, and enjoy as you said it will be here and gone in the blink of an eye.

OK, first your closest in the new house stopped me in my tracks – simply divine. Second, the pictures of your “rental” blew me away! I think it says so much about a person who lives in the moment and even makes a temporary rental feel special and like a home. Tina, you never cease to amaze me, my friend! M.

Tina Tina Tina, do you ever sleep? Your energy astounds me! Tell me the secret please! I am so sorry you weren’t feeling well, thats the worst feeling. But looks like you pulled through brilliantly! Wow what an elegant party you throw,hope you might consider sharing some of your recipes, everything sounds heavenly good.
Your new home aka castle is looking ready for you to move in and call it home. Everything is looking so beautiful, I can see it now how much joy you will have preparing special holiday meals in that dream of a kitchen and butlers pantry. Your closet would make even Sarah Jessica Parker jealous!
Merry Christmas and do hope you get a chance to relax just a bit! Have beautiful holiday.

Your house is looking fabulous! I’m in love with the oversized marble subway tile you decided to use in the kitchen. Major props to you for decorating your rental for the holidays. You could have totally opted out blaming it on the fact that you thought you’d be in your new home and then pouted the whole time about how you aren’t. But instead it looks like you went all out to make it memorable for your family! I hope you get to move into your new house soon! Have a very Merry Christmas! xo

So sorry you felt lousy for your party, but you were a gracious hostess and carried on till the end! Good for you.

The house is coming along and looks lovely! Your butler’s pantry is bigger than my kitchen by the way, lol! Not complaining though, because it’s a new kitchen. I have creamy cupboards and a dark island like yours, so I feel like I have a little bit of your house, lol!

Hope you feel rested and that you and your family have a most wonderful Christmas, Tina!

Tina, So sorry you weren’t feeling well. My hope is that you are in that gorgeous home very soon!Santa grants all wishes! 🙂 everything is just stunning!!!! Merry Christmas!

LOVE the monograms!!! Your pre party photos look lovely. I think you did a GREAT job in your rental home. I am not sure what kind of camera you have (I do know a little about cameras though) but if your hubby or sons read your comments…I am going to give them a little last minute Christmas present hint.. A spare camera battery!!! I love seeing your photos so much and I hate that your battery goes dead:) I have two batteries…one that charges and one that is in the camera. That way…I am never without. Also, if it is a DSLR you could get an external flash for low light situations that gives off nice diffused light.

Thank you for sharing all that you do with us. I found your blog this year and I really enjoy it very much. I wish you a very joyful Christmas surrounded by the love of your family.

I think your rental looks quite festive Tina! Sorry you weren’t feeling up to the party but it looks like it was quite the event. And lucky you having good luck THREE TIMES??!! I think that bodes well for your year ahead. 🙂 I’ll be offline for a few days but I wish you a very Merry Christmas!!!

I forgot to say that the kitchen looks AMAZING and I LOVE the backsplash–good choice to go all the way up! And I love the hood:)

I guess you have had a migraine! A person can only do so much, Tina!
The house looks amazing! The butler’s pantry is just stunning, as is the rest of the house. I know that you are thrilled to have all of this coming to an end. I could play a teens match on that island!
Your decorations look amazing, and all of the party fanfare looks fabulous too!
Have a very Merry Christmas, friend.

Tina, I love the backsplash and the range hood. The kitchen is looking fabulous and what an amazing butlers pantry you have. Your current home looks beautiful decorated for Christmas. So sorry you weren’t feeling well for the party and I hope you are all better now. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

What wonderful photos of your new home. I love everything you’ve done. You have a great sense of color. I’m sorry you had a migrane. Been there, done that. All do to stress, but you wouldn’t know anything about that (just kidding). Looks like you will be in for Valentine’s Day. No need to rush now. You will have a fabulous Valentine’s Day with your loved ones.

Merry Christmas & a Very Happy New Year!!

Tina, thank you for sharing your inner self
and thank you too for allowing us into
your beautiful homes………….looking forward to
the move in day.
I copied your suggested appetizers also and just want to thank you
for the treasures that arrive in my emails.


