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Good morning! Hope everyone is having a great week. I have been so busy over here, truly non stop.I  try to answer all the emails I get, and lately I have gotten many….so I apologize if haven’t gotten back to you but I decided to try and answer many of the questions in this post as well as address certain inquires many of you have had. In addition, I have not been able to make my usual blog rounds as regularly as I normally do but hope to get back on track soon. Know I am thinking of you and cannot wait to catch up!  Thanks as always for your continued support. First a few updates, then your questions answered and finally a little bit of randomness and some fun.

Before we begin………a favor to ask of you IF you think I deserve your vote!

Yesterday I was made me aware of my name being in the hat for “best home design blog nominations”…..I am soo excited and honored! If you care to vote, it would be amazing to get your vote!! Click here. Thanks everyone……you can sign in with Facebook if you have it or if you don’t have an account its really easy to vote,  just answer 3 short questions to register and be eligible to vote. Thanks in advance and to all of you who have voted! SO appreciate it!

And now your questions……..

Many wanted to know about the fabrics for my bedroom and small office. So here they are:

The wallpaper name for the small office walls (btw I pulled the trigger and just ordered it) It makes me so happy and I love how fresh all the colors are! Sometimes you have to just go for it when you see something you love….

For my small office nook-Zoffany- Design Nostell Priory
Pattern NTP060002

And for my bedroom-
The wallpaper is from Stark, Tracy Andrew collection, Design- Grand Siecle
Color Buff
The carpet is from Patternson Flynn and Martin

This striped velvet is from Stark, Old World Weavers, Pattern- Cimmeria Sky, WC 0002 U32A

This is so sumptuous and is from Stroheim- Pattern- 2317C Jardein de Lien
Color- S0516 Ice Blue
The palette
This is another beauty from Sanderson- Pattern-Coralie 
Eau de Ivory
Pattern number- DCOROC301

I had several inquiries about the two wallpapers that are contenders for my family powder room, they are:

Zoffany- Pattern- Cordoba Pattern number- TORO7002

Sanderson (Zoffany) -Design Palampore
Pattern DCAVPA105 (leaning towards this one, it makes me happy)

What color is my kitchen cabinetry? This was a custom mixed color, so I am sorry but there is not a “name” I can give you, and then we glazed it subtly with a light taupe glaze.

When will my online store be opening? I am working on things as we speak and spending a lot of time trying to get it off the ground, am hoping to launch it within the next few weeks, fingers crossed. Orders have been placed and due in but there are many logistics to be worked out. i promise to keep you posted as things roll along!

Will I ship internationally and to Canada? Definitely will be able to ship to Canada, not sure about international, looking into it. Will keep you updated.

What is the fabric name that I want to use in the back window seat and in the kitchen? OK for the window seat here’s the info….

This is the one I will likely be using for windows
Brunschwig and Fils- Pattern number0 BR79743-222
The second one for the window seat and possibly the stools is….
Also Brunschwig and Fils- Pattern BR-71557-222, blue (sorry its not right side up)!

Where did I get my lanterns in the kitchen? This is a line that I will be carrying of beautiful bell jar lanterns. There are a wide range of patterns that are so beautiful and they come in various sizes. I promise you….. its a line worth getting excited about.

Where did I get my kitchen floors? They are french reclaimed limestone and are from Paris Ceramics.

Who makes the kitchen stool that I am considering? VanGuard makes this beauty….here’s the link to their site. Click here.

Is my kitchen hood limestone or cast stone and where did I get it? It is limestone from Francois and Company

Am I happy with my Ilve stove? I have gotten a lot of emails…and the answer is yes!! I love it, actually, but in fairness its only been a month and I have yet to explore what this big mama can do, but will keep you posted. Its very user friendly…and a thing of beauty to wake up to!

Here’s a few odds and ends on the home front….

Onto other business…… remember when I told you about the fixtures I ordered for my kitchen? They were back ordered for Feb. and now its April. I really liked them so kept the order going then lo and behold I found my beautiful bell jars which I figured I would use temporarily and much to my surprise they looked amazing. But I still have these looming thoughts of the original fixtures and finally I got around to playing a bit on Olioboard and superimposed the fixtures into my kitchen. Now its a pretty lame picture but you get the idea. When you take a look to give me your honest opinion, do what I do…a little squint to get the effect and this way you don’t see all the shoddy details. I really want to know which fixture you prefer. You know I love to hear from you!

So first how it looks now…..

Close up of lantern….

Wow that’s even worse than I realized…squint real hard:)
Heres a close up of the lantern

Amazing what a few little lampshades can do to a chandy, don’t you think? Added them to the chandelier in my bedroom and it took on a whole new persona…I loved it before but I really really love it now!

