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Good morning! I am thankful this Thursday. Thankful that Teddy is doing better and is home where he belongs.  It is nice that things are slowly starting to get back to normal. Teddy is doing well, we are lavishing  him with lots of attention and love. He is doing great all things considered and enjoys his daily visits from family and friends. The love is truly heart warming  and I cannot tell you how great it is to have him here.  I promise I will take some pictures of Teddy in action once he is “camera ready”….at the rate he is going, I bet it will be sooner than later. Many thanks for the emails and comments that continue to pour in on his behalf:) Many of you have asked about whats going on in the “back end” about those dogs that attacked him. We have a court date but there is a possibility that something could happen sooner. I am frankly not at all comfortable for my sake, Teddy’s sake or any of our neighbors sake knowing those dogs are here. They have proven what they can and will do…and its been at the expense of a really traumatic event for us but even worse, the loss of a dog for another family. So this continues and I will keep you posted as things happen…….moving on!

With all the chaos surrounding Teddy’s unfortunate ordeal, my online store’s one month anniversary slipped by a few days ago, but no time like the present to celebrate. I am offering a wonderful giveaway to celebrate my store’s one month anniversary! All details at the bottom of this post.  I was chomping at the bit to get back to it and refresh, add and update the store. Many of you have asked about my getting more blue and white…well your wish is my command and I am thrilled to have added the following items to my site!!

Say hello to the newcomers…………

22″tall ginger jar, perfect as a pair or as part of staggered grouping

And am getting a few pieces from this fabulous ultra luxe pattern, the beige and gold!!
Got just two pieces of this extraordinary planter, the colors are just magnificent!

And how great is this little tray…was always looking for a small tray for my husbands closet where he can put his phone, change, watch,etc…..and I have a “thing” for crests so this was perfect, also adding to my online store……best part is NEVER needs polishing!!!! That makes these pieces priceless in my book:)

In addition, the European Kitchen line which is extremely popular has just been restocked. I was out of stock on the bread boards and Spanish olive trays and dough bowls…happy to say these items are back in stock!

The trivets and Spanish olive boards are amazing for every day use and entertaining

These look great with  a nice wedge of cheese, crackers and grapes……..

Love the line…how great is the Bavarian bread board too?

        Tried to add a few pretty “spring-y” touches to the guest room for my parents……….I like my guests to feel like they are staying in an elegant pristine boutique hotel.

Part of starting a new business is learning the ebbs and flowers of how it works, and of course grappling with the inevitable learning curve. I did and do my best to keep things at a very reasonable price, with a smaller profit margin to make the deals even sweeter. Anyone who considers themselves a savvy shopper who knows high end home furnishings will certainly recognize the discount I provide.  However two of my vendors have recently imposed a price increase which means I have to do the same. It won’t be anything crazy and I am going to keep the prices status quo for the next two weeks to be fair, however the pillows and some of the porcelains are going to be going up approx 10-12%. (this line of pillows even with the price increase is still 30% below retail)!!

You know I greatly value your opinion and much of whats in my store is a reflection of hearing what you all love, what you wanted to see and what you had a hard time finding. One other line I am considering carrying make truly heirloom quality wood and pewter pieces, their things are out of this world beautiful. I would offer an approx. 25-30% discount off of full retail. What are your thoughts on the following items?

Adore these pewter salt and pepper shakers!!!!

I own this tray and it is outrageously beautiful for every season!

How great are these Equestrian themed napkin rings!

I couldnt’ resist this one……loooove it!

Always  a sucker for birds anything….a pair of pewter birds, love it.
Love this pewter and antler handled soup tureen
Loving this pewter and antler parlor tray
One of the “Rolls Royces” of the line…this incredibly beautiful carving board measures a whopping 33″ long but they do have some smaller sizes too
Too cute squirrel nut bowl…adorable!
Gotta get this topiary salt and pepper.
Flower and bees cheese board…… ready!
You know I LOVE anything with pheasants…love this sauce bowl
And this lovely pair of pheasants waiting to grace a dining table…..
So…………what do you think? Are you as in love with this line as I am?
And finally a thank you and shout out to my lovely friend, Michele from Hello Lovely. Her blog is like a gift waiting in my mailbox every morning. Talk about someone who is a salt of the earth kind of girl, someone who knows how to keep it real and has a beautiful eye for all things lovely! She is amazingly sweet, someone I feel a connection with, a wonderful writer who knows how to captivate and above else a truly kindred spirit. She sent me a “care package” with such gorgeous bling, I nearly fainted!! After the harrowing week I had, this was a sight for sore and exhausted eyes and kind of like the ultimate “pick me up”!! She buys for her store with nothing but love and passion, and it shows. Her beautiful vintage finds are extraordinarly well priced (major perk) and I think you will love what you see….click here to visit her Etsy shop. Thank you Michele, will think of you every time these are worn:)
The three wonderful items sent to me…………adore them!
LOVE this darling spoon pin with mother of channels my inner Julia Child and since I love to cook, this is perfect!

