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Hello and happy Saturday…as I periodically do I share a snippet of my life as seen through my trusty little iphone, cannot imagine life without it:)

In addition, big news is that I have just hired a company to revamp my entire site. It is going to be a bigger and improved Enchanted Home. As you know I am all about evolving, improving and growing. I believe change (good ones that is) keep us going in the right direction and I’m always aspiring to be better.I have had this idea in the back of my mind for some time but it’s a lot of work and a big deal however I have decided to take the plunge:)

I am excited to be working with the company I hired as they are really good at what they do. So as we begin the “behind the scenes” process, your input is so valuable to me. The new site will take 3-4 months to build….so for now everything will stay as is. This poll is a bit different in that is its asking questions that could/would pertain to the future Enchanted Home (one or two questions might overlap from previous poll). To thank you I am offering a giveaway. So here is a peek into what my week has been all about and the poll and giveaway details on bottom-




Valentines Day breakfast indulgence:)


Back of the house during yet another snowfall and could Teddy be any cuter?

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Hate when I see new fabrics that I love and feel compelled to use……

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And you know my feelings on green and blue….love!


Added a centerpiece bowl filled with white kalanchoe to kitchen island


The super stylish foo dogs lamps came back in stock and are going straight to my office



A beautiful palette for my client in Westchester


Had such yummy shrimp tacos in a favorite nearby restaurant


Hard to believe this was a week ago!

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Visited the charming Juliska shop which has the cutest little cafe in it…..and you know I love this tulipere

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Had limestone floors cleaned and polished…..

So there you have my random musings…what’s new in your corner of the world? Thanks as always for stopping in!

PS Colored porcelain sale started last night, click here to see




So here is the poll below, it literally should not take more than 2 minutes of your time. To thank you I am offering one lucky winner the beautiful square scalloped silver wine holder from my shop. A winner will be announced on Tuesday so be sure to check back to see if you are the lucky winner….




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Hi Tina, I played tennis with you years ago …you were a terrific player and a lovely person! I’m so happy for all of your success you deserve it!

As always, thanks for the giveaway. Took the survey and am looking forward to seeing the changes:) Have a wonderful weekend!

I love everything you do and enjoy your blog! Thank you for all your suggestions, recipes , tips and decorating ideas!!!!

Look forward to reading your blog and seeing all the goodies you have to offer. Keep up the good work and look forward to your changes.

Looking forward to your new updates. Very generous giveaway. Love your blog and sweet Teddy.
Linda O.

I think you mentioned you disliked blogs where the blogger never replied to comments…….hmmmm

A bit burnt out with blue and white, so anxious to see some expansion to other home furnishings, table decor, holiday decor

Can you tell me where the juliska shop is? They are my every day dishes but I bought them in Bloomingdales…….good luck with everything!

Just when I think it can’t get any better! Thank you for sharing your life, thoughts, and dreams!

Can’t wait to see what new ideas and products you will be presenting – this is going to be

Love the idea of expanding your on-line shop!! I look forward to furnishing my home with more of your items. Thank you for having promotions and giveaways! It keeps me coming back for more.

Looking forward to seeing your shop and site grow and evolve. I absolutely love your blog and shop!!

I love your blog, especially all the photos, and looking forward to the exciting additions and changes. Thank you for all the beauty you bring into our lives.

Good for you Tina;) Changing things up and always moving forward is so important but not always easy. I’ll look forward to seeing what you do!

I can’t believe how cold it is at your place! ..that snow.. Love all the random pics. Enjoy your weekend!

I absolutely love your website! Discovered you through French Tangerine and check you everyday. Am currently doing some remodel on kitchen and looking forward to purchasing a couple of your items when completed. Your style is a great combination of french country and traditional, which suits me fine!

I am so excited that you are here to stay by investing in changes. I look forward to many years of joy as I continue to learn from your talents’

As always, I love what you do. I am so excited to see what you have for us. So many ideas to think about and see how we can use. One of yours that I borrowed from a while ago was Mac Angel lipstick. I can’t tell you how many compliments I get on it. Thank you for all the enjoyment you add to our lives.

Looking forward to seeing the new changes. I know they will be fabulous! You are doing a great job.

Enjoyed today’s series and the pictures (especially Teddy!). Keep giving us more food for thought with the beautiful interiors and ideas. Tina

Can’t wait to see the new site. And I just thought of something to include–an arrow that automatically takes you to the top of the page. Sometimes I like to review the post twice and have to scroll up. It isn’t a big thing but something for your consideration. Thank you!

Hi Tina,
I check your site daily and sometimes more! I’ve enjoyed getting a peek inside your home and life. You’ve given me several ideas that I’ve incorporated on a smaller scale–I’m an elementary school teacher so my decor budget isn’t the greatest! πŸ˜‰

Can’t wait to see what changes you decide on!


Tina, your house looks so beautiful in the snow! I share your passion for blue and green that Chinoise toile is stunning. Love you living arrangements as well, such a great way to keep our rooms looking and feeling fresh through the long, cold winter months.

Looking forward to seeing your changes!!

In this crazy world we live in, it is a breath of fresh air to log on every morning and see all new and beautiful things!!! Keep it up. Whatever you do will be fabulous. That’s just who you are!

Took the survey and anxious to see new products that you decide to carry. I always shop you first! Keep up the good work.

I am so excited and looking forward to seeing your new site. Wish I could put all your ideas and picture on a book.

Hi Tina! Love your Blog and your website – I do look forward to it – your home is beautiful and we have recently downsized and rehabbed and I was so thankful for all your tips and ideas! Thank you!