Did you know Ivanka Trump as in “The Donalds daughter’ designs clothes and just launched a line? Who knew! Is she trying to become the next Tory Burch! She is doing it all…clothing, shoes, handbags (didnt’ care for those) and jewlery. What’s next? Some of the pieces are actually quite pretty, classics with a twist… and affordable pieces. Click here to visit her site.

For anyone who watched the Academy Awards, there was no misssing Angelinas mission to make sure she showed “the leg” (yes it has its own identity now) as often as possible….I got this in an email yesterdday and had to share it. Too funny. Who would have thought a single pose could cause so much poking fun!
OK so this is the pose she struck every time she stood still….

And this is the newly “embellished evolved pose”
Come on…you know its funny!
I know this post was all over the place but as I like to say, life is not a script…just gotta go with what and how you are feeling! Love to hear from you and welcome your thoughts, opinions and comments!! Hope I covered most of what you have asked, if I haven’t already gotten back to you. Have a beautiful day!


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Amazingly beautiful home! I love all the fabric choices and prefer the glass fixtures that are hung in your kitchen now. The shape and etching make them quite special and lovely!

I just love your kitchen and love your stove it’s fabulous. Your lanterns are wonderful but you know I already like them since I have them in my studio. You are going to love them and they’ll look amazing in your kitchen. So much fun picking out fabrics and love your calm soothing choices.

Enjoy your day we’re getting snow!

I really like the lanterns that are in the kitchen now although the ones on back order are pretty I prefer the ones currently hanging there. I really like what you have picked for the master bedroom, the colors are beautiful!

Although I love lanterns, I agree with the first comment that I prefer the bell jars with their shape and etching. You have so much of my own taste. The next house I build will be a Jack Arnold Country French home. I had been looking at a couple Brunschwig & Fils patterns but have decided to go with Charles Faudree’s line for Vervain.

tee hee, Angelina’s leg is causing quite the stir =) Thanks for the info on the fabrics….I am off to explore one of the options for my home. I am really at a loss as to which lamps I prefer over your island. The bell jars are lighter, and pretty, yet the others are more of a statement. You really can’t go wrong with either!

I love your choice of fabrics and wallpapers. As for the kitchen lighting, I prefer the bell jar lanterns. The kitchen looks beautiful with either though. And, as for Angelina and her “leg”, I think it was a little much. We get it, you’re beautiful and have long legs. Enough.

I love this post, and when you post your “this and thats”. OK, here are my comments. I love both lightings for your kitchen. Sorry when you have a kitchen that beautiful, even plain lightbulbs would look beautiful! I really truly love both equally but do feel the bell jars are a little softer and the others a little more gothic but in keeping with the chateau feel of your kitchen.
Swooning over those bedrooms fabrics and wallpapers. I also love the yellow and gray for your powder room. The others is not in keeping with you super elegant home.
Ivanka is onto something, I am going to go check it out, I like what I see.
And last Angelina and “the leg” never have been a big fan of hers, and seeing this whole ridiculous incident has reinforced that she is not worth my time. She takes being vain to a whole new level.
Bravo to you Tina for all your amazing choices! Cannot wait till your online store opens.

It seems that most like the bell jars for the island. I love them too, but I think I liked the lanterns better. The space looks large and the lanterns will be able to hold their own. The bell jars are exquisite too, but I thought that the scrolls on the lanterns complimented the range hood nicely and didn’t get lost in the space. Either will be beautiful.

Good luck!

I really like the lights that are hanging in your kitchen now..the others although beautiful…take away from the overall kitchen..I think they are to dark..Love the ones that are there..they sure make a beautiful statement..

That Ivanka is a busy girl, smart too! I can stomach her, her dad not so much:-)
Oh and “the leg” seriously…she needs to get over herself. That picture is funny!
Love both lanterns, think I lean slightly more towards bell jars, love all that etching, it feels old world but doesnt’ compete rather compliment every thing else going on. The others are more gothic feeling to me, and I feel like the kitchen is such a thing of beauty why add something else to detract from that?
Your bedroom and office choices are SO beautiful. I am in love, I cannot wait to see that room pull together. I wish I was doing my room over, but since I just did it last year, its not happening for awhile.
Thanks as always for sharing all the beauty in your life.

Who knew that when you start showing pics of your specs that it would become a full time job! LOL. I love the fixtures you have in the kitchen now… I think the backordered lanterns would be better suited for another area. (my opinion… you asked).
Thanks so much for sharing – you have to feel like you are living in a Dream Home every morning when you awake up! Have you actually realized that you are FINALLY living in that gorgeous place?
P.S. I “tagged” you today on my post…stop by for a look!

