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Hi there. Boy its been one heck of a  busy week over here! Hope you had a good week, the weather has been pure perfection. Just amazing in every way. So as these posts are all over the place, this one is much of the same. I am looking forward to a pretty relaxing weekend. Weekend visitors, a football game, gorgeous sunny skies….its all good! Had a lot going on and a little downtime sounds mighty good! Ready to get started, let’s go……

First a winner of the Staffordshire dogs, congratulations goes to……


Tina I would give them each a box of the monogrammed soaps put in one of those gorgeous silver small planters. What a beautiful gift that would make that they could remember your special day by. Love that idea and love this giveaway. Those dogs are so beautiful and your shop is my favorite online store!
Please email me your shipping details so the dogs can be on their way…..

Also my reader/customer thanked everyone for their amazing ideas! She decided to give monogrammed soaps and a small crested silver tray…love the idea, great keepsake.

MY HOUSE. Our house was used yesterday for a photo shoot! Details later but I took a few behind the scenes photos and it was quite exciting but a very very looooong day! I have a new found appreciation for all that goes on behind a photo shoot, making a movie or commercial…its intense! I am going to be doing a post on it but here is a sneak peek……..

A FUN VIDEO. This is hysterical, gotta love Marion Cotillard for doing this fun take on the fashion industry and boy this is not at all an exaggeration of how it appears so glamorous on the outside but its stressful, intense and cutthroat past the iron gates. Saw this on Sharon’s blog, My French Country Home and it is just too cute to not share. Be sure to watch it to the end, it worth it!

SOMETHING YUMMY. Come on, its the comfort food season:) I decided to try one recipe a week from my Pinterest food boards. I have a friend who is nuts for peanut brittle and since she has not been feeling well and house bound, I decided to try my hand at it and this was a serious winner. This is almond brittle and let me forewarn you now, this will render you helpless!  This was sooooo good, I was really glad I was giving it away. Really glad! It would not have lasted an hour around here:) Click here for the recipe and even for a non baker like me, I didn’t find it difficult..but oh so very good!

A FEW NEW BOOKS. Love getting in new books to review and a few that are wonderful and worth sharing are the following…..have a few others which I am getting to so will share those next week but in the meantime, these are both fabulous and must buy’s……

Suzanne Tuckers new book is SUBLIME. You must add this to your design book collection. It is a total treasure trove of the most gorgeous interiors….love love love this one!  I can see it will quickly become one of my favorites! Click here to order on Amazon.

Beyond Chic is a huge gorgeous coffee table book. This is a fabulous insiders peek into world famous fashion designers homes, it is so interesting! A great culmination of these fabulous designers and their sumptuous interiors. A fabulous coffee table book and a perfect gift idea for a fashionista friend:) Click here to order on Amazon.

BOOTS. Who doesn’t love boots. I was reading a blog the other day when a bunch of people chimed in about some of the riding boots being too narrow for their calves, apparently a common enough problem that Neiman Marcus has an entire category on their website now devoted to wide calved or extended calf boots!! How smart is that…..thought I would share:) Click here to visit, here are  few winners!

MY SHOP.  I did a whole post on my shop on Wednesday, if you missed it click here. I am excited for this weeks steals and deals! Check them out….limited availability.

1. Gorgeous assorted scalloped dessert/appetizer plates. Measures 6.5″ square. A set of assorted patterns is $38.00. So elegant, and a perfect size.

2. Coordinating set of mugs. Love starting my day with a blue and white mug and coffee! Set of four of assorted mix and match patterns. $38.00

 3. Goregous handpainted blue and white trellis planter. Meausres 11.5 wide $55.00

Just email me at [email protected] if you want to purchase any of the above!

Also my Annabell Ingall bags are one hot item. I am super excited to be getting in a big order next week with all new fall colors. Amongst the goodies, I am getting in 14 pieces of this very sought after color, a rich neutral cognac,  10 are sold and 4 are up for grabs. Many of you had emailed me about it but I only had one and it sold right away. If you wanted one in this gorgeous rich color…email me to reserve it.

I will do a post on the new colors sometime later next week….stay tuned:)

A FUN CONTEST!  My Fall fabulous contest is going on…..I am accepting pictures until October 2nd. Hope you will participate, I have gottten in some fantastic ones so far, details below……


From today until Oct. 2nd I am accepting pictures that represent what fall is to you.  It can be anything from how decorate your urns, to your front door, pictures of your kids or pets all decked out for fall, your favorite fall meal or decadent treat, a favorite fall outfit, a beautiful shot of foliage…whatever makes you happy about fall and what you think of when you hear “fall fabulous”.

I will then put all the pictures together and set up voting to take place over a certain number of days. I will then compile all the votes and announce a winner. I am going to be brainstorming for a fabulous prize, but assure you….it will be worth your while!

So don’t delay, get inspired and send in your pictures, I know how talented and inspiring you all are! Max. 2 pictures per entrant….pictures  can be emailed to  [email protected]. I can’t wait to get this off the ground!! PLEASE PUT FALL FABULOUS in the subject line. All pictures must be your own. Thanks for entering in advance 🙂

So that my friends is a wrap up. Hope you enjoy a wonderful Thursday evening…..and a great end to your week. Hopefully I will check in over the weekend sometime but not sure as I have visitors this weekend.  Otherwise on Monday! Enjoy…..

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Bonsoir, Tina! Ah Marion Cotillard, quelle actrice! Elle est ma vedette préférée!

