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I start off with this picture that totally calms me. If I could be anywhere this is where I would want to be, with the distant sun setting, a perfect cool summer evening, a slight breeze in the air, the fragrant smell of ripening grapes permeating the air…and all you hear is the sound of laughter and lively chatter coming from me, my friends and family all seated in a vineyard in Napa!
Picture Haus Design

Back to reality……… (written on Wed night)

Hi everyone, admittedly I am writing this while I am surrounded, make that engulfed and practically being swallowed up whole by “stuff”. You see I have officially “expired”for today, hence why I am on my computer writing this.  I have been working since early this morning and its now 5pm and I am on my coffee break and I am totally spent. Decided to take a break for today until I can muster another round of energy. And for many of you who have asked, lest you pity me for having to pack up all this “stuff”…we do have packers, (thank goodness) but they are not packing up my closet or personal items, as only I can decide what stays and what goes, and I really didn’t want anyone else handling my personal things. 

Just how does one accumulate so much? Never mind don’t answer that. Have you ever moved or just gotten on a cleaning/organizing binge and wanted, were tempted to just throw it all out? Start fresh, new and with a minimalistic approach? Well yours truly is feeling a bit of that as we speak. But the problem is I get attached to things and have a very hard time getting rid of them. If I spent a lot of money on something, if its a designer whom I love I feel like I am being disloyal by discarding it, if I wore it to a special something then how could I throw away the only tangible memory from that special night, etc… get the picture. Then, I have that pile reserved for “if I lose 20 pounds” I can fit back into those great tiny linen tops i bought at Calypso, or those super skinny white jeans (did I really fit into those) or that beautiful little fitted black dress…yes you know that kind of pile.(and I am willing to bet I am not the only one with that pile)  Somehow I think subconsciously by hanging onto it, I am hanging onto the chance, as remote as it might be, as remote as Kim Kardashian staying married more than 6 months, that I just might fit into them again. Oh well, one can hope. And dream. And hallucinate. 

So here are a few pictures of things in progress…… the meantime I will continue to serenade you with a few more wonderful guests posts and some of the posts i had worked on ahead of time. This week ahead is going to be a busy busy week completing the move from one house to to the next, but I will update you when I am able!  Hope alls well on your end!

Finally the glass for our front door came in (don’t mind the paper on top still not yet removed)! So nice to see the light, literally and figuratively!

I was thrilled to see my “pug chairs” for breakfast room look amazing in the new space, had plans on reupholstering these chairs but no more, I  love the way they look, the fabric is older so its taken on a slight “antiqued feel’ which is perfect for this room

Living room floors done

Dining room completed!

***************************UPDATE AS OF THIS MORNING…*************************

Spent first night in house it was AWESOME! Unfortunately the only bottle I popped the top on was my antibiotic, yes thankfully caught my strep throat at its beginning, so the champagne toast will have to wait but nothing was going to stop the move. The best part of all….I got my wish, and woke up to nearly 6 inches of beautiful perfect, crisp pristine snow!!!! Had my hubby take a few pics from outside, had to share…………its nice to be home at last.

Poor Teddy is confused, being between both places…..poor guy!

Your eyes do not deceive you..that IS something cooking on the stove…my very first meal, homemade soup:)
Back to work… in touch soon!


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Ahh! I loved this post!! So happy to see chairs in the breakfast room, and such cute ones too! So cheery~and the snow and the soup on the stove…its wonderful!

Hi Tina, How wonderful! Soup is on and you slept in your new house and it even snowed. Keep all of your wonderful and special pieces of clothing. With all the work you will be doing you will be able to enjoy them again. Make the most of the next few weeks. It will never feel quite like this again.

