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Hello, so how is your week going? Hope well, here busy busy,? exciting progress is being made on the “lower level” aka basement. I told my husband I feel like I am building a house all over again. I said never again and I really meant it. Let’s face it you don’t deal with stress the same way you do in your40’s/50’s as you did when you were 22!

I feel like I am still getting over the toll that those four long years took, especially given that we thought this was going to be a restoration not a new build. It felt like four years of my life was on hold, so I am anxious to get this done and never look at another construction site ever again!

Anywho back to the subject at hand…..lemons. I love them, talk about bang for your buck. Not only are they beautiful in glasses, pitchers, on food and party tables but they are equally fabulous in big bowls and dishes for decor. So today a look at the versatile little lemon, the more the better!



Blue and white and lemons are a perfect pair, Neiman Marcus


How pretty is this Lilly Pulitzer inspired centerpiece, Southern State of Mind


OK I am absolutely in love with this, makes me want to throw a party like right now:) Style Me Pretty


Beautiful and so easy for a party centerpiece, Pinterest


Few things look as appetizing as a great big container of iced cold lemonade with lemon slices


Love the way this simple garland and lemon/lime centerpiece runs the length of the table, Intimate Weddings


This is so clever…..definitely going to try this


Leave it up to Caroylne Roehm to elevate the beauty even of lemons! How beautiful it is paired with the daffodils


This is so beautiful and love how unique it is, Better Decorating Bible


One of my all time favorite table settings, adore this and will have to copy one day:)


Lemon cheesecake? Yes please! Mountainmamacooks


Gorgeous lemon cone topiary graces this elegant food table, the dash of color is really striking


Isn’t this incredible…the lemon/citrus tablecloths, gorgeous, Lushfloral


How fun is this, clever and easy


The very best is having your own lemon tree!! Cannot wait for mine to arrive


This I feel compelled to try this holiday season, lemons, pears and magnolia leaves, stunning


Adore this idea, lemons and limes as placecards, so adorable! Style Me Pretty


Aren’t these stunning, lemon topiaries


They sure do make stunning centerpieces! They kind of elevate a simple glass vase, Lemons and Loafers


Adore every single thing about this picture…proof that lemons are indeed a decorative accessory:)


In my “research” found this picture of my own lemon topiaries that were in my kitchen when I first moved


How good does this look? Meyer lemon flatbread…yum! Katie Parra


Gorgeous….I must do a table with lemons,? The Perfect Palette


To show I practice what I preach here is my own little container in my kitchen filled with lemons

And a little mosaic I made on lemon love-



So….what do you think? Do you always? have lemons around? Does this have you thinking in a whole new way about the versatility of lemons? I sure got lots of ideas and am determined to create a beautiful table centered around lemons, maybe a luncheon or a small party, who knows.

All I know is lemons are certainly multifunctional? and best part is they are so inexpensive……way less than flowers! If you have some ideas of your own, please share! Thank you for stopping by, wishing everyone a wonderful day, here the sun is shining though we aren’t getting past 40, spring is taking it’s time, but I am being patient! Until? next time……

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Lemons are the perfect way to add springtime color and essence to ones decor. Adore all of these images Tina!!

The Arts by Karena
A New Gallery in Town!

Just planted my very own Meyer Lemon Tree in a container on my patio where it will receive full afternoon sun. The blooms provide a fabulous scent but can’t wait for the lemons!

..yes, always have lemons around;) I feel inspired to create a centerpiece and then the flatbread pizza followed by that cheesecake! This is such a cheery post to receive on a cold, rainy Seattle day. Thank you Tina and I hope your weather warms up soon. Enjoy your day!

I love the “bang for your buck” that you get will all fruit! Lemons look beautiful all year long not to mention that lemons are great for your skin!

These images are stunning, especially the Carolyn Rohem one!

Have a great day Tina, stay warm!

Love using lemons all over. I get the big bag at Costco and use them all over. I love the pic of the “lemon tree cones”. Great idea.

I’ve been surrounded by lemons for the last couple of weeks! A year ago my dear grown up kids gave me a Meyer Lemon tree for Mother’s Day, it produced seven luscious lemons that I have been harvesting. This last week my husband and I were in Southern California and we picked them from the trees! They go to waste, no one picks them, we were in Heaven! Love Lemons!

Hello Tina
I am loving lemon, that is for sure…and nothing says spring to me like the pale lemon shades of my native English primroses, daffodils or the mimosa in full Italian sunlight ( along with the lemons and oranges dripping off the trees).

and its funny you should write about lemons……I looked up your chicken recipe on Sunday and there was an equally delicious recipe that I tried for a lemon cake, on the same page. All enjoyed in one afternoon!
I hope your snow is melting, I am sending sunshine across the pond
with love xx

Good Afternoon Tina, All your beautiful photographs certainly put a smile on my face on this grey and dreary day.
I love to have a bowl and lemons mixed with limes in a fruit bowl…. their sunny colour is so lovely. I used to grow lemons when I lived on the island of Cyprus. The lemon flowers had a glorious aroma in the spring time and then during the Autumn I could go and pick a lemon from the tree… it really doesn’t get better than that.
Best Wishes

i love what a simple crystal bowl full of lemons does for a kitchen…it always works. life is crazy, and i would prefer to savor images of your enchanted lemons all day rather than attend to the pre-packing phase of our move slated for a month from today. OY. how will it all get done!?! we are house shopping and open to building something new so things are about to get interesting! peace to you, friend.