A girl needs some bling….how beautiful and showstopping is this gorgeous rhinestone bracelet! I adore this, it channels my inner Hollywood

This lovely leaf pin is also a beauty, classic and elegant, can see wearing this with many things and this channels my more conservative, classic style.
Bravo Michele!
Now whats a celebration of a special milestone without a giveaway!! So today I am giving away one of my best selling items, I have sold so many of these wonderful beautiful old world trays….perfect for a vanity, bathroom, a bar or to use for entertaining, this fabulous filigree silver NEVER WILL TARNISH OR NEED POLISHING (that makes it priceless). I love this one and own one myself,  the etching alone makes it a must have! All you need to do is visit my store, come back here and tell me an item or two that’s your absolute favorite, that’s it! If you want a second chance, then leave me a comment on Facebook, click here to visit The Enchanted Home’s page on Facebook. I will announce a winner on Saturday morning. Friday night is the deadline to be eligible.

Click here to visit my store………
A number of people have asked me what my best selling items are. So I had fun thinking about this question and took it a step further and made a mosaic of some of my best sellers, the neat thing is that every category has been very well received, so that’s very validating. I have some other really exciting things in the near future in addition to what’s above and if there is something  in particular you would like to see….let me know!

Phew…..sensation overload? Sorry I do get excited and carried away when I am looking at and dealing with home accessories!! Can never get enough and its great to be concentrating on something beautiful that makes me happy…..thanks for your support and feedback! Hope you have a wonderful day.


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Great news on Teddy! I know you must be so relieved.

I love the blue and white jars and silver trays! I have a pretty large collection of Chinese Export porcelain and I think some of your pieces will complement them perfectly!

The guest bath is gorgeous! Can you share the color of the vanity? It has just enough color to make things interesting without comprising the spa like feeling!

Nancy in Raleigh

Good morning, sweetie!

I feel so grateful and happy to know Teddy is back home again! It’s the best thing you could tell us today.

Your store is just one of my favorite places to go lately. I love the fact you’re always adding new things there. We have to keep checking it out! 🙂

What a wonderful giveaway! I’d be jumping up and down if I win!!! 🙂

One more thing, Michele is of the kindness person I know. She made something so special for Matthew when he was born and it stays beside his crib. I wake up many times and look at it and think of her and her beautiful personality. That someone I hope I can always have “around”. 🙂


Luciane at

Happy news on your Teddy! Sending healing thoughts his way – xo. Your European Kitchen section is to die for… large rectangular trivet is my favorite! Thanks for such a wonderful blog – I enjoy it every morning over my cup of coffee.

So happy Teddy is on the mend (-:

I absolutely love your blog and your store. Hard to pick my favorite items. I do LOVE the Staffordshire dogs and the Silver Gallery Tray. I really hope you will get the carving tray….AMAZING!!

Hope to win the beautiful silver tray!

Good to read your Teddy is on the mend! I *LOVE* my little blue and white box and the mirror, that I purchased, from your online shop!! Perfection!! I am certain I’ll be shopping again, and sooner rather then later. Linda

Wow wee, so much to LOVE and ADORE! Well, I am very much enjoying my wonderful trivet, monogrammed linens and canvas print that I bought from you and will absolutely be shopping again very soon. Love the new blue and whites, that gold pieces are gorgeous and all the European things are next on my list. Love your wonderful eye, Tina!

So very happy for you that Teddy is on the mend and doing well.I have no doubt that beinge surrounded by so much love is the best medicine out there for him!

PS Please get those pewter/wood pieces,I will be the first in line to buy them. LOVE that line. And I would love to be a guest with that beautiful bathroom!

I love everything about your blog. There are so many things in your store that I would love but my favorite is the 2 Cherubs Playing for the garden. Then again if I were to go back I would probably pick another item since so many are wonderful.

Hi Tina, Glad to hear about Teddy and his recovery so far I just hope that it continues and he is back to himself in no time. In your store i am a huge fan of the newer colorful pieces of porcelain that you brought in – I also love either the dough bowls or that wood grain measure type bowl thing. You have beautiful stuff in your store and blog. Keep it up!

Your store is fabulous Tiina and I can’t believe how big it’s getting. You kkeep offering more wonderful things and I’ll go take a look later toda. I love my Spanish olive tray and it’s getting a lot of use so might need another one of those.

I’m so happy Teddy is doing better and I pray for his continued health. I bet he’s thrilled to be home with his family. Give him a big hug from me!

Enjoy your day!