Tina, so glad you got to sleep in your home, sorry about you getting sick, glad about you catching it! Snow beautiful snow!! We got some rain here in California and it is perfect for soup and snuggling in. I know how you feel about purging your closet. I use to save things in hopes of getting back into them and then one day I realized, if I ever got that thin again I would want a whole new wardrobe to celebrate!!! I had to stop the progress on my closet purging but I am almost done, had a little set back with my knee, but in hopes of getting right back on task soon. Take care of yourself should be your top priority, we don’t want you to get more ill. Take care sweetie, xo Kathysue

you’re cooking? and I thought I knew you so well…
the house looks like it’s been there for a hundred years with the snow.. just beautiful tina!
get well and don’t stress! you’re almost there!

I know what you mean about keeping clothes that don’t fit or have some memory associated with them. Unfortunately most of my clothes don’t fit me anymore but I just can’t part ways with them…not yet.

I love all the windows in your home. Really beautiful.

Moving is so hard even when your “stuff” is being packed for you. Take a deep breath and just think about what an amazing home you have and all the memories you’ll create there…hopefully in your skinny white jeans:)

Tina, so glad to see you moving in finally. The house looks beautiful in the snow! It’s amazing how homey it already looks with the few pieces that you’ve already put in it. You’re such a trooper for cooking on your first night while you’re not feeling well. Thank you so much for allowing us to take the journey with you. I excited to see the decorating phase! Get well and get moved!

I adore your new home. Your taste is exquisite! Do you mind telling what color your kitchen cabinets are painted?

Please continue the updates! I love watching it all take shape.

Feel better,


Wow Wee….CONGRATULATIONS TINA!!!!! So excited for you. You must be so excited, and I am sorry to hear you have strep but I seriously cannot imagine a more beautiful place to be sick in! It is breathtaking in the snow, looks like something straight out of the European countryside. Your kitchen is unreal, my absolute favorite of all time.

Really hope you feel better, enjoy every exciting moment, your commentary gave me a much needed laugh this afternoon. Pace yourself and keep us updated when you can!
Congrats again.

PS Adore those pug chairs, absolutely keep them, love the way they pick up the wood in the room.

Larry and I are about to leave to take our daughter, Amy, out to eat in Houston for her 36th birthday…with spouses and siblings. Anyway, I stopped a few minutes and could not believe you posted!! I know, you posted early…hopefully you are checking comments on your phone!

First of all, and most important…you are sick…probably running fever. It’s 4 days since you wrote this. I hope you have taken time to rest!!! I loved the soup on the stove…please tell me someone made that for you!!!

Next, I am in love!!! A beautiful home in the snow??? What loveliness!! Poor Teddy…I know a fur baby’s confusion between two homes during a move. He is so handsome and that sad look on his face makes me want to just hug him.

Your chairs…I absolutely LOVE your chairs. I had to enlarge the photos! Those are puppy dogs on your chairs!! How great is that. I hope you do keep them…at least for awhile. There are so many wonderful dog picture and busts for decor. The fabric is lovely with your new home….cottage in the country.

The front door….the kitchen….the dark beams…Tina, besides being proud of your new home home…you should be proud of the your selections. I realize I bring that up every time I comment. However, it takes quite a trained eye and knowledge of what is out there to bring a home of this scale to a commonality and yet to not repeat anything.

Ok, I have one hour before we leave. Please post how you are feeling!! Also, tell hubby thank you for the lovely pictures of the snow.

Hugs to you,

Wow. Your house is gorgeous. And the snow! Living in Australia, snow is something we rarely see, and never in our cities of course. Your house looks so perfect in the snow!

Your home just takes my breath away, even more in the glorious snow! I hope first off that you feel better soon, you are probably just worn down and out, moving is incredibly stressful.

Second when you are settled, I hope you will share with all of us all the details on your incredible kitchen, everything from paint to floors to marble to stove, etc..and now I want to know about the fabric on those fabulous chairs. Most definitely you cannot do better, they look like they are made for that room.

Feel better Tina and congratulations on a remarkable achievement.

