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Good morning! I am posting this the day the superstorm Sandy is due to hit our area.  We had wicked winds last night howling for hours and rain that came down intermittently. The worst is yet to come, I have a feeling power/cable will be down by the end of the day…so if I am not around the next day or two, you will know why.  Cannot imagine not being able to come onto my computer and will so miss being connected to blogland  so hoping it doesn’t happen!  Thank you to all who have emailed me, you are just too sweet and thoughtful. We have all we need, are well prepared and hopefully this will pass soon. In the meantime here is some seriously gorgeous eye candy for your viewing pleasure. To all my friends and readers who are in Sandy’s path, stay safe and may this soon pass with minimal damage and harm!

UPDATE- Thanks to all of your for your concern and kind emails. We are fine, thank God. But Hurricane Sandy, as I am sure you have seen has done quite a number in the tri state area and has devastated some areas beyond description. What we have suffered pales in comparison to many…..just tons of downed trees, loss of power/internet, but our home is safe and sound and so are we and that is what counts! I am writing you from a hotel computer and have limited access but wanted to pop in to update you and say hello and mostly to say thanks for your kindness. Praying for everyone that did not fare as well and hoping for a speedy recovery for all those who lost so much.

This particular post is a bit of anomaly just a fun what the heck kind of post. The things I am posting about today are simple things that I just ADORE……actually let’s scratch that and  make that obsessed with. Seriously gorgeous. They don’t necessarily fit into a particular post so I made one up to fit them! A few things I am madly in love with that I just had to share….
Wedding and specialty cakes. I just know in my former life (or my next one) I was a famous wedding cake designer to the stars. I am just too taken with them and never ever get tired of looking at them. And lets not even ignore the fact that I love to eat cake too:)  Anyone out there like that too? I fell in love with well, every single cake that Bobette and Belle makes and lets just say its a darn good thing I dont’ live near them or I would be a major calker (translation- cake stalker) Anyone out there in Toronto? If so you are in luck!
 Feast your eyes and appetite on these……Click here to visit their website.

Pretty crazy beautiful, don’t you think? Have a fave? I don’t know that second one, the carousel, the teapot, the wedding cake with the cherry blossoms pretty much blow my socks off. But then again they all do….am in total awe!
Another serious obsession is this Italian line of appliance, Reestart, they kind of leave some of the other competitors in the dust. I mean these are “serious business, no holds barred, no limits, just go for gold” kind of appliances. Glad I found out about them after I ordered all my appliances, and know my husband is too:) They come in six exquisite colors, the brass detailing alone makes me drool. Just incredible, take a look. Have you ever!!!!!!!

Admittedly I am not a huge fan of the Hiltons (Paris more than had her 15 min. of fame) however hats off to Kathy, the matriarch of the family on her new clothing line. It has a very Marchesa-ish feel but is priced really really well. Some of her prettier pieces…..what do you think?

Well, pretty wouldn’t you say? Have a fave, I am loving the long black lace number, and the soft white gowns they are so ethereal looking. And that last dress is so pretty too. Nice job Kathy! Here’s her website, click here.
Southern Accents  Oh how I miss this magazine, there are no words!! Nothing comes close so I get very excited when I visit my local bookstore and see the Christmas edition! On one hand there are a a lot of recycled photos which generally is somewhat of a no no for magazines however SA redeems itself simply because they are all so breathtakingly beautiful! I highly recommend you get your hands on one, I go over it time and time again lapping up all the scrumptious decorating ideas for the holidays!! Heres a sneak peek….

OK well I can assure you I could easily go on and on, but I will stop here. Just a short and sweet post about some seriously beautiful things. Do I have your attention? What knocks your socks off? Wishing everyone a wonderful day and thanks for stopping in! Again for those of you  in Sandy’s path, heed the cautions……its a serious storm, stay safe and talk to you soon!


