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Good morning. This post is about my online shop, The Enchanted Home shop. I get lots of questions, all of which I try to answer but some days admittedly my mailbox is overloaded and i am sure I have missed a few here and there.

I got started with my shop over a year ago (sooo hard to believe) which was born out of my love for home decor and furnishings. I knew the frustration of looking for certain things and not being able to find them and wanted to create a one stop shop that reflected my taste and style. Thanks to you my faithful readers, you helped it become a reality and have helped it to grow to a really wonderful little business that I am so enjoying. I had always wanted to open a brick and mortar shop but knew the timing was not right (kids still at home and I know full well the work involved in a retail operation) so this was the next best thing and there are days that I am stunned by how busy it keeps me.

It is a true reflection? of me, what I love, what I would put in my own home (and many things ARE in my own home. So this shop is a genuine extension of all? I love…from my beloved blue and whites to the belljars to the European kitchen goodies to unique things like the pewter handmade napkin rings and of course all the way to my newest treasures, the totes and wraps! I love it all and nothing makes me happier than when I hear from a happy customer about how overjoyed they are with their new purchase, or when I get a picture showing me their newly put together enchanted space…I feel like a proud mama!

So first, a response to questions I get asked a lot, then a look at some of my current faves, then some new things that just came in that have me all excited and finally the giveaway details! Let’s get started……

Here are questions I get a lot-

What is my best selling item? I would have to say its a tie between the belljars and my porcelains though the totes are giving them a run for their money:) The silver and pillows are a close runner up! The custom tole is proving to be very well received too……and if I had a dough bowl for every time someone has wanted one……….they are very special!

What is the availability of the belljars? As I always say, the status of availability literally changes day to day.? Jumbos normally are the first to sell out only because I might get 6-7 pieces total in a shipment and that’s it until the next container (another 3-4 months). The tulip, Greek key and trellis and feather designs are the most popular. The standard finish is oil rubbed bronze but you can upgrade to a silver or ant. brass finish. The turnaround is quick, once the item has been confirmed as being in stock, they normally ship within 1-2 days. Best bet is to contact me first when you know what you want and confirm its in stock since the availability changes frequently.

Is the silver really non tarnish? Many of the pieces are but I will say that maybe once or twice a year I might take a little polish to them to brighten them up, but they are no where near the maintenance that one typically associates with silver pieces, so this is a big perk. They are really old world looking so you can put these next to a family heirloom and they will look fabulous!

How do I start a blue and white vignette? I cannot tell you how many times I have been asked this question. I am flattered that they trust me as a blue and white expert:) I have helped many people put together a vignette, and the good news there are no rules! It is a good idea to vary height and width in the jars, and sometimes adding a bowl or candlesticks amidst a grouping of jars is a nice way to switch it up. Varying shades of blues are also a great idea. You can use anywhere from 3-8 pieces in a single vignette..again no rules, just experiment and have fun, old and new work beautifully together.

Do I discount? Oh yes! I discount at least 25% but in some cases (belljars and pillows as an example its much steeper, closer to 40%). So you can be sure my prices are super competitive.

E- design? Yes I still am doing it and finishing up two jobs right now. I have to admit my time is stretched to the max so I cannot always take on an e-design job when I am asked. But I really enjoy the process and love being a part of helping someone create something special for their home. Email me for fees and details.

My favorite item(s)? This is really hard, kind of like asking which is your favorite child: Right now I have to say I am rather obsessed with my custom tole line. Obsessed. They are so magnificent and special…every single piece custom made just for you. It is a superb line and I am so excited to be carrying them!!

The biggest names in design, Charlotte Moss, Mario Buatta, Alexa Hampton, Bunny Williams are all big fans of this line and these products have been featured in their various books and in magnificent homes all over the country. I also love the napkin rings, they are truly little jewels for the table. Loving my chic Annabel Ingall tote which I am always getting compliments on, I could go on and on and on…….

So here’s a look at some of my favorite items…..

Just in!! Take a look at all of these spectacular new trays that I am in love with (some were long awaited like the first two Ralph Lauren trays)? just came in and got added to the shop last night……..

Finally a giveaway! I am offering a wonderful pair of these Staffordshire dogs to one lucky winner.

Here is how you enter….

One of my readers asked me for my advice, and I am now turning it over to you! She is looking for a gift that she can present to each of her bridesmaids as a thank you gift (no more than $150 per bridesmaid) for participating in her wedding. I had a few ideas but here is the challenge…...visit my shop come back and tell us an time you would select and that will put you in the running. She is very excited to see what you all suggest. I will announce a winner on Friday morning!

Many thanks for stopping in wishing you a fabulous day. Busy busy day over here! Enjoy……

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