As always thanks so much for giving us a look. Very happy for your move. I’ll hate moving for you. I remember our last move-in day. Somehow our adrenaline got dialed up to “11” and we could not get calmed down. Congratulations.

I burst into giggleSSSSS reading, “Update and its official…..I HATE moving!”……. me too! Horror story time ick! whew…..
Then came the pictures, in such reality. Well build. Love strong houses. Exquisitely classic & inviting. SPOT ON
Ok Tina, “Poor ~Teddy~ is confused” by THE port-a-potty!!!
I have a pug. Her name is, Zora Neale Hurston Camp. I love your chairs, so would Zora:)

Feel better Tina,
Your home is really perfect! You have done an amazing job and have been so generous and gracious to share it with all of us. I too finally moved back in to my renovated home. After a year away from home and five different resting places in betweeen (dog, crazy landlord, etc., I could write a book – or a blog) I came down with some sort of horrible – thought i would die flu – on moving day! I think it was just such a relief to know it was all coming to an end that my body just let go of the fight! You just push through though don’t you? Anything is better than being away from home – even if you are sky high in boxes – who cares- you’re HOME!!!!! Congratulations – you did it! -and SO beautifully too!
I’ll drink a toast for you, until you’re well again. I hope that is soon.
Chin, chin!

l sympathise completely with your feelings about moving !

The shots of your home in the snow look like something out of a wonderful fairy tale.

Hope the sore throat heals quickly..

Oh Tina, I’m thrilled for you. I saw that pot of soup cooking on the new stove and I know you’re a happy girl. What rotten luck to get sick while you are moving but I’m sure you are exhausted, thus the strep throat. Hopefully you’re better now. What a beautiful wish come true, snow on your first night in your new home. What beautiful pics of the snow and house. Poor Teddy, I’m sure he’ll be fine………Gorgeous, Gorgeous, home!

The French Hutch

I know that you are SO tired. Hang in there! I can’t believe how beautiful everything is! Just gorgeous.
And the snow, breathtaking! Just take your time and enjoy everything.
Let me know if there is anything I can do.

Awww, Teddy looks so cute in the snow, I know he’ll adjust, but it can be tough for a few days, at least it has been with our pets. I am so glad you have antibiotics, I’m not sure it gets much worse than moving *and* being sick at the same time. Things do look amazing, the front door is so, so pretty!

Please take gentle care of yourself,

I just first want to say that I hope the porta-john is staying. Love how it adds a touch of blue to they yard. Tina, your kitchen is amazing. I don’t even like to cook, but I would be in there every minute whipping up something…it’s incredible. So happy the glass came for the door…love the light coming in and the beautiful detail on the door, and how much more perfect could it be (other than being well), but a blanket of fresh snow…gorgeous!!

It’s wonderful to see signs of life in your new home! I’m so looking forward to your decorating “ride” as you continue to make this house your beautiful home. Congratulations!

Glad that you are settling in your very spectacular new nest. It has been such fun to watch the house become a home. I look forward to hearing and seeing your progress. Get well soon!

This is TOTALLY WICKED! What a wonder this house has become. I know that you are SO tired but SO excited. It won’t be long now.
Everything is just beautiful. And the snow, what a lovely view!
I wish I could help! Take care of yourself FIRST!!!

Congratulations Tina, what an exciting time! I’m actually just as excited and can’t wait to see the big reveal! Thanks so much for sharing.

Terry in San Francsco

What a beautiful home, Tina-poo. Did I actually see a pot on your cooktop?

Awesome with your cars in front with piles of snow on top.

Count your blessings, sweetie. So so happy for you.