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I am praying for you and all those in the line of the storm, Tina. I hope, as well, that people remember to bring all their pets inside…even the outdoor ones!
There is not a single cake I would eat…just too beautiful. It reminds me of the Tibetan monks who used to come to my university each year and create the the most elaborate sand mandala…then blow it all away…(to make a statement about the fleeting nature of material life…beautiful!)
I just know if I had the first oven on your list I would become a better cook! I know this with all my heart! LOL!
Now, the dresses…I love the column dress in pewter and I would probably wear the first one with jeans and heels. They are all lovely, however. That family, love them or hate them, really has an excellent sense of style.



What better way to start off Monday morning than with cake! They are all amazing. It’s amazing how cakes can be made to almost “come alive”. The suitcases, purses, shoes, trees, don’t even look like cake! Ditto to the Hiltons (and you can even throw in the Kardashians!). Stay safe. – Tonya

Tina you have the best posts. Those cakes are unreal, almost worth a trip to Toronto! And the dresses and appliances are all so beautiful. I actually need a dress for my husbands brothers wedding in April, I am going to check out her line, love every single dress.
And my mother was an avid collector of Southern Accents too, she kept every single one so has given me boxes which I have fun pouring through. Fun post, hope you, your family and Teddy stay safe!

Wow, this is full of gorgeousness! I look a these cakes and wonder how many hours it takes, and I realize that so much patience is required. Beautiful line of clothing. I especially love the black.
Take care of yourself, Tina, and be safe. Keep is posted as you can.
Happy Monday.

Tina… Sandy doesn’t keep you down! Gorgeous post. Never knew Paris’ mommy was so talented. Actually, I really like almost all on RH! Keeping you in my prayers today.

I live just west of Toronto in Oakville, so the tip about Bobbette and Belle is much appreciated. With a 90th Birthday party in the planning the timing is perfect.

Thank-you for sharing such pretties which took my mind off the storm.
Hope Sandy does not stop you from sharing more pretties. Be safe.

Hope you stay safe in the wake of the storm. I LOVE those dresses and gowns! So beautiful. And those ranges! Oh my! They are beautiful!!!


Stay safe. I hope the storm does not hit your area too hard. Loving those ovens with the brass – major drool! I keep pinning Christmas decor. I just love it so much!!
Deb xo

I cannot believe they actually shut down the trains and subways which means i cannot open the Showroom today. So here i am on my computer, will take a long walk in the park, i love wild winds and storms.
The cakes are pure art form and amazing!…love the little black lace dresses… i always keep a couple in my closet, the kitchen stoves remind me of my favorite La Cornue. Always wanted one for my kitchen but had to settle for a Viking.
Generators are ready, thanks to my husband, plenty of water… now all there is left to do is be patient and enjoy the storm …if indeed it comes our way.

I sure hope Sandy isn’t as bad as they are predicting…please stay safe! Love all of these obsessions of yours! Those ovens are too good to be true! They are stunning!!! I LOVE the Kathy Hilton dresses you showed us! I would wear any one of them….need a dress for next week, by the way! Anyway, keep us as posted and up to date as you can with the storm!

Tina, I’m thinking of you today and hope that you and your family weather the storm safely. Think happy thoughts – gorgeous cake and pretty dresses and Christmas inspiration sounds like a good start! Take care! XOXO

I am serious cake lover too. Those were some of the most beautiful cakes I’ve seen. I love the last little white dress of Kathy Hilton’s….very pretty. Lots of pretties here to drool over, cakes, dresses and appliances, OH MY!!!
Hope you stay out of harms way, and that Sandy takes a turn out to sea.

Hi Tina! I’m in shock, I can believe I how much I like that Hilton collection, weird!. Thank for the link to Bobette / belle, I have to show that little bunnies cake to my sis!Beautiful post, and those Reestart kitchens are to die for!

