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Hi all! Hard to believe July 4th is just about here…where oh where is this summer going? Yowza….its going by awfully fast. We are taking a little trip this week so by the time you read this I will be happily on my way,? and will be back on Saturday. A little quality family time…we all need it and believe me, I am not complaining one bit! I love any excuse to have no schedule, eat whatever I want, and kind of just “wing it”….no real agenda sounds great to me:) What are you up to for July 4th?

Hope whatever you have in store for the holiday week is fun, relaxing and mostly exactly what you want to do. Hopefully not too much work involved! So I will be back on Saturday but in the meantime, am leaving you with plenty of “reading material”, with a little bit of eye candy, a healthy dose of something to learn, a smidgeon of fashion, a slice of practicality, a wedge of fantasy,? a wee bit of something inspirational, of course plenty of things to make you hungry, and a nice big healthy heap of beauty! Hope you enjoy some of the links that I have enjoyed (one or two of them my own lol). Be back later in the week. Happy July 4th!

This darling little boy’s story will make you cry happy tears…..just too cute!

If I was in the market for a swanky Hamptons abode..this would do just fine!

I have to make these…..when I want to be a bad girl.

I really really want to go to this next year. Really!

Do you know where the happiest people in the world live? Fascinating!

We all get complacent in our relationships/marriages, found this wonderful post on 7 ways to be your spouse’s/partner’s best friend…a great little reminder!

I am seriously in love with this monogrammed clutch with just the right dose of bling!

These food pictures make me want to get into the food biz!

LOVE this list.……50 things every woman must own. (right on the money too)

A friend who is a skincare junkie just told me about this new product, anyone know of it?

This is aptly named the “perfect tote”….love it, just can’t decide on which color!

10 fascinating “secrets” about Machu Picchu ( I was lucky enough to have visited as a young teen)

This picture might be the cutest one I have ever seen of a little tot!

Here are Tory Burch’s must haves…any on your list?
Just ordered this book and love the idea, the whole “slow” movement from travel to food!

Sandy’s beautiful post on the lavender fields in Provence has me craving a trip there….stunning!

This beautiful post has me wishing I was in the French countryside buying fresh veges just off the vine!

How much fun would it be to attend this film festival? (click English on top right)

If money was no object, I think I could rough the high seas in this chartered yacht decked out in blue and white….I think its a match made in heaven:)

Ever wanted to own the ultimate winery/horse farm….check this one out!

Did you see this enormous but beautiful home Taylor Swift bought?

I would soooo love to be a judge (or taste tester) for this contest…..

These high heel cupcakes are seriously sooo cute and perfect for a girl who loves her shoes!

I had lent this out to someone and couldn’t? track it down so bought another and forgot just how beautiful it is, one of my all time favorite design books front to back!

Some of Americas most generous (and wealthiest) philanthropists…see whats near and dear to their heart

Want to see Aerin Lauders? Southampton home up close and personal and how she prepared a poolside luncheon?

Have you seen this polyglot? Amazing…speaks 23 languages, and he seems like such a nice guy! Next time your kids say they don’t have anything else to study, show them this and tell them to get busy…lol.

This party is one I feel really proud of and it was worth the throbbing pain my feet felt for days!

I looooove this salad and cannot wait to make this version. Yum…and guilt free!!

Do you follow Martha Stewart on Pinterest? I just started…..

This girls talent is seriously mind blowing…….just over the top!

Enjoy a great foreign film? This lighthearted and super entertaining film is one I have seen a few times……never gets old!

I loooover her jewelry, what a selection!

I am dying to go to this uber luxurious dude ranch…..sooo beautiful!

Not only is this hot tamale gorgeous, sweet and can sing her buns off but she can paint…love her serene calming ocean oils that have all kinds of beautiful homes…..

Next dinner party…these are so on the menu, so beautiful,? I must give them a try!

For my next “real vacation” this is where I want to go, and not move a muscle for an entire week!

Handbag aficionado? Then by all means click here.…..

How amazingly good does this tabbouleh look? Yum!

I want to take a few weeks next summer and go to her cooking school…care to join me?

When I go to London not if, I sure would love to rent this magnificent apartment!

Really looking forward to this movie….looks like its going to be a good one!

I seriously need to do this….there’s a lot of chatter about it and I can spare 7 minutes!

If I had a lake house, this is exactly what I would want it to look like!

Love this post on 51 incredible ways to eat vegetables!

Love topiaries like I do? Then you will loooove this post!

Took this book with me to read while away….so appropriate for a summer read.?

This recap of a mother/daugher roadtrip had me roaring with laughter……trust me you will too!

Well these should keep you busy for a while, if you have the spare time (and interest) to pursue what’s excting me! Let me know if you really enjoyed one or two or three or four…… You will be missed, and I will be thinking of you and? look forward to reporting back when I am back by the weekend. Wishing you a happy and safe July 4th holiday. Until then…..

This dude is ready to get his party started!

(Don’t worry Teddy, he doesn’t hold a candle to you rockin your patriotic bandana) or your Christmas fedora for that matter…

Happy 4th everyone!

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