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Good morning…well this, my friends I believe, is going to be the last house updates post! It is quite a milestone we have reached together, wouldn’t you say!! ?I feel like its bittersweet, do you? Many have asked if we have moved, the answer is no not quite yet, but getting very?close! Hopefully within the next 4-5 days, fingers crossed. Today a massive cleaning starts, and my long awaited stove gets delivered!?

?You have stuck with me through the laughter, the dilemmas, (not to fear there are still some as we speak) ?the fun, the tears and disappointments, and the highlights (thankfully there were many). Thank you for that……its been fun and comforting sharing this journey with so many of you! Your kindness and encouragement sure made some stressful days way more bearable! It will not stop but the “house updates” will take on a different meaning as we start to settle in and decorate, I would?say the best is yet to come and the fun is just beginning!

So as you can imagine I haven’t had much time to do much else that isn’t revolving around my house so today’s post is only about the house (and a yummy recipe). The house has pretty much consumed me, and I am anxious to get back other parts of my life that seem to have fallen off the cliff to the wayside. But in the meantime, here is whats happening…mostly just loads of loose ends and finishing touches being applied, and believe me there is still LOTS to go! But it is all very exciting to see all the pretty finishing touches finally starting to be placed on something we have worked so hard on for so very long.

HOUSE UPDATES……will let the pictures do the talking this week!

Laundry room backsplash done…went with mini carerra subways and love it! Do not love the hideous outlet box so trying to come up with a solution to hiding that now!

I am determined to move that outlet, its making me NUTS!!!!!!

A finished product except for hardware..more on that later

My one lone knob….more on that later.
A peek of wood floors on upstairs landing

The design in the vestibule upstairs

Details of front entrance…I am blown away by the level of the detail in the hand carving

A few asked for closeups of the wire grills in kitchen….

So remember those gorgeous handles I wanted to use somewhere! Well look where they now call home…..

My island drawers, still waiting on rest, but you get the idea
Is it a like or a love? I can still use the same knobs I used on my bathroom vanity two knobs per drawer or these…opinions please!!
Did a simple oversized crystal for closet doors

Sconces installed in upstairs hallways, shades will go on last as to not get dirty
Woo hoo…pot filler got installed!
Pantry marble got sealed
Room almost done with painting

One last look……

Ahhh, my bathroom floor, almost forgot what it looked like! Of course still need the tub hardware, waiting for marble top to be tweaked first and sconces on side wall, antique mirror in middle panel with rosettes, and chandelier then we are done…..yippee!!!!
This cabinet is just waiting to be filled with all kinds of pretty little things

Love my floor, it was worth fighting for:)
We love our three paneled doors
Guest bath
This is a pretty sconce in nickel and has an elegant crystal arm
Hallway at night……love
My favorite kind of lighting…very soft
Hot off the presses, just took this late last night….fireplace mantle AFTER SIX MONTHS OF WAITING finally arrived, it was a mother to bring in the house (courtesy?of a mini bulldozer and a gaggle of strong Pop-eye-ish looking men)! But its being assembled and looking quite fabulous…..

So… now that I have your attention can we talk for a minute? I need your help…..I think my brain is fried and turned to mush and I ?cannot make another decision! So you saw the laundry room above, though its a measly laundry room I will be in there a lot and I want it to be pretty afterall! So…here are the finalists for hardware for the cabinet doors. All your expert opinions greatly appreciated!! Theres not a bad choice, so dying to hear what you love……thanks!
This knob would be on its own

This escutcheon goes with the knob below

This knob could also work with escutcheon?above (same brand)