The cakes are absolutely extraordinary – works of art really. (And edible so what could be better!) The fleur-de-lis detail on the Reestart ranges does it for me – I love that. And I think Kathy Hilton’s dresses are pretty. I have to say I prefer the longer styles – the two strapless black ones are fabulous and the red is a knockout.

I hope the storm does not cause you any trouble. We are not expecting high winds to arrive in Vermont until this afternoon but I have already gotten a power outage call from the alarm company in RI where our cottage is.


Tina that Kathy Hilton line is absolutely beautiful. I also am on their biggest fan but she does have great taste. Love the short lacey dresses and the long blk. one and the long cream one, gotta check her out!
The cakes= unreal, how do you eat them? They almost need to be kept in a plexiglass case forever and ever to be enjoyed and admired.
Love the holiday rooms too, as much as I get crazy thinking about Christmas have to say the pictures really make me excited for it too.
Be safe, stay out of harms way and hope you have all you need to be inside and not leave until its all over.


I have been thinking of you and your parents all weekend. The weather here is crazy as you know! And sadly it seems to be getting worse.

I hope that you are hunkered down and as ready as you can be.

Love all of the cakes! Wow! I love to bake but do not have the patience for that sort of thing.

Be safe Tina, prayers are with you!


Hi Tina – Thank you for all the gorgeousness this morning to distract me from my worries about the impending storm. I need to check out those gorgeous dresses for an upcoming wedding I am attending (agree about the Hiltons but those dresses are very tasteful).

I am thinking of you on Long Island just across the Sound from us…stay safe. xoxox

Tina those cakes; fabulous works of art!! That is a most amazing line of appliances! The ultimate!

The new line by Kathy Hilton is exquisite! Very feminine!

2012 Artists Series

I loved a lot of things here but I have to comment on those cakes!!!! Wow! Truly works of art. I love to eat cake too although I’m not sure I could even cut into one of these masterpieces. 🙂 Stay safe Tina!

So many pretty things here today Tina! That appliance line is stunning and I am ready for cake and it’s only 9 a.m!!

Sending prayers from the west coast.. Hunker down and stay safe.

I absolutely adore your blog, and I am so impressed by your shop, I love all your lanterns they are beautiful. Great work keep it on.

Oh dear Tina,
What a gorgeous post today! A feast for the eyes!! The cakes are so amazing!!! Thank you for the link!!
I also had seen the line of appliances! Awesome! And the Kathy Hilton collection is my cup of tea!!
Thank you Tina for this beautiful post! You made my day!

Yes husbands are Always “happy” with constant design changes (((: The 3rd cake from top is very much the idea for me! Adorable! The Italian cook ranges by Reestart are very alike the favourites of my husband ((: when I mention them by French company la cornue!! Serious stuff and so timeless!

Xox z

Be safe Tina… and take care… I do hope ‘Sandy’ isn’t nearly as mean as she sounds… Thinking of you and everyone on the east coast… xv

Good luck in weathering Sandy! I too so miss Southern Accents. I finally threw out all of my old issues, and now I must buy the Christmas edition1

First and foremost, prayers coming your way from California, be safe!!! Next, love a this and that post always fun to see what goes on in other bloggers minds. Love the stoves and refrigerators. I have been pinning the fridges for a friend that has a victorian home and would love to do a remodel. These pieces would be perfect, stoves and fridges!! I hope all is well for you and your loved ones.
xo Kathysue

touchingly gorgeous, beautiful to feast our eyes on,both decor, cakes and dresses… hope that you are not too battered by this coming storm, will be thinking of you all, hope you all batten down and stay safe… we are getting updates in the UK, so I know its very very serious… God bless. Janzi

Stay safe Tina!! Where’s your generator? We all have them in VA. Oh, love your post. I also miss Southern Accents. The best of all the magazines I have read and I read many many magazines.

how does one properly slice the gucci number? and who could take a knife to that thing of beauty? i love wedding cake. it’s always delicious, and our wedding cake was tall and began to lean so we had to cut it even before dinner!!!

hoping the storm will spare you inconvenience and harm.



