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So here I sit 3 days before Christmas with still plenty to do…..however I have workmen in the house and until they leave, here I shall remain! I am using? this unexpected window of time to finish wrapping up gifts (finally up to speed), finished setting my Christmas dinner table and now decided it was the perfect time to write this post or at least begin it.

And here I am a few days later finishing it up! Was 2014 a good year for you? I hope so….for me it was a year of many changes, lots of wonderful things happening and I am very ready to see what 2015 has in store. This past weekend was bittersweet for me, I officially became a bonafide emptynester. My middle son moved to the city, it was exciting because he was so ready to go and thankfully my college aged son is still? home on break however when he leaves later in January, it will really hit me. So 2015 will be my first year as am empty nester…….interesting to see what awaits!

By the time you read this I will be on a plane headed somewhere warm and tropical… for a much needed vacation. I am so looking forward to basking in the warm sun and having no agenda!! I am going with a few books some mags, my sunblock and little else I will be back on Jan. 6th so this post is it until then. It’s a little of bit of everything,? a look back through pictures on 2014 and then I share some posts from way back that I enjoyed/you might have missed.

So join me for a little recap of 2014 through pictures…….



January woke up to a major blizzard…..


u2223nnamedThat if you can believe it is my patio furniture!!


But got to escape to sunny Cali!un121named


So excited to finally get in my long awaited tole/chinoiserie line!



And the following month to beautiful Peurto Rico…. unaa12named


Got in beautiful orignial artwork from Jeanne of I Dream Ofunnamddsed


And soon started visting my local farm stands….unnambcx2ed ubvc2nnamed u232nnamed


Headed to my Hamptons rental for the summer which is always a major highlight…..ubbcxxnnamed unnam2211ed unxxxqqnamed unnamevvcc2d uccxxnnamed


Met up with a favorite group of blogging friends, the first of what I hope will be many more meetings!unnabbvvmed


unnamvcced unnameffd22d


Hosted a few birthday luncheons for dear friendsunnamedsdd


Had Gotham filmed in our home….unnamebbvcd


Loved seeing Teddy dressed up as a ruferree for Halloween!unnamddded

And was so excited to choose the chinoiserie for my foyer….at last!unnamefdsaad


Had fun making the candy sushi for my sons schools fair….udasannamed


And so enjoyed hosting blogging friends in my home for a luncheon….unnamedfsaad


Got my house dressed in white for the fall…..unnADSFAamed


And flowers were a huge part of things around here in 2014unnameFDSAd


Hosted a beautiful midsummer party for 50 close friends…..3311



And finally got out long awaited mantles!!unnam33223ed

Made another pilgrimage to Brimfield (but decided I will not be back)


Hung my new vertical leaf belljars in my hallwayunn2222amed


And put finishing touches on the library….unnam222ed

Got away for a most fun girls weekend at the beautiful Mayflower Spa…


Loved expanding on my chinoiserie/tole line….unname4433d


And this was one of my favorite pictures i took with my iPhone this year!unnam444ed


Gotham came back in the fall!unna4333med unname434d

Put the finishing touches (still somewhat in progress) on a NYC apt design job I have been working on…


My sons graduation dinner party in June….


Bittersweet day taking my “baby” to college……unname332d unnam443ed


Loving the nonstop feast of heirloom tomatos from teh summer…unnam332ed


And created countless platters…unna332med


The first “crop” from my little garden:)unna22`med


An alfresco table set for fourun221named


A birthday luncheon tablescape112unnamed

Setting my table for Thanksgiving…

unnamvcced unnameffd22d


Nothing quite like Christmas in NYC, traffic snarls and all:)

unnamedasdf unnaasd33med

A beautiful birthday luncheon thrown in my honor


And capped the year with a wonderful Christmas spent with those I love

unnaasdfmtreeed unnadsfa22asdfamed


That was such fun seeing 2014 through pictures……lots of good memories and so much of that had to do with being able to share it with you. I also am including some favorite old posts, some of which you might not have seen so until I am back, hope you will enjoy…….




















vhi waterside portfolio_15






WHY THE BEAUTY OF? FALL SOMETIMES MAKES ME CRY (not sure what happened but all of the comments got erased from that post and there were so many that felt the same way, I really enjoyed reading them).







Wow I had a ball putting this together and walking down memory lane and reliving a little of all of these wonderful highlights from 2014.? How about you? What were your best memories from 2014? Any big dreams for 2015?

I want to thank each and every one of of you for supporting and following along with me… make what I do an absolute blast:) I wish for everyone a new year of peace, happiness, too much laughter and all the sparkle and magic that we can only hope a new year will bring. Happy 2015! Until next week……..



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Good times Tina! I remember each and every post! Hope 2015 is even better! God bless you and have fun on your trip! XOXO

Katie Clooney on

What a wonderful year it was! Hope 2015 is even more fabulous for you. Enjoy your vacation!! I’m jealous – it’s 20 degrees here.

Anita Rivera on

Dearest Tina, it has been a splendid year with you. What I love about you is your endless enthusiasm for life. You create happiness whatever you do, you are strong and determined, gentle and generous. You are AWESOME! May your empty-nest status now give you even more reason to create new venues for your future, and OURS!!!

Much love, Anita

Debby Anderson on

My, my, you certainly has a very busy year!! 2014 had it’s challenges but I had so much personal and spiritual growth it was amazing. I look at the world differently now and 2015 is going to be my year to begin conquering my dreams.

The best part of 2014 for you, in my opinion, were those fabulous vacation spots!!!! To die for?

Looking forward to what you have in store for us in the upcoming year.