The front door looks beautiful; the floors look beautiful; the snow looks beautiful; poor Teddy looks sad. The important thing is you are finally there. How exciting for all of you. I love the pug chairs. They and the table are perfect in your breakfast room. I am excited to see more.
XOXO Victoria

So excited for you, Tina! If you get too overwhelmed, take a break and watch “Selling Spelling Manor.” I watched it last night, and couldn’t believe how much stuff Candy Spelling had to move… 17,000 square feet of attic space filled to the brim! 🙂

Good luck with everything! Hope you’re feeling better, keeping warm and keeping sane 🙂

Tina, Gorgeous – amazing detail everywhere. Love those pug chairs! They are too cute 🙂 Moving is dreadful.. I recall telling our movers to “stop bringing in boxes” as they just kept coming. Accumulation of stuff happens quickly. So sorry you aren’t feeling well. These things happen at the worst times.. Hopefully your soup and maybe a warm bath? will make you feel better. Take it easy and don’t over-do with the lifting.

Gorgeous, dahling, gorgeous! I am so happy you were able to spend the night! Guess what? That pile of clothes I saved last year (thinking I would never wear them again?)..welll….I am almost in them…actually IN some of them. Hang on for at least one more year!

The outside shots of your home are just as beautiful as the inside. xo Diana


My husband just walked by me and asked why am I smiling… I didn’t even noticed but then I realized how happy I am as I read this post. My friend… I’m so trilled for you and your family. All of your hard work, not just the moving, but the whole process… you really deserve to enjoy it, and to get the fresh snow! Everything is beautiful… and enchanted! 😉


Luciane at

I hope you didn’t toss out your tiara because you are the princess of your new castle! Oh and I think Teddy is saying “crap make it stop snowing”.


PS How was the soup?

I sincerely hope you didn’t throw out the clothes that you were going to fit into again one day!!! I did, all except a few favourites and now 23kgs of 40 odd pounds lighter they are the only clothes I have to wear!!!!!
The house looks magnificent with or without the snow!

I am 72 years old,and I have never seen a home this beautiful in my life..really… You must be the happiest young woman in American. What a dream come true.(I think I wanna be you) Lovely home. congratulations!!

Ahh!!! It looks SO BEAUTIFUL, extra-beautiful in the snow!! I am so happy you are moving in.

I love the pug chairs; happy you’re not reupholstering them; they’re charming!

Okay. I totally know what you mean about the “stuff”. Part of my life is being neglected while I sort through the stuff. I’m trying to keep a stiff upper lip and take a brutal approach to getting rid of things. But a lot of the time I end up sitting down with a photo album or a hand-written note reminiscing about all the stuff I’m going through and some of what I’m throwing out. ::sniff::sigh::

Anyway, good luck again with everything. I can hardly wait until you’re back full time and we get to see all the gorgeous photos of your interiors!!


Ok, hello gorgeous home!!! How lucky are you??? Can’t wait to see your space once everything has been moved into place! 😀

Tina: absolutely spectacular! And the snow is the icing on the cake! Please feel better soon! Once you get everything transferred from one house to the other you can take your time sorting and purging. It doesn’t all have to be done at once. The long wait is over…and very soon the real fun begins! Bless you!

Hello Tina
Congratulations on the move. Sorry to hear you are under the weather and hopefully the soup will help. (I had a bad flue for 10 days and just over it)
Your home, particularly blanketed in snow has a spititual, sacret feel. I love it.Oh what fun you are going to have decorating and hanging art work. The floor to ceiling windowns are so beautiful and will give such incredible light.
May the angels protect you and that you be healed of your illness very soon.
Helen xx

Tina ….. everything looks STUNNING! How exciting yet exhausting for you. I have moved 6 times in my married life and I know what you mean ….. but I do love culling as it is very cleansing!!!! I hope you are feeling better soon and I definitely think you should be popping a bottle of Perrier Jouet Belle Epoque very soon!!!! Enjoy and congratulations!
with my best wishes
Frances xx
ps Love the snow and LOVE the dining room chair fabric!!!!