Those long gowns are scrumptious, I can’t pick a fave. The appliances are a dream. We are just starting to get the brunt of the storm. It is VERY SCARY. Our sumppumpis running every 3 minutes. If the power goes, Joe and I will be up all night baling:(:(

Very worthwhile obsessions. Love some of those wedding cakes and the stoves, oh, my!
I too miss Southern Accents, like loosing a friend. I will definitely look for the Christmas issue.
Be safe and dry.

I just adore those cakes. How wonderful. Kathy Hilton’s long gowns are so elegant. I am loving the grey one and the Empire line white one. The short ones are just a bit too short though. Only the very best of knees can pull those ones off!

I hope the storms abate and are not as destructive as predicted. Stay safe, I am thinking of you Tina, and all those in the storm’s path.

By the way, it is a good idea to fill the bath tubs with water that way if the power goes out or the water supply is comprimised, you will still have safe drinking and cooking water.

Lovely post Tina, but hoping you are okay. Seeing the most terrifying footage on TV of what’s happening in NY and all around the east coast, so fingers crossed you and your family are safe.

I have now completely and utterly fallen in love with that fridge/freezer/wine fridge. Oh my word – it would look so perfect in my kitchen! I suspect that I might have to sell my whole house to afford it though?? x Sharon

My dear and beautiful Tina, I am so relieved to see you are here! I am praying for all of you and have read that NYC has had terrible flooding; I assumed you and other dear friends on the coast would be without power. We are thinking fondly of you.

OK THESE PHOTOS…..I LOVE THOSE ITALIAN KITCHEN APPLIANCES! Oh, you always have something for every body on your blog! Big hugs and hopes to you that your home is spared and that you all stay INSIDE and SAFE!!! LOVE TO YOU! Anita

Good morning, Tina!

Oh, those cakes! Oh, those ranges! Incredible post today.

We had some crazy winds last night too… I barely slept!

Did you get my email? Let me know if you have a min.

Wishing you a great, sweetie.


Luciane at

I’m surprised..the Hilton line is really beautiful! But first things first, those cakes are crazy gorgeous! The talent that goes into them is just amazing. And then those stoves…too much eye candy for one post girl!! I hope you’re doing ok in this crazy storm. Sending you lots of good luck and love!

Fabulous eye candy and I love the Kathy Hilton fashions…god bless you all with the storm. Hope everything is alright!

Wow, those cakes are incredible! I’d be afraid to cut into them. Such talent and time involved in making such beautiful creations. Thinking of you during the storm. xo

I feel guilty sitting in my warm house, fully powered when so many others are still waiting to get power back and have suffered such devastation. Looking at the wonderful ovens and clothing reminds us that WE WILL get back to normal and go on, but right now, there is so much work to be done!!

So hope you are all doing well. We managed to escape too much damage in our little Eastern part of the world. I am such a fan of beautiful cakes and am always amazed at the talent of these artists, but the appliances…beyond fabulous!! Happy November ~

First of all I am SO glad you and your family are all safe and sound. Watching the news is devastating for sure. I do miss Southern Accents… of my favorites. It just had that classic southern flare. Aaaaaand that new dress line is beyond gorgeous!!!

I’m so glad you and yours are well!

I love those specialty cakes. For my daughters’ birthdays, I love taking a photo of something exquisite to the baker and requesting a “scaled-down version of this, please”!


so grateful you and yours are well tina, what a scare.

oh my, oh my……..what beauty you just shared! the cakes are the most gorgeous i have ever seen! then i began to wonder why you shifted to shoes and suitcases without an explanation,suddenly realizing i was still viewing cakes!

totally agree with you on the appliances and dresses, splendid taste!

