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Hello there! Hope you had a fantastic weekend and start to your week. We are due to get lots of rain but the way I look at it…it will just help everything to turn green and start blooming even faster!I have made no secret of my love for beach houses, whats not to love and if you are in agreement think you will love this post:)

Being by the ocean is my absolute favorite thing on earth, and I don’t even want a big one, something darling and cozy and chic, big enough to house my family and a few guests and of course more than anything it must be ultra inviting and warm. I know exactly how I want to “do up” my beach house. Lots of white with touches of blues, soft white billowy drapes that blow in the ocean breeze and plenty of natural light to take advantage of the great outdoors.

With the beach season officially at our door step (at long last) thought it would be a perfect time to post about some of? my favorite beach house looks and then I had to share with you some highlights from one of my absolute favorite stores “out east” Rumrunner Home , THE store to go to for all of your beach house decorating needs. They are super friendly, have a phenomenal selection of gorgeous beach house decor and I cannot recommend them highly enough! So below are my ideas for my future beach house, looks that appeal to me and define “classic beach house living”.? This should satisfy any beach house lover…………




Just love everything about this, Better Homes and GardenSONY DSC

This is clever, easy and so fun!


Love this bedroom, tried and tried to find out more and get the source but could not. Its simple but oh so pretty and perfect for a beach house bedroom


For me I think an all white bathroom is perfect for the beach, simple and clean


With this kind of front row seat to the ocean, I might never leave Decordemon



Think the adults might fight over who gets to sleep here……what is it about bunkbeds that we never feel too old to sleep in!



Always adored this kitchen, the perfect space for beach house entertaining!


Tell me what kids (or adults) would not flip over this setup! Housekaboodle

d270d57eded2ff8ae2b2d6a8e26bc3b1I really like the idea of the palest seagrass color for cabinets with the wicker stools…..beautiful!


There are beach houses and there are BEACH HOUSES……wow!


I love the idea of filling a pretty urn with seashells…..such an inviting vignette to first greet you as you walk in


Really like this fun whimsical yet function idea for keeping things organized…….BHG9365e65d4b6c73d00a3ca639357aeed0I have always loved the idea of wicker chairs for a beach house dining area, Chic Coastal Living

e833a7bf0c36b30495afdb443f291c44I cannot believe how close this bathroom is to the oceans edge, amazing and a little scary during high tide….buy imagine taking a bubble bath!



I love the look (and function) of baskets in a beachouse, Country Living


Wonderful vibe here, casual but so inviting and pretty


I do love the idea of a pretty shell mirror for a beach house powder room….so lovely


Love this clean fresh modern take on bunkbeds, Bunkbeds by Labelle


Always thought the French bistro bar stools are perfect for beach house living, Elle Decor


This view will do just fine! (and please include the blooming flowers:)


Now the perfect store to put those finishing touches on the perfect beach house….Rumrunner Home in Southampton.? Here are some highlights from my visit there recently…….Click here to visit their awesome website. And if you stop by tell them Tina from The Enchanted Home says hello:)


IMG_1973 IMG_1976 IMG_1977IMG_1969 IMG_1971 IMG_1972 IMG_1979 IMG_1981 IMG_1983 IMG_1987 IMG_1988 IMG_1989 IMG_1990 IMG_1992 IMG_1995 IMG_1971 IMG_1968

Click here to visit Rumrummer Home in the Hamptons! They ship anywhere too:)


Ahhhhh if this doesn’t get you in the mood to escape to a charming little seaside bungalow, don’t know what will. I sure wish instead of the mountain of errands and appts. I have ahead of me today that I was packing up my car and heading for a little seaside escape!! Oh well, we can at least escape visually through the internet:) Many thanks for stopping by, and wishing everyone a wonderful day.

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Tina, there is just such a fresh, fun, and freedom in the decor of my favorite beach houses! Super images!

The Arts by Karena

So many beautiful images to swoon over. But the 1st one is the one which captured the spirit so beautifully. I guess I’m a water person, love overlooking some gorgeous body of water, I don’t even have to put a toe in, but I am “home” then. That shop looks like a dream, I could be there for an hour or more poking around. Beautiful post, Tina.

