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Hi there! Hope you had a wonderful weekend! There is boxwood and there is boxwood. I am so excited to have discovered a beautiful new line of persevered boxwood that is outstanding. They are a natural compliment to the many planters of all varieties, that I carry….tole, porcelain, stone and silver. Extremely elegant and they truly work in any style room. To me, boxwood both in and outdoors is a no brainer. I love boxwood so much that I could see myself as president of the NBA. That would be the National Boxwood Association. And no,I don’t think such a thing exists but if it did I would run for office:)

 So today a look at boxwood in action (with  focus on using them indoors)  and then a look at the beautiful new line I am carrying how and I am using them in my own home. Do you like the look? Perhaps already have boxwood somewhere? Tell me about it! And finally details on a boxwood giveaway on the bottom!

 LOVE  a boxwood garland for the holidays…Bright bold and beautiful

 Gorgeous boxwood topiaries, Bungalow Blue Interiors

Few plants can offer the perfect pristine effect of a manicured boxwood garden

 Vicki’s front door is something that stops me in my tracks, every time I see this glorious picture! French Essence

 The symmetry of the classic boxwood ball is something to behold, Belgian Pearls
 The tailored look of boxwood is so beautiful, love this pair of wreaths with a simple brown bow
Boxwood is a magnificent choice for use as elegant! Deb Lilly

Love a simple boxwood ball placed on an elevated hurricane holder as shown here, gorgeous!

Boxwoods in the garden are simply sublime! Boxwood Terrace

 Jan of The French Tangerine fame has a true knack for keeping her boxwoods picture perfect

LOVE this front door…the lush vibrant greens against the black is incredible!

 Boxwood outside a front door is always such a stately and elegant statement, Homedesignideas

Even at a formally set table, a simple boxwood in a terra cotta planter is always elegantly understated

 Boxwoods and old chipped stauary go together like shrimp and cocktail sauce….its yummy! Atelier de Campagne

Love the idea of mixing hydrangea, boxwood and pumpkins for an uber elegant take on Halloween! ERB Designs

 Carolyne Roehme clearly knows just how to use boxwoods to perfection….there is no setting too formal for them!

The lush green color is perfect set against black and white, Traditional Home
 Adore this wonderful rustic and elegant table setting with boxwood taking center stage, Jenny Steffens

 Boxwood in the garden is simply spectacular….my most favorite gardening plant, BHG
 Love the structural effect of large boxwood orb and topiaries potted in big planters, stunning!
Even placed in simple metal planters in a garden….their beauty is undeniable

Love the idea of adding the apples to these boxwood orbs…fabulous! Bear Hill Interiors

 And of course few places exemplify the beauty of boxwoods like The famous Marqueyssac Gardens are located at V?zac, France, the Perigord region. Visit the website to see more, its fascinating (and check out the constant clipping noise to mimic the round the clock pruning that must go on there) Click here to visit 

Now here are some of the new boxwood items I am carrying in my online shop and how I am using them in my own home…..

And how I am putting them to good use in my own home………

Some of you asked about the black tole scalloped planter like I have above, yes there are 2 pairs left ($115) one set of three ($145). Email me if interested by clicking here.

And finally a giveaway! I am giving away one 6″ boxwood ball to create your own boxwood beauty. To enter just visit my boxwood line in my online shop and come back here and tell me your favorite item! Click here to visit my shop. I will announce a winner on Friday morning. If you want a second chance, visit the Facebook page of The Enchanted Home and leave a comment. Good luck!
As always, many thanks for stopping in….wishing you a fabulous Monday and great start to your week!

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Que imagens fantásticas, e que ideias tão sugestivas para decorar ambientes! De facto, o buxo é uma planta lindíssima! Excelente selecção de imagens! Bom gosto sem dúvida! Vou adicionar o seu blog à minha lista de blogs favoritos para assim ser mais fácil visualizar de imediato todas as suas publicações!Manuela

Tina what a pretty post. I love boxwood too, we have a boxwood hedge by our front door that just adds so much curb appeal to our home. Inside just have two small planters on top of my mantle with small boxwood topiaries but after seeing this post I need more! Love how you displayed yours.