Ok…I just tried to write you on here and it totally freaked out! Hope that’s not part of Sandy’s wrath! So this is my 2nd attempt! I’ve been super worried about you and was getting on here to email you when I saw this update! So glad to know you are ok! i know how you feel without being able to be “plugged in” so to speak…just like I was when my laptop died but at least it wasn’t from a hurricane or a snow storm! I’m just glad you are ok…we are trying to keep up with the news and all that is going on…we are very used to hurricanes down here but certainly not the snow storms that came with this one! And each storm is different and each storm wreaks havoc in so many different ways and on so many different levels….please just keep us updated and let us know if we can do anything to help! Miss you!

Hi came here to see if you were on, and so happy to read the update and that you are fine. The images and coverage from the storm on TV are just heart wrenching to watch, so sorry for all you are going through but so happy you are safe and have a hotel to stay in. We have never gone through anything like that and I cannot imagine what it must be like. Keeping you and my family in my prayers. Take good care of yourself.

I am so glad to hear you and your family are fine Tina… you have been in my thoughts.. What a devastating few days.. it is hard to imagine from afar… and impossible to comprehend the tragedy for so many… Much love and thoughts your way… xv

Tina so happy you updated to let us know you are safe! I cannot get over the devastation some areas have had. Hope that beautiful house is untouched! Keep us posted Nd hope you are back to normal soon!

Glad to hear that you are safe and your home unscathed. Us too…but I do feel sad for those in NJ CT and NY that suffered huge damages….just terrible. On a happier note when i see your posts like this one, I feel like I live under a rock!!! You always share these incredible things done by amazing companies and people and I marvel at the quality and the creativity that goes into them~whether its a dress or a cake…xo


I hope that you are back at home…hopefully! It is so heartbreaking to see so many suffer. Perhaps you know as you are local of places to make donations, aide from the rec cross, that people can donate directly to that area.

Be well, thinking of you and hope you are back home soon.


Hi Tina so happy you are OK!! Really miss your posts which always allow me to dream and get so many good ideas and tips! I am sure you will be back better than ever and look forward to it! In the meantime keeping you in my thoughts and hope things are getting better over there.


Just one continuing big tragedy along the coastline, isn’t it? So happy you guys are OK.
Thankfully, the election will be over tomorrow and our country can focus on real life again. And, I didn’t know Kathy Hilton did a new line…so thank you for this. It’s fall in Houston, temps up and down, which is normal. Cannot wait to decorate for Christmas. See you tomorrow for BIO. xx’s

A whole week without your wonderful posts, Tina! I’m going through withdrawals… Continuing to pray for the residents of NY/NJ.

Marty in N.C.

I agree with Anita and Marty! I’m worried about you and the whole area but I’m also going through withdrawals and I know you have to be as well! We are thinking about you, though! Can’t wait to you are back to normal!

Did not here from you. Knew something must be wrong. Glad you got through Sandy with little damage! I just cannot believe the destruction to an area where I grew up. Cried through the pictures they showed on the telethon to raise money for the Red Cross. My son lives in NJ and was without power for 4 days but no damage to any one or the neighborhood. Continuing our prayers for those who lost their lives and hope that the survivors will hang in there with a positive outlook for the future.

Tina! I am having Enchanted Home withdrawals…come back. Haha….so glad you are OK, hope things normalize for you soon, my husbands brother lives in NJ so we have been talking to him about how horrible it all is. I feel so badly for all of you, keeping you in my prayers and cannot wait to hear back again an see you back up and running doing what you do so well. Take good care.

Tina- keeping your family in my prayers. I came here to see if you posted anything new.

Know these are trying times. Wishing you the best in these rough times, I know many miss your blog and that you will come back when you are ready and able.

Beautiful post. The dresses, those cakes, the appliances- it is all so spectacular!


Just checking in on you. I know you are safe and sound but anxious to have things back to normal.

Missing you along with all of these other wonderful people who have come to check on you…a wonderful things about blogging, the friendships.

Be safe, we miss you,


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