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Hi there! Hope you are doing well. Are you like me and getting really busy with the holiday frenzy?  Ready for another collection of fabulous holiday gift ideas from my super chic blogging friends? Well here’s another superb roundup of awesome gift ideas. I have to say I have gotten so many wonderful ideas. For the first time in years, I am feeling my stress 0′ meter go down…..not up! 

Let’s face it…the holidays are plenty stressful enough without the added pressure of gift giving pressure. I love all these ideas, so many unique ones, and something for everyone. Thank you ladies for your fabulous ideas! So let’s get started, ladies take it away………..

Vicki from French Essence says…..
 Holiday Gift Ideas from French Essence?
Choosing gifts is such a pleasure? thinking of ideas, sourcing them and then
finding that perfect match. That is the best part? knowing that your gift is going
to please your special person. I love watching the un-wrapping? the guessing as
the parcel is prodded and poked? It?s all part of the art of giving?

I don?t believe that some are ?impossible? to buy for or that others ?have
everything?? the art of giving means not being defeated, sometimes thinking
outside of the box or oftentimes just keeping it simple.

When I think of a special gift, I think about what I would love to receive, an
indulgence that I might not buy for myself? something that would make me
smile and make me feel spoilt? a Cire Trudon candle is perfect. My preferred
scent is Odalisque? a blend of orange blossom, lemon and vanilla. I like a gift to
be long lasting and to evoke memories? this is a scent that does just that.
My other most loved gifts are books? nothing makes me happier? and I always
want to give as I would like to receive?

To purchase click here

              ?The Best of Flair? is an exquisite piece and one that is the perfect addition to
              any library? it is beautifully illustrated and has many of the features that made
              the 1950?s magazines of the same name so popular. This is a collector?s item, an
              intriguing and fascinating book that enchants on every page.

To purchase click here

Carolyn  and Cynthia of the Buzz Blog says….
Here are our two favorite gift items this holiday season from our e-commerce site

  Our mother raised us with a tradition of never arriving empty-handed to holiday parties and that?s one of the reasons why we added a range of beautiful botanically inspired gifts to our collection of faux florals on Diane James Home.  It was hard to pick two of our favorite holiday hostess gifts but given that we?ve just introduced our new Winter scent candle made by Seda France, we had to include it!  And why not pair it with a lovely set of French-milled soaps, presented in a festive red box ready for gift giving (or re-gifting, if need be.)  Both gifts are sure to please!

Our Winter Candle (brand new for this holiday season and made by Seda France) – 



Mary Ann of Classic Casual Home says……

Hi Tina, Here are a couple of gift ideas that I will be giving this Christmas…

 These are only $18.95 for two pads of 100 sheets.  So thoughtful with the name or monogram personalization…and you can  create the look from lots of images. Here are some logos that I have used for friends (and even for myself).

 This Heart Key Chain would be perfect to give my girlfriends so they will know I care about them every time they use it.

 Thanks, Tina!

Desiree of Chic Coastal Living says……

My first gift choice this holiday season is this navy pom pom throw from Serena and Lily. I recently partnered with Serena and Lily and received this gorgeous substantial throw from them and all I can say is everyone needs one! I am looking forward to sitting by a  fireplace wrapped up in this ultra cozy high designer throw while sipping a delicious latte. Serena and Lily states on their website…that this throw is an understated design element. I totally agree!
My second gift choice this holiday season is that adorable iPad Mini. This great little device is every inch the iPad has everything that you love about it! Including a beautiful screen, fast fluid performance, and thousands of amazing apps to enjoy. You can choose to have cellular service on it and different capacities. The best part is that it can fit in one hand!



Kathysue from Good life of Design says…..

I love to give themed gifts. For some reason it helps me narrow down my choices. In the past I have chosen a monogrammed theme for gifts.

I try to get the beautiful towels that are on Neiman Marcus?s pink sale every year?.

You will get two sets of three pieces for $58, this is a real bargain. Plus, you can have them monogrammed. 

I have personally purchased these towels as gifts, and for my own personal use. Many of my friends have done the same!
If you like the option of a colored towel, and a colored monogram these are the towels for you. Only $12 for a bath towel.