You are a bionic woman! I love your choices. Your chandelier is gorgeous, and with the shades, AMAZING! I am saying the black lanterns for the kitchen, but the clear etched are beautiful too.
Ok, the stove, jealous! I wouldn’t leave the kitchen.
have a great Wednesday.


LOVE ALL YOUR FABRICS – the colors are amazing, tranquil and calming. I prefer the bell jars that are already in your kitchen – somehow the black lanterns (and I love lanterns) seem to heavy.
Lindab from Chatham, NJ

I’m just going to go ahead and bookmark this entire post 🙂 So many pieces of lovely! I think it’ll be worth it to the black lanterns. I love the other ones and think they would work in the kitchen too. I just think the lanterns give the kitchen an anchor, something for your eyes to rest on if that makes any sense. I’m so excited about your nook wallpaper! It’s gorgeous!!!

Bell jars all the way for me too.

Angelina’s “new” pose makes me think a baby is gonna drop out right there on the red carpet.


Although I love the lanterns you have ordered, I have to say I like the look of the bell jars better. They don’t appear as “heavy” as the lantern, and I love how the brass details match the brass on that amazing stove. The bell jars are so beautiful in their own right yet don’t distract from all the other elements. I love the lightness of them, and the bit more shine and sparkle they have over the lanterns.

LOVE your bedroom chandelier, OMG amazing! Love both lanterns for the kitchen, as you can do no wrong in that room but somehow lean towards the belljars. I say keep what you have got, its a great thing!
Your fabrics and papers are so pretty, Tina. I love when you give us all the juicy details., I think its so ironic the move Angelina thought was registering as “sexy” has made her the butt of way too many jokes heard around the world. Keep your legs IN your dress, Angelina, haha!
Have a super day Tina!

Tina, I actually love the bell jars in your kitchen. The lanterns you have on order are beautiful, but they have a strong presence and compete with the other gorgeous details in the room. The bell jars are perfect in the space.
I love every inch of your gorgeous home! Enjoy!

“bionic woman” indeed! I call it enjoying LIFE! Watch out, some people (generally doing nothing in their lives) will call you “crazy” etc. Here is my MO (funny never have to use anymore:) “Oh well”! Wishing you all the best in your exciting endeavors!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hate Photoshop, so stupid. They(whoever they are) just made A.J. look more appealing to men. Prob last thing she wants, ugh.

Tina, I just can’t wait for your online store to open! You have such exquisite taste and I really enjoy seeing your new house evolve into a home. I’m a Navy wife who can’t wait to settle down one day in our own “dream home”…. it won’t be as fabulous as yours but that’s ok, we all have to have something to aspire to!

I personally like the wall covering with the yellow for your powder room; I love yellow as an accent and think it would brighten up that room all year. I love all of your choices!

As for “The Leg”…. if mine looked like that, I’d probably be sticking it out all over too! 🙂

Your home is lovely, I wish you and your family happiness in it. Haaaaaaaaaaaa on the “leg”. It’s sad though that someone with so much at her disposal has to do such things to bring attention to herself. It’s the subtlety of thinking you saw a bit of the leg through the slit that would have made the look sexy. Maybe she had a gun strapped to her leg. Money doesn’t buy class, you either have it or you don’t.

I second that, cannot wait for the online store. We have some great shops but nothing with all this greatness under one roof! Love this post, as far as lanterns, think the bell jar is perfect in every possible way. Can you use the others on order somewhere else?
Your bedroom palette is so dreamy, you may never want to leave that room. Thanks for sharing, I was one of the ones who wanted names, I am working on a small guest suite we have and would love to do in those colors.
Yes, the whole Angelina and leg incident has lots of people talking, just what she wants. Most celebrities want any kind of attention she obviously was looking for some in a big way.
The Trump clothing is actually quite pretty, and I love that bag at the end. Who knew!

So excited for the online store. I know I’ll love (and want) everything you plan to offer!!

I love the way your kitchen currently looks! But those new lanterns are amazing. They give a little contrast that goes with the color of the island. Yet, honestly…..both looks are winners. It just depends on what makes your heart go pitter-patter!

The LEG is hilarious! So odd how she kept hiking it out. Who knows what she was thinking. Gotta love the person how created a twitter account for her gam before the Academy Awards were even over!

Love your post today!
xoxo Elizabeth

The beautiful etched bell jar light fixtures in your kitchen are perfect. The bell jar is subtle and does not distract from the other elements in the kitchen. Your original selection is way too fussy.