This would be on its own…kind of fun and still elegant

Elegant but the sunflower makes it feel more casual

A simple knob with a simpler escutcheon
OK……so now I need to hear from you! Thanks in advance for your opinions, my mind is totally saturated!
Before I go I wanted to share with you a recipe that is a blue ribbon winner in my family for Pasta Fagiole soup. I came across this recipe a few years ago and think it might have been from one of the Food Network chefs, I tweaked it ever so and must say this is one of the best soups bar none that I have ever eaten, ?my resident?very picky eaters sons will attest to the fact that normally by days end, the pot is empty! So, in light of it being “the sick season” and since in many parts of country ?its hootin tootin cold…..soup is in order!!!! I wanted to share the recipe and if you make it you won’t be sorry. ?It is so worth cooking… me!
  • 4-5 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
  • 1/8 pound (about 4 slices) pancetta, cut up
  • 2 (4 to 6-inch) sprigs rosemary, left intact or dried
  • 1 (4 to 6-inch) sprig thyme with several sprigs on it, left intact ?or dried
  • 1 large fresh bay leaf or 2 dried bay leaves
  • 1 medium onion, finely chopped
  • 2 carrots, finely chopped
  • 2 ribs celery, finely chopped
  • 5-6 large cloves garlic, chopped
  • Sea salt and pepper
  • 2 (15 ounce) cans cannellini beans
  • 2 cups canned tomato sauce or canned crushed tomatoes or if you can get fresh sauce its even better
  • 2 cups water
  • 1 quart chicken stock
  • 1 1/2 cups ditalini (cooked separately very al dente)
  • Grated Parmigiano? (use liberally)
  • A fresh baguette (or two)
Heat a soup pot over medium high heat and add oil and pancetta. Brown the pancetta bits lightly, and add herb stems, bay leaf, chopped vegetables, and garlic.?
Season vegetables with salt and pepper. Add beans, tomato sauce, water, and stock to pot and raise heat to high. Bring soup to a rapid boil then reduce heat to medium and cook soup, stirring occasionally, 6 to 8 minutes and then put on simmer. Rosemary and thyme leaves will separate from stems as soup cooks. Remove herb stems and bay leaf from soup and place pot on table on a trivet.?
Let soup rest and begin to cool for a few minutes. Add pasta towards end that has already been cooked al dente so when served it still has? the slightest bite. Ladle soup into bowls and top with lots of grated cheese. I serve with warmed slices of baguette?yum!

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?Happy cooking and enjoy your day!


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Oh Tina, it is just all so exquisite. I swear I thougth I was looking at your kitchen and wondered why there was a mirror and then realized I was still looking at your to die for closet. So excited for you. On the hardware, like them all but probably would go for the last simple option.

Where in the world to begin? House knocks my socks off everytime but even more now thats its bascially about done, wow!

The floors, your bathroom, closet, pantry, hardware, limestone entrance, fireplace in family room, all makes my jaw drop to the floor!

Love it all, how exciting that you get to live there! I cannot wait to see it as you start to put things in there to make it a home. You absolutely must continue blogging, promise?

For hardware for laundry, like the fleur de lis, and the sunflower one, they are all pretty but those are my two favorites. Good luck Tina with your move, so excited for you.

This must be a palace. The fire place looks like it came from Europe. I think you are doing a fabulous job. Would hate to know the finished cost.
Is your husband a politican?? Only kidding. Wishing you a very happy and contented life in your beautiful new home..

Love the house updates! Your bathroom is incredible! Love all of it! and that fireplace mantel is perfect. Your family will really enjoy sitting in that space. Before I forget I love the simple hardware pictured last. Love everything and hope that you have a great move and enjoy every minute of it! So glad i got to see this journey from beginning to end! So much fun!

I’m totally in love with your bathroom floor tile. It’s very unusual – I’ve never seen that before! I would leave the closet island knobs as-is. First, they are really pretty and fun. Second, I don’t love the look of 2 knobs per drawer – to me it looks like you are covering up mistake.

In the laundry room I would go with a single knob rather than one with an escutcheon plate. The upper cabinets have so much linear detail and I wonder if an escutcheon plate would distract from that? I like the first one. I also really like the sunflower.

Everything is beautiful! Congratulations!

Tina, everything is really coming along and looking wonderful. I LOVED the crystal sconces. Knobs, don’t get me started! πŸ™‚ I am having knob anxiety for my hobby room cabinets. However, I really love the first knob or the sunflower. See what I mean??? Arghhh!!! The hallway is amazing. Thank you so much for the update!!

