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Good Tuesday morning to you! I am delighted to be here with yet another fabulously talented blogger, say hello to Alison of The Polohouse. If you don’t know of her blog, you must visit…must!!  Alison has superb taste in all she does and I truly anticipate her new posts like a kid waiting for a candy fix. I love her style and chic effortless attention to details. Her own home is magazine worthy perfect, right out of a Ralph Lauren ad. Once you see it you will know what I am talking about. 
If you are like me and never tire of looking at a beautifully done home, then for no other reason do visit The Polohouse!  The format is slightly different today but when I saw what a stunning job she did….I can’t imagine it being any more perfect. Her descriptions make me want to jump in the car and head to the country!! So sit back relax and allow yourself to transport your mind, body and soul with Alison on her perfect fall day……..

When my sweet friend, 
asked me to take create   
a guest posting on what
means to me,
 I hardly had to think about it.

It’s one of my favorite seasons. 
I love the changing of
the leaves and cannot imagine
living somewhere that I might
miss that someday.

Growing up in the 
rolling hills of Pennsylvania,
I spent many  “Sunday drives”
with my parents or grandparents
heading off to view 
nature’s explosion of color 
in October. 

A wonderful family tradition.


Here is a small list 
of some of the reasons
why I love the Fall!
The changing of the leaves.
Friday night 
 football games.

Sweater weather 
and plaid blankets.

Hot mulled apple cider
and iced pumpkin cookies.



Fall decor.

Bonfires and smores.
Pumpkin patches.

Those are a few of
my favorite fall things!
How about you?

Thanks so much 
for allowing me to
take part 
in your Fall guest posts,
I am honored to be here today.

Photos taken and marked by letters
 are from Pinterest .
All others were taken at the Polohouse.

Simply beautiful, Alison. This post single handedly could make any “fall skeptic” an instant believer and convert! Yes to mulled apple cider, Friday night football games, beautiful pumpkin patches, warm fuzzy blankets and idyllic road trips through falls magic. Absolutely stunning! And those charming jockey pictures are taken from Alison’s gorgeous home. Definitely click on over to say hello to Alison  and explore her fabulous blog…….you will be glad you did! Click here.  Thanks Alison and to all of you for stopping in. Wishing every one of you a perfect fall day too:)

PS That picture above with the small stone building surrounded by pumpkins is otherworldly beautiful, a definite keeper….gorgeous!!


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I can’t wait to visit Alison’s blog!! I love her idea of a perfect fall day, and enjoyed all of the beautiful images, but the deal was sealed with the mention of hot apple cider!
Thank you for sharing, Tina.
Happy Tuesday.

What stunning pictures. That last picture, the one you pointed out is spectacular wonder where it is! Alison sounds like she knows how and when to stop and enjoy all of falls gifts. Her day sounds perfect to me, now only if I lived somewhere where we get that kind of foliage. Suddenly I have an urge to move back to the northeast! I will definitely visit her blog, and Tina, I NEVER get tired of looking at beautiful homes! Hope you both have a great day.

Beautiful photos and I am fascinated by what look like mini pumpkins in the grain scoop and surrounding the candle in the lantern. What are they? We had out first fire last night, and the heat came on early this morning. It was a chilly 37 degrees outside – really feels like fall now. Off to check out the Polohouse.

Allison lives close by and I always enjoy seeing her – such a happy person and always smiling! Love those pictures of the fall and I agree- the little stone house and pumpkin patch is precioooous! Susan at Romancing the Home

What a breathtaking post on fall! I have been so busy I haven’t had a chance to really enjoy all these tho has but think a trip to a pumpkin patch is due and maybe s nice drive north on Sunday. Thanks for a beautiful reminder on the gifts that fall gives us.

Beautiful post! I’m so excited about checking out Alison’s blog! The pumpkin patch picture truly was incredible! I was going to ask about the jockey because I love him so much! Glad to know its her own! I may have to start looking for one myself! Isn’t fall just fabulous? I would love to be in New England looking at the leaves right now! Thankfully, it is in the mid 60’s here…but I’m sure it won’t last for long! Better enjoy it now! Loved this! Thanks for sharing it!

Lovely post ladies! I love Polohouse and Enchanted Home! I am particularly drawn to Alison’s equestrian lifestyle since we have that at our home.
Have a great day.

I’ll definitely be popping over to Alison’s blog. Thanks for introducing me to her. Her fall “love” list make me want to change my plans for the day and instead take a long walk somewhere that I can gawk at the fall colors, visit a pumpkin patch, drink hot cider and bake pumpkin cookies! Even if that isn’t on the agenda for the day, at least I got to enjoy a perfect bit of fall in my imagination this morning. Thanks Tina and Alison! XO

Just beautifully done. This makes me feel so excited about fall. We are actually going pumpkin and apple picking on Saturday with my sister and her kids and my whole family, cannot wait! Its an annual tradition and this year we are going to be painting some pumpkins.
I will be visiting Polohouse, her style is just beautiful. Please tell me where you bought your jockey, we have been looking for one for years and the only one I found was damaged and old but now I regret not getting him, since they are so hard to find. If you have any leads, please let me know. Thank you!

Just so much to love when Fall arrives can’t get enough of it. Change of colors, clothes, food, events. Always happy to learn about, new to me, bloggers. Love all the contributions brought to us to enjoy. Thanks ladies Happy Tuesday!

Hi Tina and Alison ~
Fall truly is a glorious season. Thanks for sharing all those wonderful photos. You’ve captured the warmth and beauty of the season perfectly.
Tone on Tone


YOu are absolutely correct Allisons blog is like a Ralph Lauren ad, it is studding! I love each of her posts and am inspired by all of the beautiful things she does.

Thanks for sharing so many beautiful iages!

Have a wonderful day, Elizabeth

Such a nice post. She has the right idea. I need to stop and smell the leaves and take fall in and enjoy it. My life is crazy lately with four young kids and this reminds me to take it slow and enjoy this beautiful season while it lasts. Here outside of Boston things are starting to turn and its beautiful. Thanks to both of you for a mini and much needed break!

Dear Tina,

Thanks so much for allowing me to guest post here today! You have suuch a lovely group of friends here at TEH. Your gorgeous blog brings much pleasure to all of us on a daily basis.

You never fail to inspire and delight us with your home, your style, and your wonderful online shop and its contents.

Thanks so much for doing what you do, and for allowing me to spend a day in your enchanted home, Tina!


P.S. To Maryann — the cement lawn jockey was found recently at an antique/vintage show Minneapolis. Hope you find one too!

oh, tina, i love alison. she does not live too terribly far from me and yet we can never seem to connect.

isn’t her jockey incredible? and her entire home is packed with charm and thoughtfulness.

thanks for sharing this lovely day, blonde bombshells!


Love all of the above. One of my favorite things is the smell of wood burning in the fall. I haven’t seen a single pumpkin patch here in the South of France, but there is that wood burning smell in the air.

Love every single photo and thought! Growing up in Texas, Fall meant…the leaves turn brown and fall of the trees. I never understood what Fall could really be until I moved to the Northeast. And, now I think it might vie for “favorite season” for me!

New to Alison, so can’t wait to visit her!
xoxo Elizabeth

These pictures are so beautiful especially that one with the stone building. I love her ideas and sentiments and think this is someone who really knows how to embrace the season. I love her jockey too, have always wanted one! I love that its made of stone, will go visit her blog now. Always great fun to discover a new one.

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