WELCOME HOME AT LAST!!! I know exactly what you mean being overwhelmed with the move…what to keep, what to pitch, etc. Your front door and entry is absolutely beautiful! I love how the chairs and table look in the breakfast room. The photo of your home in the snow should be framed and hung. I just love it! Maybe use it on the front of your Christmas cards this year. Having strep throat must really be a drag. BUT, I’ll bet that (besides the antibiotics) finally being in your beautiful new home cooking soup on that handsome new stove with that awesome wintery scene to look out on is all the medicine you need!

Now the real fun begins…DECORATING, of course!!!

it is awesome and it must feel so good to cook your first meal. that is the best way to break in a home. congrats and keep us posted on every detail@@ we are all hooked on your home haha


We can always count on you to WOW us. How grand! First night in your new home and new snow and oh how we love Teddy too. He does look a little bewildered…maybe it’s the snow? lol Oh how sweet it is and so exciting. Stay well this is flu season. Soup, tea, hot baths and lots of movement keep the colds and flu away.

Lovely snaps of all the good things going on inside and the lovely outside as well. The chairs are really unique. Everything looks so wonderful…Cheers!


Dear Tina, be well soon!!
Welcome home…it’s finally here!!!!!!!! Congratulations!! Look at that regal Teddy:)))
And really, there are only two words…repeated over and over..GORGEOUS, STUNNING,GORGEOUS..!!
So happy for you!
– Irina

I am late in coming for I too am swamped with orders from Etsy and soon will be working on REPORT CARDS….

Tina, I am thrilled beyond EXPRESSION! YOU ARE IN and it finally happened. I can’t even begin to understand how you must feel finally being in and even making your own meal on that FAB STOVE!!!!!!! Tina, take care of yourself; now you have strep, it is cold out, so take good care. You are running yourself thin, but enjoy every MOMENT of this grand occasion. EVERYTHING LOOKS fantastic my dear and we are here REJOICING FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!

Back later to check up. Anita

Good morning Tina- I could almost cry from the beauty, and I hate cooking but that gorgeous kitchen I am convinced could make me a convert, my husband would be so happy.
Seriously everything is truly out of this world, and it couldn’t happen to a nicer and wittier person. I enjoy your prose as much as I do drooling over the pictures.
Take good care of yourself, stay inside and make sure to get plenty of rest. Settling into a new home takes a long time, don’t rush through it especially when you aren’t feeling well.
Congratulations on the spectacular house and feel better soon!

Good morning Tina Hope the ABT is working and making you feel better. Sorry you got sick, stress and fatigue sure pack a wallop. Thanks so much for the glorious pictures. Teddy will I’m sure adjust in time, he is so cute. Love the breakfast nook look. Would love to sit there with a chai tea latte and some biscotti watching the snow fall, Take care of yourself, more soup from that awesome stove, feet up once in a while and a good night sleep. Thank you so much for sharing your awesome home.

Congratulations, Tina – I must say I shed a few tears reading this as I have followed your blog for so long that I feel part of this birthing process! I look forward to watching you create a beautiful home and thank you for sharing this wonderful experience with us.
Best wishes
South Africa

I am so happy for you Tina how wonderful you got to spend your first night finally in your home. I’m sorry that you’re sick though, I’m right there with you and this week has been brutal when it comes to germs. I hope you’re feeling better and can enjoy your wonderful new home!


You finally did it! Congratulations, I cannot even imagine how excited you must be about finally being in your dream home! It looks so incredibly beautiful, it literally takes my breath away. I cannot to see it as you start the process of decorating it. It deserves the best and I know your exquisite taste will deliver!
Feel better, tons of people around here sick too, husband just got over a nasty bug. Lots of vitamin c and chicken soup! Take it easy Tina and enjoy this amazing incredible accoplishment.
PS I could live in your kitchen!

Yaaaay! Oh Tina, it’s so dreamy looking with the gentle snow falling! I’m so happy for you! Too bad about the strep throat, but you will have many, many more chances to raise a toast to your beautiful castle. Regardless, you must be over the moon. I keep looking at the pictures and you have terrific taste. You have researched everything well and it came together in a spectacular way.