Oh, you’re so close!! Yay! I like the knobs with the fleur de lis, but I’m no expert πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to see what items you put on that shelf and all of the other touches you add once you move in. I’m drooling over those hallway sconces–my favorite kind of lighting too! So happy for you!

This house is a dream, you have amazing taste and such a great eye for details. The tone of the house feels very french minus the broken marble tiles here and there, the occasional spiderweb, the black spots on the stone walls, the bad plumbing…things that use to drive my poor grandmother crazy… My favorite is the last knob, appropriate for the laundry room. I actually showed your laundry room to my husband as having converted stables into a house, i have no laundry room and really wish I could allocate a room for it. My husband answer is almost repetitive, since i never do the laundry, why should i complain ?

I have been enjoying your blog but have never left a comment as I am always left speechless. However, I wanted to offer some help! I recently made a laundry room and “the guys” put the plumbing box in the wall inside the cabinetry above the washing machine. If you don’t want to go to that trouble, pretty baskets on top of the machines? I hope you get to move in soon.


If I lived there, I would think of reasons to do laundry ten times a day, cook six meals a day in that kitchen, change every hour in that closet, think of reasons to knock on that front door so I could drool over the limestone entrance, watch every TV show in that family room, I would become agrophobic and never leave my house..haha. Everything is looking incredible (we need a new adjective to describe this house, nothing seems fitting anymore). Best of luck with your move.

PS Since you asked, for knobs love the first one, the fleur de lis or the sunflower, do love backplates but think it could detract from how beautiful your cabinets are.

So happy for you and your soon to be move! The house is beautiful! I LOVE the hall lighting, can picture two people walking arm in arm on their way to retire for the evening! Romance!! Knobs for the laundry room – my vote is the sunflowers! HAPPY MOVING!

The bathroom tile is amazing, so unique and the limestone entrance is beyond words..need to update your exterior photo on this page (no more construction equipment).
Perhaps, you could put the washer/dryer on pedastals? is there enough space? or have a decorative box made to hide it.
The Fleur De Lis knob caught my eye the most.

Hi Tina, Love the first knob for your laundry room, so elegant in design, like the rest of your home.
Not so long ago we built our house and when it was time to think about moving in I happily spent nights awake hanging every painting, placing every piece of furniture and selecting only the very best I owned. It was exciting and wonderful.

First of all I am in love with your bathroom!!! OMG I love the floors!! Love the herringbone wood floor patterns, the hallway lit up~tres elegante!! Ok, my choices for pantry are knobs, not with escutcheons, and I liked the first knob or the sunflower. Fleur de lis too cute, so a pass on that one.

Your home is breathtaking and have to say the bathroom tile is over-the-top gorgeous! I also love the hall…the architecture is truly enchanting! Home construction always comes with a few snags and love some of the suggestions your blog has already generated for your w/d utility box. The power of the blog is amazing! Good luck with your upcoming move and Happy New Year!

A French Empire opera basket chandelier would look amazing over your tub. Check out the one ( vintage empire figural bronze & crystal) also on the site are 4 vintage bronze escutcheon covers, would look neat in the mudroom/back entrance.

Tina your laundry room- GORGEOUS! Your bathroom- A DREAM worthy of a queen. The knobs for laundry, I love the first one and the sunflowers one best, they are fun but still elegant. Everything is just unbelievable!
I love looking at these pictures, they make me dream. We built 3 years ago not on this scale by any means and hope to build a bigger and better house in 5 years (our goal) my husband is a young doctor so we hope to be in a better spot financially in 5 years. Best of luck as you move in, and settle in and start making wonderful memories. Thanks for taking us along. Your home is just the most beautiful home I have ever seen period.

On Tina, we will miss these house update posts!! But I can understand your time and passion now to get into your new house!! Cannot wait to see how it all will look for empty, it looks beautiful!!

I love the fleur-de-lis knob!!! – for various personal reasons;-) – but you will figure it out -and you are right – they all are great options! Have fun!

