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Good morning! Busy busy busy over here, yesterday was like napkin ring mania. I got in two huge boxes (nearly all to fulfill orders) and spent the day literally packing, inspecting, admiring, drooling,etc…..yes I had fun!


This post is all about my online shop to address some new things, to answer some questions and feature a few new goodies worth sharing! ?I am thrilled to say that my shop is ?growing and cannot thank you enough for your support. I truly enjoy every minute I spend on it, even the really looooong days….its a true labor of love. Nothing excites me more than a new wonderful discovery and I always buy as though I am buying for my own home (which I often am) and many of my finds were discovered at having been a consumer of those items.

I enjoy your many emails telling me how happy you are with your purchases and loooooove getting your pictures so please keep them coming so I can continue to add them to my online gallery where I feature your enchanted homes! If you haven’t taken a look at the super gorgeous homes of many of my customers featuring their purchases from my shop, click here. Its well worth the click!

As I had stated in a post a few months ago I am introducing a frequent buyer program. With the holidays around the corner, what better time than now to start this! Its a simple straightforward program which will run until Dec. 15th. All details are on the bottom.

LIMITED EDITION NEW GOODIES…….I am also happy to announce the arrival of a few very special items from my favorite vendor of all….just wish I could get more multiples of his things (Ralph Lauren and Martha Stewart buy from him so I am in great company)! I have limited stock on everything shown. I am not sure if these will make it to my online shop as normally when I have only a few of each item they sell before I can get them on,. All priced very well too. ?Have a look…….

Love the classic black and gold tole container, comes in two sizes this is the small
The tall gold one

Gold and black tall planters

Set of 3 blk tole garland planters

Set of 3 red garland tole planters

How gorgeous is this! It comes in two sizes…love this for a bathroom to store cottonballs,q-tips or just for decoration….comes in 2 sizes 12″ and 7′

Love the filigree detailing on the lid

Large and small next to each other

And beautiful etched glass?

How about these elegant vintage looking perfume bottles in clear, light blue, light green and gold. Only $20! Perfect with the holidays coming up…..

And these sweet hand painted tole planters come in sets of 3 in red and black

Added a dried boxwood topiary to this one….

Black and topiaries go together like oreos and milk, don’t you think!

PORCELAINS……..For those of who who asked about my most recent porcelain additions, they are now in my online store. Here they are. I ordered a pair of the ginger jars for myself…simply could not resist! I am in love with them and own the red tureen. The red patterns with the birds is tragically a discontinued pattern so I did not put these online, I have a few pieces of each and I believe on tureen left. These can be found under porcelains, click here.

So Herend like….love this!

NAPKIN RINGS…….The napkin rings are a hot commodity in my online store. I got in some new styles and am working on featuring my napkin rings in their very own category on my online store. I spent the ENTIRE DAY packing up the orders that I just gotten in, I was up to my eyeballs in napkin rings but loved every minute…they are just so gorgeous! I just ?know one day these will be collectibles. Very special. Even more amazingly beautiful in person. Heavy weight, amazing attention to the tiniest detail, all handmade ?and best part….made in the USA! Napkin rings can be found under new arrivals on my online store (but will soon be getting their own category) Every piece is custom made so you can email me if you want something not shown. And before you judge….YES I am obsessed with them (hence the truckload of pictures)

Animal conga line

Awwhhhh… a golden retriever pulling the cart

A peacock

Stag deers

Animal conga line

Squirrel and acorns
Lab and pheasant

Scottie and bunny see saw

Scotty? on park bench?

Dashchunds playing on park bench

Chinoiserie man and lady

The gorgeous horses

Puppy and caboose

The peacock

Lab and pheasant

More dogs

Mama bear and cub

My stag deer rings being put to use

Mama turtle and baby turtle

3 hares talking

Cocker Spaniel going down slide….can be customized

How about the stag deer, perfect for a fall harvest dinner!

Love the chinoiserie man

Bunny and dog see saw (can be customized with your choice of animals)

Cocker Spaniel going down slide (can be customized)

Can’t get enough!

BELL JAR LANTERNS……A new container arrived a few weeks ago ?with some new patterns for the bell jars. They are not up yet on the store site. In addition the tulip etched are due in next month. As always it is always a good idea to email me first about the availability of a particular style or quantity as it changes often. ?Here’s a look at some of the new patterns…….

LINENS……..My linens are a consistent good seller, they are priced so well and the monogram featured which is oversized is really elegant. Makes a fabulous gift. I love giving a bottle of wine with a dozen of the monogrammed cocktail napkins. Or a box of soaps with a set of the monogrammed guest towels. For a bride and groom a set of the dinner napkins makes a gorgeous gift.

The company I buy from only recently started the monogram line, but the core of their business is fine linens and let me tell you they are exquisite! I am considering carrying some of these linens(non monogrammed) and once again they are priced amazingly low compared to other companies and are just so classic. Talk about adding elegance to a dinner table! Here’s a look at some of the other things they do…….what do you think? Some say they are hard to find…..yes or no?

Stunning oversized dinner napkins in a variety of patterns

More dinner napkin options
Beautiful placemats as well…..they also have really beautiful tablecloths

Finally I had mentioned a frequent buyers program a few months ago which some have asked me about lately. As of today, I am announcing a ?buying program effective until Dec. 15th. It is simple and straightforward. Whatever is spent starting today, Oct. 16th ?up until Dec. 15th will qualify for dollars to be used in my online store for any purchases between Jan and April 2013. The breakdown is as follows-

Spend $200- 400 receive $30.00 credit

Spend $401-600 receive $50.00 credit

Spend $600.00-1000 receive $80.00 credit

Anything over $1001.00 receive a $100.00 credit

The credits can be used on anything at any time from Jan 1st through April 1, 2013. As always feel free to ?contact me with any questions you might have, I try to be very good at getting back to people and promise I will do my best to help you out!?

So that’s whats new and exciting over here. I have had a lot of people ask if I will carry Christmas decor. Though I love it and know it would be loads of fun, I am only one person and am going to stay with what I am doing so far, as its as much as I can handle. To deal with seasonal purchases, I would need more help but you know I will share with you happily any great holiday decor finds that I am loving! Look forward to what lies ahead and thank you again for your support and friendship.?

Wishing you a fabulous day.


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