And Teddy bear is sooo adorable!

Enjoy yourself.

congratulations on your first night in your fabulous home!!..
so much fun to see the progress of building it and even much more fun to tag along for the decorating..!!

I wish you good health and happy memories in your new beautiful house. I’m totally fascinated by your stove and wonder if you could post something about it.

Moving is very difficult as I’ve done it once and will be doing again this year. I tend to hold on to things that I’ve gotten from loved ones who aren’t here anymore.

Your Teddy looks like such a nice dog. Give him a treat from me please.

Hope you and Teddy are both feeling more like yourselves this morning! It is so incrediby gorgeous and the snow couldn’t be more picture perfect! Despite the exhaustion of moving I know you’re just thrilled to be waking up there!

You did it! You finally moved, how fantastic for you and your family. Sorry that you are sick but hopefully feeling better now. The home is pure magic in the snow, reminds me of something from a period film..I expect to see Daneil Day Lewis waltzing out of there any minute in his hunt gear!
The kitchen is a dream, so funny that you already made soup, I am sure it was the best pot of soup you ever made. Enjoy every second, its a magical time and hope you are on the mend soon.
Hope you will continue to update us when you can. Take it easy 🙂

Soup on the stove…how exciting! Your home is really beautiful in the snow! Your move brings back so many memories, both good and bad, LOL. I think I lost 5 lbs when we moved. It was February so we were dealing with cold and rain too and it snowed a couple weeks after we moved in (a rarity in TX). I took those “our new house in the snow” pictures too. Try to enjoy the process and feel better soon.

you know…..i would rather leave everything i own than move.
the actual moving ‘thing’ for me is unbearable.i lived in the same apt in nyc for 10 yrs. when i actually moved i was traumatized.
bthw – i have never recovered.
this house 25 yrs….and i just now want to move…but i am taking little.
YOUR HOME looks like a winter land fairy tale castle. i feel for your pooch.
the door is stunning!!
did they not hook up the doorbell? i saw the hanging blue wires.

xx good luck
…and rest or you will burn out.

Congratulations on spending your first night in your new home. “Poor Teddy” is right, he looks forlorn. You know he will be just fine very shortly. You have a beautiful home… that is a big “dah.” 🙂 I love your iron front door and those absolutely perfect “Pug” chairs!

Congratulations on being in your home! I have so enjoyed following the journey…and the outside with all the snow is so picturesque!

Congratulations! They don’t call it a ‘labor’ of love for nothing – ha! It’s comforting to see a lit stove and when the fireplaces finally get lit, it’ll be a joy to see smoke billowing from the chimney tops. The snow pics are magical…it’s truly a home fit for the “Queen of Everything”.

Hey Tina…how wonderful, you have moved! I was so excited when I saw the post title! I know how much work it is, try moving to a different country with all your “stuff” knowing its only for 2 years! Not fun one big, but we did and survived to talk about it (and to know never to do it again)
How gorgeous does this house look in the snow? In the sun? dirt? Rain? Sleet? Dark gray day too, it looks amazing in any weather because it is just so beautiful. You should also check out the house featured on CotedeTexas today, think you would enjoy it (if you want a break) very different style but the same attention to detail. I know you would appreciate it, also its totally done so it will get you excited about all that is to come for you!
Hope you feel better, I am sure just being in your spectacuclar new castle must be helping just a bit. I cannot imagine a more beautiful place to be sick in:-) TAKE GOOD CARE!

Tina…I have been thinking about you so much and hoping things were going smoothly for you. I also HATE the “moving” part. We have had 5 homes in 16 years and I feel like we are always moving. The unpacking and getting organized (no matter how much help one has with it) is AWFUL. Only you can really determine where things should go and what should be tossed and how things ought to be organized. It is physically and mentally exhausting. Give yourself plenty of time and breaks. You’ll need them.

