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Hi…wow does anyone else feel like December was just one big blur? I cannot believe Christmas and all the buildup has come and gone! So much fun, so crazy and chaotic, LOTS of work, endless cooking, food and cleanup…….and I loved every single minute of it. We had the good fortune to have hosted my family as well my incredible 96 year old grandmother…you heard right! I soooo hope just a smidgeon of her super incredible genes are in my body:) We had a blast…so much fun game playing, eating, cooking, entertaining, movie watching, you name it …..all that was on my wishlist was indeed accomplished.

On Christmas night, as we all sat together in my living room which looked all aglow with just the sconces on and candles lit, I for a brief moment looked around at all those I love and realized at that very moment that is what perfect feels like. We were all together in good health, safe and warm, and I felt so blessed at that very moment and to me, that was the essence of Christmas. So I feel incredibly grateful and will always cherish Christmas 2013.

I admittedly had a lot of fun decorating my home. Though I realized after years of collecting decorations that have red in them I am ready for a change. And had a “aha” moment while one day in Lord and Taylor’s holiday shop,  I spotted the most beautiful silvery and pale gray/blue garland. That is when I got my divine inspiration for a new direction. So I bought all they had and proceeded to transform my dining room with the new color scheme. By next year…I hope to extend it to the rest of the house. I may gather up all my beautiful decorations that have the red in them and sell them as one big lot, not sure. They have certainly seen me through some wonderful holidays…but change is good! So thought I would share a few final shots of the past few days when all decorations were completed.

This post is very picture heavy… might want to take a seat and grab another cup of coffee:)

I finally got my front door together. I kept it simple and elegant, lots of greens and magnolia leaves. I never got to do a few things I wanted to do, thanks to unexpected snowfalls and deep freezes so had to try to do what I could  in between when things thawed out…

Other festive vignettes around the house……

Every year I display my adorable ceramic holiday cupcakes in my domed displays……..

Just back from the local nursery with all my white holiday flowers ready to put into planters……

A Christmas gift to me from me started collected Royal Crown Derby’s Blue Mikado… pretty!

My dining room and its new gorgeous soft colored holiday decor…..

And I kept tweaking once I added all my white flowers…white paperwhites and white amaryllis!

 A few pics from my family Christmas party (as things were setting up)…..

Say hello to my GORGEOUS new blue pillows that I had made….in love with them (a Christmas present to myself:)

LOVE these pillows so much and got more of the velvet to make a tufted ottoman for my living room

Dessert is served…….

And Christmas day dinner getting set up…..

Since we needed two extra seats, set up this table for two….love a small intimate table, don’t you?

I just love setting up my table with the napkin rings, they always end up being such wonderful conversation pieces

Christmas night, my sons girlfriend and family were coming by so we set up drinks and a few things to nibble on…..

So that’s a wrap up of my holidays….so much fun, and so very memorable. Yes, my feet are tired and I feel a bit worn out but it was so worth all the effort, it was a truly wonderful and perfect holiday! I hope yours were the same.

 I am leaving for a much needed and much anticipated vacation to California. You can be sure my iPhone will be charged and ready to capture the beauty and inspiration that California always promises! I will not be around for the next week so look forward to catching up when I return on Jan. 5th. I do have a post planned to post on Jan. 1st and hope it will work (used the blogger scheduler to do this) so just in case,  I will wish you all now nothing but the best in 2014….may it bring you much love, peace and laughter.

Because of this trip…my “Christmas magic” contest dates are slightly changed. Instead of the deadline for submissions being Jan. 1st it is now Jan. 4th and the contest will run Jan. 5th through Jan. 7th. I will announce two lucky winners on Jan. 8th. Details are below……

 I also want to announce the start of my final contest for 2013, “Christmas magic”. I will be collecting pictures as of today through Jan. 4th.  I will hold the contest on Jan. 5th- 7th and announce the winner(s) on Jan 8th. As the name implies….please send your pictures of anything Christmas related, your decorated front door, a beautifully wrapped gift, a table set with your Christmas finest, your darling kids and pets are always a hit, whatever the name “Christmas magic” means to you! Since my “Hooray for the Holidays” post included some Christmas pictures, if you would like to use the entry you used for that please just email me to let me know and I will be happy to include it. I cannot wait to start getting your entries!! Remember-

  • 2 entries per person (they must be your pictures, not downloaded from internet)
  • Please in subject line when you email me put Christmas Magic (get tons of emails )
Please email your pictures to [email protected] 

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Tina your home is just spectacular. I LOVE the new color theme in the dining room it is really breathtaking. Thank you for sharing all the beauty, you continue to inspire me in so many ways. I hope you have a great safe trip. Loved this post.


Thank you for this glorious peek into your beautiful home. I bet you can guess what my favorite items were!
Enjoy your trip, travel safely.

what is the above??!!

enough of that tina, the focus is YOU and the magic created in your stunning home. my my, down to the smallest detail, we can see the joy and imagination in every image. when i came to the photo of the desert table, i audibly gasped…….do tell me you had help!
my personal favorite is the christmas tree surrounded by gifts in a rich color palette. even every package is perfectly perfect!
enjoy your get-away tina with blessings for an abundantly magical 2014

Dying over the beauty!!!!!! Love your decor, it is perfect. I also love your new china and those pillows- wow! Tina you have such superb taste you are destined for big big things. Thanks for sharing all this beauty and inspiration. I feel so inspired to make my own home more beautiful because of you. Hope you have a great trip and wishing you all good things in 2014.

TINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just came back from California (L.A. county and Orange County) and we had an 85 degree Christmas day! We had the best time. My family is FUN and we are all musical, theatrical, artistic and quite frankly, CRAZY in a good way! We made a video and we loved every minute of it. We had Mexican food as is our tradition, and we lived on the memory of our dear parents and aunts and uncles who are no longer with us.


I know your dear family must have loved every special piece you lovingly placed for THEM to enjoy, Tina. Those napkin rings are super cute (one day I’ll get the horse and dog!) and your table is fabulous.

Dear one, I wish you a great trip to California. I went to Santa Monica to the beach and all the posh shops. Dear oh dear did I faint from the beauty.

Wishing you a happy new year! Anita

My darling, you could have entertained Queen Elizabeth! Everything, everything, everything is perfection. And, love the new pillows & your trims on them. Also love all of your accessories, and really liked your idea of placing the silverware wrapped napkins in a large bowl. So happy to hear you’re off for a few days to California, I know you love it there. We leave for Vail tomorrow, as sig.other’s daughter did not make it home for our party, and she manages an art gallery there. So no more work for either of us for a bit. xx’s & Here’s to 2014 !

Holy moly. You are a master Tina! I think you could teach Martha a thing or two. Just unbelievably beautiful, I am sure all of your guests felt like total royalty! I am so happy you shared with us, I loved what you said about sitting around and realizing thats what perfect is, that is so beautiful! I hope you have a great trip to California, we are leaving tonight for Italy for 10 days and I can hardly wait. Hoping 2014 will be a great year for us all.


What a beautiful and confortable home. But specially the feeling of peace and hapiness with the family and friends, when you realize that life can have perfect moments. I felt the some in Christmas night!
Congratulations for the perfect look!
A good 2014 for you, surrounded of beautiful persons and things!

The house looks just magnificent, wow. The front door is fabulous and those ceramic cupcakes are just too cute. Good for you on getting away to someplace warmer and sunnier, I hope you all have a splendid time enjoying the change in scenery and temperatures!

Sending you a smile,

Merry Christmas Tina! Your home looks amazing decorated for Christmas! Love everything! Hope you have a great vacation! Much love to you and yours! God bless you! XOXOXO,Desiree

beautiful material displays, though, where are the people? other then the two men….
intrigue, or ?????

I love the adjustment to a blue~gray tone. I did tons of greens, navy, the blue velvet is beautiful, who makes that? I used to have slip covers in that shade that I would put on for the winter on a couch, I miss it. Looking forward to hearing where you are going in California, Happy New Year Tina!

This is so amazing. I cannot believe how much you did and all in such great taste, did you have helpers? I find it overwhelming to decorate but love the result of when I do. I am in awe of your taste and style Tina.

I had found you through Pinterest when someone I follow featured your holiday decor, I was immediately taken with it! Thanks for sharing it so generously and hope you have a great trip to California. My sister lives there and they are having unusually warm weather so enjoy it.

Thank you so much for sharing your home with us ~ BEAUTIFUL ~ takes my breath away!!! Wishing you and your family a wonderful 2014. Please keep sharing your gorgeous home πŸ˜€

Such a traditionally elegant home!! It always looks fabulous! I said to my husband that Holidays are like weddings.. all the stress and build up and its gone and over so quickly! Wishing you a splendid New year and looking forward to all your fantastic posts in 2014!

We still have no internet in our new house and I am missing nd so much. I have particularly missed your posts but glad to read this one and see your recap and all the glorious photos of your home.

Beautiful just doesn’t seem to be enough. Really awe inspiring, Tina. You are one talented girl! Thank you for the gift of your blog. Enjoy your trip.

Tina, everything looks absolutely stunning. I LOVE the silver theme for the dining room. It looks glamorous and understated at the same time…just perfect! I’m so happy for yo that your Christmas was so magical πŸ™‚ Have a great vacation!

I would have written this sooner but I had to wipe the drool off my face. Ay caramba! Fabulous holiday decor and, as always, I love your decorating style.

Gina from the Midwest


I am a little late, but I am happy to be here!

Congratulations on your grandma! 96 is a Blessing!!! πŸ™‚ Oh, and your home looked simply perfect, but what really matters the most is how you felt amount your loved ones… that’s the best gift of all!

Have a wonderful and safe trip, my friend.

May God keep blessing you and yours in 2014!


Luciane at

Hi Tina, Everything looks amazingly beautiful, as always. It looks and sounds like you had a lovely Christmas. Congrats to your Grandma! That’s wonderful!

Be safe and have a Happy New Year,


Beautiful home, wonderful food and a healthy and happy family…yes, truly a wonderful Christmas. Your home looks amazing and I just love your new garlands, and the “to me from me” china…gorgeous!! Wishing you everything wonderful in the new year!!

Tina it simply could not be any prettier – what a thrill to see it all together. From the front door to the finished dining room it took my breath away every single step of the way. I would be tempted to keep it up all year round! Thanks for sharing the beauty!

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