Tina, so hard to pick what makes my heart sing, but I guess I have to say any blue and white porcelain. Love anything with oriental motif . Oh, and of course silver trays, your store is beautiful. My daily routine includes checking out your goodies. So glad teddy is home! Have a wonderful day

TOO MUCH TO LOVE! I TRULY LOVE IT ALL TINA! The wood pieces for kitchen, all that blue and white, the porcelains, wow its just amazing! My sister in law bought 3 blue and white pieces from you (she collects and I told her about your new store) she said your prices are almost half of what she is used to paying! Love love your store, your taste and your blog.

So thrilled Teddy is home at last. Cannot wait to see pictures of him in his yard happy and running again.

So glad that Teddy Bear is on the mend. :^)

Tina, it’s hard to pick just one thing from your store, but if I had to, I think it would be either an antique dough bowl or a ginger jar. Love it all though and the new additions you are planning are just as divine!!

I too am glad to hear your sweet dog is on the mend…
I enjoy reading your blog so much, my husband and I are about to start construction on our own home so reading about yours has been such a treat and learning experience as well.
Love all your store items – can’t wait to treat myself sometime soon…
If I have to pick a favorite it would have to be that French mirror…

Tina –

It is hard to pick a couple of favorites from your online store. I do lover the blue and white and the canvas art. Also, the pewter items are beautiful and would be great addition. I am so happy for you and your family with Teddy’s continued recovery and that he is doing so well! Thank you and congrats on the one month anniversary of the store! ~Tammy

I’m really liking that pillow in “new arrivals”. So sorry to read about Teddy as I just came home from vacation. It’s frightening to think that a pack of dogs is allowed to roam to harm or kill at it’s whim. I do hope that the law will do what’s right and put those dogs down.

So happy to hear that Teddy is on the road to recovery. Can’t wait to see more pics of that sweet boy. I’m excited about your give away. I love the lead crystal hurricane candles and Bavarian bread boards in your shop – although everything in your shop is awesome. Hugs to Teddy – and you.

I love the long dough bowl. I have had my eye on it since your store opened last month. I also love the blue and white pieces, the silver and the new candles in the crystal that you have added. Glad to hear that Teddy is home and recovering well.

Hmmm well I already said on the Facebook page that EVERY item is my favorite!! But if I’m picking one, I’ll go with the white/gold Staffordshire dogs because I have always wanted a pair.

Thrilled to hear sweet Teddy is on the mend. Xx, Sarah

I love all of the bread boards, dough bowls, and the “no polish needed” pieces! Great store!

Michelle in NC

It is so great to hear that Teddy is doing well! My children and I have been following his progress eagerly.

If I had to pick one item from your lovely shop it would have to be the Large Round Wooden Trivet. Just gorgeous!

Niki in Ontario, Canada

Happy to hear that Teddy is recovering well!!
Tina so love the items at your store!
Oh dear the equestrian napkin rings!! I would love to have these!! Could you email me the price and sending costs? So gorgeous!
Tina, I received a present from Michele as well! I know she is a wonderful person! I love her!!
Hugs to Teddy !

Love the new pieces you highlighted today. One of my favorites is the wood and pewter carving board. The pictures of your guest bathroom I so enjoyed…love all the pieces against the white marble. I am so excited over your give away…what a beautiful piece. Thanks for the chance to own it!

I’ve visited your store a gazillion times and have a wishlist on my notebook here at my desk. I’ve been wanting a pair of Staffordshire dogs forEVER so that’s high on the list. Also love blue and white anything, your canvases (especially the pheasant), the pillows are all on my list too. LOL! I’m honored to be included in your giveaway. Glad Mr. Teddy is home recovering. I hope those dog owners get what they deserve.

So happy Teddy is home and on the mend. Many prayers have been answered.

Love your shop and it’s hard to choose one or two items but I’m crazy about the blue and white porcelain and the silver trays.


LOVE LOVE LOVE the beige and gold planter! It is stunning. Glad to hear the beautiful teddy is doing better. I have all the girls at my office asking about him! I love your blog and look so forward to your posts! Thank you,

love all the silver trays and the no cleaning is a no brainer! Love the wood trivet! So glad to hear about Teddy!

So glad to hear that both you and Teddy are recovering!

I love every single piece of silver in your shop! Please add that pair of silver pheasants to the store. I have few friends that would love to meet here at my new house!

Thanks fora wonderful giveaway.

Good morning darling, I’m so glad to hear your precious Teddy is improving daily. Our animals become such and intricate part of our lives, more than animals they are our family. Love, love, love all that you’ve added. Can a person get enough blue and white with a touch of silver thrown in? My answer is No.. can never get enough… What a kind and generous thing for you to do… I would be so honored to be the winner of the beautiful tray..Your blog is always one I can’t rush to come to each day, always so uplifting, you make us feel right at home… hugs ~lynne~

Thank God Teddy is mending so beautifully! WHEW!!! An answer to so many prayers. So much heartbreak around this whole ugly episode! Love your new online shop offerings! Congrats on one month in operation! I know you are going to be around for a LONG TIME!!! I adore the scalloped blue & white porcelain planter and the new flat-topped ginger jar with the dragon motif! I could shop all day here! Marvelous giveaway! Thank you, Tina!!

