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Hello there! Hope you are having a great week, crazy that it’s already October 8th!? Here fall weather? has swept in and I am loving every minute of it.? Before we begin this fun post, time to announce the lucky winner of the pillow giveaway from 6 Wilson. The winner is….

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Well seeing that we are in October and it is officially fall and the month of Halloween, you would have to be hiding under a pumpkin to not see fall decorating at its very best (and sometimes worst). One thing that I have taken particular note of lately though is how far pumpkins? have come. Gone are the days of just sticking an orange pumpkin or two by your door….things have moved way beyond that.

When did this happen? This might be the only reason and I do mean the only reason I am glad I don’t have little kids around any more, the pressure to create one of these masterpieces would be intense. Everywhere I look I am seeing pumpkins that blow me away…..blinged out pumpkins, designer pumpkins, toile pumpkins, leopard pumpkins, chinoiserie pumpkins, tartan pumpkins, candy pumpkins, gilded pumpkins, Lilly Pulitzer pumpkins, bejeweled pumpkins, trellis pumpkins, family photo pumpkins, ikat pumpkins, equestrian pumpkins, you name it…it’s safe to say it exists! I am just floored at the creativity (and time that some people are willing to put into a pumpkin)!

So thought it would make a fun post and who knows maybe it will even inspire you to go out there and try your hand at creating your very own masterpiece. If so, send me a picture! For now I think I will stick with my little white ghourds and admire from afar…..but it sure was fun putting this together!



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lv painted-pumpkins diy-gold-pumpkins

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lilly pulitzer decoupage pumpkin blue patch halloween preppy

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diy-fall-pumpkin-decoupage Decoupage-Pumpkin-d67a5b db1e32822c8ff1bb8ddaeeee3b9bc981 decoupage pump original_Marian-Parsons-Thanksgiving-Decoupage-Pumpkins-Beauty-Wide_s4x3_lg



painted pumpkins

Pretty-Tape-and-Ribbon-Pumpkins diy-gold-pumpkins

Chinoiserie Pumpkin

And my personal fave…no surprise! A giant chinoiserie pumpkin, love it!

But hold on, if you think those were? something, you MUST see the work of master pumpkin carver extraordinaire, Ray Villafane, it is to be believed! Click here to visit his incredible website (your kids will be floored)

halloween-pumpkin-carvings-villafane-studios-3 halloween-pumpkin-carvings-villafane-studios-1 halloween-pumpkin-carvings-villafane-studios-26 the-most-amazing-pumpkin-ever-best halloween-pumpkin-carvings-villafane-studios-14


Then look at what he did with this massive pumpkin…just incredible!

halloween-pumpkin-carvings-villafane-studios-30 halloween-pumpkin-carvings-villafane-studios-27


I think we will end it there….. I cannot imagine anyone being able to top that! So…how about you? Will you be setting out to create your own little pumpkin masterpiece or will you keep it simple like me and stick with the basics? It is always fun to see everyone’s interpretation of this fun holiday.

If you missed my post yesterday on Mad for mirrors, click shows all kinds of ways on how to creatively use mirrors.

I will be back on Friday with a post and that will be it as I will be away for a few days, this has been a hectic week and one of those weeks? where I feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day, we all know what those? kinds of weeks feel like and I am afraid it’s just a prelude of what’s to come with the holidays not so far away! Hope you enjoy your day.


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Hi Tina, Totally know what you mean by one of those weeks! I love being busy, but sometimes it seems like it all happens at once. So fun to see all these pumpkins, they are amazing. One of my best girlfriend always goes all out with hers and wins her neighborhood carving/house decorating contest year after year. I keep mine simple (too lazy to carve, actually, and don’t like scooping out the centers.

CANNOT wait until next week. Super excited.

Hope you get your Calgon moment soon! XOXO

Hi Tina…I think this post finally may have inspired me to do a little fall decorating. First I wanted to hang on to summer and now since we will be away at Halloween, I have held off on any fall decorations, but you have me in the mood now! Talk about crazy weeks – I feel like my last six months have been crazy! I need one of your Calgon take me away moments! Enjoy this gorgeous day! xoxo

That last artist defies all imagination for pumpkin ce orating!!!! A fabulous array of autumn fun today, tina! Anita

What a fun post Tina. I have to show this to my girls when they get home. We try to paint a few pumpkins every year but normally buy them from a great nursery in the area that does a great job. I have no patience or talent for that matter!
I also love the white pumpkins and just bought a bunch of the mini ones after seeing how you had them in your home, they are so pretty! Hope you get some down time, I hate those weeks that you can’t seem to catch your breath, be sure to take some time to relax!

Love all the pumpkins in your post. I keep it simple with white pumpkins wrapped in black netting and tied with a black and white bow. I put 3 down the center of my table. Simple yet festive. As to your mirror post, I live about 45 minutes from Circa Who and it is a great store with much merchandise coming and going. I recently made 2 mirrors with shells and they look great here in Fla. Loved all the different ways you showed the use of mirrors in your post. Also love your wonderful taste in decorating inside and out. Please keep sharing with us.

Oh my goodness! What imagination and creativity! Thank you for this wonderful post. Truly a delight for the eyes!

LOVED your pumpkin photos and now…I’m “pumped!!” I saw this “Cinderella carriage” pumpkin that I’m going to “try”…now if I could remember the magic word/wand… franki

Tina as with all you do, this pumpkin post is amazing. I have never seen so many incredible works arts as far as pumpkins go in one place ever!

That Ray fellow is a total genius…wow. I have to show my kids, they will be amazed. I am not very artistic but every year we try to take on some form of pumpkin carving or painting just to say we did something but rest assured it looks nothing like any of the above ๐Ÿ™‚ Great post!

These are too adorable! My mother never let us carve pumpkins when we were young, and would give us stickers to put on them instead. When I finally tried carving for myself, I discovered it was too messy for me too! Those moments when we discover we are becoming our parents… Anyway, I will have to try a couple of these ideas out this year!

Love all the pumpkin photos. Just bought 9 large pumpkins and still want more. Also, getting my faux ones out. Such a great time to decorate. I really like how you did your entry- very elegant. It looks perfect with your home. I am using orange and white pumpkins but still keeping it more Fall style than Halloween. Add my silly stuff on Halloween for the kids that come by.

OMG Tina… I’ve got to get out more. I thought I saw a lot of variations, but not even close. LOVE all of them! That gentleman is sooo talented! Love all of his. Great post. Enjoyed every minute of it and sent your link to two artist buddies of mine. Have a great rest of the week and hope you get a lot done.

Sometimes you just need to take a blog break to get all of the rest of life done?understand completely. Just love all of these fun pumpkins. I have plain white pumpkins?thinking they need a little jazzing up now!!

Wow so much inspiration. I, always have been the designated carver in our family, however, now, all that carving has really slowed down since my 3 “children” are all grown and beyond that “fun” activity. I think I really lean towards the painted and decoupaged pumpkins, so pretty and less of a mess. Really like the animal print pumpkins and the gilded pumpkins.

Hi Tina I am hoping since I didnt put website that you actually get this comment! You know I love fun pumkins and I hope I can pull together some cuties for the Luncheon! xo K

Wow! These are wonderful. There is a design here to suit just about everyone. So much creativity in one post! I tend to keep mine fairly simple but I’m inspired now to maybe be a little more ambitious.

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