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Hi there, slowly things are getting back to normal after the big blizzard though we still have snow everywhere, it’s not going anywhere for quite some time!

This post feels overdue. I get a lot of emails about e design. Most people do not really understand how it works and when it’s explained, most end up loving the idea. It really is such a practical and logical approach to tackling design particularly when you are across the miles. In this age where time has never been so precious having the ability to connect any time of the day or night, from the comfort of your very own home is a luxury that is hard to put a price on.

I have had clients from France to California? and a recent client who is in Qatar! I am working on a local design job in Westchester County which is keeping me busy along with 2 edesign jobs, I get such a thrill helping people make their homes more beautiful:)

The access and connections we get to make are really extraordinary. So thought it was time to do a post on just how edesign works to help those who hear the term but don’t quite get what its all about (kind of like me and the stock market, I know some terms but let’s face it…the jargon is intimidating)! So let’s delve right in shall we…..


What exactly is e design?

It is a design service that is done exclusively online via the computer between me (the designer) and you (the client). Everything is done via email with the exception being occasionally faxing over floor plans but even that is normally done via email.

Who is it suited for?

Well typically it involves someone who reads my blog, likes my taste but doesn’t live near me (though I have worked with people via e design who live not even an hour away). It works great for someone who is busy working, or raising a family or someone who just doesn’t want to go the traditional design route of hiring a designer. Normally that could be for a multitude of reasons from cost, to convenience to not feeling like they are making progress fast enough (e design is quite speedy),etc……

Is it only good if I have a blank room to start with?

Absolutely not! While I have done my share of “blank spaces” which are always fun, the majority of spaces involve someone who already owns some furniture,? rugs or accessories and wants to work around existing items. Do this all the time. Sometimes a client might have a sofa or chair they are considering reupholstering, I will help them decide if the furniture warrants the cost of labor and fabric.

How do you know what the client is looking for?

To start they have come to me for a reason…they like my taste so we are one step ahead of the game! Once a deposit is given to secure a spot, I follow up with a list of questions to help me understand the scope of the project and the goals of the homeowner. Everything from colors, style, room dimensions, lighting, flooring,etc…is discussed. I also request pictures and on occasion a homeowner will send a video, it can only help.? Once I have a good understanding we begin the process normally with a succession of pictures/questions and then a mood board follows….

What are the costs involved?

The easy thing is it’s one flat design fee. That fee can range from $450-$2250. Really depends on if its one small room or an entire home,? also to what extent we will be working. Is it just accessorizing to starting from the ground up down to the very last detail. There are no additional fees which makes this easy peasy.

What if I just need help with paint colors or accessorizing a room?

There is a plan for that too, which is a newer plan. I realized there is a big demand for people who need help putting the finishing touches on a room. They might have a room that in theory is done but they have no idea how to accessorize a console or coffee table or where to add mirrors, art,etc…..I also get plenty of inquires from people who need direction with paint colors, let’s face it, it can be intimidating and discovering that here are 500 shades of white alone drives my point home beautifully! So yes for a nominal fee, I do offer accessory and paint plans.

How long does it take?

On average about 3 weeks for the average sized job. Small jobs can be done in a week and larger jobs can continue off and on for a few months (or longer). I try to wrap up small-med jobs within 3 weeks. Larger jobs can take longer. I do however make myself available long after for any kind of consultation/followup.

Are there any discounts given?

With certain plans I? offer my substantial trade discounts for various items which include but are not limited to furniture, fabrics, rugs, lighting, wallpaper, etc……definitely makes it worth it nearly all the time as the savings can be enormous.

Who is e design not suitable for?

Someone who is not on the computer often and regularly or who is not comfortable on a computer. Someone who needs to see and feel things in person. It is honestly great for nearly all but the few exceptions would be what I have listed above.


OK so that sums up in a nutshell what e design is all about. Its quite straightforward and I must say I get enormous satisfaction getting to help people beautify their homes! Below are some mood boards I have completed over time for various people and then a sampling of recent finished or near finished spaces. Would LOVE to have them professionally photographed but that is tricky given that they are spread out over the country and world:)




OB-katz-chests ujillnnamed




OB-snapkkshot OB-Karen's bathroom mirrors 3 OB-lamps


OB-lisa b bedroom

OB-Helens-bath OB-carina-foyer-6 OB-showhouse2.jpg OB-nan OB-NANd5



And some of my beautiful edesign projects (some still in progress)-


indeafdsafdx inafdafddex

inde544544x inde54544x


indexfdadf in5445dex IMG_7598-21-600x900indesdssx

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index i23232ndex


IMG_6618-e1417450457524-682x1024 inde3433x index343 indfsdfdex indasdfaex

This bedroom is in process, we have just done the bed and the bedding, nightstands, lamps and prints are “in process”

i23232ndex indafdaex

This is that same bedroom that is an “in process” job:)

Here is an incredible? is this before and after (she wanted to keep the cabinets) so changed out countertops, lighting, paint and stove hood and voila!







Here is a good example of a concept board and reality……






Well this was fun! I am happy to have been able to share this part of what I do with you…..I really enjoy it and it’s always an adventure. So have you ever delved into e design? If so how did you? like the experience?? Questions or want more details?? Then just contact me at [email protected].

Thank you as always for stopping by…wishing you a fabulous day! Until? next time…..

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Appreciate you explaining and sharing your talent of designing! My dream is to save up so I can use your services one day for my home.

Thank you – I’ve been curious about eDesign. Your explanation is incredibly helpful and the mood boards are inspirational. I could easily live in several of those beautiful rooms. Always look forward to your posts

Beautiful!!!!!! You certainly have a talent, Tina!

Enjoy the snow, as in time, the beautiful whiteness and quiet will melt away.

Cathy R

You are so right about white paint. I think that topic would make for a most interesting post!

Beautifully done Tina! How great that you have expertise in this area of design and
with your resources it is a natural fit!

The Arts by Karena
Dreams of Spring!

Thank you so much for taking the time to explain it. I could not figure out the whole process, but then again, I’m not the sharpest pencil in the box. Enjoy your week!

Tina..these room are just LOVELY!!!!I so love my chinese painted pillow!!!!. I would like at some point to do an entire room around 2 of those pillows..they are just exquisite…..there is one room in particular that I love with the buffalo blue check fabric on the dust ruffle and the half canopy..I so appreciate your way of designing for others..

Dear Tina,
What a great idea! I love it!
You really have tons of energy–you’re always so busy and so full of great ideas.
I love all of the beautiful rooms and idea boards!
Thank you for showing us how we can get your inspiration into our homes!

Thank you for being so generous, Tina. You’ve inspired many of us with this post. Another keeper! My TEH file is going to crash my computer!

Just returned from market in Dallas…you made so much sense….fun to shop and dream!

What beautiful designs you have done for your clients, Tina, and I love seeing the process from the drawing board to reality…amazing! Thrilled you are starting to dig out of the snow! Happy Thursday!

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