My favorite item is the double ball topiary, very classic. Hope I win!
Amy S.

These are fantastic! Especially since we are going into the colder months when you it’s challenging to include “something green” in every space! These are a wonderful alternative to fresh! Love them. I love the balls, but I’m a sucker for the wreaths! M.

Tina I love the use of box woods, both inside and out! Did you know there are varieties of box woods? Some will stay green all year, and others change color lter in the year, so my nursery man tells me. I am a big fan of them in hedges too. I love your new line! The square wreath would look fantastic any time of year on my front door. Have a nice day.


HI Tina,

I love the square wreath, but the round is better for my house : ) Also, completely lusting after the handbags -cherry, olive pumpkin, blue….uuhm what other colors does it come in?!? : )

Leigh Ann

Gorgeous post.I love boxwood and really love this new line, great addition Tina. Count me in, please. I love the ball and cone topiary and would love a pair for my dining room breakfront, they are so elegant.

So much beauty here, I am going back up to take another look;-)

Leslie P.

I read your blog constantly for wonderful ideas and shopping. Just LOVE the boxwood wreaths!

Love classic boxwood- we have quite a bit outside and I use it to decorate inside during the holidays. I would love to have your beautiful preserved boxwood in my home all year long- imagining it in a classic urn. Love everything in your shop – one of favorites is the pewter napkin rings- amazing detail and workmanship.


I love the way you have used all the different boxwoods.
I am liking the balls but if I had to pick one it would be the round wreath.

Your home is gorgeous.


Hi Tina, This is so timely as we just decided yesterday to replace the evergreens in our pillar-top planters and front door planters with boxwood! I have rows of boxwood now in front of various walls of my georgian style home–the perfect combo. I have never used them inside before but I can see that I have been missing a wonderful accent opportunity! I love the way you have used them with the blue and white porcelain planters. My favorite? You must be kidding. I LOVE all your pieces!! And I’m also still loving that gourd pitcher in your shop. Thanks for the inspiration!! Linda

Good morning, Tina!

How are you doing? It was great to wake up and see your comment. πŸ™‚

I am loving this post today! Boxwood is always elegant and they always that special final touch. Great inspirations here!

Have a blessed week, Tina!


Luciane at

What a great find, Tina!!! I think boxwoods are one of the best foundation plants…my house is surrounded by them and yet they seem so fresh used indoors!!!

Hope your week is picture perfect!!
xoxo Elizabeth

I am a huge fan of the preserved boxwood! I combine it with my mercury glass cachepots and it looks wonderful (if I do say so myself). I have found preserved boxwood to be very versatile. I take it fall, then holiday, then a glimpse of spring, then gardeny. The balls are wonderful. The potted elongated pyramid form would be a great selection from your shop. I would use two-love symmetry.

Tina, what a beautiful post. We did a lot of landscaping this year and incorporated quite a bit of boxwood but I agree inside its as beautiful. I only have a small cone topiary in my kitchen but need more and now I know where to get it. Your prices are so good compared to my local nursery.

I love the cone and ball topiary and the classic big round balls. Just beautiful and of course seeing them in your home is the best selling point of all.

I would nominate you as President of the NBA, that’s for sure. You’ve certainly done some good PR here – this collection of photos is gorgeous – I want to try something like the pumpkin/boxwood combo, so fun! And love the new additions to your store. Very smart. I find boxwood can be a little fussy (maybe it’s my not-so-green thumb) and have lost a few plants. How nice not to have to worry about them.
Happy Monday, Tina! XO

Good Morning Tina! I love Boxwoods a matter of fact they are the only thing the deer don’t eat besides the ferns. Thinking of using them in Christmas decor and I loved your picture of the pumpkin combo with the hydrangea!!!
Hope your week is wonderful

The Enchanted Home is my favorite of all the blogs I follow. I love your style and would like to see the story and photos of your home in book form. It would make a beautiful coffee table book. Love all the boxwoods, but the 20″ double and round wreath are my favorites.

I love boxwoods as well but do not have the green thumb when it comes to actually growing them…many unsuccessful attempts. My favorites from your collection are the ball and wreaths. Both are very versatile!