I am so glad your precious dog is better. You can see his gentle nature just from your pictures of him.

Your shop is delightful. On the porcelain tab, I like the one that is the third row on the left–the first one—absolutely gorgeous! All of your silver items are spectacular. Also love the long thing bread holder with the handle and it is pictured with grapes.


I love the idea of thankful Thursday and I’m so glad Teddy is doing better! Life is always better when we think of what we have to be thankful for. AND I never get sick of the blue and white pottery, it’s just so beautiful!!

Give Teddy a hug for me! My heart goes out to him.
I love the squirrel nut bowl. Adorable. You have such a great eye for what appeals to your readers. Keep up the great work!

I still love your monogrammed guest towels, oh and the pretty toile candle. best wishes to teddy – and you with your business.


Love love your online store so many beautiful things! Several years ago I saw a pair of blue and white Tulipieres (online catalogue Source Perrier – no longer in business). Any chance you might carry such an item?? I think they sold for approx. $125 or so for one.
Thanks much,
[email protected]

Congrats Tina, hard to believe it’s already been one month.
I love almost every single item in your store, but I right now I’m espcially loving AP16 little blue and white scalloped planter, and AP43 Blue and white planter with Ormolu trim. LOVELY!!!
I’ve got my little fingers crossed for that darling silver tray.
Regarding your ideas for new items: I adore those little pewter S&P shakers the urns full of fruit. I love the cute little squirrel and nut bowl too. Very nice. And I’ve never seen anything else like them.
Best wishes for continued success on your store. And good luck to me!!! Ha ha.
Also give Teddy a hug. Glad to hear that he continues to get better every day.

I love the newest silver tray — the really large one. I’ve been lusting for it and have seen it at several design stores for SO MUCH MORE. I’ll definitely be saving for it!

Thanks for the great items at great prices.

First of all, thank goodness Teddy is home where he belongs. Bless his little heart, I think of him each day and wish him a speedy recovery.

Love seeing the success you’re having right out of the gate with your shop!!! I am in LOVE with the new trays with the antler handles. Please carry those!! 🙂

And, that new “no polish” tray is stunning and practical.
Sending hugs from this side of the Sound!

xoxo Elizabeth

Tina, so happy Teddy is home, as Dorothy says “There is no place like home”!
Love your store, thank you for the opportunity to win the amazing silver tray.
I love the ginger jars, and the olive tray! I hope you carry the antler tray, I have a sister in law who would love it for Christmas! Congrats on your store and so happy Teddy is better!

tina, i love your blog and beautiful store. i’m so glad to hear your sweet teddy is on the mend. in the store, i love any of the blue and white items – your decorating style has inspired me to start a collection of blue and white and bring out my silver pieces that have been stored away. thanks!

The store is wonderful! You have so many beautiful pieces and reasonably priced. I am obsessed with all the silver. I covet the silver footed planter. The one with the wood/bone handles. This would look great on my entry table with some Orchids. I love the large planter as well! Even the lowliest of flowers would look great arranged in that. I am glad that Teddy is doing so well. Continued prayers for full recovery!

Katie in Charlotte

So glad to hear Teddy is feeling better! Conratulations on your store anniversary! I’m smiling at your excitement over your home accessories – I used to have a shop a few years ago and when the home accessories delivery would come I would get soooo excited – I was like a child at Christmas – every day unpacking all the treasures and ooohing and aaahing over everything. You seem to be enjoying your new business so much – I love seeing people being happy in what they do! Wishing you continued success and more importantly happiness in your new venture.


Looking forward to seeing Teddy again in your posts!
I love the tray your giving away! I have wanted that very tray,as well as the beautiful ornate “one of a kind” ornate mirror!

ps almost forgot – love the blue and white – ginger jars are the best – and people ususally buy in pairs!! Adore the square based (10th photo down) blue and white piece with the lid! Pewter trays divine.

Congratulations on your one year anniversary! There are so many items I love in your shop ~ the European Kitchen items are fabulous, along with some of the garden items . . . and silver always holds a special place in my heart.

So happy that Teddy is back home where he belongs . . . I’m continuing to pray for a full recovery soon.


Wonderful to hear that Teddy is doing well, at home with you. Tina, your online shop is such a treasure for those of us who adore the beautiful things you have in your home. The giveaway is so exciting; I’ve loved your silver line! As far as a favorite item? Oh my, you could literally spin me around and wherever I point, I’m certain I could find a place for that item! And yes, bring on the pewter — that little wooden bowl with squirrel and nut are just adorable! Have a beautiful day, my friend. Nan

So glad about your darling Teddy! Favorite item from your store? That’s tough, but I’m going with the classic lines of the urn planter, or the gorgeous needlepoint pillow with the antlers.