Awww…Tina- I am so excited for you! You are almost home, darlin’~~~~ WOW- I loved each and every picture and you have made fabulous choices. As for the laundry room knob…I’m kind of stuck on the fleur de lis ones- pretty and elegant to me. As to the receptacles…when we built our last house I had them bury it below the cabinets with holes through the side to accomodate the cords from the washer and dryer..and with appliances in place you can’t see them. And with an ironing board built in the receptacle for that is hidden inside. That being said…you can always place a plant or some such in front of the receptacle to cover it.

Can’t wait to see pictures of you settled in- xo Diana

I don’t know how you do this and blog! I be so tired from all the work, excitement and anticipation. It’s just so amazing, truly exquisite. The floors in particular are beyond beautiful!!!

Following you for so long, I was almost desensitized to the grandeur of your home. Today, it hit me again to how truly magnificent it is. I have NEVER seen a house built in this century as beautiful as this one is. It’s like a castle from days gone by. You’ve created a true masterpiece, Tina. I know you appreciate how incredibly blessed you are, and I’m truly happy for you.
~ Wendi ~

I’m blown away for the 100th time. So beautiful! I love doing laundry (strange I know), so I’m really dying over the laundry room. Any of those knobs would work, but I think my favorite is the 4th one. It’s simple and reminds me of all of the other beautiful details in the house. Can’t wait for you to move in!

I can’t believe your moving date is so close! I’d offer to help move you in just so I could see your gorgeous home in person!! It all looks fabulous. All the sleepless nights and tears paid off πŸ™‚

I vote for the first knob… simple and pretty!

Wonderful post! Glad it is all coming together for you and your family. With regards to the outlet in the laundry room — I had the same issue and solved it by “decorating” the dryer with a beautiful wire and rattan flat basket that I sat up on its side (using a plate rack to prop it up). Hides the ugly pipes and outlet box perfectly!

I feel like this house, soon to be home, has a personality of its own and I look forward to seeing it fill out!!

The laundry room – love. I just went to look at marble for mine (carrera) and was wondering if I should just run that up the back instead of tile, but loving the look of the mini carrera tiles.

Your bathroom floor – I think I would never leave that room. I snapped a pic of a very similar, may be the same, tile for my master bath – we’ll get to that someday.

Knobs….ALL great choices. You seriously can not go wrong…but I did like the simplicity of the 2nd choice.

I will be thinking of you this week and you make the big transition. It will all have been worth the wait. So happy to have been along for the ride.

xoxo Elizabeth

Dear Tina,
I have so enjoyed all your beautiful posts about the house updates!! I want to thank you for sharing these with all of us!
I can imagine you are a bit tired of all the work you have already had the passed months! I wished I could help you with your moving in!!
And I am looking forward to the decoration part of your gorgeous home!!

I’m soooo happy for you and your family, Tina! Such an exquisite dream home! I just can’t wait to see your decorating – I know it will be fabulous. I vote for either the first knob or the fleur de lis. Both would be elegant on their own without being too fussy. Are you on Pinterest? Would love to follow you if you are.

What a journey, my friend! What a journey! I’ve being here from the very beginning as you know and I have loved every minute of it.

The creation of your dream made all of us dream with you….

Congratulations… now, you make sure to enjoy every inch of it. Promise?

God bless your family, your home always.


Luciane at

Without doubt watching your dream come to reality has been a real pleasure to see it unfold before our eyes. Your home is truly built with so much love (and talented amazing craftsmen) that every day I can see you waking up and pinching yourself to make sure it is real (I know I would). Sad to see the house updates come to an end, but exciting for what that means…..moving in! Yippee!
The knobs for the laundry room, I like the Fleur Di Lis ones best….
LOVE, LOVE those crystal sconces in the guest bath, would love to know the source if you can put your finger on them.

Oh Tina, such a dream in every way. The sconces down the hallway provide the perfect lighting, the marble floor in your bathroom is exquisite, all of the arhcitecture spectacular, oh I can go on and on. The color of the marble with the paint color in your laundry room is just perfect – sure you’ve told us the color, but just love it!! I can see how well I would do with trying to make all of these decisions as I have looked at your knobs waaaaay too many times. Love the handles, but if I was doing a knob I think the fleur de lis has a touch of whimsy that I happen to love in a room. They are all gorgeous, so you can’t go wrong!! DYING to see the stove!!!!