I love ALL the photos And snow? I ,for some reason, thought you were in my great state (TX) and so I was surprised to see snow. I am dying of curiosity as to where you live:) The snow is gorgeous though and I am sure it makes you feel so cozy and cocooned in your new home.

Anyway, of all the photos…my favorite is the soup on the stove. THAT makes it HOME!!!!!!!!!!!! Hugs, Kim


Congratulations on finally being home!!! Hope you are feeling better.

Loved the pictures. Your house in the snow looks as if it is a picture from a fairy tale castle…just beautiful!!!

I’m sure Teddy will adjust. If he is like my dog, Gabby, home is where we are.

Can’t wait to see more pictures when you have time.

Best wishes,

Jan B.

Absolutely beautiful! I know you are exhausted, but am so glad that your first night was great. The floors in the kitchen are gorgeous! And I am still in awe over the two sinks. Genius idea! I wish you and your family many happy moments in your new home!

What FUN to see a pot of soup cooking away on the stove … it means you’re HOME! I’ve loved being a part of your journey to your dream home and can’t wait to see all of your fabulous decor!

Oh Tina…Your home is so lovely covered in snow. Truly breathtaking. So sorry that you are in the midst of this move with strep throat. How horrible…although I know that you will not allow anything to steal your joy at this moment. Poor Teddy. Cappi got out the back door and was running at full speed down the street two years ago when we moved into our new home. She was trying to find her old house. Luckily she adjusted and had two wonderful years here. Hang in there. We’re all pulling for you. XO, Mona

finally! yippee! all is lovely and the addition of your “stuff” will create such a beautiful home.
your pooch looks as though he carries the weight of the entire move on his face, how precious

Your home in the snow is like something out of a British period film it is really hard to believe its new construction. I love your kitchen, it feels so old world but I know it has all the fun bells and whistles. Hope you will post more of it now that its done!
Teddy is so sweet, what a face, he looks perplexed, dogs need time like we do to adjust to a new living environment. But in due time he will feel like the pampered pooch that he is. Enjoy this special time Tina and do hope you feel better soon.

Your house is looking amazing! I love the pot of soup on the stove. It probably makes it feel more real! I’m so happy you’re finally getting to move stuff in! I just cleaned out my closet big time and got rid of 4 garbage bags plus one large cardboard box of clothes. I had planned on trying to sell the box of clothes because they were really nice, but then my husband convinced me to donate them because I’ll never actually get around to selling them. Anyway, it occurred to me somebody Goodwill will be very excited to get a brand new suit or a dress they can wear to prom or a party. They will be more excited by their find than I will ever be about that outfit so I can be happy knowing that even though I felt bad getting rid of it, somebody will feel ten times happier buying it. If that makes any sense. Good luck! Don’t feel bad about taking breaks! You’ll get it all finished soon enough! (Also, Teddy is just about the sweetest dog ever!)

Your home has been christened by snow! You asked and you received! How blessed! I agree don’t change your upholstery on your breakfast chairs. They are unique. So sorry you are ill, but it’s funny, that’s what happens when we are in a period in which we are literally wearing ourselves out. My wish is for your time to lounge on a sofa, near a beautifully warm fire, to come swiftly. : )

tina, the front door is magic and so is your metaphor.

about hanging on to stuff: i actually honor the way a lot of people (including my husband) can own their objects without letting the objects own them. unfortunately, i have a hard time not getting sucked into the ‘being owned’ category. but that means i often part with things i probably should not! so the healthy thing is prob to be somewhere in the middle.

wishing you good health and all the stamina you need to make this transition.



Tina – Congratulations!!! You did it!! You must be exhausted but so thrilled!! It looks beautiful!!! And the pictures in the snow – so magical – stay in bed… the unpacking can happen when it happens!!

