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Good Thursday morning lovely readers! Today my fair readers you are in for a fabulous treat. Sit back and allow lovely Michele of Hello Lovely to take you away on her special and picture perfect fall day. We all know and love this special rocker mama who amongst many other talents, sings, paints, decorates, cooks and writes like nobody’s business. Did I mention she is the lead singer in her very own garage band!

I have concluded there’s nothing this pretty lady cannot do! And to boot she is one heck of a nice person, who always has something kind and witty to say. I am a big fan and I think you will be too after reading all about her perfect day. Enough of me, Michele…..take it away!


One word that comes to mind when I think of fall??natural beauty

One of the most wonderful things about fall is…….the gift of not having to repeat 7th grade, APPLES, and the changing colors we enjoy in the midwest

 My favorite fall color is….all
 On a perfect fall day, I would wake up at……first light

To the sound of????sons playing guitar and singing
The view from my window looks something like this….gorgeous

The ideal fall weather could be described this way………low wind and perfect for a hoodie and love
My ideal morning activity would be???creating a painting or a song that will bring happiness

This is a fall outfit you might see me in????black and comfy

A favorite product (beauty or otherwise) I like to use as the weather gets nippier????Clarin’s After Sun Self Tanning Moisturizer (for a little golden color)

For a fall breakfast I would indulge in???french toast, fresh fruit, vanilla yogurt, and hot chocolate.

My favorite daytime activity in the fall is????visiting the apple orchard or curling up with a book

Here’s whats on my plate for lunch…….chicken orzo soup, baguette with butter, wild berry

Around 3pm you might find me????making my gooey sourdough cinnamon bread with friends in the kitchen who laugh easily and accept me for the hormonal vixen i am

An afternoon “pick me up” snack might just be……..dark chocolate.

For dinner you might find this cooking on the stove……..pesto lasagne, bruschetta, and roasted vegetables for a dinner party

The perfect way to end a perfect fall day would be??????..a rustic Italian dinner party with good cheeses, amaretto sours, and triple chocolate tiramisu followed by a candlelit concert from my band, with booty shakin and laughing into the wee hours.

Thank you for having me, thoughtful enchanted friend!

See told you she is “all that”! And in case you are wondering about the beautiful “model” up there swathed in black gorgeousness, it is in fact Michele herself.  How can you not like her? Love this post…her ideas of gooey sourdough bread, the boisterous laughter of friends and guitar strumming filling the air and that perfect fall meal has my name all over it…what time should I be over? And funny, I have used that Clarins product for years ( great secret weapon)! Michele, you rock in  more ways than one…thanks for swinging by and sharing your beautiful take on a perfect fall day with us! For those of who who need more Michele, click here to visit here at Hello Lovely. Thanks to everyone for stopping in…and wishing you a perfect fall day too!

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LOVE your new header, Tina. So soft and warm. Are you choosing the subject for BIO November? Sent you an email. And, I really need to get to know Michelle, she’s beautiful isn’t she? xx’s

I like the sounds of Michelle, she sounds like a lot of fun and like she has young heart. She is a beautiful lady too! I especially loved how she spoke of her kids playing the guitar as a sound she would love to hear when she wakes up, that says a lot about the kind of person she is.
Wonderful job. Thank you.

You are looking beautiful and fallish over here, Tina. Oh I adore Michelle,and her gorgeous blog. What a perfect fall day – waking up to French toast is my heaven!!

Well hello there, LOVELY FRIEND!

Tina, YOUR HEADER!!!! OH this is how my neighborhood looks at the moment; I just walked in from a glorious stroll, enjoying the gardens that are now turning red, orange and yellow.

THIS IS MY KINDA GAL…the soup, the things she finds enchanting, everything is perfect for this snug day I am spending in my house. I wish you a cozy day! Anita

i adore the ‘tall door headboard.
and your french toast looks divine.

great images as always—
i just started painted again, it does wonders for the mind.

It’s 7:30 a.m. on the west coast and I am hungry! Michele is wonderful and I love her sense of humor:) Such pretty images to wake up to!

Tina I adore Michele and everything about her.Her blog Hello Lovely always makes me smile. She is loving and gorgeous as well! Tina thank you so much for having her!

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That last picture is so wonderful. I would love to have an outdoor dinner party like that. Michele seems to really enjoy her life, love her choice in everything from the bedroom to all of her obvious artistic abilties. I am always so amazed at people who just have that gift and good for her for using and enjoying it. This really was a perfect fall day!

Love that new header Tina, so so beautiful.

the fallish header!!!! tina, it’s so beautiful and warm and inviting. love it.

thanks for allowing me to share some stuff i cherish today, and thanks more for: your spirit of generosity, your playful sense of fun, and your ability to elevate the moods of so many in blogland. i honor your friendship.

late night rehearsing with band last night, so i am just now linking up with you.

love to you.


Tina, Michele is one of my favorite blogging buddies. She is a warm, down to earth, beautiful lady inside and out!! Talent galore and a true gift to blogland. So glad you had her here today on your blog, she is a wonderful addition to anyone’s day!!
xo kathysue

Loved this interview with one of my favorite blogging friends! I laughed, as I usually do, at her beautiful writing – esp. the comment about the hormonal vixen! 🙂 Love your new blog header too Tina – how perfect for Fall! It makes me want to change mine too although with all of the school stuff I am doing I am barely keeping my head above water these days!

Oh what a perfect Fall day! I love it! And I love Micheles blog.

HOpe you are having a wonderful fall day! Or perhaps taking a drive down that beautiful road featured in your header.

Let me know what you think of The WAy…

I can so relate to so much of what she said, we are like soul mates. We have a very muscial family so theres always someone strumming along or singing, its a lively household and I wouldnt’ want it any other way. We also have a revolving door, always friends and family stopping in and its the house everyone wants to hang at out. Again I cannot imagine any other way, Michele sounds the same and I love all of her ideas, she is very cool. Thanks Tina for featuring such a fun guest!

What a day! I need this day for myself. I would love to experience even a few hours of a day like this. From morning to night, she got it down pat!

Great fun here.

This is great. I love her laid back vibe and her day litearlly is so perfect,I don’t think I would change a single thing except maybe the wakeup time, haha.

Hi Tina.

Such a wonderful interview with Michele!
Love her images.

Love the fall and oh my you have added some
amazing new things to your collection for your
store front, Tina!


Oh how fun! I am always looking for a Michele fix! Her generosity, creativity, wit and friendship are endless. I adore her!

Wish you both lived closer.

Warm hugs


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