Well, you got it all tonight dearest Tina; good news that a photo shoot took place in your home (I’ve tried getting people interested in my home, but no one is interested!!!!!!!) and congratulations to the winner of those fantastic pieces.

I’ll be here the minute you reveal more about your photo shoot. I think your home belongs in Veranda or Elle Décor! Best wishes, Anita

Wow – I’ve been watching a great series on Claridge’s hotel on TV and your house looks better! Love those mugs and the planter, do you ship to Sydney?

Tina, your house looks beautiful, as always. I am a long time follower of your blog (and just purchased those antler salt and pepper shakers for a hostess gift) and I am a freelance writer who writes blogs for designers who do not have the time or the ability. I am currently working on an article on traditional design for Deb Kester at Painted Furniture Barn and was wondering if I could use these latest photos you posted to show the importance of symmetry in traditional design. Of course full credit and links would be provided. Her site sells high end and hand made furniture and can be seen at

Thanks for the consideration and I look forward to the photo spread.

Diane Haynie

Your house stops me in my tracks, that dining room table is dreamy Tina! Love the Dior commercial too.
Your shop items are exquisite, and don’t even get me started on almond brittle, I have a ridiculous sweet tooth!

Congratulations to the winner!

The sneak peek of your house look stunning! You have such exquisite taste!

The video was so funny. sad and probably very true, but also funny. Being a model is anything but glamorous behind the scenes.

You recommended a charity called ‘Donors Choose’ a few weeks back, and what a wonderful opportunity to help teachers fund projects for books, supplies, etc. for their students! I have had so much fun being ‘Santa Claus’ in September with them! And the kids have written such adorable thank you notes, it is really heart-warming. Thank you for recommending Donor’s Choose – what a wonderful charity!

And i also got the vanille perfume you mentioned. It smells delicious!

Have a great weekend, Tina. I’m enjoying your blog hugely – thanks for putting in the time you do to make it so wonderful!

I am looking forward to more of the photo shoot and to the books that you have recommended! I love a good design book that you can sit and page through for hours.

The brittle looks scrumptious! I do the same thing, try one new pin a week, my problem is that I always want to make the sweets and none of the savories.

I hope you have a relaxing weekend.


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Great post. The house looks stupendous! That dining room table looks fit for the Queen of England! I love how you have displayed your orchids and blue and whites, you have inspired me to start a collection of my own.
The video is so funny, and definitely real life, my daughter works as part of a camera crew for a production company in California and tells me stories like this all the time…its a finicky business.

How smart that a dept. store finally recognized that women do not have skinny calves all the time! So happy to know about that, I will be visiting them. Thank you Tina for always including something beautiful and interesting.

So much to love in this post! But mostly the photo shoot. They are SO hard, but you house looks absolutely STUNNING. I can’t wait to hear more about it!

Your recipes are going to be the death of me! (Heh-heh-heh.) Not only have I visited the Cucina Fresca site, the recipe has been printed and is out of the office and into the kitchen. My-oh-my, you do share some fabulous recipes Tina. Wonderful news about the photo shoot, I cannot wait to learn more about it!

Yeah, finally boots that fit athletic calves! And that peanut brittle looks so yummy… and dangerous to make before the holidays but we know our boys would love it. Enjoy a wonderful weekend, Tina!
C + C

I so enjoy your presentations. I am a lover of blue and white. My love started years ago with
a picture of a windmill that had been painted by a neighbor and given to my Mother
in the early years of her marriage. The picture was not done in the blues, but from that
windmill theme, I started collecting and decorating my kitchen in Dutch blue and white. This
was about 1970. I have expanded the blue and white to 4 more rooms in our home, and still
love it. While my collection is of inexpensive pieces, it brings me much pleasure and adds
a fresh and lovely air about.
The availability of the blue and white has lessened in the stores, and I find it harder to get
floor tiles, runners, and pillows. I really hate that. However, the good fact remains, blue
and white can be coupled with so many accent colors. I will always be able to use it.
It has become a signature for me with family and friends.
Thank you for all the time you devote to your blog. I enjoy it so much.
Loving the blues,

Your home is absolutely breath-taking!! You have truly impeccable taste. Thank you also for featuring my almond brittle recipe – I’m so glad you enjoyed it! My humble food blog is suddenly getting enormous spikes in traffic, and I think I owe it all to you. Mille grazie!

Beautiful post! Though I don’t always get around to reading your blog, but when I do I always feel inspired. Love your home! (I clicked on the link for Suzanne Tucker’s book, and it’s invalid.)

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Tina your posts are always so beautiful and your home always takes my breath away.

Love the video! And that bag, I must have it!

Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

Hi Tina,
I’m new to your site, and so happy to have found you.
Your home is stunning, beautiful.
Thanks so much for sharing!
Looking forward to future posts.
Have a beautiful weekend,

Photo shoot sounds so fun, even with the long hours, I bet you will end up with some amazing photos of your home as only the pros can do! Enjoy your Sunday, I know I will. Got your package I will be in touch!

What a fun and fabulous post! Your house looks stunning, looking very much forward to the ‘behind the scences’ story. Have a wonderful Sunday!

Great post! Appreciate your formulating an exceptionally decent article, It happened to see your website page as well as several written piece. Is exceedingly good type publishing.

Very interesting post! House interiors – my love! My life has been in the fashion industry working in the top design houses and I could care less. When I look at dresses or even pictures, I just scroll past them. It used to be so stressful when I was young that I recall I used to get sick (really sick). The initial part of the video is so very reflective of it all.

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