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Hi friends! I am back and well rested. Will tell you all about it later in the week. Oh how I love this line of such gorgeous fabrics and wallpaper. Quadrille kind of makes me want to buy a new house just so I can start the decorating process all over again:) I had a great grouping of pillows done in my old house by them which I greatly regret selling along with many of our furnishings to the people who bought our house.

I recently bought more of the Bali Hai fabric and am having pillows made, not sure if I will use them in the lower level and/or possibly outside when spring rolls around but trust me they will find a great resting place! I am also loving it in the green, you know how I? love that rich mossy green so getting a sample of that too, and might just look for a spot for those as well!

In case you are not familiar with Quardrille, welcome to their beautiful world of fabrics and wallpapers. Just feast your eyes on all of the beautiful rooms their product line has graced and at the end some of my favorite fabrics. Enjoy!



Arbre-de-Matisse-Reverse-shades-Summer-Thornton Bromonte-Reverse-sofa-and-Aqua-IV-chairs-Carolyne-Roehm Macoco-II-chairs-Kerri-Geller-Goldfarb Fiorentina-chairs Nitik-II-Tashkent-New-Batik-Aquarias-John-Knott-House-Beautiful-April-2013

San_Marco_wallpaper_House_Beautiful Sultan_II_curtains_and_wallcovering_Miles_Redd_Architectural_Digest_August_2013_2 Cross_Check_bed Zeze_Leopard_Ottoman_Cotages_and_Gardens_Annie_Mahoney Bunga_Print_beds_Kathy_Abbott Bali_Hai_sofa_Christopher_Maya_Architectural_Digest_August_2013 Palampore_Stripe_chairs_Bali_Hai_pillows_Amanda_Lindroth_House_Beautiful_April_2014 New-Batik-sofa-and-chairs-Savarie-Interiors Hulai_Batik_chairs_Nora_Marra_Traditional_Home_November_2014_2 II_Blue_Ikat_and_Persepolis_Edward_Lobrano Trellis_Background_wallpaper_Tom_Scheerer_Elle_Decor Lyford-Print-curtains-and-pillows-Heather-Bland-Interiors Lyford-Print-curtains-and-bed-Porter-Design-Company Lyford_Pagoda_wallpaper_Amanda_Lindroth_2 Lyford-Background-curtains-Robin-Titus Lyford-Background-bed-McCann-Design-Group Lyford-Background-chairs-Trellis-Background-curtains-Sarah-Whit-2 Lyford_Background_Headboards_Kristy_Lee_Interiors Lysette-Reverse-bed-and-Persepolis-curtains-Gwen-Driscoll Arbre-de-Matisse-Reverse-shades-Summer-Thornton Bromonte-Reverse-sofa-and-Aqua-IV-chairs-Carolyne-Roehm Macoco-II-chairs-Kerri-Geller-Goldfarb Fiorentina-chairs Kazak-chairs-Java-Java-stools-Coastal-Living-June-2013

In case you need any more convincing, they make the best pillows….

c518_blue_bali_hai_pillow_012_1 il_570xN.591831478_9orm b5f237711a476dfb74f481b0ee92a646 il_570xN.515196375_bgxw 5F5B9B07 bbd89ad9f533c5edfd96cdeddf1991e5 il_570xN.591205545_cfjf eclectic-pillows il_570xN.669201933_5j65


So many beauties….see anything you love?? Are you familiar with Quadrille already?? I could close my eyes and pick any one of them and be thrilled… everything they make! Such beautiful here to see more from Quadrille! Thank you for stopping in, until next time……


PS Don’t forget to send in those pictures for the contest ! Today is the last day……email your pictures to [email protected]

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Such beautiful fabrics.
Love the custom work and details.
So many decorating ideas here. just wonderful.
Thanking you.

I just pinned several of the pictures to my Pinterest page. Absolutely gorgeous prints! I think I need to build another hour, too, to decorate with all of those fabrics and wallpapers. Yet another fun post – thank you, Tina!

I’ve known about Quadrille for a while, but these fabrics seem so fresh and now! Love their pillows. I want to jump through the screen to every one of those images. So beautiful!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and are feeling rested! It’s the Holiday Spring from now until Jan 1!

xoxo Elizabeth

Tina I adore the Quadrille line of fabrics! You have shown so many beautiful uses for any room of the house and yes as pillows, gorgeous accents!!The colorways are fresh, crisp, yet traditional as well!

The Arts by Karena

Just beautiful, I am drooling with envy. Need to play pin the tail on one picture. Love them all, but I probably cannot even afford a pillow.

Your first picture of Quadrille is such a simplistic, refreshing & welcoming balance of sherbet color with blue and white, that it must be a breakfast room. What a way to begin a day!

There is nothing more fresh and fun out there! Quadrille fabrics look fabulous on everything – from walls, to headboards, to lamp shades… Thanks for starting our day with pretty pictures, Tina!
C + C

Love the fabric blue is my favored I have a leeast 100 pieces of blue, I’ve been collecting for over 30 yrs

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