I also love boxwoods—something so crisp and traditional about them at the same time. One of my favorite items is the square boxwood wreath in your new line as well as the multi-level topiaries.
Thanks for your wonderful posts–always a pleasure to read! Oh, BTW, your countertop summer sphagetti recipe and peach sangria have become favorites and I share them with everyone!
[email protected]

These are gorrrrrgeous, especially in your blue and white containers. Love that. Would love to have the 6″ ball to put on top of my silver trophy. All would be so easy to work with. Thanks Tina!!!

Such beautiful pictures! I am completely obsessed with boxwood and have them both inside and out. Would love the round boxwood wreath. We just redid our home’s exterior and the wreath would look wonderful on our new glossy black front door!

Val ([email protected])

Hi Tina…I am loving all this boxwood!! My favorites are the topiaries, but I love the balls too. How do you think a 6″ ball would look in your fluted tole container? I need something small for my mantle which is very narrow (only 6″ deep). Any ideas?

Have a lovely Monday! xoxo

Good Morning, Tina, what a lovely way to start a new week. I love your boxwoods. If I had to choose only one, it would have to be the round wreath for my front door. Thank you.

Martha Mercer

Tina, I love all of these beautiful boxwood photos! You are so right they look fabulous indoor or out. In fact I planted three large ones in containers just this summer.

I love the boxwood wreath!

Have a great day!



Your blogs always make my day…I love seeing photos of your beautiful home…I think I even dream about your home!

The boxwoods are amazing…I think my favorite is the simple balls…I don’t have a lot of imagination but I think even I could find a pretty container for the balls and they would look great! Simple but elegant…


My problem is that I want them ALL! I’ve always been drawn to the density and texture of boxwood…and that gorgeous round wreath would look perfect on our front door!

How could you not love them all – But I am a traditional girl, so the pom-poms {so sweet} and the round wreath are my favourites.
How incredible they will look in your silver planters as well.

The bell jar lanterns are my favorite items in your online store. My favorite boxwood item is the double ball topiary. Also, the square wreath would be lovely in just the right location.

Becky Cohen

Boxwoods are a staple at my home, those pesky deer leave them alone! We have a two tiered stone wall lined with about 20 boxwood orbs..Love them!
Great giveaway and the site gets better with each visit.. so much to choose form , amazing!

we have quite a few old boxwoods, but mine all need shaping right now! If I would choose anything from your store it would be a floral bell lantern, no doubt. Thank you!

I love the square boxwood wreath. I get a fresh one every year. Maybe I should just get a preserved one to use from year to year.

Boxwood is so classic. I love all of them, but the 6″ and 8″ round balls are my favorite.

Pat Crowder

I am not on Facebook any more for personal reasons, so I can’t leave a comment but if I were, I’d say “I, too, am a preserved boxwood or any boxwood fan, and would love to own one from your shop!” I noticed that the ones you carry are a better quality than others. I hope I will have a chance to win one. Thank you, Tina!
Julia H.

I am partial to the double ball (close together) topiary! But I love them all. I have several small boxwood wreaths and one very full one like you offer. I also think the square wreath is very cool.

I don’t have a favorite – I love them ALL! I will so much like to get all shapes and sizes. I have long admired them but not found a good source – these look like excellent quality. Hope you carry these forever!!!!!! Margi

What’s not to love about boxwood in all its versatile shapes but I have been eyeing a square wreath for the longest time. Love how you have yoyrs displayed throughout yiur house-absolutely gorgeous!

I love this and didn’t even knew it existed (definitely clueless in the gardening/plant world)…no way to kill this, that’s what I’m talking about! I would love to win one πŸ™‚ I got lucky once on your give aways with the scout bag (which by the way has garnered many purchases after people spotting it at the neighborhood pool)…here’s hoping for my luck hitting again!

Actually really loving all of the boxwood items that you carry in your shop, but since I have to narrow it down….I am particularly fond of the boxwood square wreath.

I love them all, too, but I think I will have to go with the round wreath just because it is so traditional. I can see it changing with the seasons by the addition of various dried flowers or other decorations. And at Christmas, it would need nothing more than a gorgeous big red bow to complete it.

o tina, throw my name in that hat.

can i be vice president of the NBA? cuz i really feel passionate about these babies. just bought a pair of preserved box topiaries from RH last week. love em. at our next place, i may not even hire a landscape designer. cuz all i really want are boxwoods.

beautiful images you have collected, m’lady!