Definitely the black lanterns – they look great with the beams and black island – LOVE THOSE! So pretty!

PLEASE KEEP THE BELL JARS, they are so beautiful. The lanterns are lovely but like others have stated they compete with the dark island and distract from the overall look. The bell jars keep it light and airy!! use the lanterns in the hall or outside on the veranda. Love your bedroom chandelier & furniture, need a piece of art over bed. Have you installed your bathroom light fixtures yet? waiting for that…it’s such a beautiful room!would like to see any updates for the dining room and living room also..please!

Angelina made a fool out of herself, why did she behave like that? and she is way toooo skinny!the funniest ‘legbomb’ was the one with Mr. Bean! google angelina’s leg and you will see many! o’well..bigger issues going on but it was funny! have a good one..

Thanks for sharing all your sources and I can’t wait for your online store! The Bell Jars fixtures are gorgeous but I do like the look of the black lanterns better. I think the the size of these lanterns, not being overly large scaled, prevents them from being distracting from the other elements of the your kitchen while nicely picking up the color of the island and stove. They are beautiful! Have a great day! ~Tammy

I hadn’t seen the Angelina photo yet, and it gave me my first laugh of the day, so thanks for including it! I went back and forth and at first thought the bell jars… but looked again and changed my mind to the lanterns because they punctuate the space a little more. I can see, though, why you are having a tough time deciding – both are lovely!

Tina, I’m so excited for your store. Thanks for keeping us posted on your plans! Happy Wednesday!!XO

PS-Still considering your 11 questions from last week! I’m having a terrible time deciding who I would have for dinner! You’d think I was actually inviting them…

While I often say “less is more” the black lanterns are wonderful! So are all the fabrics! It’s coming along beautifully. I also loved the superimposed shot of Angelina. She should have practiced a bit more in front of the mirror to avoid looking so staged. She’s a better actress than that, isn’t she?

The bell lanterns are lovely but seem somewhat more formal; the dark lanterns balance the island and other dark elements of the kitchen, giving weight, and grounding the whole room.

Hard to say on the fixtures – I might like lanterns there, but I don’t care for those lanterns in particular – a bit too ornate and “spiky” for my taste; I could see something a little simpler. The bell jars are certainly very pretty, and the fact that you happened to already have them – well, it seems almost meant to be!

I think you should keep the glass bell lanterns. They are beautiful and tasteful. They don’t overpower the kitchen as the iron looking ones do (too mid-evil looking for your beautiful kitchen). Your home is beautiful and I can see a labor of love. May you have many happy and healthy years enjoying your new home.

I vote for the bell lanterns. I think it is more of an elegant look than the “heaviness” of the black lanterns.

Thank you for sharing your sources. Beautiful home!


Love reading all the questions asked it’s like a talk show lol. Love the bell jars currently in the kitchen because the beams are dark I like the lighter light fixtures. Shades on chandelier in master bedroom are neat and they’re soft which adds ambience to the room. Learned about Ivank’s adventure down the fashion lane too have to look at it closer. Have a great day!


Definitely keep the bell jars. They are quietly elegant in your kitchen. You have a lot going on in your beautiful kitchen and I think the lanterns are distracting in the space. I think the cleaner look of the bell jars is the way to go.

Tina, thank you so much for your beautiful comment today on my blog. Your kind words about my mom mean so so much to me. On to you… I think your store is going to be an overnight success. I think your career is going to turn bigger than you ever expected faster than you ever knew! You are amazingly talented and proof positive that you do not need to go to design school to be one of the absolute very best. XO Stacy

Hi Tina- what a great random post. Of course always love seeing little glimpses of your magnificent home. Always takes my breath away.
Heres my 2 cents- for the kitchen, they are both beuatiful looks. Depends on what you are going for. The glass lanterns look old world and are more subtle, a little dressier whereas the iron ones are heavier, more “chateau-ish” if that makes sense to you and overall a little more rustic in feel. They also get your attention more, so not sure if you want the emphasis to be on the lighting or not?
For the powder room papers, do love the one with a little yellow, its traditional but fun and elegant, in keeping with your house.
Poor Angelina, she looked so foolish and now everyones calling her on it.
Adore the look for your master and that great paper for your nook!
I want your range! It is so beautiful. Actually I want your whole kitchen. Have a great day and keep up the great work!
Can’t wait for your store.

I think the bell jars look perfect in your beautiful kitchen. The other fixture seems too heavy for the space. Good luck deciding! Your home is beautiful.

Your bedroom chandelier is sooooo beautiful. Your kitchen is sooooooo beautiful.
Love the glass bell jars a little more, the others look a little too castle-y and kind of cold. Your kitchen is so pretty and elegant think the belljars are a better fit.