SO much to comment on…1st…I prefer the 3rd knob with the escutcheon but I do think they are all nice options.

I really like the pulls on your closet/dressing room drawers. I think they are elegant and fun with a retro feel.

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your bathroom floor!!!!!!!!!!!!! It might just be my favorite thing so far. It is AMAZING!!

I also LOVE that sconce that is nickel with the crystal arm. It is classic with a slightly modern twist …LOVE that. Can you share the source, please? No worries if you cannot.

It is all coming together so beautifully. I would almost be afraid to move in. The architecture and finish details are so impeccable that I would not want the soft furnishings and decor to detract from them at all. Just the right furnishings will make everything shine though and I know you will nail it!

The work of moving unpacking and organizing is so draining. I will think of you and hope and pray it al goes exceedingly well.

I HAVE THE ANSWER FOR YOUR LAUNDRY ROOM OUTLET BOX. I had the same issue and here is what I did. I always hated bending down to load and unload the W/D so I had the wood workers build cabinet boxes with drawers that the W/D sit on. It raises them about 24 inches off the floor and now they are at eye level and no bending is needed to put clothing in or take it out. The added bonus? It covers up the outlet box! I realize this means having more sawdust, but let’s face it, I had workmen in my house for 2 months after moving in, all part of the program.
I vote for the knob with the rope and dot detail.
Best of luck moving.

Love the beautiful home you are building. The knobs I like best are the first one and the sunflower. I have the connections for my washer inside a lower cabinet beside the machine. The hoses just go through the side of the cabinet that no one can see. They are not something that needs to be accessed often so it works for me. Love the tile in your master bath. I have not seen any in that shape.Can’t wait to see more.

Absolute Perfection! Could not be any more wonderful! Cheers to you on this most enchanting house!!
You really must host a party for all that brought it to light and their families to share the beauty that they made happen! What a treat that would be.
Thanks so for sharing your adventure! Diane

I’ve been following the building process of your gorgeous home for awhile and though not a fan of new construction, I have to say that your selections are spot on consistent to the exterior architecture that dictates the house. I also wanted to offer a suggestion for the switches. We restored (to museum quality) our previous home; a 1902 architecturally significant house, here in Illinois and currently live in a mid-30’s French art deco home that we’ve made our mission to maintain it’s original intent for furnishings of also mid-30’s Euro art deco. ANYWAY, the light switches/plates etc., were all changed to what was used at that time; non-laquered brass plates w/ dk brown light switches and outlets. The look is timeless in that it keeps with the integrity of the traditional architecture. If you like, I can send you photos of our new kitchen (honed marble w/custom color creme(for the lack of a better word) colored cabinets) w/ these plates.

Knobs: my vote is the simpler. But again, that’s the historic purist in me. I feel more that knobs, like mouldings/tile/cabinetry belong to the bones of the home, as opposed to and accessory, for this particular house. For a home that someone is say, updating an outdated room, knobs and paint are the way to go.

Congratulations, Tina! The house is beautiful and I love all the little perfect details. Wishing you many happy years in your new home. Thanks for the soup recipe – nothing better on a soggy day than a warm bowl of soup! XO Jeanne

Ohhhh Tina!! I am so thrilled for you to be so close to moving in! What an exciting (overwhelming;) time! Every single thing looks amazing. There is so much to love if I started mentioning each thing I would be re-writing your post;) I’m especially enamoured with the crystal armed sconce in the guest bath!
I wish you a very happy move!!

Have so enjoyed the house updates – but am looking forward to “chapter 2”. Hope next Thursdays’ installment includes “we’ve moved!”. As for the laundry room. I like the last one – simple knob and escutcheon or the fleur-de-lis.

I like the second and last knobs. Fleur de lis has been done to death. I liked them about 14 years ago, but now they are used on everything. I tell my clients to not show my a fleur de lis. Anyway, your house is just lovely. I cannot wait to see the decorating.