 I usually purchase the white with a sand monogram for myself, but have purchased other colors for gifts.

Gift #2
The next theme gift I love to give is dinner related! I love to purchase nice plain white serving pieces from Crate and Barrel just go HERE!??.
I add this fun gift to the serving pieces. It is called Destination Dinners. You can go to their website by clicking on their name below the image?..
You can choose a dinner kit from any of the following destinations for $30:

I round it all out with monogrammed napkins from Pottery barn?..

These are just a couple of themed gifts you can give. I bet if you think about it from this point of view you will come up with your own ideas!! 

Happy Gift Giving,

Michele of Hello Lovely Inc. says…..
Thanks for including me, Tina!
* * *
My favorite gifts to give and receive are
handmade or vintage in nature because
they are usually one of a kind and extra special.

ORIGINAL Abstract Painting on Canvas...MAINE No. 35
original abstracts on canvas

Naturally, two choices from my hello lovely etsy shop
include affordable original paintings by me
(a perfect size for a gallery wall)
and assorted vintage European bottles
which are fabulous on their own,
as a styling prop, or vase.
(They may even work for holiday decorating!)

vintage embossed bottles

hello lovely inc.


Luciane of Home Bunch says…..

Happy Holiday shopping, everyone!

Pick #1:
I have three small children and I’m always trying to make our home feels like a home for every and each member of our family. I like my kids to feel welcomed in every room, but I like to dedicate certain places exclusively to them. I think it’s really important for our kids to have a place where they feel completely free to create, play and learn.
When I saw these children plates I immediately thought how neat would be to have them hung in a playroom. These alphabet plates are adorable and I’m sure any kid would enjoy seeing them!

Aren’t they cute? The set for a mug and plate costs $26.00 and you can find them here.


Pick #2:
Maybe this Christmas we should do more than opening our wallets, maybe instead, we should open our eyes to see what the person next to one need.
We all get incredibly busy at this time of the year, we all try to send cards to all of friends and family and we’re running from store to store with a huge list on hands, but is it all we can do? Is it all we can give? Perhaps, we can do more, perhaps we should do better.
What about actually being the gift for someone this Christmas? Look around, you can help in so many ways and that’s a gift! Visit a neighbor you know could use of some help with the kids, or an elder person who needs help. You can do simple things, such as wrapping gifts or cooking some meals for the Holidays.
Offer help, be there and put a smile on someone’s face.
The best gifts in life are usually priceless and comes from the heart, instead of a shelf.


Happy Holidays!


Elizabeth of Pretty Pink Tulips says…..

I am always on the look out, year round, for special items that would make a fabulous gift, so I was thrilled that Tina invited me to share a couple of picks with her lovely readers. I love to give things that will be savored, enjoyed and used. Personalized items are always a favorite of mine, but that doesn’t necessarily mean a monogram. My first holiday gift pick is the exquisite new book, Flowers, by Carolyne Roehm. 
The book was a true labor of love, as Carolyne created all of the floral arrangements and photographed them herself. If you know someone how lives for their garden, a gorgeous flower arrangement or just loves a fabulous coffee table book…this is the one for the season! The most cost effective way to purchase her book is via, but you can also visit her website, to have her personalize the book for your recipient.

My next gift pick is something I have and use on a daily basis. The Russell + Hazel Tassel Key Chain is just a fun thing to give and receive. The personalization comes in choosing the perfect color. Mine is white and is easy to find in the bottom of my handbags.  Available at

Whatever you choose to give, remember the presentation is part of the gift!
xoxo Elizabeth

Thanks ladies! This is like the gift giving jackpot. So  many unique ideas, this is the beauty of having such talented blogging friends……wonderful ideas are always being generated and  of course the perk is getting to share them with you all. I am for once excited about my gift giving…how about you? Thanks again ladies and thank you everyone for stopping in….ho ho ho!

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Thankfully I’m done with my Christmas shopping but beware when you’re done early it leads to more spending. I kknow because you’ve just shown some wonderful choices and I’m off to order two of them for others.