I have wanted one of these for sooo long! I ADORE all of them but would have to say my favorite would have to be the 6 or 8 inch ball simply because of it versatility.

What a thorough and thoroughly enjoyable post! My favorite images are your long console table and the outdoor photo with the pumpkins on top…so charming!

Tina…I knew that it was only a matter a time before you began carrying this line. The boxwood and it’s understated elegance is always the greenery that I go to for decorating. I have boxwood topiary at my front door and back deck, on my mantle and on various tables throughout my house. I believe my favorite is the double ball topiary…so classic!

All of your new items are enchanting, just as your home is… The square boxwood wreath is beautiful, but the round wreath is such a classic.

Thank you Tina for the beautiful post. There are so many ways to use the elegant boxwood. I love the simple 6 and 8″ balls and the classic round wreath. I love the round wreath with the brown bow and gold ball.

I love the 20″ ball topiary… I have the perfect place for it beside my back door… and a black urn that it would be gorgeous in, although the pot that it is shown with would look super too.

WOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! You are talking my favorite, absolutely favorite shrub of all time! And Tina, have you ever, ever gone to Marqueyssac? It is the most fabulous place in the Périgord. Ruben fell in love with this area and wants to retire there! Oh dear, what can I say about these giveaways but that I have both gardens (front and back) loaded with boxwood and we have won 8 garden awards because of our boxwoods!

Many hugs, you creative and stylish friend! Anita

I have recently found your shop and blog and am completely smitten! You seem to be my twin in taste and it is wonderful to see all the beautiful things you post. As for the beautiful and versatile boxwoods, my favorite is the large square wreath. It would look super inside my foyer against my large mirror. May just have to indulge in one. Thanks for sharing,

My favorite is the square wreath. Great if you hang it on the diagonal, just a bit different and very pretty.

Sandy J.

Dear Tina

Both of these were shown individually in your boxwood shop, and I love that you showed them “in situ” . The way you have arranged them are so beautifully in proportion and it is so helpful in deciding which size might be right for your reader’s use. Sometimes it’s difficult to visualize an item, even with the measurements, so well done, you!

Whoops! I haven’t chosen my favorite ! I think the smaller one is so sweet, and I can imagine using it as you have done on a side table, or as the anchor for a dining table tableau !

Have a great week!

As a designer, I don’t think there is a plant that brings structure to a garden space more so than a boxwood — I love love love them and am always looking around for more places in my garden to place some —–

Am retired now and turning ALL my efforts on my own garden

Thanks for this article.


The 20″ double ball planter is perfect. I actually had the most gorgeous live boxwood and managed to kill it. I think the preserved boxwood is just right for me! Great addition to all of your lovelies.

Hi Tina~
LOVE the 8″ and the 10″ round balls. I have several of them and move them around the house for pops of green that do not require light or watering — BONUS!
Plus, I cannot kill them by my lack of regular watering!


Great giveaway! So glad you are carrying these. Our local gift shops carry them and then they don’t. Hard to find on a regular basis!


I wish we could get preserved boxwood here, it looks so lovely and much better than trying to keep the real thing alive, which I have no luck with at all. We can only get crappy plastic varieties here, so these look beautiful.

Loved the topiaries next to your blue and white vase on the table with the mirror. Also, really adore the boxwood wreaths. Beautiful!! Debbie S.

Love the boxwoods…only have one on my kitchen island, but want more:-) Love the way you have displayed them in your home! My favorite from your shop is the the square wreath…would look fab on my front door, Carol P.

It’s hard pick a favorite but I would say the wreaths. The square one is especially beautiful. I have always loved boxwood topiaries. Thanks for a chance to win. Love your blog!