Looking good! First up, on the knobs for the laundry, based on the cabinet design I like the estucheon with the second knob down for a fancier look. My second choice would be the last knob for a clean, classic simple look. Love the crystal handles too. Compliments to the folks doing the work on your home, truly craftsmen (or women) and a labor of love. Can’t wait for the decorating! Your home is an inspiration as are you. Thanks! [email protected]

The sunflower knob is my favorite. The detail on the outside of your home is amazing! Wishing for a laundry room like yours πŸ™‚ love those subway carerra tiles. Can’t wait to see how you decorate!

Well I am not going to say anything that hasn’t been said this house should be called “house of perfection” I cannot find a single flaw! (Nor can my picky architecture husband, hehe)

I am in love with every single detail and so wish you could come out with a book, I would buy it! I agree when yo said the best is to come because as soon as you start dressing it up, its going to be over the top.

The bathroom floors,marble, limestone entrance, woodworking are all just amazing. That family room? fireplace…OMG! Seriously do you walk from room to room pinching yourself? I would!
How wonderful for you to “take us along” with you….love that and love your blog. Just awesome!

Thanks Tina and best of luck with the move, pace yourself and enjoy it…it actually is a very very exciting time.

One more thing, regarding the knobs, for me hands down the fleur de lis or the sunflower, you want it to keep light, casual elegant and even a little whimsical!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell us where you got that bathroom floor, your sconces and who built your kitchen, pantry and laundry room! IN LOVE WITH YOUR HOUSE!!!!!

Spectacular! Everything is amazing. Love the second knob with the escutcheon. I think you are using escutcheons elsewhere in your house and this will be beautiful. Love your closet island crystal handles. Perfect. I love everything you are doing! And yes, the fun is just beginning!

Everything looks amazing…absolutely stunning! I bet you are just DYING to move in?!?! LOL..Love those crystal arm sconces,they are just gorgeous!!!

What a great laundry room. So bright and sunny, and I think I’d actually be smiling doing the laundry! Which is why I’d go with the sunflower knob — it has a cheerful vibe. Every aspect of your house is so beautiful — I haven’t seen one thing I didn’t love.

WOW! So much gorgeous square footage! I adore those crystal handles on your island!!!! And the laundry room knob that gets my vote is #1, although you are absolutely correct, there is not a bad one in the bunch! That fireplace mantle that finally arrived was worth the 6 months wait! I am very ready for you to move in and start to put your stamp everywhere!!! How exciting for you!!!

Sunflower looks best for the laundry room. I give you the world of credit in picking out all that went into this spectacular house. I’m exhuasted just reading about it. πŸ™‚


I am so excited for you! It really is almost finished, and so beautiful. I can’t wait for the next stage as you decorate.
I think I like the simpler escutcheon with knob at the end, but they are all beautiful, and I LOVE the crystal handles! Perfection with just the right amount of twinkle.
I am trying this recipe.
Take it easy, Tina. You have forever to finish now.

Wow, Tina… I just keep scrolling and scrolling through the pics and finding new little treasures each time… what an amazing undertaking and what a success you have created!

I am with you on hiding outlets! Can you just raise the w/d with the platform drawers that can be bought to accompany the appliances or since you have that magican of a cabinetmaker…

On the knob front: I like the fleur de lis knob. Looks like it sits on a marble or mother of pearl ‘button’? Is that just the photo or is it unique like that in its own right?

Thank you so much for sharing and congratulations on a huge successful projects. (I build houses for a living so I know what you have been through)

You will have to excuse me now… going to get back to scrolling!

