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Hi friends….so you have spoken and have chosen two favorites from my Holiday Love contest….there were many to love but in the end only two could make it to this point.

I want to first say thank you so very much for sending in all of your beautiful pictures, I really enjoyed getting a peek into your gorgeous homes and seeing how you celebrate the holidays….it was most inspiring.

Thank you to all who voted too, here is your last “task” to vote for your top fave so we can crown a winner tomorrow. Ready? Let’s go…….(voting will be on for two days and a winner will be announced on Thurs, Dec.31st)-










Both such beautiful pictures? I know it’s a tough choice . ?They both exemplify what holiday love really is all about . ?Many thanks to everyone who sent in your fabulous pictures,

I so enjoyed seeing each and everyone of them .Until Thursday……thanks again. Hope everyone is enjoying their post holiday week? Hard to believe we are just a few days away from starting 2016 !


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Sandy on

The staircase is so beautifully decorated and what a welcoming of holiday joy!

Gayle Leathers on

Absolutely delightful!!! Thanks for sharing. Gayle

Karena on

So gorgeous both, they are all winners in my book!!

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Donna on

The stairway evokes such Christmas glory!

Shari bellizzi-davis on

I love both! Twinkly lights and beautifully draped staircases…perfection! BUT! The loving displayed dishware….sigh! This is win/win!??

Maritza on

I really love the way the staircase is decked out…

Leslie @PrettyPetals on

Yes, beautiful homes and it’s tough to pick a favorite!

Hope you are enjoying the weeks festivities and have a fun NYE celebration planned. It’s been non-stop here and although it’s a bit chaotic, I’m loving all the fun and time with my family.

Enjoy your day Tina!

Nancy brantley on

They both are pretty. I will have to go with the display in cabinet.

Margaret on

Both are winners. The beautiful lights bring the spirit of Christmas alive.

Margaret on

I love both these pictures, however, the lights bring the spirit of Christmas alive. Congratulations to both entries.

Bobbie hathaway on

Both nice, but the staircase is simply lovely.

Cathy garrett on

They are both beautiful. Choice 2

Terri on

Number 2 has such a Christmas reverent feeling. Very beautiful!

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