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Hello and happy Thursday!? I am getting in some amazing pictures of blue and whites for my “blue and white love” contest. I am so excited about showing them to you in the beginning of November (all details to enter at bottom of this post).

Finally and I do not use that word lightly…the new fall colors are here for the leather totes. They are arriving today and I will be featuring them next week, they are sensational!? I know many of you have patiently been waiting. Most of what I got will be to fulfill current orders but I will have a few extra of each color. It is just a fabulous every day perfect tote…… Super roomy, the softest leather, just a great looking very chic hold everything tote.

I am excited to offer some beautiful steals and deals today, all way below retail, not too early to start stocking up on Christmas gifts….its almost hard to type that word knowing its not so far away.

To my surprise, got a few more in of some previously sold out steals and deals. I was actually really surprised to get these in as they company was sold out but was of course very happy to see them when I started opening up the boxes. Only about 3-4 of each item so you know the drill contact me at if interested!

Please refer to number beside description when emailing me (makes it easier)

1.? This gorgeous oversized cake/display plate, have 3,? 15.5″ x 5″ $68.00

2. Gorgeous antiqued silver leaf and antique mirrored vanity/bar tray 14.5″ x 10″ $50.00

And here it is in my own bathroom holding some perfume,? I am also going to put on in our bar area

3.? LOVE this beautiful blue and white porcelain tray/display plates 18.5″ x 13″ $ 65.00
4.? Stunning trellis white and blue planter 11″ x 6″ $55.00
5. This lovely blue and white planter with ginger jar, perfect for an orchid! 8.5″ x 6.5″ $48.00

And this planter with a potted orchid on a chest in my own home

6. No its not Herend but looks just like it, beautiful elephant figurine 6.5″ x 5.5″ $40.00

Love this little guy, it adds some elegant whimsy to any setting

7.? Got some more of the super decorative chef jars, set of 2, one is 5.5′ x 7″ and the other one? is 5.5″ x 7.5″ $45.00

Here they are in my own kitchen living quite happily….

And this is a unique opportunity for those die hard blue and white connoisseurs who like me, like to mix in the old with the new!? One of my vendors brings back antique porcelains from China twice a year and offers them up, they go fast but as of right now, these are available….they are surprisingly more affordable than you might think but more than the new, take a look…..if anything is calling your name just contact me for more information.

22″ x 14″

22″ x 10″

22″ x 14″

?Alternate view
10″ x 15″ (love these)

9.5″ tall

22″ x 11″

22″ x 10″

And finally, this is an exceptional steal and deal but let me explain. I met with this? manufacturer through a friend and fell in love with these wallets. They have made goods for Valentino, Fendi and other very notable names. The leather is baby’s butt soft. Anywho, working on possibly a few things but in the meantime getting in 40 of these magnificent wallets within next two weeks.
?I LOVE these wallets. We all know a wallet of exceptionally great quality leather could easily fetch a pretty penny, then you attach a designer name and the sky’s the limit. Well you are getting that same quality minus the nametag but look how gorgeous! I am going to sell them for $60.00 each which is a super bargain. If you are interested in reserving any of them email me, with the holidays around the corner, I know these babies are going to go very fast. I am a handbag maniac and trust me, these are exceptional and the leather could not be softer, or the wallets any prettier.?
They will come in brown, black and navy.

Some great items don’t you think? I am planning on adding some new goodies over the next month or so and will of course keep you posted. I am always on the prowl for things that I love and at the sake of sounding like a broken record, I really only sell things that I truly absolutely love and believe in!

And speaking of loving, here is the lowdown on the “Blue and white love” contest……

My contest theme for November is not surprisingly “Blue and white love“. You know what that means..send in your pictures of your blue and white anything…however you love to display it or use it in your home, your favorite vignette, a beautifully displayed ginger jar, your plate collection, your blue and white nails, your pet wearing a blue and white something….whatever it may be.

Max. 2 pictures per entrant, please in subject line of email put “Blue and white love”. I will collect pictures up until Nov. 1st . The contest will run on Nov. 4th for 2 days. Thanks in advance and I cannot wait to start receiving your pictures…I? know they will be fabulous!

Email me your pictures to

Thanks for stopping in as always. Hope your week is going well…..until next time:)

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