Front door was so worth the wait – it’s magnificent. Your kitchen is the stuff of some grand European castle, beautiful. And those images of the snow covered house and ground- just magical. I’m still unpacking and have just unpacked about 45 sets of sheets in various sizes. Why I have that many I’ll never know, but I could start a hotel.

Hello Tina!

I missed this post yesterday! Congratulations my friend on your first night in the house and cooking a meal! How wonderful for you!!!!

I could not agree more, I HATE to move! I always feel exactly like you described, after a few days of packing my personal stuff I want to donate it all and start again!

I hope you are feeling better. Enjoy the beautiful snowfall, the house looks stunning!

Take care and be well! Elizabeth

Welcome Home…It is ALL so beautiful! I hope Teddy settles in soon, he does look a little lost.
Moved in and soups on! You are fantastic!

OMG you did it Tina. After all this time your dream became your reality. How incredible does it look in the snow. Like something out of Sense and Sensibility. Looks like its been there forever. A beautiful blanket of snow is a blessing, so sorry you are not feeling well and hope you are better now.
Take good care of yourself its likely you are just worn out completely, a move is very stressful in so many ways.
The kithchen takes my breath away every time and love how you made it home by cooking a pot of soup! The front door- major swoon. Can’t wait to see more. Give that cute Teddy a hug and take good care! Congratulations again:-)

Oh my gosh, I’m so excited, we are finally HOME!! Yippee.
I’m so happy for you and for me!! ha ha.

Love all the snow pics…looks like a castle! I didn’t know you had a golden too…Teddy is so handsome. Oh, and my vote is to purge anything that doesn’t go with the house! Hope you feel better soon.

Wow, your home is looking even more *enchanted* with that lovely snow! I’m excited to see the process of you making this house into a home, adding your furniture and personal touch! Love the fun pug chairs!

Welcome home! That kitchen looks perfect in that light and oh, your snow covered haven!! I hope by now you are on the mend and enjoying finding a spot of all your precious things.

Having moved from Dallas to San Fran to NYC to Charlotte to Rye in 12 years….I am the queen of “letting things go”. I feel like I’ve gathered more “stuff” in the past 5 years, as I haven’t moved. Moving kept things light.

Enjoy living in the space you’ve dreamed of and created!!!
xoxo Elizabeth

I’m with you, moving stinks! It is so stressful and time consuming…who need either!

Your home is off the charts. AMAZING! The pug chairs are sheer perfection. They add a whimsical touch to a grand home, which shows your wonderful personality.

Enjoy your new home. Does Teddy have a new bed?


You home is gorgeous in the snow! I bet it felt good to break in your brand new stove! You should send the chair and home photos over to Katie of Matchbook Mag. She is obsessed with pugs and I bet they would jump all over the chance to feature your gorgeous home!

I wish we were closer because we could walk together and I am sure we would babble on non-stop and wouldn’t even realize we were exercising. We’d both be in those skinny jeans in on time!! xo

Tine, I’m so happy for you! If it’s any consolation, I have a friend who sold her 10K sf home and all the contents as a package. She still regrets it, 20 years later!! So embrace all that “stuff”, it’s like a 3-D scrapbook of your life.

SOOOO happy for you that you spent your first night at HOME! And what an amzing home it is. It is so nice to see CHAIRS in the breakfast room and LIFE in the house! Feel better soon, Tina. XO, Pinky

ooh dosn’t the house look Enchanting in the snow so magical, bless Teddy he looks so cute 🙂
I bet it was nice to cook on your stove & having a nice warm bowl of soup on a day like that. 🙂

Oh my lord…it’s all just so magical. Those pug chairs are PERFECT- I’m obsessed with them and your door…oh and the beams in the kitchen…it’s all a wonderful dream- add the snow, and well…fairytale:)

Anyone can truly be enchanted with that home! 🙂 Never mind the move because one can always depend on the removalists. What is more important is that you are moving to a beautiful property.

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