I love lemons so much I make my own limoncello, it is such a wonderful after dinner drink especially in the summer.

Limoncello time in Az. A beautiful lemon blog. My favorite table,,. Also the blue and white plates on wall as backdrop
to table with blue/white pot with flowers and lemon accents, even yellow handled secateures. Must find the name of fabric on pillows. Fabulous. Thank you, as always, Tina.

I have a dwarf lemon tree that we planted when we first moved into our new home. It produces lemons nearly year round. So fun to cook and decorate with. My kitchen is blue and white with touches of black and yellow. My children love to pick the lemons and make lemonade to share with friends. Thanks for the new ideas, I will have to try some!

??? Lemons, to eat, drink and to decorate with! Just the right pop of yellow and they smell good and seeing them always puts a smile on my face!! Great post, I pinned away, thank you!!

I love the lemons…always have! This post reminds me of my wedding day…I was on a tight floral budget and wanted to make a BIG splash of color at the reception. I don’t remember where I was inspired to ask for lemons because it was well before Instagram and Pinterest! The lemons gave me exactly the color punch I was looking for! They were beautiful! My florist had never done lemons for a wedding and I think he had a lot of fun with it. Thanks for taking me down memory lane. Best regards, Kelly

Thanks for yesterday’s inspiration. We’re just back from a trip to California and I had to bring back a huge bag of lemons, which I stuffed in my golf bag. I’ve been going to Pinterest for new lemon recipes every other day. Made your lemon chicken picata last night. It got rave reviews ! Thanks. K

Love, love love lemons, for decorationg and cooking. I always have a bag of them on hand. If you are a fan of Ina Gartan she has a wonderful lemon yogurt pound cake. I am planning to make it for my Easter brunch because it is always a hit.

This has got to be one of my favorite posts. I am dreaming of a party with lemons as the main character! BTW, I made the lemon piccata recipe last night (one of your recent posts) and it did not disappoint. My husband is a very picky eater and he said he would put it in the “top ten” recipes that I make. Thanks, Tina, for continuing to inspire me!

Okay, have to comment on this: The picture above, which you labeled as “One of My All Time Favorite Table Settings” shows a long table with chairs lined up against a wall. I amused myself by wondering, does the hostess line everyone up in a row and make them wiggle across the chairs on their bottoms to get to their seats? What if the one in the middle has to go to the restroom before the dinner is over? Sigh. I am a practical person, and many pictures are so “staged” and impossible!

Always love your posts…..thank you for all your hard work!

I adore lemons!!!! Love them in water, in a bowl, in a flower arrangement, as a place card…..they are one of the most versatile little fruits. And, the smell! Ahhhhhhh!

I especially love that magnolia, lemon, pear mantle for holidays.

And, their sunny little color is a boost this time of year when I am desperate for warmth!
xoxo Elizabeth

I love everything lemon and yellow – one of my favorite colors and so fun to use in decorations. Like you, I keep a white ceramic basket of lemons in my kitchen that has a yellow and white bamboo wallpaper – fun and happy and lemons in the bottom of a flower arrangement or decorating a table?perfection!

Hi Tina, I love lemons, you have given me a lot of ideas on how to enjoy lemons even though we don’t have our lemon tree anymore nor do we have our beautiful lime tree for some reason they died on us, we do have a lemonade tree which gives us quite a lot of fruit not as tart but just as pretty to look at. They have introduced blood lime trees over here which I would love to try and grow hopefully in a great big terracotta pot. They are using them in cooking and cocktails…nice colour. Thank you for sharing beauty. Regards Esther from Sydney.

Love them in centerpieces as you have shown as well as just sitting in a bowl for a sunny pop of color..and quick to grab for ice water!

I love the title of this post! Two of the images, the Lily table and the table with the small trees, have been in my favorites since I first saw them. I’m so glad to learn how easy it is to make the flower slices!! I’ll be using that very soon. If I can remember to buy lemons, which I never can. But now I have a motivation 🙂 Lovely post!

“When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.” Or better yet, make centerpieces, tablescapes, garlands and more! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous pictures and lemon inspiration!

I LOVE everything you post!!! Your home is one of the most beautiful I’ve seen! Would kill (almost haha) for your kitchen! Blue with touches of yellow is my all time favorite color scheme. Thank you for all your inspiration and motivation!! Keep it up!

What is the name of the tool that you used to make the pretty “flowers”? Thank-you, TinaTina Vela

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