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Good morning….how crazy is it that summer if officially over and fall has finally arrived? Hope you had a wonderful and relaxing weekend. We have had the weather to prove that fall is indeed here and I have to say I am so excited with the nip in the air, an excuse to clean out and reorganize my closet and revisit some of my favorite staples for fall dressing. Then of course there are the obligatory visits to the nurseries (unfortunately sans any little kids to enjoy all the fall related events with:( but I l still love and don’t feel too old for the pumpkin, mums and apple picking festivities. It is practically a rite of passage!!

So today is a tribute to the start of fall and I am excited to be announcing my first contest!! I have wanted to do this for awhile and since many of my readers enjoy sending me their pictures I figured why not sponsor a contest (am going to aim for once a month, give or take) and share the goodness!!

Last Christmas when I ran posts on your Christmas and holiday decor, it warranted three posts, as there was such a plethora of pictures…my mailbox was bulging. It was such fun to share the beauty and inspiration. So first lets take a look at some really fabulous inspiration, then the low down on my first contest over entitled appropriately “Fall fabulous” Everyone is eligible to enter, so please participate!!

And of course if you did not read my “Why fall sometimes makes me cry” post, I encourage you to, think you might like it:)? Click here to see it……




































Gotta save the best for last! How sweet is that picture….ahh, the good ol days:) Anyway, now that you have gotten a beautiful dose of fall…it’s your turn to share your own fall inspiration! Onto the contest……



From today until Oct. 2nd I am accepting pictures that represent what fall is to you.? It can be anything from how decorate your urns, to your front door, pictures of your kids or pets all decked out for fall, your favorite fall meal or decadent treat, a favorite fall outfit, a beautiful shot of foliage…whatever makes you happy about fall and what you think of when you hear “fall fabulous”.

I will then put all the pictures together and set up voting to take place over a certain number of days. I will then compile all the votes and announce a winner. I am going to be brainstorming for a fabulous prize, but assure you….it will be worth your while!

So don’t delay, get inspired and send in your pictures, I know how talented and inspiring you all are! Max. 2 pictures per entrant….pictures? can be emailed to? [email protected]. I can’t wait to get this off the ground!! PLEASE PUT FALL FABULOUS in the subject line. All pictures must be your own. Thanks for entering in advance πŸ™‚

If you missed my post “Style on Sunday” yesterday, click here to see it, its a fun look at fall fashion!

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Oh this is so fun. Fall is my favorite season and it is looking like this one is going to be a beauty. I will definitely be participating!
How cute is that little fella?!

Tina, even for a summer girl like me, this post is incredible. You have captured the beauty of all so well here, and that last picture is a keeper. Having fun pinnning a bunch of these.
I will be participating in your contest as soon as my front door is done getting decked out for fall.

Hi Tina!

Whoa.. this is a really beautiful post! Today is just one of those “perfect” Fall days… it’s cloudy, windy and the leaves are all changed… What a great day to enjoy a hot cocoa… it gets even better w/ this post!

Have a great day, sweetie!


Luciane at

Tina I too live for fall- its my favorite season. I have been buying some really great new things for the season and this post has me so excited to wear them. Beautiful post as always. I will definitely be entering your contest, what a fun idea.

Tina first of all I am wondering how anyone can find better images of those in this post. Autumn in a book of photographs!
My favorite Season and I love, love everything about it!

2013 Designer Series!

Tina love the idea of a fall contest, I remember all those incredible Christmas pictures will send over a picture of our front door to throw our name in the hat. Love these pictures, they are such beautiful reminders of how special fall is and that last one made me smile.
Love your blog!

How exciting but I’m going to have to be very creative living in MIAMI! um no fall leaves here! Everything is still bright green! lol! Does photoshop count cause I’m thinking I can paste myself or my kids in a big pile of fall leaves! haha!! Oh I know….I beachy fall picnic! That sounds more like it!

A couple of questions. Must the picture be one that we have taken? And can we enter more than one time? I love contests! I am so excited to enter yours!!

Great pictures posted today! Love them!

This is my favorite time of year sweet Tina. I wish I could be in the contest but I am swamped with school and poetry! I just thought I’d come before I run off again to get my husband! LOVE THOSE WHITE PUMPKINS and of course as always, I will follow your contest with joy. Anita

Gorgeous post, this post made me happy fall is here. So many beautiful images, I am going to pin nearly all of them. Will be sending a picture over of fall to you soon. Thank you Tina!

That last picture is just adorable!! Love the fall and this idea! I should totally send along a shot from Ethan’s 3 month shoot last fall…all of the colors are so pretty from the leaves turning yellow! πŸ™‚

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