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Hi there! We are in the city for the weekend but will head back later today. Found out on Friday, I still have a partial tear to my ACL after the results from the MRI came back which was hugely disappointing for so many reasons but mostly because I was unable to attend what was one amazing 50th birthday/Halloween party at The Rainbow Room in Rockefeller Center, that is where I had my engagement party so it holds special meaning. I sulked and pouted for a while then dusted myself off and decided to make the best of the weekend in NYC.

We had a great time considering my injury and inability to attend the party I was so looking forward to. It’s been exciting to see and talk to a few marathon runners in for the “big race, ?none other than the NY City Marathon…best of luck to them today as they brave the elements today, high winds and cold temps. I am in awe of what they do!

Thankfully we are on the 2nd floor?l?so it’s easy on my knee, and we had to curtail some of the walking that I normally so love to do. We have had a great time though and I forgot just how much the energy of this city recharges you, nothing quite like it! But I will admit I am also looking forward to getting home…..I am as I get older my happiest and most at peace when I am in the comfort of my home:) This coming from the girl who at 30 was never ever home and looked for any excuse to be out…who knew!

As I do every Sunday, I list seven things that have caught my attention, totally random which is what makes it kind of fun. I would love to? know too, if anything is on your radar. If so tell us about it! Here we go……..



This is such a huge triumph for me, you have no idea! When we first built our house the plan for the round foyer right when you walk in was to put limestone cladding on the walls. Though I know it is very beautiful, my husband I were reluctant for fear it would appear cold, so we held off. Fast forward almost three years, we have toyed with everything from going back to the original idea, to wallpaper to antique mirror panels to faux paint…and I had an aha moment when I did my post on Paul Montgomery…chinoiserie panels but of course!

So got the sample in a few days ago and I immediately knew “that was it”! I am so excited to add this to the foyer, it will give it the elegance and warmth and most subtle color that I wanted….in one word, perfection!

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2. FALL AT ITS PRETTIEST. We live in a beautiful area, heavily wooded with old gorgeous trees everywhere, and a few bodies of water…it is breathtaking any season but in the fall, it really comes to life in the most spectacular way and this past week where the foliage has been at peak is just over the top.I want to take a picture at every turn. Here are some of I snapped this week with my iPhone, I will feature more in an upcoming post…..

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3. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST? This week I was totally drawn to the ridiculously cute pictures of dogs and there were so many being it was Halloween and all! Who could resits the cuteness!? I absolutely had to share with you….

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4. A NEW RESTAURANT? By the time you are reading this we will have had brunch here, Colicchio and Sons, have you been? Yes it belongs to that Collichio, as in Tom from Food Network fame. I have heard nothing but amazing things and look at how beautiful it is! I will report back as to whether the food matched up to the divine decor….

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5.? A VIDEO THAT WILL MAKE YOU WANT TO EITHER START COOKING OR JUMP ON A PLANE TO FRANCE OR BOTH!? When I discovered the delightful and so beautiful blog, Manger, I fell in love. I fell in love with the food pictures, with the kids and dogs everywhere, the French countryside (that is a given) and the lack of the hustle and bustle that is so prevalent in my own life.

It was truly like getting away to the most wonderful virtual escape and I try to visit when I can for a little mental time off. I came across this video of a typical day for Mimi, the doyenne behind Manger and this tells me a few things.

I was born in the wrong era. I am living in the wrong country. I am cooking the wrong foods. I need to live in the country. I don’t drink enough wine for lunch. I need to incorporate a little French music into my life every single day.I need to stop ?lunches at my desk pronto and invite family and friends over for a rustic laid back lunch feast that will span 2 hours once in a while. ?I need to take a trip to France NOW.