I can’t believe someone wrote a whole post about boxwoods!!! I am slightly obsessed with them right now and have been searching for the perfect boxwood wreath! If I find it, I’m sure I won’t be able to afford it but it just seems like the perfect finishing touch for a room. (Actually I want one inside AND out. Ha!) I can’t pick a favorite from your shop! I love it all! But…my favorite favorites are the wreaths and the ball! I also love the cone shape in an urn!
A giveaway…fingers crossed! πŸ˜‰

I love these preserved boxwood…I’m so happy you are carrying them. I’m saving for the 24″ wreath.

It’s so hard to choose just one, I’m so torn between the double topiary with the single stem and the round wreath. Both are exceptional, but I think I will chose the round wreath.

Tina- beautiful post. So many gorgeous examples of how boxwood looks so perfect. I love a classic ball but the topiaries you are carrying are also very pretty. The quality looks really good, I know that’s important to you and they look so healthy and something that doesn’t require regular watering if perfect for me, a non green thumb!

I hope to win but if I don’t I will be placing an order for the 8″ balls. Great to know you have these now. Thanks for the chance.

Leslie A.

My fav is the classic cone ball topiary. Presently I actually have 2 live ivy 2 ball topiaries and one ivy ball topiary that I grew my self. I love topiaries. It would be pretty special to have a boxwood topiary that I could use without worrying about water damage, something I am always concerned about with my live topiaries.


Boxwoods are classic, no doubt about it. Our front beds are lined with English boxwood. Whenever I catch a wisp of their lovely fragrance I’m instantly transported back to Colonial Williamsburg, my second favorite place on each after Paris! I think what I like the best in your boxwood collection are the large half round balls. I’d love to put them in gorgeous planters on either side of my front door to compliment our borders. The wreaths excited me as well and thoughts of the many ways I could use them danced through my head! I love everything about your blog Tina. I’ve enlightened so many friends (and customers!) about it. Enjoy your success, you deserve it! Deena

I am the biggest fan of boxwoods and have them in my front yard and as the border for my roses…can’t get enough of them! Fingers crossed over here…

The classic round wreath always gets me, but the boxwood half ball would be fun to try in an urn. Thanks for the inspiration with boxwoods!

I love how you’ve added these to your shop. I grew up with boxwood hedges which was very unusual in Southern Cal. Of course, we also had a dichondra lawn when everyone else had St. Augustine and a Myer’s lemon tree that my friends said was not a ‘real’ lemon tree. Being young and wanting to fit in, I thought we were just the odd balls of the neighborhood. Little did I know how good I had it and what exceptional tastes my parents had back then. Every time I see a boxwood plant I think of this. πŸ™‚ I’ve been coveting preserved boxwood for a few years but didn’t know how to decorate with them. Thanks for all the ideas!


Thanks for another great giveaway. I love the classic cone and ball topiary.

Carol Ann Nelson


Love your new line of boxwood …….. Especially the beautiful wreaths! After living in Williamsburg and working for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, I must say I miss having that beautiful plant all around me. These look so real and would be a lovely addition to any interior.

Michelle Seman

Enchanted ~ love the boxwood line! Needing some beauty in my world. I can’t really say which is my favorite ~ they are all wonderful! Your blog is THE BEST and your home is beautiful!

Such beautiful boxwoods…so perfect in a dressy or casual setting! Love the wreaths!

Tina, there is an “NBA”–it’s called the American Boxwood Society. Here in the South boxwoods are mandatory, so I am so excited about your newest offering!!
I also covet the SP09 Artichoke finial–classic design and I am thinking of ways to incorporate it in my Christmas decor!
Thanks for another inspiring post.

Hi Tina,

I just love boxwood!! I would use it everywhere. They are such a classic. I love the round wreath for over my mantel. It would look fantastic. Love your posts. Don’t know how I missed this one, but went back to visit. I am now going to bookmark it!

Wow the boxwood line is gorgeous. I’m a fan of anything topiary but the round wreath is simply divine. It is something that is timeless and good for any season.
Ann @ [email protected]

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Hi Tina, I’m landscaping my front yard right now and plan to use a lot of boxwood…just love them! The picture with the two boxwood wreaths…that was taken when I toured the Southern Living Idea Home in Senoia Georgia. You can see more of that beautiful home and the exterior landscaping in this post: Loved seeing Jan (The French Tangerine’s) boxwood topiary. She has a gorgeous home inside and out!

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