Tina this was a really fun post with so many great ideas for gift giving! Love the personalized pads and embroidered towels! Actually everything was great! I’m going to have to check back here later today to study all of it! Thank you for including me in this fun series! All my love! XOXO Desiree

I love these posts, I have taken away a few great ideas from each. I love anything personalized and as someone said above, it is important as well to think about the non tangible “gifts’ that we can give too.
Wonderful ideas!

This series has been a great source of ideas. In particular, I always love reading what Pretty Pink Tulips has to recommend – she has given me so many good gift ideas from her blog!

– Holly

Such fun and really great gift giving ideas!! Now, if I could just hire one of them to do all of my shopping for me I would be set! Seriously, though…loved each idea and loved the vast array of gift ideas! There truly was something for everyone in this post!

Hi, It is Taryn Taylor, just emailed you saying I could not find the “kindly leave comments here’ drop down menu, I only follow you on emails so I think I have to then do into your blog daily to find this area, I am a little bit of a Ludite when it comes to blogs, websites, postings, emails etc and differentiating one from the other???!Q@#$?? anyhow, it seems I HAVE FOUND YOU AND NOW MAY ENTER CONTEST GIVEAWAYS, Yeah!!! It is the Sancerre tea towel I covet, it was my Mom’s most absolute favorite white, after bubbly of course!! Thanks for your time and this sensationally motivating site!! xoxoxoTaryn

Good morning, Tina!

Thank you so much for including me. I’m loving this series and I feel honored to be here.

I have done some shopping this week, but I still have to buy some things for my family and this list is filled with great ideas.

By the way, I love Michele’s art! She’s incredibly talented.


Luciane from

Thank you for including me in such a wonderful line-up of sweet, talented, and thoughtful ladies. I love post like these. It gives an insight into each person and also a wonderful list of ideas!!
Happy Thursday,

A wonderful and insightful post as always. Love the pom pom throw and the monogram towels. Also love what Homebunch had to say, very thoughtful and she is so right.
I am always done with all my shopping by Dec 1st (I am OCD in that way) so its about done! But I want to check out the paintings from Lovely above, they are so pretty and I may have to treat myself.
Thank you and happy holidays to you and thanks for your blog, its the best part of my morning!

Our ladies really know how to make gift giving special!
So glad to see so many friends participate!

2012 Artists Feature and Giveaway from The House of Edward

Of course some of my favorite bloggers with come up with some amazing gift ideas. My list is getting shorter… Thanks for the round up, Tina! Hope you are managing through the holiday hectic-ness! XOXO

is it wrong that i am saving this post for after christmas shopping for myself?

thanks for allowing so many wonderful ladies with exquisite taste to share their picks!

love to you, tina.


OK now I am really ready to get shopping. I have alloted today through this weekend to complete my shopping. Many good, practical and affordable gift ideas. Thank you so much for this post and for the last one, this is really helpful.


Good morning Tina!

I hope that you are managing to relax with all of your home and Enchanted Home shop work! I think you might need some elves to help you pack up all of the goods!

These gifts are fabulous, just like the ladies who suggested them! I have printed this out because I see a few things to add to my list for myself.

Take care and have a wonderful day, Elizabeth

This is just so much fun, and lots of good inspiration. Love the details too. What lovely ladies contributed to today’s series, and the last one as well. I love beautiful scented soaps and, goodness, who wouldn’t want to receive the IPad Mini?

What a lovely collection of ideas, perfect for this time of year! I do like candles as a suggestion, an have given them to friends on many occasions, although I ‘m not familiar with a Cire Trudon, now I want to try the brand! And it’s so good to see the Carolyne Roehm book, somehow that fell off my radar entirely, and it is precisely what I needed for a specific family member, thank heaven I saw it!

Love these kind of posts, too fun! (And helpful.)

Great gift ideas…My shopping is complete, mailed cards yesterday, decorating finished and it’s been raining and will rain the next few days. So light the fireplace and enjoy blogland, baking, and holiday decorations. Cheers!

Tina, your friends sure have great taste. I love that these are not the generic things you see every day. I got a great idea for my hard to shop for mother in law and my sister who is monogram crazy. I give books a lot, everyone loves to receive a great book. Think the paintings are also quite beautiful.
Great ideas!

How about I take it all!!! What great things to put on my list from everyone:). Thanks for rounding all of these wonderful gals up to help us out!

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