Mimi s new book, A Kitchen In France, just came out and is already selling like hotcakes.? Here is the jacket cover which alone is reason enough to buy it, but the pictures (taken by her photographer husband) are equally breathtaking….mine should be here any day and I cannot wait! Click here to order on Amazon


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6.TEDDY ON HALLOWEEN. Mr. Teddy got in the spirit as a “rufferee” and boy did he look cute! I think he secretly felt sorry for me having no one here to dress up or share in the festivities with so he was a good sport:) He is “the man” and always puts a smile on my face……next time you see Teddy you just might see him sporting a beret munching on a baguette in honor of the video above:)



7. MY HOME ON TV TOMORROW!?So……a few months ago I alluded to the fact that there was some filming done in our home….I was not at liberty to discuss it but can tell you now that it was for the new hit show, Gotham which airs Monday nights at 8 on Fox. It was quite an experience!! I am going to do an entire post on it once that episode airs to tell you all about that week, crazy but in the most fun and exciting way possible:)

The exciting news is that if you want to catch my home in the first episode it will appear in then tune in this Monday night! November 3rd at 8 pm (eastern standard time) on Fox…..we are so excited! Funny thing is I was never much of a “Batman” kind of girl, that genre just never did much for me however we have been tuning in weekly and must say it is really good, really grabs your attention, high drama and if you like Batman or that??genre, you will love Gotham! A few sneak peeks of “behind the scenes”… saw it here first!






So there are my seven…how about you? Anything on your radar worth talking about? Do tell……in the meantime thanks for stopping in. Wishing everyone a wonderful and relaxing Sunday and great end to your weekend. Be back tomorrow with a really fabulous giveaway!


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Phyllis on

Hi Tina, So sorry to hear about your knee injury and hope you make a full recovery very soon. I love the choice you have made for the foyer – the sample is gorgeous and I can’t wait to see it when completed. Fun, too, to have the house filmed. We don’t have a television so I can’t catch it on the screen but I will be looking for your post on it for details!
Enjoy your Sunday!

pve on

I like all seven things, all but the partial ACL tear. Darn.
My son had that surgery and we love the surgeon in NY City.
I hope you can relax and it gets better.

Katie Clooney on

At last I find out the mystery behind the cameras. I would not normally tune into Gotham but I definitely will now! Teddy looks so darn cute!! Love the instagram photos. Thanks for the tip on the cookbook – what a great Christmas gift that will make! Your paper for the foyer looks stunning. So sorry about your ACL and missing the party at the rainbow room. Did I tell you that our engagement party was there as well? Have a good week and I hope you will stay off your knee.

PaM on

Hi Tina- too bad about your knee, physical therapy and taking simple precautions will heal it in no time- had a partial rear a few years back. Stairs are really bad for a knee injury, sorry you had to miss the party.
At least you got to go to NYC! That restaurant is so beautiful-and I love the foyer paper.

My favorite thing here is Teddy- what a sweet boy he is. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Anita Rivera on

Ch?re Tina! Formidable, j’adore Mimi, and the French….oh l? l?….do you see why I studied French? I have been in love with the language since childhood and as I was discovering my “style” as a young woman, it was the French way that drew me in. Do you know that sometimes English sounds “foreign” to me? I teach French all day long so it is my natural “go-to” language.

Mimi’s lifestyle is delicious on all levels. The simple ingredients that must be FRESH and seasonal are what make French cuisine different from all the rest. And the importance of PRECISION from a cut of meat to how you SPEAK French is what I adore about mes amis fran?ais. That boucher, WOW, he knows his beef!

Dear Tina, I so hope and pray your knee heals up with time and proper treatment. My husband has a similar situation and he’s had to adjust how he engages in our must-do physical activities. When we were in France together, we climbed every staircase in the city. But now, no long stairways for him. But moderate exercise is all he can do.

TEDDY! Dear, dear boy…..he is so darling my friend. At first glance, I thought he was a jailbird! hahahahahahah

Wishing you a splendid Sunday mon amie! BISOUS, Anita

Kristy on

Teddy is so cute!!! I love what you are doing with the foyer- I will watch Gotham tomorrow how exciting.

Hope your knee mends soon- and that video was so beautiful, I laughed at what you said about it-I fully agree, the French really know how to enjoy their life:-)

Have fun today

Patty B on

The wallpaper is beautiful. Can’t wait to see the finished photo. Will watch Gotham. Sounds great! Take care of your knee.

