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Hello there….how are things in your neck of the woods? Here we are actually finally having some milder temps, hey even the 40’s sounds good after the winter we had…brutal! The snow is finally melting and it looks like spring might decide to show up afterall:)

I am excited to announce my next contest…..Dining Room Love. I have had so much fun and success with all the other contests, from Holiday Love, to Blue and White Love and my last Kitchen Love was a showstopper!? So……I am thrilled to announce this fun contest. Think your dining room is worth sharing with the world?? Then by all means send it in! A few rules-

  • Accepting entries as of today through April 2nd
  • Maximum 2 pictures per entrant
  • Must be your pictures (not to be taken from magazine or online)
  • In subject line of email you must put Dining Room Love (I get a lot of email and without this distinction it could get lost)
  • This contest is only open to entrants in The United States (others are welcome to send in their pictures but the winner has to be in the U.S.)

I look forward to getting them up until April 2nd, then the contest will start on April 3rd.? One lucky winner is going to receive either a gorgeous blue and white ginger jar or a set of monogrammed dinner napkins.? Thought it would be fun to include some gorgeous dining room images just in case you wanted some inspiration……


William Litchfield……absolutely love this room. Just gorgeous!e45ffe112e29e6a05d6f2320a68c4856

Gorgeous in every way….Foo Dog ate my homework


How gorgeous is this room? Veranda101d0edadf91e1bb58e61ed6fc233fd5

Elegance personified…love this. The Fuller Review


Love this coastal elegant dining room, Arch Digest

52b8029a0d5df18de31739e25ea23a4fAbsolutely love this space….my favorite color palette and just check out those floors!!! Cote De Texas


I like the simple, clean lines here, very “Napa Valley-ish”


This light filled dining room is both inviting and glamorous, Arch Digest


I have always loved this room……so serene and elegant, Douglas Newby40bd5bf7b84559cb9c3052730e572565

This is seriously beautiful and so luxurious, Scott Snyder


I love the feeling of this room….the orange seats are a wonderful jolt of uplifting color!


Gorgeous inviting warm feeling dining room, Blueeggbrownnest


David Easton knocked it out of the park with this fabulous room……..oh that paper, those chairs, love it all!


Ferguson and Shamaian created this beautiful space….not overly formal but so very pretty!


So what are you waiting for? Go grab a camera or your phone and send your pictures in! I cannot wait to get them, once again send them to [email protected]. Thank you so much for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day.

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Tina, I couldn’t wait to click on your newest sponsor yesterday Eliza Beth’s website. Started to real several entries including her comments on Mick Jaggar’s comments, flight 370, her calling the former owners of her new home “pigs”. Just an fyi, doesn’t seem to sync with your always tasteful, graceful, and joyful blog.

Tina, I have to agree with the comment made regarding Eliza Beth’s website. They were my feelings precisely, as I contined reading various comments she posted. The style is not keeping up with your always refined and non critical presentation of decorating styles, ideas, etc. I do not want to be critical myself, but I thought it important you hear your readers reactions, as we so enjoy your blog.

Good , morning tina! We just got another blast of snow but it will melt by later today. Oh dear, this is a pinning frenzy post and I have to come back to pin, after work!!!!!!

I wish I could enter this contest but my humble salle a manger is not fit to be here, so I will just watch because it will be glorious! Happy day my friend, anita

Morning Tina… I can remember living in the North and seeing the glimmer of melting snow with all the excitementt it would bring of the warmth to come!
I have to admit, it is a close toss up for me between the kitchen or the dining room as my fav room in house! Now I can’t wait to offer my clients something ‘Napa Valley-ish’… Perfect word! Have a great day!

Always appreciate and anticipate your take on anything design. and this certainly did not disappoint.What beautiful dining rooms!
I just finished my own waiting for chandelier to be installed then will send you a few pictures to be in the contest. What a fun theme, cannot wait to see all the entries. love your blog Tina!

Good Wednesday morning to you, Tina!

My very favorite out of all those pretty dining rooms is the William Litchfield. Loved the round table, the deep set windows (thick walls), the paneling, the window seat on the other side of the room (great feng shui to have windows on two sides of a room), the mirror above the fireplace, all of it!

Your contest is going to be great fun! Looking forward to seeing all the pictures!

Recently discovered your blog and its a new addiction:) I love the David Easton room, the feeling and colors. We just moved to a new house not long ago an I must say I am at a loss of where to begin. We do not use our dining room often (with 3 young kids) but I still want to create a beautiful room. Thanks for the inspiration. I cannot compete in the contest but do look forward to seeing all the contestants. Thank you Tina.

Well after seeing those dining rooms maybe I wont throw my hat in-LOL! Looking forward to all the amazing rooms! I cant wait to see your room when the paper is up!

Hi Tina!!!
Back from TX?.and oddly enough, the temps there were similar to the temps here. Humphhh. I think it’s Turks & Caicos next Spring Break! πŸ™‚

Am kind of laughing about the state of my dining room at the moment. It is covered with stacks of mail and packages I need to go through. It has become something of a way-station lately. This is the motivation I need to clean that table off, set it pretty and snap some photos!

Love all your inspiration.
xoxo Elizabeth

Love all the rooms… Some of us can only dream. It is nice to visit the pictures and pretend they could be ours.

Sadly, our dining room did not make it on the list of renovations we tackled last year so we won’t be sharing any pictures here… πŸ™‚ But all these beautiful spaces will serve as inspiration when we have the energy to remodel some more! Still waiting for temps to approach normal for this time of year (45 degrees +)
C + C

We had sleet and freezing rain yesterday and do not think that Spring can get here fast enough – we aren’t supposed to have this kind of cold in NC?so many gorgeous dining rooms – adore the one from Veranda!!

Tina, hello! I LOVE the first room, it is stunning! The others are fabulous, but the first is my favorite.

I am happy to hear that you are finally seeing a little Spring! I hope that you have a wonderful week.

So many gorgeous dining rooms! With warmer weather on the horizon I’m thinking about some updates to my own! Thanks for the inspiration!

Talk about great inspiration. So excited – love your contests!!! Love peeking into people’s homes. My dining room is piled high with kitchen stuff. I don’t know whether this @#$$% renovation will ever come to an end!

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