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Hi there and happy Saturday to you all! Took a three day hiatus, had a super busy chock full kind of week. Glad the weekend has arrived!!? Well don’t know about where you are but over here we seem to be regressing with regard to weather. We had a tease a few days ago with near 58 degrees and this morning its 28 with potential snow in the forecast…..mayday mayday! Its getting OLD!! Onto something good…

Something major has happened. Super major. I think as bloggers we all set little goals inside our heads. For me getting to 100 followers was a goal I remember early on, when it was achieved, I swear I did a little happy dance when no one was watching! 100 people in this huge world cared about what I had to say. Well……fast forward two years and another goal of mine was and don’t ask me why on this number (because I truly do not know) was to achieve 5000 subscribers. Ambitious? Yes, I agree, but somehow this was a goal.

And by golly, its been achieved. Is it really possible? 5 THOUSAND people want to know what I have to say? Seriously? OMG…this is really really big in my book and all I can say is thank you, thank you thank you. I am grateful for your friendship, the emails, pictures and support I get from literally all around the world. You cannot imagine the thrill it gave me to click on feedburner stats and see this- 5000 on the button on 3-13-13!!!! Lucky day afterall:)

Total Subscribers: 5,000

Moving along.…by now you know I do love my products. I love trying new things and love even more when I find a real winner. Well…I have found a few winners lately that I feel I must share. I know many of you savvy readers might already know about these products but they are worth the “shout out” just in case because they are fabulous, worth every penny and absolutely products that will become a regular on my vanity!!

7 second leave in conditioner/detangler…this product is all everyone said it is. The girls at the salon I go to swear by this and they did not exaggerate. Leaves my hair (which tangles easily) very easy to comb through and feeling really moisturized. This is the best leave in conditioner I have ever used, its that good! I LOVE this product!! Click here to buy on Amazon.

OK, Marsha from Splenderosa, that glamorous mama who knows a thing or two about beauty told me to try this, she said it was like a healthy drink of moisture for your skin. She was right on the money!! She read that I had bought the caviar cream by La Prarie which I have to say I have only used twice because i got this first and have to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way it makes my skin feel and look. Its a keeper so thank you Marsha. I could only find it on Amazon, click here to buy…..cannot say enough good things about this cream, great if you have dry skin!

Onto the house.…I play around a lot, part of the fun is moving accessories and things around.Its like the best science experiment in the world:) I changed things around on my living room console yet again and this scenario I believe is a keeper. I love the explosion of the white cherry blossoms which I just added to my oversized ginger jar, its dramatic and elegant and a great way to be greeted as you enter the room. I also added the two whiter jars on either side and a collection of some of my silver frames, take a look……

Have no fear…..a picture is being replaced in the empty frame!!

A peek into the library. Just about done in there, waiting for the small wet bar to be done, a final coat on the floors and its just about ready for its “close up”!

Books……can we seriously ever have enough? I dont’ think so. I finished The Red Book and have to say I really really liked it. Anyone else read it? Another fabulous book is The French Chateau. ? This is a book I have written about before, yes, its that good. I? just gave a copy to a friend for belated birthday,? and have given this a few times as gifts. Unfortunately I see its gone up in price which normally means there aren’t many copies around, but its sooo worth it as it truly takes you to a beautiful special place. She cannot thank me enough, she said it best when she said “its the next best thing to being in the French countryside and living like a true French aristocrat” this book is EXQUISITE!! It portrays beautifully the life, style and traditions of living in a French chateau and highlights many parties. weddings and other day to day? events. Every single page is breathtaking and if you like me, are an incurable Francophile….then by all means you must own this book! Click here to go to Amazon.

Store biz…… in some beautiful new blue and white additions. Of course I had to do the mandatory “test run” so ordered one of each for my own home! Here they are…..
Just added this morning…click here.

Beautiful detailing inside too…..

?And love these highly decorative three emperors!!

?And to show them both being put to good use…….

Got in 5 dough bowls….I know many of you are looking here and there so if interested, first come first serve. I have two 29″, one 21″, one 17″ and one 16″. They are all beautiful! Email me here……

Got two beautiful new bag styles in,? just being added! I love love love these new styles……and they are now up for sale in my newly created Personal Accessories section which will continue to evolve but I have to say I am just loving these super chic and super affordable bags for summer! These will be up later today for sale, limited quantities! Click here to visit.

?This is so darling and chic for a summer time tote!

?Love the shape…reminds me of the straw birkin bag I have wanted forever!! Love the smart navy trim and bamboo closure.

?Comes with a removable navy shoulder strap

?Zippers up with interior zippered pocket

To visit these items and much more in my online store…click here!
Thanks as always for stopping in, I wish everyone a wonderful Saturday and great weekend. I so appreciate you coming in to say hello and see what’s new in my little slice of the world! Until Monday…..

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