I love all your blue and white! The olive teays are pretty great too. Thanks for the chance . Happy one month , plus;)
So happy to hear about Teddy’s continued progress!

Tina, you have so many beautiful items in your shop, but I must admit I am partial to the white Staffordshire dogs. Speaking of dogs, so glad Teddy is on the mend. Michele is a jewel in blogland! Love her design aesthetics and her heart, she is so genuine and generous. I love her shop and have ordered a couple of pieces and she sent a sweet extra pair of earrings with my last purchase. She is quite the lady, indeed.
Loving your wood pieces that you are carrying, I can see using them to serve cheese and fruit and breads. I think your new shop is carrying so many lovely pieces that can be used by just about anyone, xo Kathysue

omg the parlor tray with antler whatever…WOW.

i am relieved Teddy is at home and will feel better when this nightmare finally ends for your family and neighborhood.

thanks so much for the shoutouts–you are crazy! and i am humbled because your blog is becoming legendary.

you make me smile, lovely lady.

with gratitude.


Hi Tina,

Like you, I’m a dog lover so anything with a dog imprinted is a favorite – art, pillows, statuary, …… Silver trays are a favorite in my home. Everything from my precious wedding sterling to trays to picture frames is gently polished and carefully packed away and brought out for special events or seasonal use. Your lovely give-a-away would be a wonderful addition. Thank you for sharing. Welcome home Teddy!

Great news about Teddy, I know you are so happy to have him home! They really are like another member of the family aren’t they?

I am really wanting that silver tray, item SW15, sooo gorgeous and will definitely be my next purchase. I’m loving the things I already bought, the green porcelain bird plate (I got it direct from the company the day after I emailed you!), Seda toile candle & soap, small silver tray, blue & white soap dishes, ADORE them all!

Gorgeous new items for the store, can’t wait to shop again!

I can’t even come up with one general AREA!! I love the monogrammed linen, the “silver”, and the porcelain planters. I so enjoy your blog & now your store, Tina.

Yay for Teddy! Glad to hear he is bouncing back.
As for my favorite item in your shop, I’m in love with your vintage stretched canvas prints! I want the girl with the geese one. Great giveaway!

Just one thing…or one of each? Your blog, your shop and your sweet Teddy are highlights of my life!

I’m happy to hear that Teddy is getting better! As to your shop, I love anything blue and white and particularly love the covered bowels, boxes and ginger jars. I also love the linens, they’re so classic and elegant.

Yes!!! I was hoping for some good news!

And yes to your new items. And bring in that squirrel bowl. (Hubby is referring to our kids as his smurfs or squirrels!).

Michele is wonderful and has become a really close friend. I adore her and she will always have my 110% support. And so will you Ms. Tina!



I want/need/gotta have the monagrammed coctail napkins. Also, the topiary salt/pepper shakers will be so sweet on any table..when you get them! Hopefully, I will be able to order something soon! So happy Teddy is home where he belongs.

Janis Covington Stufflebean
[email protected]

Love that silver tray,,,,oh wait,,,,maybe the blue and white ginger jar is my fave…oh no, wait…it’s the scalloped planter…oh wait….! 🙂 love it all! So glad the furry child is recovering. I know he is glad to be home to his boys….! Laura Roe

Tina, whew! So much to process! Love those equestrian napkin rings – I think that line looks like a big hit!!! The spring touches in the bathroom are beautiful. Most importantly, I am thrilled Teddy is home and doing better. I haven’t had a chance to post earlier, but I’ve been thinking about your fur baby and your family!! My little Maltese was attacked when she was a puppy, and it was extremely traumatic. To this day, she is very fearful of most other dogs. Fortunately, she too recovered – and we are so lucky to have our fur babies as part of our family. xo, Traci

Phew my head is full of goodies now…I need to think through my comment… Those fist new blue and white loovvvveelliiness~!!!Lots of wonderful goodies to mull over and over Tina. The tray for your giveaway is so much on my wishlist! Looks glam very glam.

Hugs to Teddy and You dear one!


I am positively swooning over the crest pillows! I love them and all of the goodies in your store! What a great giveaway from a fantastic blog! So glad to hear your good news on Teddy!



Hi Tina,

So glad to hear Teddy is home, and doing well:)

It’s hard to pick a favorite…I adore the Large Planter blue & white, and I’m loving the European Kitchen Line. Especially the Bavarian Bread Boards. Makes me want to start baking some delicoius homemade bread, while wearing that “gorgeous rhinestone bracelet,”….love, even though it’s not an item in your store.

All the best to you & your lovely online store,


SOOOO very glad Teddy is on the mend with LOTS of well deserved TLC home!!!!