Love ya, Deb xoxo

Debbie H. on

Happy New Year! God Bless you and your family! Have a wonderful and safe trip! I look forward to a new year of your Blog, I so enjoy it, you are so talented and such an inspiration! πŸ™‚

LinDa on

Happy New Year!! I am so glad to have found your blog last year!! Especially love the Sunday morning posts……such a relaxing way to start the day! I also am looking forward to shopping your store this year!!
Best, Linda

Camille Scott on

I just want to thank you for sharing your 2014 memories, pictures, and great ideas with us. I absolutely just love “the enchanted home.” Camille

Joye Lanahan on

Thanks Tina! It has been a wonderful year opening your post! They are something to look forward to with your beatiful pictures. Keep them coming because you make reading your post fun.

Judy yarrusso on

I am so glad I found your blog a few months ago. You have so inspired me and
my decorating. Looking forward to using many of your tips and ideas in 2015!
Thanks Tina!

franki on

With you ALL the way through….Thanx for the memories!! franki

Cindy Weis on

Happy New Year Tina, I hope you have a wonderful vacation, and enjoy the sun and some rest. As always I just love your pictures and find such inspiration from them. relax, and I can’t wait to see what you are up to in 2015.

Karena on

Tina your life is truly blessed and I am very grateful that you share so much of it with us! I feel very fortunate to have you for a friend!

All the Best in 2015!!
The Arts by Karena

Carol sawyer on

What a beautiful compilation.
Thank you
Happy, healthy new year to you and yours!

Fiona on

Happy, Happy New Year to you and your family, have a wonderful well deserved vacation. Love your blog.

Debbie on

Tina what a beautiful year you have had-we are skiing in Vail and it’s the perfect way for us to ring in and welcome a new year. Hope yours if full of many wonderful things- happy new year:/)

Gabrielle Wilson on

Happy New Year Tina. I look forward to all the joy I know you will bring me and everyone else in 2015!

Warmest regards,


Maria on

Happy New Year, Tina! I send you greeting from BlackBerry Farm which you featured last weekend. I have been fortunate to visit many resorts around the world but this definatrly tops the list. I hope you make it here in 2015 as it is a design and culinary delight. Not to mention the service, activities and spa! All the best in your travels!

Amy on

Have really enjoyed following along with you and your beautiful blog- look forward to visiting those older posts, hope the new year is a spectacular one …enjoy you trip.

Elizabeth on


I loved the recap of 2014! So many beautiful photos of wonderful times! I too loved that iPhone photo of the farm stand, it looks like it should be in a book!

I hope that 2015 is a wonderful and adventurous year for you. Although I am sure that it will be sad to be an empty nester there will be plenty to keep you occupied until your boys come home to visit!

Have a wonderful holiday in the sun.

Karolyn on

You have had on eventful 2014 my dear!! Love seeing all the great images and look forward to see you again at a great blogger luncheon! xo Happy New year -K

Dotti O. on

Thanks so much for the time and effort that you put into your blog on a continuing basis. i love to see what your latest work is, and it never fails to inspire. We have similar tastes… yours on a grand scale, and mine much smaller. Best, Dotti

pretty pink tulips on

Happy New Year, Tina!!!!! You’re still sunning, but I know you’ll be back soon! What a great way to start off a new year…rested, relaxed and tan! πŸ™‚

What a year you had!!!! You know how to pack it in and enjoy life all year long. Two of my 2014 highlights involved you! The original bloggers meeting was exciting all on its own, but then to reconvene at your gorgeous home was just beyond! I’ve made your crostinis and soup. So, in 2015, I’ll be making that incredible chicken salad and peach bellinis.

Thank you for your friendship and the joy you share each week. Looking forward to your return!

Here’s to a great 2015!
xoxo Elizabeth

Mrs. Shockley on

As always thank you for sharing all the wonderful details of your life. I enjoy it so much. Having Gotham filed at your home must have been a dream! That speaks volumes about your home. Thank you again Tina for your wonderful inspiration! Keep inspiring….

[email protected] on

i am pleased to say i feel like i was on this journey with you through the year! so many opportunities for creativity, inspiration and fun, yes? thanks for sharing it with us in a way that never feels boastful or heavy on ego. it’s a gift to be able to live such a full life and remain so down to earth and accessible. thanks for that, tina.

sally on

Happy New year my dearest Tina

May the coming year be full of joy, good health and happiness for you and your family. I thank you for your friendship and all the beauty I share with you.
I know there will be many enchanted days ahead,

With fondest love
Sally xxx

South Shore Decorating Blog on

Tina, I loved every second of this post and clicked through to so many things I had missed. Hope you are having a terrific vacation, and wishing you the best 2015

Taylor Greenwalt on

Hi Tina…it sounds like you had a great year…hope 2015 brings you the same…but more!

Jeanne McKay Hartmann on

Happy New Year, Tina! I’m just finally getting back into the swing of things after a nice long stretch of time off during the holidays. I loved seeing your Istagram photos from the sunshine and the beach while we were chilling in the snow!

What a 2014 you had! How flattered am I to be included here in your highlights?!!!! I have to say that finally getting to meet you and all the other east coast ladies was a one of my favorite things about last year, and I really, really hope we can repeat it again in 2015.

Here’s to all kinds of excitement and magic in the year ahead! XOXOXO

Marybeth on

just reading thru older post and I saw this one. I am positive I live about 2 minutes from your sons college. I walk my dog around the loop sometimes. Would love for you to know if he ever needs anything locally I would be happy to help.
Hope you don’t think I am a crazy stalker!

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