LinDa on

I love the wallpaper for the foyer… will be beautiful!! I agree about the limestone being too cold. Thanks for sharing the video! We will tune in for Gotham tomorrow night. By the way, I look forward to your Sunday morning posts. Have a great day!

Leslie on

Love these posts- a
In love with the foyer
Paper! It will be
Beautiful. Teddy is
The cutest and I must get
That cookbook since I love
All things French. Tina,
Hope your knee heals soon.
Have fun in the big apple-
We are headed there for
Thanksgiving and I must
Make a reservation at that
Restaurant- it is so beautiful!


Shery G. on

Beautiful wallpaper, can’t wait to see the finish product. I’ve never watched Gotham, but will be watching tomorrow. Teddy looked absolutely adorable.

Peggy Thal on

Hi Tina! Just love your wallpaper selection. It will be perfect for the Foyer. Very elegant and beautiful. I am a big fan of wallpaper. Your dog Teddy is the cutest! Now I have to watch Gotham just to see your lovely home. The new cookbook looks good too. I definitely do not need another cookbook but this one looks very interesting. Thanks for sharing. Happy November!

Marianna on

Hi Tina,
Your choice for the foyer is so warm and inviting. I am sure when it is done it will feel like a warm welcome hug when one walks into your home.
Ordering the cookbook today plus three more for Christmas gifts. Can hardly wait to receive mine.
Mr. Teddy….what can one say to match the cuteness of him. You are truly blessed in every way.
Will be watching Gotham tomorrow night for sure! Enjoy the rest of your weekend and savour one more delicious hour because of the time change.

Karena on

Dear Tina I hope that you heal soon! I loved the video ad an off to buy her cookbook (I have a friend in mind for gifting) Also am so excited to se the filming experience!

The Arts by Karena

Karena on

Tina, Oh yes the Chinoiserie wallpaper is perfection!
The Arts by Karena

Sally on

Hi Tina , I do hope you have had a fabulous weekend even though you could not attend your party …….Im so sorry for your poorly knee

Halloween was lovely this year, and we went to a great party with amazing decorations ( rather too much )green punch and spooky everything.. One of the invitation rules was to do a halloween dance…. so after all the green drinks….cue ‘Thriller’….Im just hoping nobody filmed it :))

Teddy’s costume is fantastic!! Your front doorway looks beautiful, dressed for fall. The little white pumpkins are lovely……I must admit I would go with your limestone foyer idea

I must have the book on French cooking.I do hope you make it over there sometime soon.

Happy Sunday to you XX

Scribbler on

So sorry about your knee. I had a TKR in June, so I can sympathize with how painful a knee problem really is.

Enjoyed your post and will look for the show — never heard of it before.

Carla Livingston on

Tina, When the “blog scene” exploded, I must have bookmarked two dozen, but your’s and Mimi’s are the only two I never miss now. Love my purchases from your store and your wonderful energy and creativity. Hope the knee is better – you were a trooper to go into the city under the circumstances!!!

Taylor Greenwalt on

Love, love the wallpaper…that’s going to look fabulous! Cant wait to see the post on your home…remind us when its on T.V.

Linda on

Tina, 7 on Sunday!!! My favorite! so sorry about your knee, hope its better, but it sure does not slow you down!! Love the paper and looking so forward to another peak at your house! Never saw Gotham, but will be looking for your house for sure!!! Teddy is adorable!!!

Just love your blog!!! XOXO L

Karolyn on



Omgosh, Tina that is so cool about Gotham. I will be sure and watch it!!! Thankyou so much for the introduction to Manager, what a beautiful blog and cookbook. The images are amazing and it truly makes me want to move to France!!
Happy Sunday and have a great week,

Kathy Howard on

Hi, Tina. So sorry about your knee. I got one of mine replaced a few years ago; we don’t realize how much we depend on them until they “act up.”

Looking forward to seeing The Enchanted Home on tv. Will be sure to record it for future examination.

