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Hi there…..and how was your Memorial Day weekend? Ours was not quite what we had planned, soggy weather and 50 degrees kept us from going away the first two days, so we stuck around and had dinner with friends, went on a friends boat, went to a winery and charming east end town when the weather finally cleared so it ended up being a lot of fun…even managed some down time around the house which is always a welcome treat.

Every now and then, a favorite designer of mine warrants a second post on his/her work. Leta, as she is known to me is one such designer. I am a huge huge fan of her timeless classic style, and having had a three hour phone conversation with her……..I can say with authority that beyond her talent,? she is a gem of a person and as kind, witty and full of life as they come. I see she has added some beautiful new rooms to her gorgeous portfolio so thought it was all worth sharing, I am certain you will agree! With offices in New York and Palm Beach, Leta travels all over the U.S. and turns houses into beautiful homes bearing the “Leta touch”.

She is probably one of the designers who most closely matches my own style and tastes, Cathy Kincaid would be another. Leta’s talents are the kind that would allow me to hand over an empty house to her and never look back. She is that good. Check it out and decide for yourself……..

Adore everything about this!

Major swoon!

Love the softness, the fabrics and the way this feels like landing on a cloud…….
Closer up, how pretty is that fabric!

She uses checks brilliantly!

Aren’t her bedrooms dreamy? And what about the window treatments? She is a total master….love her liberal use of blue, the gorgeous wallpapers she has a finesse in choosing and the way her rooms have such a timeless, serene and soothing feeling. Leta, you are one talented dynamo! Have a favorite Leta room? Do tell! Click here to visit and learn more about the uber talented Leta Austin Foster. Wishing everyone a fabulous day…….

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