You have set the path for a life-long following. It wasn’t just watching your home be built that intrigued all to follow. It was just as much the emotion everyone has gotten to share with you while building your home. It was your “taste” in your choices, also, that solidified your following. It was your reaching out to others and, in a sense, welcoming them in to your home. Therefore, the only end in sight, is that of actually “building” the bones and walls of your home. Now the story continues with a new chapter, and it involves every meticulous decorating choice that everyone anticipates. And, then, from there, it will be every Holiday of the year decorating choice, every new trend, every new color, etc., etc. Yes, sweet Tina, you actually have a blessed and enchanted empire! How beautiful!! xo

Escutcheon…who? I never knew what those little plates were called…and now I do. Being a less is more person…sometimes…I’d say the 2nd or last knob for the over-the-moon gorgeous laundry room! As far as the kitchen island goes, those crystal pulls are absolutely perfect there! Oh my! The entire home is so “out of this world” and thanks for sharing it with us all!

GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS! I don’t even know where to begin…the progress is so great, I can see that it is move in time! The floors: the herringbone wood floors and your carrera marble bathroom floors are just stunning (well, as are all the rest), and I love the knobs you put on the center island of your closet (I would definitely keep them there), they complement the other crystal knobs perfectly with a little bit of a fun contrast.

How do I even begin? Perfection . Funny how certain details really stick with me after reading your posts. The Vestibule floors win the blue ribbon for me, stunning!!!

Laundry rooms can get dirty, so my practical side says choose a knob that’s easy to clean/wipe-down, like the last one.

I’d be excited about the pot filler too – considering your arsenal of great soup and pasta recipes. I think you should christen your kitchen by making a large pot of Pasta Fagiole. It has aromas strong enough to fill your entire kitchen plus rosemary is known to bring Good Luck to the family πŸ™‚

If I were you Tina I would be chomping at the bit to get in my house and start organizing especially the bathroom and dressing room, you’ll have so much fun playing in those rooms! As for your knobs I know you want it to be pretty but it should also be practical so I would go with the last choice the simply knob and escutcheon mainly because you’ve taken everything else high and sometimes in order to make other things pop you have to take some things low and this is a beautiful but simply knob. Enjoy choosing!


Oh Tina, I am so excited for you. Ohhhh so close. I remember the feeling. Your home is as elegant as it gets and you have such fabulous taste! I’ve enjoyed and learned so much on this journey. I am looking forward to the decorating and I expect it will be fabulous! Hope the move goes smoothly and what a beautiful home awaits you……..

The French Hutch

I’m so glad WE are about to move in. !!! LOL.
I can’t wait another minute.
I’m going to say #3 on the laundry room knobs. But really I love them all.
I also LOVE LOVE the crystal handles for your closet island. Simply gorgeous. Your taste is exquiste.
See you at the house.

So happy for you Tina. Every detail is exquisite, you have worked so hard. Best wishes for your move. Once you’re in and settled you can really enjoy!
Thank you for taking the time to share this incredible experience with all of us. Your wonderful personalaity shines thorugh in each of your posts.
Try not to work too hard,

Hi Tina. Any of the knobs with escutcheon would provide continuity with your kitchen hardware, but….my heart is with the lovely Fluer de lis! It is so elegant and what a lovely counterpoint to the backsplash.

Hurry up and move so we can begin decorating!

What is not to love about your gorgeous new home. Your taste level is impeccable. I love the finishes especially the parquet floors and the marble floor in the bathroom. As to the door jewelry I like number one.
My wish is for many years of happy times in your new home.

I think the word to describe your new home is fantabulous!
I like knob number one. It kind of combines the sunflower with a little more sophisticated detail. And I was wondering if you have considered a nice piece of your marble to go on top of the washer and dryer? After you resolve the outlet issue, I think it would finish the room off so perfectly… Thanks for sharing. I am so looking forward to your next phase!

The Fabulous continues! Cannot wait to see all your floors in full glory!
Here is a design solution for your exposed washer connections –
Set your washer and dryer up on built-in stands that have lockable casters on bottom- so you raise up the appliances enough to cover the access panel but can still move them in and out easily when needed! Your models may even come with this option to raise them up with added storage at the bottom! It appears that may have been the thinking
given the raised location of the water connection.
Laundry Rooms with style are always a sure sign of good design!

So many of us are excited to see the house complete and how it looks after you’ve moved in. What a great way for you to start the new year, in the home that you spent so much time getting just right. So happy for you!