Angelina probably never thought she would get this kind of backlash. She looked so ridiculous. Let her learn to keep her legs under her dress-hehe.

Ivanka is a girl of many talents, some cute things.

Tina- love all you do, best of luck with your online shop…cannot wait!

You rock my world, everyime I come here, I drool like a one year old. Your home is just so AH MAZ ING!
I do love both lanterns, really cannot decide, I do think it looks breathtaking as it is now and you know that saying why change a good thing?
Your bedroom is going to be so pretty with all those yummy fabrics. I would love to see more of the house, like the living rom,the exterior, your bathroom,etc. I can never get enough (take it as compliment, I get bored easily) but never find your house boring!!!!!!!

hi tina-

I love love love the new iron lanterns!!! I think they fill in the space much better than the glass one’s. they more equal the weight of everything else……just my opinion.

your doing a great job!!

cari from missouri

I like the pattern mix and textures you have thus far for the master bedroom. Although I love the colorway in the Palampore I am liking the Cordoba wallpaper pattern more for the powder room.The idea of “exploring” your stove sounds like fun – that is exactly what you will have to do! And that leg shot – oh my! I guess one needed to show/prove that there was a deep slit (big in Europe right now). Thank you for commenting on my post, Tina.

Hi Tina. I am going to start a petition if you take down those beautiful bell lanterns in favour of the super imposed ones!!! Hehehe … I just adore your old “temp”ones and think that they fit the space perfectly. They just add a quality that I can not put my finger on..but they are perfect! Maybe the others will do for the porch if they are large enough?

Thank you for the tagged post. I reposted my post today with my answers and paid forward the blog love! Thank you for that, you are a honey.

That sumptious fabric for the bedroom is going to keep me awake tonight. nice pic that Tina.

And what to say about that mama in the kitchen…she is one great dame and I bet you are gonna have a great time getting to know her… I will sure be over for that gumbo girl!



Definitely the bell jars! Thank you for sharing all the sources with us and cannot wait for your store to open, good to hear you ship to Canada!

My personal fave for the kitchen light fixture is…….your CURRENT BELL JARS. I think they are gorgeous. You know, everything happens for a reason. Perhaps your lanterns were on back order, just so you could fill in with your bell jars. LOL. Either way, your kitchen will be beautiful.

Love the bell jars and LOVE the porcelain on the center island! Beautiful chandelier in your master with or without shades!
You did not answer the question about hiding the wires and inquiring minds need to know. It is such a decorating dilemma!
You should win best blog!

Tina, I love the lanterns you have in the kitchen. They are wonderful. The black lanterns seem very bold…but you know what you like.
Janis Covington Stufflebean

I love all the fabrics you chose – my favorite palette of colors 🙂 I actually prefer the bell glass lanterns that you’re currently using in the kitchen. So beautiful and simple and they don’t detract at all from the lovely beams. The blank lanterns are also lovely but they are such a feature item on their own that I would put them somewhere else where they have a chance to shine (no pun intended 🙂 on their own!

I voted for you.
I love the lanterns but in your kitchen I believe the bell jars look incredible (in my humble opinion).

OK, last things first…LOL, hysterical, I saw it here first, The Leg! Can’t wait to see Maya Rudolph’s imitation of Angelina on SNL. Maybe she’ll do JLo’s ‘nip slip” too. Next, love Ivanka’s ‘chinoiserie’ tunic/top. Funny that you’re re-visiting the kitchen lanterns because when I first saw your Bell Jars I thought, hmmm I think I’d like them better with dark iron bands – Can you Olioboard that? Also does it matter that the Bell Jar is of British/American Colonial origin? Dunno! The other is clearly French-style. What may be throwing people off as “heavy” is that the scale is off…you have them hanging much lower than the Bell Jars (double). When raised, they may look just right. I like the dark metal, it gives a nice balance to the dark island. Besides all that? I want your stove!!!!

I like the lanterns on back order. They have a presence that the bell jars (which are still very lovely) don’t have. As for viewing the back order lanterns in the kitchen, you get a better idea if you don’t look directly at the lanterns. The fake background sort of blends into the rest of the kitchen.

As usual, all your choices are amazing. Don’t you just love Zoffany. ‘Palampore’ would definately look gorgeous with the marble tiles in your powder room.
Both light choices look great too, but I think the lanterns would look more dramatic (in my humble opinion !) – I guess it depends what look you are going for !

I love your bed. Could you please tell me who makes it? It is so lovely.