Where did you ever find the Spanish Olive Boards… so unique & versatile.. a MUST HAVE!!!!! way to go on your Shop Anniversary… some really wonderful items in stock.. thanks for an opportunity to win the fabulous filigree silver ..just a PLUS that it will NEVER TARNISH OR NEED POLISHING.. saves time to do more shopping!!! wishing you continued success,


So glad you are working through this ordeal with Teddy and that he will have a full recovery. Can’t wait to see more photos of him basking in the sun.

Love all your new pieces. The blue and whites, the tapestry pillows, and silver are gorgeous!. I’m traveling at the moment – when I get back I will post some photos of some of the pieces I’ve purchased. The canvas print is perfect. I’m considering two more 🙂

Have a wonderful day!


Love so many of your items in the store, it’s hard to pick. Probably would have to go with the silver and blue transfer wear.

Michelle Britt

I am in love with the lighting fixtures you carry. My husband and I are looking at houses and when we finally find that perfect home I will definately be buying one of the lanterns! I just adore them.

Tina, so glad to hear Teddy is better. I felt sure he would make it through this ordeal.
I love this tray and went to order it, only to find it missing. Will you get more?
That said, SW08 is such a classic–love it!
Kisses for Teddy

I love the little silver tray you are looking at to sell(for your hubby’s closet). I have a wish list going on for things from your store. It’s so hard to narrow it down. I’m so glad everything turned out OK with Teddy. Blessings to you and your family as you go thru this ordeal.

Love your new blue & white planter with gold accents and the dark rich color on the new bread boards is gorgeous!

The line is beautiful Tina, I adore the fancy carving board and the soup bowl, love pheasants too(:
It is unbelievable that the scary dogs are still there…the owner of them should be ashamed of himself for continuing to pose such danger to others and possibly even to his own kids…really can’t believe that!

with your giveaway, you reminded me that the tray is the one I meant to order from your store, so I will hop to it…it is my favourite one there!
ciao Z

The tray is beautiful, would love a chance to win it! I also love the planter with the birds on it with the light green handles.

So glad to hear your sweet pup is on the mend. I live in Texas, and those dogs that attacked Teddy would already have been put down.

Lisa S.

Tina how could I pick one favorite? I love my dough bowl and my linens, next thing on my lists is silver and pillows and one of those new hurricane crystal candles!
So happy mothers day and my birthday are near, haha.
All so beautiful, love all the new blue and whites and European things.
Please give Teddy a big hug from me, so happy to see your adorable teddy bear is home in safe hands, getting lots of love, much deserved.

So glad that Teddy is on the mend!! I have sooo many favorites….I love all of the silver trays and the planters….oh, and all of the blue and white!! Thanks for a great giveaway.

Oh my, choosing is so difficult in your wonderful store. I do love all the silver items and
it would be great to win your
So, happy Teddy is on his way
to a full recovery.
Carole R.
[email protected]

Love the blue needlepoint pillows and the pewter carving board. I have some of my grandmothers pewter things that I just love. All of your pewter things are great.
I can’t wait for my new pillows to land on my door step!!!
So happy Teddy’s home with you. I bet he is real happy too!
Thank you, Cameron

Wow! This is one power packed post, Tina!! I am SO happy to learn that dear Teddy is doing well. Bless his heart. Great that your parents are there, and I do believe that they will feel special there!
I LOVE your new pieces. I love the blue and white pieces and the pewter and wood tray! You have so many beautiful things.
The gifts are beautiful, Tina. Michele is one generous lady and this is one great care package!
Beautiful giveaway, as always, Tina.
Happy Thursday.

Very happy that Teddy is doing better. I love the things in your store. My favorite item is the Gorgeous Pheasant pillows. My second Favorite is the is all the blue and white tranferware.Awsome store.

Wonderful news!! You must be so thrilled and over joyed with happiness to have your Teddy home again! I love your things, I see a lot of things I’d buy if I were close or accessible to. I love the oriental things, all of them!! Fabulous store! Lots of hugs,

I love AP29 (which is a beautiful porcelain bowl) and your dough bowls are beautiful! Personally, it is very difficult to narrow it down to two favorites! I’d love one of each! Take care, Tina! Glad Teddy is on the mend!

All the best!

So happy about Teddy. I love all the pewter items you are considering, especially the wood trays. My favorite item you are selling is the huge gallery tray in the New Arrivals section, although I must admit I have a hard time picking one item. I am especially fond of the new blue and white ginger jar you have not listed yet. Michele’s gifts were lovely and so thoughtful.
All the best…Victoria

Love everything in your store….the silver especially. One of my favorite things is the new Ritz Carlton candle presented in cut glass! I have a cut glass lidded piece identical to it and am currently using it as a planter for an orchid with the lid lolling at the side.

So happy to know about Teddy! Thank you for keeping us updated. I was thinking about the outpouring of prayers & support you said you received – how wonderful! Now think of all the others who read that terrible story & did not post (me!) but, did say silent prayers for you and your family and then told others who were equally moved. Powerful prayer chains sending Teddy all good thoughts! Anyway, I am a blue & white girl with a touch of yellow so your store & style are right up my alley. I love the wood trays too; I don’t have anything like that for my kitchen. All the best & congratulations on your 1 month anniversary!

