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Hi there and happy Sunday to you. Hope you have had a nice weekend, very relaxing over here, it’s been? low key and really enjoyable? over here, tonight going to a BBQ and today just chilling.

Sometime today my logo will change over to the new one, which I am sooo excited about so just giving you a heads up:)

Just cannot believe its the last weekend of August and next week is already Labor Day! I cannot lie by saying a big part of me is actually really looking forward to fall, being it’s my favorite season and all. So here is my seven on Sunday…..



THE MOST BEAUTIFUL TOTE EVER! I was soooo excited to return home to the most amazing gift from super generous and ultra chic Laurie of LB Original fame. Laurie, you know this bag has my name written all over it and i nearly fell over when i saw it. Gingers and monograms all in one? Pure H E A V E N!!!!

I just love this tote and cannot recommend it highly enough! If you want your very own click here to visit Pineapple Grove Gifts, upon pursuing their wonderful site there are sooo many things I loved and would consider for gifts, just had to share. THANK YOU LAURIE! Click here to visit Pineapple Grove Gifts.



2. NEW PILLOWS FROM STUDIO TULLIA. I have spoken many times of my love for the pillows from Studio Tullia. I cannot love my beautiful Chaing Mai and ribbon pillows from her wonderful collection any more. Then upon sending someone over to her I took a quick peek around and saw some beautiful newcomers worth sharing. Here is what I am loving from her newest offerings. Click here to see them all.

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3. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. Never at a loss of beautiful things to share, this week so many touched my heart as just being downright so incredibly sweet? and of course threw in several of beauty and inspiration for good measure:)

Speaking of Instagram, I cannot believe I hit over 10,000 followers!! (my son noticed this before I did). I said I would do a blue and white giveaway if that ever happened so stay tuned tomorrow on Instagram for details (click here to follow me)

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4. A FEW FALL SWOONWORTHY ITEMS. I do not make a secret of how much I love fall…by far my favorite season of all. And fall dressing….it’s the best. Plus I can always justify the occasional splurge as the cold month season is such a very long one, when you spread it out over the days worn, we are talking mere cents:) I am in love with these pieces, such classic gorgeous separates.

Flipped over this, these pieces are “so Chanel” inspired I can’t stand it, but thankfully at a much more realistic price point. This jacket? could be worn with so many different looks, LOVE this! Click here for more info



And how crazy beautiful is this ensemble? Looks like a million dollars and love how these pieces look amazing together but could be fabulous on their own… here for details



If you are a boots kind of girl you will love these, as chic looking as they are ultra warm and cozy… here for the 411


And how elegant is this fully reversible Lafayette 148 car coat? Light and warm, comfy and chic and my two favorite fall/winter colors…..a winner! Click here for more info….


Lastly this military inspired Neiman Marcus sweater/jacket in cashmere at? a fantastic price (now on sale for 250) ! Could see this dressed up with black slacks or down with jeans….click here to order



5. WALLPAPER FINALISTS. Thanks so much for weighing in the other day on the bathroom papers. I all along was in love with #2 (on the right) and both #1 and #2 got the most votes so I put them side by side but in the end decided on #2 afterall, see it pays to go with your gut:) Its a small bathroom, no window so I like that it feels light with the white background yet compliments the gray/silvery tones too. Just waiting for my paper hanger…..

PS They are from Thibaut as many of who had asked

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6. MICHELLE MASTERS TOPIARY ART. Hang onto your hats…you will not believe how amazingly beautiful these are. Another super thoughtful generous reader/follower sent me the most beautiful sets of notecards with topiaries and goldens on them..a match made in heaven.

If you do not follow Jessica of Five Fabulous Frenchies on Instagram (click here)? you are missing out on a front row seat to simply the most stylish dogs on the web (sorry Teddy but until you have your very own down vest and raincoat with matching hat you cannot compete with this pack:)

So incredibly kind Jessica sent me these from Michelle Masters topiary art. What a find! I nearly flipped when I visited her website, just feast your eyes on these. Every image can be bought on notepads, linen guest towels, cocktail napkins, etc……click here to visit Michelle Masters Topiary Art.

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And her other designs-

Frenchies FinalWM Cavalier-King-Charles Rabbit-cocktail-napkins_LRG


Paris-Hedge-Topiary Country-French-Cow_MED foxhound-portrait

THANK YOU JESSICA! Love my cards:)



7. GORGEOUS NEW FLOWER DELIVERY! Finally got in my faux flower delivery that I was waiting on for a while. Simply the most spectacular cherry blossoms I have found to date. LOVE the spray I created in my blue and white jar for my foyer.

Then I had fun setting this pretty table. I got in the new colors of the beautiful lifelike hydrangeas and though I am generally not a “purple person” absolutely love purple next to blue and white. It is so eye catching, so added my colorful plates and had fun with a bright and crisp tablecloth (from my tablecloth treasure trove:)

Love the way it came out, almost inspired me to host a luncheon but with the busy month I have ahead of me..not sure it will come to fruition. Added them to a kitchen vignette too, take a look……

There will be a floral promo this week on all flowers shown so stay tuned!



My new foyer spray of blossoms, the vase is about 26′ and with the sprays this is a massive and super impressive arrangement



My pretty kitchen vignette with my blue and white doggies (from my shop)

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So there you have my seven on Sunday…..lots to love this week. Hope you are enjoying a great weekend, one of summers last 🙁 Once Labor Day hits, I get into full fall mode and then before you know it….the holidays are upon us. Hope you savor these last lazy days of summer, until next time……


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Good morning, Tina!! I love your Sunday posts SO much – it is such a treat to enjoy all these goodies while relaxing on a Sunday morning with my coffee. I am swooning over the topiary art and adore your new tote. I can’t wait to see you new logo “live”! I hope you have a beautiful and relaxing Sunday! xoxo

I love the Luzon wallpaper. I am installing it in my master bathroom. It goes so well with Calacatta Caldia marble I installed in the bathroom. This is an updated wallpaper print.
Glad you like it too!

Fun post as always, your Sevon on Sunday is always the first and sometimes the only email I open on Sunday. Have a great week!

thank you for delighting my visual sense yet again. the hexagon floor tile is, well,………enchanting. it looks like marble, but the grout is quite unique. is it a custom mix?
best wishes, stargirl

Gorgeous wallpaper Tina! Such a fun post packed with all kinds of goodies. I might have to take a look at those TB boots! Your new header is so much fun. What great job she did on the illustration of you and Teddy:) It’s rainy here in Seattle but I’m not complaining!! …it’s been SO warm and dry and I am ready for a change of season. Enjoy the rest of the day!

I love your new logo! Just beautiful. I think your tables full of blue and white are beyond lovely. Can’t wait to see what autumn brings. Well, I can wait another week! Have a terrific week!!!

So much to love here Tina beginning with your adorable new header!! The tote is also darling, the gorgeous pillows and topiary stationary, the Instagram, seeing a couple of new ones to add on my list!

Have a great week!
The Arts by Karena

The tote isn’t available on the link that is posted. Is there any more info u can give me so I can purchase them?

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