Everything looks gorgeous. Your floors are just so enviable! Tile, wood, all are so beautiful. I’ll bet you’re excited! Good luck with the move.

14 INCH BASE WITH DRAWER for your wall cover-up needs.BUY IT WHERE YOU BOUGHT THE WASHER/DRYER. Plus…I can’t imagine bending over so low to get the clothes out! I love mine!!

Love my washer & dryer units with pedestals as well. I think the units look awkward when they are just sitting on the floor. It also gives you more storage.

I just started following your blog a couple of weeks ago. I don’t even know how I happened to stumble across it, but am I ever glad I did.

I’m an HGTV and Pinterest addict and have a new love/addiction to pictures of homes. Your pictures are absolutely stunning. Each and every one.

Are you on Pinterest? I’d love to follow you if you are.

As for the knobs, my choice for the laundry room would be to add a little whimsy while still being beautiful. My vote is definitely for the sunflower.

All the best on your move and I’ll definitely be following you as your decorate your dream house.


I cannot think of anything else to say except “WOW”. Your special details, knobs, sconces, marble, and everything else is exceptional. What a beautiful dream home you have created. I cannot wait for the decorating details.

As far as the knobs for the laundry room cabinets, I like the first escutcheon and knob. You are right! Something needs to be done with the washer box. That is plain old ugly. I don’t think it would be a big deal to have them move it down behind the washer. You’ll be glad you did!

As usual Tina, you make my day! I almost feel like we are friends. I don’t have many so I am glad I feel like we are friends.

Looking forward to the next blog.

Forgive me if someone already suggested this…but regarding the outlet box over the washer…could the washer and dryer be elevated up (In this instance, on a built “drawer” base rather than the less finished looking appliance maker stands) to hide the box? Mine are lifted in a similar fashion and let me tell you, it makes getting the clothes in and out so much easier!
Now to the knobs…you wont go wrong with any of them but something about those Fleur de lis speak to me.
I know you are so excited to see the finish line! So looking forward to seeing the updates as the furniture goes in and you all start enjoying the house.

When you said it’s a “measly laundry room” I was jumping out of my skin to tell you “it’s not a measly laundry room, it’s gorgeous and most of us would kill for one space like that”!!! But now I understand you were saying that it’s just a laundry room, why worry? But I agree make it what you want and make it beautiful! The pulls on your island are just divine!!! When are you planning to move in? I just devour the pictures in every post!

Tina having just come back from Paris for two wonderful weeks (visiting our daughter who is studying there) take it as the highest compliment when I say this looks like something out of a grand old majestic French hotel or chateau except yours has the bonus of being all new, and in perfect working order.
I have seen a lot of beautiful homes, but few to rival this. Every single inch is so tastefully and impeccably done. I suspect this is a home we will see in plenty of magainzes and publications (if that is your wish).
I have so enjoyed as have so many others, watching this beautiful work of art come to bloom like a rare flower. It is a delight and I am sure will continue to be a thing of joy. Congratulations on such a remarkable achievement!

Dear Tina. Firstly, thank yo for your lovely comment! I am sssssooooo looking forward to the decorating, you have no idea! You have the best taste in everything and your home is going to be a masterpiece! For the knobs ~ since I am a Fleur de Lis nut!, that would be my choice! Those handles on the island is a firm LOVE! Beam me up darling and I will be delighted to partake in the big clean up ~ don’t be a bit surprised if you find me swanning with a duster in a gay whirl down that softly light hall, bowing …um ,well…



I like the sunflower. It distinguishes itself from the others and subtly offers the look you seek in the laundry room. The others are too similar to what you’re using elsewhere. Nice job on your home & best wishes for a happy life there!

Never commented before, but have been a fan of this blog. I love houses, I tour them at every chance I get. I have never seen a house that comes anywhere close to how spectacular your house is. My commplements to every craftsman who has been a part in the building of this magnificent house. They should be recognized!
Can’t wait to see it furnished.

Oh, how wonderful! It looks amazing, I can’t wait for a “house tour.” And that soup sounds so yummy. It’s one of the hubs’ favorites, so I’ll have to make it for us soon!

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