So glad that Teddy is recovering and back with you so that you can lavish him with attention. Hope he’s fully recovered soon! The expansion of your blue and white porcelain pieces is dazzling and the gold and cream designs are lovely too. The silver planters, especially those with lavish engraving, are elegant. You’ve made excellent selections! Nancy

Soo happy to hear Teddy is doing better!! LOVING all of the new blue and white! I can’t pick just one thing so I’ll say anythign blue and white. Seriously, I could close my eyes and point to the screen and I’d be happy with whatever my finger landed on. Love it!

So happy that Teddy pulled through all of his turmoil! He must be so relieved to be home.
My favorites in your store are one of the canvas paintings, the lady and child and I love, love, love the yellow tole painted tray with birds.

thank god it was not you they attacked- it happen about a month ago to a sweet lady. a nurse. out for a run when three dogs almost killed her. she is goig to pull thur but will carry the scars phys and mentally the rest of her life. her husband is an attorney so i hope she gets the lease law changed, enjoy your second chance with teddy. i love your trays and also the new planters.

Your silver tray selections in your store are a sophisticated answer to a functional problem: where to put my pocket stuff. Love them!

Hi Tina, Your shop is fabulous and stocked with fantastic items that make it nearly impossible to choose a favorite. I love the Lemon topiary and the Staffordshire dogs, however, I would find it easy to find a place for that beautiful silver tray!
I’m so very happy you have your precious Teddy home with you. I’m sure he’s happy too.

Cathie Watson

I love all of your shop selections. Someday, I would like to decorate my whole house with your timeless and classic pieces.
However, I am in desperate need of art for my walls and I would love to start with the Little Girl and the Ducks, she reminds me of my granddaughter.
So happy to hear that your precious Teddy is on the mend!

Wonderful news about Teddy, it must have been a horrible experience and not easy dealing with the dog owners to come up with an acceptable resolution. I adore the equestrian theme napkin rings and that crest tray! Best, Sarah

What a relief to have Teddy home, I just know he is loving the TLC he’s getting! May he get stronger each day!
And how kind of your friend to send such a lovely care package…

What gorgeous pieces, Tina! The bathroom is out of this world too.
I would love to enter your giveaway, thank you! It is so hard to pick just two favorites from the shop…but I really love the Viennese Blooms candle, and the celadon toile dish! I am a boudoir girl… 🙂
Love and light your way,
– Irina

So happy to know that Teddy is doing well and quickly recovering from such a terrible ordeal! I love your new items! At least one of them I shared a few weeks ago as items I’ll have in my store. I guess that’s confirmation of my good taste!

Oh I hope Teddy keeps improving and his usual happy self in no time! I hope the problem with the other dogs is rectified ASAP!
I love the way you’ve created such a lovely bath for your guests! I’m sure your parents felt loved and special with all you did.
What sort of lacquer is on the tray to keep it from tarnishing? Would polishing remove it? I think that tray is a real sparkler!

I’m so glad Teddy is home and recovering and look forward to seeing new pics of his sweet little face. Your store has so many lovely items but right this moment I’m going to choose the PA22 Stunning Porcelain Planter. The silver tray you’re giving away would look perfect in my bathroom. It just happens to be another one of my favorites.:)

My favorite is the flat topped blue and white ginger jar– AP 39 Beautiful flat topped Ginger jar. I am so glad I discovered your blog. It is such fun!

Hello Tina–I just wanted to say that I am so very thrilled to read that Teddy is home and recovering well. He will continue to be in my thoughts. Dear, sweet boy. How we love our Goldens. I took my Ben on a ferry yesterday and was so proud of him–he was a real trooper.
Wishing you continued success for your amazing store too! Bon weekend!

Will the large planter (one of two) go up on your web site. I think it would display well with my collection of CHinese export rose mandarin porcelain…that I wouldnt put plants in! but this could be lovely companion…I am seeing orchids in it as you have illustrated.

oh my goodness, it’s been far too long since I was here. I am def heading over to you store after this – congratulations! I’m so sorry to hear about Teddy, it sounds like it was horrible. I hope common sense prevails and the aggressive dogs are destroyed. My youngest daughter was bit in the face by a dog a family members dog a few years back, and while we intervened quickly and no major physical damage was done, the emotional effect is something different. why in the world do people own these animals?

I love this: Item number SW02. I have used these for a grouping of small plants as a centerpiece or a tight grouping of lollipops for a shower or birthday party. All of the silver items, vintage and otherwise, are wonderful and make me happy just to look at!