The home-to-be looks stunning and how wonderful to think of how many happy days you’ll have there. The current residence looks lovely too, and I hope you create some beautiful memories over the next few days. I’m sending you wishes for some heavenly peace! I hope that you get a chance to breath, relax and enjoy every moment! Merry Christmas, Tina! XO

Tina, thanks for taking the time out of your crazy hectic schedule to share photos of all the fun with us. It’s so appreciated.
I echo many of the previous sentiments, that it proves what a lovely person you are that you chose to decorate your ‘rental’ for Christmas despite the ups and downs about moving into the new house. You provided a lovely Christmas atmosphere for your family that I’m sure they will remember. 2012 is going to be a great year and I’m salivating thinking of all the beautiful posts to come my way.
Thanks again and Merry Christmas

Even though we always want everything to be perfect, I think your rental is just that. Beautiful tree, lots of love and gorgeous wrapped gifts from the heart. All will be well…take it from someone who gets paid to make it perfect…It often isn’t! 🙂
I so hope you and all of your boys (including the fab Mr. Teddy) have a joyous Christmas and a very blessed 2012…
I’m excited for your new home…it looks great and I have the same herringbone pattern above my cooktop in tile…LOVE it and haven’t tired of it in 4 years.
Hugs my friend,

Beautiful, everything looks beautiful and now, I’m hungry. It makes it worst that it’s 10:40 and I haven’t had breakfast.

Tina may God fill that new and gorgeous home with health, love and prosperity. Merry Christmas!

My favorite things this week are your almost completed kithcen, that butlers pantry, your closet and the wire!! OMG….do you faint every time you go there? I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THIS BABY DECORATED, you absolutely have to continue blogging until you are old and gray, I want to see it all until the final object has been placed and I bet I speak for many!
Hope you are feeing a lot better, that sucks to feel sick during such a crazy time, looks like you have been putting in serious overtime. Hope you will take a few days to slow down, take deep breaths and relax. Wish you a really happy,merry and jolly Christmas. Thanks for the gift of this amazing blog, my absolute fave. You make signing onto my computer a really awesome event every morning, since I can’t wait to see your posts!
Merry Chrsitmas!

Tina, well, congratulations on a party well done – we do a party every year – 1st Saturday in December… gets our Christmas season going… but I understand the work you are talking about…but know how much you love giving it! But not feeling well- ugh!

Your home now and your new one look wonderful! Enjoy each day in both – it will all go so fast!

Have a very Merry Christmas!

Love your tree and all the trimmings! Wishing you a very merry Christmas and all the best in 2012. So glad I got to meet you this year, Tina, and look forward to more beautiful inspiration…

Tina, everything looks so lovely for your party and that fruit tray was spectacular. I know what you mean about taking pictures, it is so hard to capture a room in my home too. Everyone who actually sees it in person is always surprised so I know my pictures never do it justice. I am busy chopping and dicing for tomorrow evenings dinner!! I hope you continue to enjoy your next few days and Merry Merry Christmas to YOU and yours, it has been a true pleasure getting to know YOU!! xo Kathysue

Tina! Everything looks wonderful! I can really appreciate the effort that goes into prepping for a party. It’s exhausting, especially when you don’t have the help you need. All the food, the emotions, the cocktails/wine – it’s an exhausting time of the year. I always look forward to the week between Christmas and New Years to calm down.

The house is coming along! You will move in soon I hope. Happy Holidays!

Tina, your appetizers look splendid! I can practically taste them through the screen! I enjoyed all the photos: the gorgeous Christmas decor and wrappings; I love the subway tiles in the new house kitchen–great decision to take them all the way up– fabulous! And the entry tower is really coming along & looking good! I’m so excited for you. The happiest of Merry Christmases to you and your family, and good health and fortune in the New Year! I’m honored to call you a blog buddy.



The party setting and your new home look just beautiful, Tina. So glad you are feeling better!
Have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2012.