Also, I like all your fabric choices. The lanterns are lovely too.

hello lovely lady! I just love all your choices! the bell jars you have right now are beautiful and different. it seems everyone is using lanterns right now.

What a fun post, a little bit of everything. Heres my opinion since you asked-
I think both light fixtures are both exceptionally beautiful. There is not a bad choice. I do love what you have now and when I first saw it figured there was nothing that could look better, but I do also like the iron fixtures. They are a very different feel, more chateau like and even a litlte gothic feeling but your enormous kitchen and the scale of the room can more than handle it. I think the belljars dress it up a bit and the other is more “European” for lack of a better word.
Your bedroom selections are just beautiful. What a pretty room that will make. That chandelier is breathtaking, love the addition of shades.
Last- how silly did Angelina look jutting her leg out like that? Ridiculous and I bet she regrets it now!

Wow Tina.. Didn’t think the lanterns could be any prettier, but I have to say, I like the original choice better. SO gorgeous!! No question for me.. I’m in FL and not visiting very many blogs, but had to pass that little tidbit along.. You definitely can’t go wrong, but I definitely like your original choice better.. When will they arrive??

I came by for a visit ……. just lovin your blog. Super duper pretty and full of information. That sink is to die for!! Looks like you are on the busy side for sure but it looks like fun business!!!!

First off, I voted for you. You are an amazing blogger and I love all the info you share with us. I am looking forward to your on-line store.
I’m happy to say I love the lamps you have hanging now in your kitchen. They are elegant.
The others are beautiful but look a little medieval to me(not that medieval is a bad look).
I guess it’s a matter of personal preferance.

Hi Tina! I’ve been following your blog since you moved into your beautiful new home. I have recently relocated from the Boston area to San Francisco so will be in the decorating phase soon, also. In the meantime, I keep busy with client projects. Design is my passion (plus I love working with people!). I love your home, decorating flair, enthusiasm and humor! It’s a treat every morning checking into the latest on your blog! So, so beautiful and inspiring!!

Your lighting options above the island… The bell jars are really lovely, but looking at your kitchen as a whole and taking into consideration the size and weight of your island and also the beautiful wooden beams, the lanterns are the perfect answer. The depth of color of the lanterns centers your island so beautifully, giving it importance and creating a magnificent focal point. The beautiful, graceful scrolling of the lanterns is so beautiful with all the elements in your kitchen and I also love them with the fabric you have selected for your stools (which you mentioned are also dark wood). The lanterns are a WOW for me. If you’re wanting something other than your island to be the focal point, I would use the bell jars… still very lovely, but creates less impact.

The wallpaper in your family powder… Both are gorgeous and a tough choice. They each offer something different. One monochromatic, one a bit of color (which you say makes you happy). Go with happy? Walk in and be happy!

Thank you for sharing your journey with us. All your ideas and images are so beautiful one cannot help but be inspired.

Hi Tina,
Well until I saw your “new” or on back order light fixtures, I absolutely loved your current lanterns and still do, but the others are quite beautiful too! I look forward to seeing what you choose.

I had no idea that Ivanka Trump had her own line…I just saw her on The Today show, but I’m pretty sure she was talking about something else. It does look a little like Tory Burch…which is okay with me.

I do love your sense of humor…I laughed out loud when I got to the “leg” photos!

one more thing…already voted for you!


My vote if for the bell jar fixtures you already have in your kitchen – they look perfect! And that one shoulder number from Ivanka has my name written all over it!

At first I couldn’t understand your confusion with the existing bell jar lanterns…

They are beautiful…

But, the ones that are back ordered give the room a richness that I prefer…

Your Kitchen is Beautiful!


Think I’m loving the bell jars more….a little more eclectic…the black lights feel a little “matchy-matchy” Just want you to know I spent 2 hours looking for my blue wear jardiners because of your post with the azalea topiary in the kitchen then spent another 2 hours trying to find the white topiary. Whew! you have a spell on me:) so no matter what you do with the lights it will be marvelous and I will try to copy some how…..I know I AM crazy but oh so much fun! I am on my way now to find shades for my small chandelier in the “white” room….my grandaughter is coming for a sleepover to “her” room this weekend and I want it just perfect….sick and crazy I am, I am.
Thanks again for your continual amazing ideas!!!

your friend in Utah….hope your son had a fun ski trip and arrived back home safe…way too many avalanche’s for me:)

Seeing your oven show up again in this most recent post, I just had to type this random comment- that I am pretty positive that your exact oven showed up as Bill Murray’s or at least what they showed as his kitchen in “ZombieLand” the movie…which my husband and I watched only a couple scenes of on TV the other night. I spotted it and thought you should know, you’re in good company 😉

Everything is gorgeous..agree with most that the etching and bell jars are very lovely…BUT when I saw the lanterns, I thought WOW. I think they are a better scale for the space and balance the dark island. Both wonderful, but as I tell clients…if it were me, I’d choose the lanterns.
XO, Mona

Love the iron lanterns, gives it the finishing touch. The bell jars are gorgeous I just think something black and heavier would look divine.

