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Hi there and happy Sunday morning to everyone! Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.? First off time to announce the lucky winner of the beautiful peony bouquet from The French Bee. Congratulations goes to-

#28 Frances Sankey says:

? My heart skips a beat with boxwood?s. I love them all but this one makes me swoon! R18319-Cone/Ball Boxwood in Black Crested Garland Pot

Love your new sponsor Tina.

Please contact me at [email protected] to claim your prize!


We have had such a nice weekend, dinner with old friends friends and then went to a beautiful dinner party in the city last night. Not used to getting back at 1:30, brought me back to my “younger days” and I realized I cannot do those crazy late nights without dragging the next day (nor do I want to:)

Today, is a day of catch up, been overwhelmed (and thrilled) with the incredible reaction to my porcelain container and presale! There are so many fabulous pieces,? which I am selling limited numbers of at a special presale price. The very special offer ends tomorrow night, so? if you haven’t taken a look, click here.



Ready for my Seven on Sunday? Here we go……


1. BLUE AND WHITE BAGS TO DIE FOR. When I saw these I nearly fainted from how pretty they are. Leave it up to Dolce and Gabanna to hit a home run with these blue and white beauties!!

I am considering one of them, they are so chic, I can so easily see it with a beautiful all white outfit…oh yes! The first one is a presale but so worth the anticipation of getting what is sure to become a girls favorite and the second one appears to be available now and I am equally in love with both:)


This tote is the perfect summer tote and surely has my name all over it….and love that it has the option of carrying it in your hand or over your shoulder with a longer strap.


And this one is so stunning for dressier occasions, talk about making a statement!


And just when I thought they could not get any prettier, I see this beauty!


2. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. Oh my, so much to share this week it? was hard narrowing it down. But suffice to say this batch is most inspirational! Here is what made the cut……

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3. SPRING IS ALIVE AND WELL. I am LOVING seeing everything so lush and green, with the flowers blooming everywhere, it puts a smile on my face! Seeing all this green makes me feel so happy, remember not so long ago we were buried under FEET of snow! I am going to be getting my garden underway in the next week as well. Here are some of the spring happenings over here…….

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The white azaleas and rhodos along the driveway are spectacular, we are in the process of putting up a gate which is why you see the caution tape

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How beautiful are these 7 foot tall (variation of a)myrtle topiaries? Waiting for my planters to arrive:) I will probably put them on the back patio-



And added these beautiful triple ball topiaries added to my pretty myrtle topiary family…

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4.SHOWHOUSE SEASON. So many showhouses going on……If you are in my area, the Mill Neck Manor showhouse is a must see, it’s just a fun way to spend an afternoon, the home and grounds themselves are simply spectacular and I always enjoy seeing how others interpret design. There is also another showhouse just around the corner, called Home is Where the Heart is, and it is also very pretty and worth the visit. Then there is also Kips Bay in NYC which I really enjoyed very much.

I had to change out my big beautiful vase of blossoms on the table at the showhouse space as the wind was just impossible and they kept toppling over, so I made a sturdier container of hydrangeas and must say I think I love this every bit as much! Here it is…..


I also went to the Kips Bay showhouse in the city and will do a post on it (and the showcase I am in as well) in the next week or so but here is a sneak peek. I was very impressed and highly recommend it. I was somewhat disappointed the last few years but this year was an absolute winner.


And finally so excited tomorrow I am going on a barn/showhouse tour….how fun! I cannot wait:)

5. A NEW PRODUCT I LOVE. I always enjoy telling you about something I love or think is worth sharing. Skin care can be so incredibly overwhelming, there is so much out there, all promising to be the fountain of youth. You don’t know where to begin, right? Well I must say this product is one that I am extremely happy with, and HIGHLY recommend.

It isn’t cheap but a little bit goes a loooong way and I think this could last me several months. What better investment than our skin! This is made in France, came recommended by my friends sister who is a big wig makeup artist in L.A. Feels so good on and just yesterday someone complimented me on my glowing skin,? I swear even after two weeks my skin does look smoother and brighter. Apparently it is the ingredient, trylacel that is the key:)? Click here for more info…..


6. A FLOWER SCHOOL I MUST ATTEND! I attended a class about 8 years ago and it was so much fun, but I was not nearly the flower fanatic that I am now. So high on my list of things to do is to book myself into one of the master classes over at Flower School NY. Classes are from total novices to experts and taught by floral professionals or masters as they call them, what could be more fun than learning the art of creative flower arranging!

Taught right in the heart of the bustling flower district in NYC, if you are within driving distance, you? might want to sign up too:) Click here for more info and to read over their extensive class schedule.

IMG_2294 IMG_2283

_MG_3084 IMG_1613 IMG_2264

7. COCKTAIL SEASON! Well truth is, every season is the cocktail season:) but summer and spring mean al fresco dining/drinking/entertaining and it doesn’t get better than that! I have plans to set up a new little bar arrangement and found this chart to be so helpful, thought this was the perfect place to share it.



So that about wraps it up for me, anything on your radar that you care to share? Wishing you a fabulous day and end to your weekend. Crazy isn’t it that next week is Memorial day and the start of summer, woo hoo! Thank you for stopping in. Until next time….


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My favorite post of the week and as usual, it did not disappoint! This is my favorite time of year with so many fun happenings. Your property looks beautiful (not surprised!) and the D&G bags are to die for. I need to plan a date to come down to your show house – I really want to see it AND Kips Bay. Finally, sign me up for “Flower School” – I will totally do that with you – that might be a fun bloggers event! Enjoy your Sunday! xoxo

Good morning BEAUTIFUL Tina! So fun to watch your mansion and grounds come alive with spring. I am following you on Instagram now and loved your video! Flowers, oh my, never have I had such a love for them until now. Your topiaries are lush!

Thanks for the Instagram favorites. I must go search a few! Anita

Oooooh, I want to do the flower school!! So fun! Love your outdoor furniture – I’m in the market for the same as our outdoor area is finally nearing completion after a year. Where can I find these? Thanks Tina! P.S. My outdoor urns I ordered from you are on the way this week. Can’t wait

Tina, thank you so much for mentioning the Flower School. I have been looking for floral arranging classes for my still life paintings and this sounds perfect.

HI Tina! The floral school looks like so much fun. I would enjoy that as well;) Your property is gorgeous and your azaleas are bursting with color. Also love the topiaries in the kitchen! Enjoy your Sunday!

So much good stuff! Sounds like we had the same kind of weekend?crazy!!! I popped in to see Kips Bay on your recommendation, as I was disappointed last year. Loved it this year. I know 2 of the designers and was thrilled to see one in his space! Also, went for the first time to Trade Secrets and you would have been in topiary heaven!!!!

Always love seeing who you are following on Instagram?.gorgeous stuff!

And, you NEED one of those blue/white bags. They scream TINA!

Have a great week and enjoy the long weekend!
xoxo Elizabeth

I have a SIGNIFCANT birthday looming……. Need one of those D&G handbags to numb the sting! Stunning! Love your blog! . Rhoda

Hi Tina, Always love seeing what’s on your Sunday list! LOVE the 7 foot topiaries. Oh my goodness, the are gorgeous. I’m love a pair all to myself. Your home is looking beautiful, so lovely to see spring arrive. And thanks for adding me to your Instagram round up, too! I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again, I could paint your home all day every day and be perfectly content!

Have a wonderful week! XOXO

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