Can’t wait to see the house with those beautiful pieces of furniture in it! The architecture is so breathtaking – so struck by the photo of the molding and how it joins at the corners – amazing! great design and workmanship!

so glad you’re feeling better!

so happy you are enjoying the wreath. SO KNOW that party feeling {have fun, I’m going to bed}! Good job perservering. I just love those subway marble tiles, they are subtle, yet substantial…. so pretty. I think you should have a sleepover in that butlers pantry!! xo ebh

Dear Tina,
Thank you again for sharing this all!!
I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy and Succesful New Year! I hope will be happy living in your gorgeous new home next year!
And I am so thankfull to have met you through blogging! You are very dear to me!!
Hugs and kisses,

The house looks great! Love the inset cabinet doors, old-fashioned hardware, hood, architectural details, etc. The Christmas decorations look very inviting. Wishing you a Merry Christmas.



You are getting so close to moving in! Your kitchen is unbelievable! I would love to have all of that space to cook and bake in. Just dreamy! Your holiday decor is just magical! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

loving loving the progress tina, and the awesome recipe ideas. starving at the moment and would give my right arm to have that brie en croute within reach.

smiles & best to you.


I swear I would give anything for that butler’s pantry!!!!!!!!! I can see you will be IN soon!!!! So exciting! Wishing you a VERY merry Christmas and I hope Santa is listening too. Your party looks like it was wonderful. Dinner for 50???? I could never pull that off, not enough room! XO, Pinky

It is lovely observing the birth of your amazing house. Thank you for sharing it with us through out the year.
I’m a migraine sufferer so you have my heart-felt sympathy for your recent bout.
Your Christmas fare looks extremely tempting. Enjoy this special day. May it be filled with happiness, laughter and love.
Merry Christmas


First of all Tina, I want to thank you for your copious and KIND comments to me this year. It has been a treat to know your goodness, your generosity in friendship and FUN! Your words encourage me to go on and on in my dream to be a writer of some sort. Watching you build your dream literally one brick at a time is a wonderful metaphor for any of us who DREAM, PLAN and DO! You are a blessing to many of us for your caring attitude and happy spirit. NOW FOR THIS HOUSE….oh dear, I am dizzy and giddy with DELIGHT! I told you that when you get into that home, I will be with you VIRTUALLY, dancing up and down those grandiose corridors!!!! THAT KITCHEN HOOD, OMG. That butler’s pantry is the ENVY of anyone! And that vestibule. Dearest, you have GOT to put on a tiara and a long gown and come flowing down those stairs! I love the beams in the kitchen and that is ALL I am still waiting for to happen to our new room: BEAMS. MAY ONLY LOVE and health (oh those terrible migraines) fill your live! And hugs to you and Teddy boy!!!

LOVE!!! Anita

Beautiful pictures, your home is really coming along you must be very excited. When I was a child we lived in a old home with a dumb waiter and boy did the three of us girls had fun riding up and down it. I hope you feel better real soon. Merry Christmas to you and your family! Hugs, Pearl

Your home is progressing beautifully! Love your tree and the monograms are so stylish! Merry Christmas to you and your family. Lots of love my friend. XX

Tina, the house is looking incredible. I cannot believe how far its come, looks like you might be moving in soon. I know you must be so excited! The kitchen and pantry and closet are my dream rooms. I could live in just those three rooms!

I hope you will continue to post as you start to decorate, thats when the real fun begins.
Your current home is also spectacular, your Christmas decor is amazing, what an elegant job you have done.

And what a beautiful party it looks like you threw, so sorry you weren’t feeling well for it. Glad you got through it and now I hope you will take some time to rest and relax and take a few deep breaths, its time to enjoy the holidays with your loved ones. Merry Christmas Tina!

*** Tina~~~ I was so HOPING you WOULD all be able to be in by Christmas, in some form or another… alas, tho, you C*A*N rest assured it’s your LAST ONE in that “lovely-but-its-not-my-N*E*W-house” rental!!! You’ve done well by the rental… looks fab, but we all know you are READY to M*O*V*E!!! Now, does THAT make you smile, “Sweet Virginia”????

I’ve enjoyed this last year reading & enjoying the pics on your blog, and SO much else that you’ve also shared!

Sending my warmest wishes (from the AZ desert!) that you are all together, WHEREVER, and enjoying good health along with a wonderful, loving celebration of His birthday…

Linda in AZ *
[email protected]

Oh, you must be out of your mind with excitement – you’re so close to being done and all moved in!
Have a truly wonderful and Very Merry Christmas!