BTW, isn’t the Rainbow Room on the 65th floor of the Rock? What about your elevator phobia?

Have a great weekend!

Cher on

My husband just had knee surgery last Monday and his recovery is proceeding as it should. Take care of that knee by having a surgical procedure done as soon as possible, it will not repair itself. You will be well into healing and recovery in 2015 instead of nursing a nagging injury.
Love the wall paper, very soft and elegant. Really enjoyed the post you did a while ago on this type of wallpaper, too.
Love the Seven on Sunday posts, too.

Lisa on

Can not wait to see how your foyer turns out. The paper is so beautiful.
Sorry about your knee and can see why you had to miss the party—too many flights of stairs even for a good knee. I will tune into Gotham (I had never heard of it until this post).

Ally on

So sorry to hear about your ACL injury and after seeing your “top to bottom staircase pic” on instagram, a tumble down those stairs would not be fun. Please take it easy and get better soon. That paper for your entry foyer is PERFECT!!! I love that it is light and elegant and it will definitely bring out the architectural details of the space…can’t wait to see the finished product:) OMG, OMG, OMG….. I can’t believe your home is going to be featured on Gotham….that show is mine and my fiance’s favorite new series. It has gotten really high praises from the critics. The writing and acting is outstanding, plus the design set is incredible…from the Wayne richly designed old English style library to the art deco penthouse of Barbara’s to the Gothic style of the police station…NOW we will be able to add your gorgeous home to that list!!!!

donna on

Tina, you just described me when you described “living in wrong country, living in wrong era, not drinking enough wine at lunch”, etc., etc.. After my first visit to Italy and France, my spirit was completely connected. Don’t get me wrong, I love my country. But, the country side, the food, the lifestyle of Italy and France grabs my soul. On my bucket list (when we retire) is to spend a few months there and really live life with their culture and people before I meet my maker!

[email protected] on

what an exciting season for you, tina! i can’t wait to hear about your dining experience–the restaurant looks like it has incredible presence. i will try to tune into Gotham tomorrow night. that is too dang cool, and i plan to brag to everyone i know the owner! sending healing vibes for your injury. take good care as you recover.

classic?casual?home on

Oh! I want to watch Gotham now! I’m in England…not sure I can make it happen. Love the gorgeous wall paper. This was a really fun post.

anaja schmitz on

amei o v?deo mostrando seu belo pa?s. Emocionante. Lindo ver a tradi??o preservada e a reuni?o familiar um sonho para toda fam?lia.
Tudo lindo e inspirador.
Tenha um ?timo dia.

Robbin on

Praying for your knee Tina. Hopefully surgery can be avoided. But, if not, get it done and over with. Recuperate during the cold winter months so you can be 100% when spring arrives. I love the wallpaper for the foyer. I love stone, but I think it might have been too “heavy” for that large area. I’m with you, Gotham is really not my kind of show, but I will be tuning in tonight to see your house. What a treat! Question — is your house only in this episode, or are they continuing to film in your home?? Blessings from Missouri!!!

Kate on

It’s been months since I’ve tuned into the blog but I was watching Gotham with my boyfriend tonight and suddenly I paused the show and said, “I know this is crazy, but I think I know this house. These details are seared into my brain, this is The Enchanted Home…” The kitchen sealed it for me, so I had to come here and see if you’d mentioned it! Lovely as ever.

Sarah @ Belle on heels on

Oh, Tina, that wallpaper is going to be PERFECT!! I can’t wait to see the final look.

I’m curious to hear your thoughts on Colicchio & Sons. M and I are planning a little long weekend getaway to NYC right before Christmas, and I’ve heard the go all out with the Christmas decorations. If the food is yummy, then it could be the perfect storm of holiday in NYC dining!


I just said a prayer for your knee. My husband had a torn ACL in his twenties and the pain is not fun. I am going to check out that show! How exciting!!! XOXOXO Kisses!

Peggy Braswell on

sorry about your knee + about the party + exciting news about Gotham!

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