I love the lanterns and think the color is perfect with the dark wood of your island. I think the bell jars are lovely but they feel a bit fussy to me with their etching. Having said that, I think hanging one of each would be the best way to determine what YOU like. Your taste is wonderful and whatever the choice, it will be perfect. Thank you (again) for sharing your home. I love seeing what you do and really appreciate your hard work and beautiful results.

indeed ‘a. joli’ is a funny little freak.
but what is crazier is that brad is with her.

and as for your wall-covering selection
the one on the right is best.
it matches the tile-work.

and aren’t you lucky that you have this as a decision at all??
“the trees in Michigan are just the right height” {mitt Romney} too.

i do love you
and all your stuff xxx

All of the fabric is just beautiful and the palette is so serene and lovely! I can’t wait to see your store — how exciting!! And the leg photo is funny! I had only seen the photoshopped version, so now I get it. Not quite sure what she was thinking…

Miss Tina! I love the lanterns for your kitchen! They add a bit of depth and weight to balance out the rest of what you have going on in there. So beautiful!

So glad you divulged the details. I’ve been trawling the internet looking for the answers.

Your home and your taste are exquisite. I LOVE your posts that focus on your home. I’m such a blue person (color, not personality) and think it’s great how much blue is in your home. The bell jars are it for me, but you’ll decide. Love the softness of what you’ve chosen for your bedroom. Keep on coming with the photos of YOUR home, that’s what we’re really looking at and enjoying. The rest can be had elsewhere, if one so chooses. I’ll just day dream that I’m in your home.

– The Tablescaper

Whoa! Finally, I was able to stop staring at those fabric swatches for your bedroom. I can just feel them in my hands, so tactile, so richly woven and embroidered…gorgeous!
I am a sucker for the etched fixtures. I have loved that style for many years, having seen them first in historic settings. I have wondered though, how do you reach them and keep them sparkling clean inside and out?
Another vote for the grey and yellow paper, the other looks a little 1920’s, 30’s, Art Nouveau, Craftsman, graphically.
You are a kick Tina! I’m always smiling at your posts!
xoxo, Chris

You just wait my friend! Wait till all the orders start coming in and you will have Zero time for blog hopping! You will see. We will keep you plenty busy! (:

YES to Sanderson’s Design Palampore. Guests will leave the powder room beaming!

Love to you.


I thought A J looked a complete tosser. I wonder how long she posed in front of the mirror to get the “pose “right!!

Haven’t gone through all the answers but though i like both fixtues, something about the lantern, the scale and weight really goes wtih your European feeling kitchen. I actually love it and think you should still get it and try it and if it doenst work use it elsewhere? Is that an optoin?

Like others have said, looking very forward to your online store. With your beautiful eye, it is bound to be very successful. Thank you sharing all you do.

Also LOVE that chandelier in your room and all the beautiful fabrics/papers

At first I thought, “Choose the gray wallpaper,” but after looking at it I thought the other one might add more color. Such a tough choice. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your headboard/footboard the bedroom windows and the amazing chandelier. You already know how I feel about your kitchen! Tina, if you open an online store it is going to me an AMAZING success! xo

Hi Tina!

Love all your fabric and wallpaper choices. As for the kitchen, I say go for the wrought iron light fixture. It works great with the island and stove. It’s a more dramatic look. Bell jars are beautiful but the details in the iron lantern is a architectural stand out giving your grand kitchen the extra wow factor. Great post. Oh, and I love Angelina…she could have 3 legs for all I care.

Keep the bell jars, they look happier!
Wher sisi you get your chandelier for your bedroom?

I love the bell jars and they are not wrong, but the lanterns have more weight to them and offer more of a balance because of it.

Have you seen the “leg” on the Statue of Liberty? I have also seen on the “leg lamp” from “A Christmas Story”, lol!

Laughing about “the pose”. I think the ordered light fixtures are beautiful and worth the wait. I like the lines, the dark finish and just the element of something less predictable. I should have prefaced this by saying I am a bell jar owner (entry hall) and while I like it, I’ve never loved it like I should.