Tina, I am so happy you enjoy the book. (I think I need to order a copy of “Savoring The Hamptons” for myself!) Thank you again for your heartfelt contribution to “Blogs To Books.”

Merry Christmas.

What a wonderful post! Your house looks splendid. I had to laugh when you said you would like to just vanish upstairs. One girlfriend of mine does just that. She throws an amazing party- great food, fab guests, gorgeous surroundings and then a few hours later will simply disappear and go off to bed! We’re all having a bang up time and at some point someone will say, “Hey, where’s Liz?” Lol. Glad you survived and I hope you’re feeling better. Snagged the brie recipe and will integrate that into my appetizer repertoire. It looks yum. Looking forward to your further adventures of house and home next year. Merry Christmas!

oh my word!!!
i bet you can hardly wait to get into your new place.
and what an eye for detail you have….
even the Xmas packages are perfect in every way.

xx happy holidays to you and your family

Oh Tina, if I were you, I’d be bringing my china and crystal and sleeping bag into that butler’s pantry. I’d fill it all up, turn on the lights inside the cabinets, and camp out in there until the rest was done. I’m not kidding — i slept on the floor if my new house before the bedroom was carpeted because I was so excited!! I am beyond thrilled for you. It is simply spectacular, and I know you are going to have so much fun moving in and finally making it your own. I’m orry you didn’t feel well at your party – that has happened to me and its the worst. Of course you want your guests to have fun, but if you don’t have fun, I think you end up with a less than great memory of the party, which is really too bad. I hope you are all better and go enjoy your last Christmas Eve and Christmas in the rental! Next year the dream house!!!
xo Stacy

Dear Tina,
I just wanted to wish you and your family a memorable last Christmas before moving into the dream home you’ve worked so tirelessly on!
It’s been wonderful getting to know you this past year…your visits and comments have been treasured by me and I wanted you to know how much I in turn have enjoyed your blog and posts. You are a dynamic woman and have accomplished so much so sit back relax and enjoy the festivities of holiday season now.
You’ve filled your temporary home with the Christmas spirit, it looks amazing!
Lots of Love,

Merry Christmas!! That feeling you were having while setting up for the party, how terrible…I am glad the party ended up going well! The food sounds and looks delicious…I would love to try to make those baked brie bites sometime…YUM! And of course your house is GORGEOUS! LOVE the subway tile to the ceiling, the impressive entry, and the stain in the butler’s pantry is just such a rich, beautiful color!

Tina – I know you are so looking forward to moving into your new home. I have followed you on this journey through this blog since you started it (I went back and checked – I was the second person ever to comment on your blog – on the second day that you had your blog up. Although I don’t comment every day, and may not visit every day, I do try to read all your posts. I can’t wait for the day when you are able to move into your new home.

In the meantime, I hope you have a very happy Christmas. I look forward to travelling on this journey with you into the New Year.

Hello Tina,

I hope that you finished your errands and are safely ensconced at home plaing games with your mom! Enjoy your family Christams! Merry Christmas my friend! Looking forward to all of your progress on the house and your new business venture. Have Avery merry day and thank you for your Christmas wishes.


Loving to see your last house updates before Christmas…I love the larger subway tiles…looks amazing and the herringbone pattern behind the range is gorgeous. Your butler’s pantry is dreamy…love the black, the hardware, the soft lighting in the upper cabinets…very exciting.
Merry Christmas!

Such a fun post! I love your Christmas decorating and can totally see when stress comes before a party! That’s happened to me many times! You wrapped presents just like my Aunt Terry! She buys all of the ribbon and tages, etc. right after Christmas on sale…because that stuff is so expensive! Love it though!! Looks like you had a great party! xoxo Oh by the way…I can live in your butler’s pantry! What a gorgeous room!!

Wow. Tina. I am starting to get a little depressed thinking about the fact that Thursday updates can’t go on much longer! I ‘m not sure how I’m going to deal with the fact that I won’t get that little excitement each week! Your house is looking really gorgeous and really done and really ready for a family to live in it.. It will be fun to see what you put out in the kitchen, and in those cabinets with the grates in front.. LOVE it!
Your current dwelling looks to be filled with love and care and if it’s any indication of what’s to come.. we are in for a real winner!!
Happy Christmas my friend,

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