Hi Tina~ ~
I love the items in your shop. I specially adore the silver pedistal dish and the garden urn of the same shape. I see a trend here! It would be such a treat to own the silver tray.
Pewter is one of my favorites but so difficult to find at a reasonable price. Thanks for your generosity.
~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

I am so happy about Teddy! What great news that he is recovering at home. Love to him!
I adore everything in your shop and I love how you handpick things. I think I am going to say the blue and white ginger jars are my favorite of the moment. But in a few minutes, I might change to your silver trays!!! Have a great weekend, Sweets!!!

Fantastic news about Teddy! I was thinking about you & Teddy, but hadn’t received my blog post in my inbox, so I came looking for an update. I’m so happy to hear that he’s coming along!!!

I saw this giveaway when I visited and can’t help but enter. The tray is STUNNING!! In visiting your store a few times, I can’t help but love the lightfixtures! The deep cut lantern is my fav!! :O)

So glad to hear about Teddy and will be anxious to hear what happens to the dogs that did this to him. I would not feel comfortable at all knowing that they were still roaming around. Love, love the pewter pieces awesome as is everything else. Have a great weekend and congratulations on your wonderful success. Mona…..

Come see my giveaway too, I think you would enjoy it , if you won.

I am new to your blog and have been reading your updates on Teddy, it really tugged at my heart strings, since the same thing happened to my Teddy dog, a little old Lhasa Apso boy. He was the same as your Teddy in that he was loving and trusting to all and loved for other dogs to come visit him. He suffered deep wounds, but recovered after a hospital stay. Unfortunately, we never found the dog that attacked him, which worries me for other dogs and small children.
I have to say I love many of the beautiful treasures in your shop, but what caught my attention is the Bell jar lanterns. I have a hole with wires sticking out where a foyer light should be, and would love one of these to fill it, maybe the tulip etched one. I’m just not sure if my ceiling is high enough at only 95 1/2″ high. Any thoughts would be appreciated, however I know you are pressed for time. Thanks for your lovely blog, I so enjoy your writing, you have a gift, not to mention I adore seeing your beautiful home and all the beautiful picures! I also love your “one word” interviews! Take care

I love Vagabond House. Wonderful pieces. At a discount would make them a wonderful addition to your store. Have you looked a their Vintage Vagabond collection? A fun, edgy collection.
Sandra Jensen
ps so glad Teddy is doing so well. Thought about him and your family alot. Hug him from me!!

Well you have so many lovely things in your shop its hard to choose a stand out. That said I have to admit that your needlepoint pillows, especially the pheasants tug at my heart. Hope Teddy is rapidly recovering.

Ok first and foremost, so glad Teddy is on the mend! My what an ordeal! I am a big animal lover and that is just outrageous that those dogs are roaming your neighborhood! I personally think they should all be put down!!! There is no way if I were the owner that I would want something like that to happen again or worse attack a human! Just crazy! Now into the store! I will take one of everything! I LOVE all of the new things (pewter) you are thinking of carrying! Wow!


So happy to hear Teddy is home and on the mend. Your shop has the most lovely things for any home. So many things are on my virtual “wish list”…maybe you should add a wish list to your shop…or have you already?

I read on the Buzz Blog that you don’t really use Pinterst! Really? So many of your images are pinned I am quite certain!


So happy to hear that Teddy is home!! I bet he is so happy to be back with his family too! I think that does a lot for recovery too. Hope you have a great weekend!

Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

Such great news about Teddy! Pups really do become a part of the family.
Your store is fantastic. I love all the silver pieces and the lighting. We’ve been looking at jar lights for awhile and I think you have some of the prettiest I’ve seen!

I am so thrilled that Teddy is doing well. I am also so happy that your business is going well. It is so inspiring how you jumped in with both feet and went for it. i need to follow suit with a project of mine. I love the bread boards and the silver trays the best. This one you are giving away is gorgeous. I could see in on my vanity.

Your home accessories are luscious but nothing would be more wonderful than a photo of Teddy’s sweet face, camera ready or not, I am sure that those of us who took him into our hearts and prayers would be thrilled to see a picture of him, shaved, drains and all. Please??

Tina – hearing that Teddy is better each and every day gives me hope that tomorrow will be a better day for everyone! Thank you so much for sharing and please give him a hug from his ‘Aunt Jalon’- love all your goodies and am going to go sharing on FB now! Enjoy your weekend.


Hello my friend! Happy Friday! I am so excited to hear the Teddy is home, and of course getting better by the day. Love heals all wounds.

Did you have a fabulous time with your parents? Do tell, what yummy treats did you make?

I think your new “prospects” are FABULOUS! I loved these things when you wrote about them last year, the little acorn bowl, I am in love.

Congratulations on your avviversary! Thank you for sharing your lovely gifts anf finds.

Enjoy your Teddy and your weekend, Elizabeth

Dang…sorry I missed this giveaway….that will teach me to be lax on blog reading :). Love those silver trays that don’t need polishing!!!

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