Just picked up the Spring 2012 Dream Kitchens & bath issue. There is a kitchen, pg. 27 Casual Elegance, that is similiar to yours in style..cream cabinets & dark island..over the island they have two beautiful etched Bell jars!! It looks gorgeous, just like yours!! Another kitchen on pg.101 also has the bell jars. In fact, none of the kitchens have wrought iron lanterns. There are chandeliers and other pendant styles. I really like the bell jars, it’s a sophisticated look! good luck!

Ok, where do I start? The pic of Angie is priceless!
I want to marry your stove……really, we would live happily ever after.
I voted for you!!!! Best of luck.

I’m casting my vote for the bell jars. They add just the right touch of glitzy elegance to your beautiful kitchen. The lanterns are very attractive but just don’t seem to meld into the overall decor the way the bell jars do. I think they are a touch too heavy for that space.
As for the ‘leg’…it’s too bad she didn’t realize how unnaturally ridiculous that stance appeared. Maybe she wouldn’t have repeated it!

My favorite lights for your kitchen are the etched bell jar lanterns already there. The gothic lanterns are lovely but a little too dour for your kitchen. I want to order the bell jars from you myself, when you get your business going. Let’s talk. As for Angelina’s leg, that pose was so contrived and so conceited. She earned the fun the Oscar winner she presented had at her expense. Joy Behar said it best when she said AJ needs a canoli…she is much too thin.
Have a great day…Victoria

Evolved photo of Angelina-Hilarious! Love the wrought iron lanterns you were originally considering but REALLY PREFER youe glass lanterns over your island- Could you use the iron lanterns somewhere else?

When you initially posted that the bell jar lanterns were only temporary, my first thoughts were, ‘How can she top those?’ but now that I see photos of your back-ordered fixtures, I still think you should keep what you already have. Tina, when most people say they have ‘the blues’, it’s not a good thing, but in your abode, the blues are w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l!

I think the back ordered lanterns, the wrought iron ones’ are ‘spot on’… I feel the clear glass ones get lost.
The colors of your bedroom are so soft and calming, so beautiful. Tina, I thank you and am amazed that you give all of your secrets away. I know so many people with killer houses that won’t say a word about their wallpapers, etc.. I take my hat off to you! Also, I will be first in line to buy from your online store… CAN’T WAIT!

While I like the way the black lanterns that are on order pick up the dark color (black?) in the base of the island, I personally prefer the bell jar lanterns. Neither would be wrong and the black lanterns would certainly look beautiful in the space. I definitely would not cancel the order. I think you should definitely use them somewhere in your home. Would it be too much trouble when they arrive to hang them over the island and live with them for a while as you have been able to do with the bell jar lanterns? I believe you’ve already made your lighting choices for your covered porch/loggia/portico and the central tower/entry areas. I don’t recall without revisiting previous posts what you chose, but would these black lanterns work just as well or even better? Whatever you decide to do will be wonderful I’m sure.

Perhaps if you later add a pool/guest/club house on your property, you could incorporate the black lanterns into your decor?

Thank you for sharing all that you do Tina. You always but together such detailed and wonderfully beautiful posts. Your transfer-ware post os wonderful too . I am not commenting in it as I am trying to lighten my load not bring more into my home but I love all the gorgeous images.

As for the light fixtures. I like them both but honestly, I prefer the bell lanterns. The look is more timeless and classic. And they look beautiful with the beams. One thing I will say though —is that they are a pain to clean. I had lanterns like the ones on backorder in my old kitchen in Virginia and they were pretty easy to keep clean. In this home, we have a series of bell jar lanterns and they are a pain. They just collect dust and little debris in the glass vessels My husband takes them down about twice a year but it is not fun.

And I do have a housekeeper but we prefer to do these ourselves as they are pretty breakable. Have a beautiful weekend Tina!!!

Thank you for sharing all that you do Tina. You always but together such detailed and wonderfully beautiful posts. Your transfer-ware post os wonderful too . I am not commenting in it as I am trying to lighten my load not bring more into my home but I love all the gorgeous images.

As for the light fixtures. I like them both but honestly, I prefer the bell lanterns. The look is more timeless and classic. And they look beautiful with the beams. One thing I will say though —is that they are a pain to clean. I had lanterns like the ones on backorder in my old kitchen in Virginia and they were pretty easy to keep clean. In this home, we have a series of bell jar lanterns and they are a pain. They just collect dust and little debris in the glass vessels My husband takes them down about twice a year but it is not fun.

And I do have a housekeeper but we prefer to do these ourselves as they are pretty breakable. Have a beautiful weekend Tina!!!

Tina of course you have such timeless and classic taste. It is all going to come together and be so beautiful. I can’t wait! Love everything you have picked out especially the wallpapers.

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