Tina, We are getting the same rain here this week. It is cold, rainy and grey but I am optimistic as you are the the plants and flowers will get the boost they need, and I will have the opportunity to get my indoor projects finished!

I love a beautiful beach house! You have featured so many beautiful images it is hard to pick a favorite!

Have a wonderful day!

You and me both dear tina, I could live on the beach all the days of my life. I dream water almost every night in some form, and I pinning some of these gems tonight when I get home!!!! We have a little snow today, but I am counting on lots of flowers after all this moisture! Love, anita

Exactly what the doctor ordered to banish the glums on a windy, rainy, nasty day! You had me at that first photo, my word. They all evoke such fabulous visions, I could gaze on them for most of the day, lol!

Hi Tina, this is a beautiful post. We bought a beach house on Kiawah Island 2 years ago and last year did a full renovation. SO this year is the year to start furnishing it, we have just begun, with a lot left to do. I went really light, and the accent color is a pale aqua, love that seaglass kitchen above, you gave me some really good ideas here. Thank you= and that shop looks amazing, we are going to East Hampton in June for a wedding, I will have to make a point to stop in.

Hi Tina! I wish we were headed to the seaside together – I’m about to dash off on errands, too. But I do feel like I was drinking my coffee at the beach as I combed through your lovely collection of photos over breakfast. There is nothing better than a beach house. We are off to Nantucket in a few weeks and I can’t wait to feel the sand between my toes.

Have a wonderful day! XOXO

This post is just what I needed on this cold grey day. What wonderful clean crisp colors! I think I could live in that hammock on the shore all summer long. Ah….some day.

………..and I want to say I was so very impressed by the service you offered in delivering the white urns I ordered from your shop. No sooner had I placed my order they seemed to arrive on my door step.The urns made a wonderful shower gift . Thank you so very much, Maryanne

Tina this is a sight for sore eyes! We are in the middle of a huge renovation and every day I wonder what the heck i got myself into. It is crazy around here. I only have two rooms not under construction and its pure mayhem, though everyone tells me it will be worth it in the end, sure hope so.

I grew up on the Maryland shore and we always rented a beach house every summer. I have incredible childhood memories from those summers. I would love to own one, one day but right now we need to get this house in order! Love your blog and the constant inspiration, you are my savior!

Tina I agree I am my happiest by the oceans edge. I spend most of my youth going back and forth from Texas to Bermuda. My fathers family is from Bermuda and one day we would love to retire there, it is heaven.

All of these pictures are so soothing and tranquil, I feel happier just having seen them and that shop is darling!

If I win the lottery and I buy a beach house I want you to design it, Tina!! Gorgeous photos. Wish it was warm enough to go to a beach house. Have a wonderful day!!

Over here (CT) it is gloomy and rainy and cold. I had to wear my winter coat again today so a beach trip sounds just perfect. I love homes near the water, seems to take away all the stress.

Oh how I love this post, it makes be want to spent the whole summer in a beach house! The interiours you featured are right up my alley, thank you for always putting such beautiful posts together!

Your post is a godsend on a snowy, windy, rainy day! I’m so drawn to the water, and am building my beach house–if only in my mind! Thanks Tina!

Well…this “took me away…” for a little while anyway. Pouring rain here and more to come…. franki

Despite the cold rainy day, your post makes us all think ahead to SUMMER! I think that this year, we might go from this Spring chill directly to Summer!
The flip flop serving trays alone are worth a drive to that fabulous shop!


in the mood for a beach house and a beachy vacation after this long chilly chapter. everything about beach living appeals to my sensibilities: the warm sand, the laid back vibe, the sea’s majesty. and blue and white are a beach cottage’s best friend, dontcha think? would never of that.

love to you.


I am in heaven, Tina and so much great inspiration for Beaufort. I am spying a few items at Rumrunner that we have used?don’t think I’d ever want to leave?

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