You are hands down the most energized woman ever! Thank you for sharing photos, recipes, books, fashion…all of it. I look forward to your posts. Have a great day, Tina! btw, Teddy could not get any cuter!

I am a new fan of Enchanted Home and look forward to reading,
Looking and learning! Thanks for a great site and some wonderful ideas that are right up my alley,

The pieces I have ordered are gorgeous. My little town home is rapidly becoming my dream home. Thank you, Tina!

But…I have to say, I love TEH just how it is…
Keep it true to who you are and I am sure it will be even more fabulous!

So happy with my last two purchases of silver. Looking forward to change, but please keep the silver pieces!

Hi, Tina,
As I said in the poll, I LOVE your website: blog & shop both. LOVE your logo w/ Teddy & pulling the wagon of blue & white. Please continue to bring us your lovely design vision as you move forward with an expanded business venture & building a new home. Anticipating lots of wonderful inspiration photos that chronicle your journey!

Love your blog and your shop! Thanks for sharing your photos of how you use your shop items in your home! Especially love the photos of Teddy!

Love how you endeavor to have an ever-evolving site to keep it fresh and always look forward to frequent posts, despite life getting in the way, at times. Completed the survey and look forward to much more. You never disappoint, Miss Tina!

I love your shop and all the pieces I’ve ordered. Can’t wait to see what new things you will bring to us!

Love Enchanted Home each and every day!!!! Thank you for a breath of blog fresh air each posting.

Your site is the first one I look at each day. I applaud you for wanting feedback and implementing the thoughts of your readers. Your surveys are fun and thoughtfully written. Can’t wait to see what you come up with. It will be awesome, I am sure!!

Tina, it’s a joy to see your enthusiasm about new items and a new design. I love visiting and especially looking at your beautiful photos. Let your passion guide you! …looking forward to whatever is to be!

I took the poll but there was no place at the finish to register for the Giveaway. I hope this it it. If not this part of your blog could show some improvement and eliminate confusion. Good Luck to you for progressing and Good Luck to me for winning, hopefully. Love the prize.

Thanks for another great give away offering. Love that you share so much of your day and I look forward to each post!

I think your site is already wonderful. But, with your good taste, I’m sure the new site will be even more enchanting!

I found your site months ago and now check in regularly. I love the traditional feel of your site and the unique items you offer. I’m sure your new site will be just as wonderful and probably better.

I am so excited for this new chapter. So many new chapters for you…and I can experience the wonder of building a home in the Lowcountry (a dream I have had) through The Enchanted Home. I think change is vital and exciting and daunting but you will do this with your usual grace and aplomb. Thank you for caring to ask our opinions on your shop and blog. Truly…so happy for what is to come!

Looking forward to whatever new things you are planning because you never disappoint!

Tina, LOVE your blog, and your positive enthusiasm for life, and beautiful living…and I LOVE Teddy πŸ™‚

Thank you for giving us a chance to express ourselves in the new poll! I love the dialogue with you. I know you really care what we want and what we are looking for and think, and you are open to our suggestions! That is wonderful! Thank you for the great give-aways, too!
I love all of your i-phone pics and Instagram pics you share with us. Those shrimp tacos look seriously delish, and now I am craving them–talk and about the power of suggestion.
I love the snow pics because it is always so hot and dry where we live in So CA! It is so hard for me to believe that there is actually such a thing as cold and snow!
Teddy is so darling! I am a dog person and 2 doggies own me, so I always appreciate pics of those gorgeous furry ANGELS!
Thank you for everything!

I love your blog and appreciate that you are always open to change, it definitely keeps it interesting! Your home is really beautiful and I am looking forward to your designing and decorating your new place.

I’m so looking forward to all the new changes & new product lines….. Thank you for working so hard.

Thanks for asking your readers about the proposed changes. Love your site already, can’t wait to see the new look!

I appreciate being asked for input on your new website. Your commitment towards improvement is to be commended. I enjoy your messages and love your decorating style.

Exciting things to come I know! Love your site and looking forward to seeing where you go from here.

Hi Tina,
I am at the age (almost 80 and hubby is 84) so we are not acquiring stuff any more. But if we were I would be one of your best customers!
I am glad you are redoing your site. I thought your latest update was not sophisticated and as well designed as it should be.
Good luck! You are a very hard worker.

Thanks for asking us for our input. Love your site already. Can’t wait to see the changes you’ll be making.

Your blog is the first thing I look for. Love all your ideas and sharing. Teddy has stolen my heart. What a sweetheart!

Tina, thank you for asking your readers’ opinions. I am looking forward to your changes to your site. Have a wonderful weekend!

Looking forward to many more wonderful things to come from your amazing site!
I love reading each new entry. Can’t wait to see the changes.

Thanks for seeking your readerships opinions and considering the results as you develop the new website. Looking forward to the unveiling, too.

Completed the latest and love to help..cannot wait to see where you take your extraordinary talent

Tina, you rock! Your home is truly an enchanted one. A dreamy place where your imagination comes to life.

The poll just took a few minutes. Good that you are wanting to reflect your customers needs in your offerings while staying true to your brand.

The poll did not take long, and I hope this poll and your recent one will give you lots of info and ideas for your blog redo! Love love your blog, and I look forward to reading it every time I see it in my mailbox?You are a truly gifted in many ways! Thank YOU!!!

Thank you for letting your readers take the poll for our input, and what a delightful give away !!

Hi Tina, and greetings to anyone else who loves blue and green. Please check out the new Oprah magazine collection at Talbot’s they have a Kelly green with white dots “charming” cardigan that would be just the thing to sport with nice jeans or a denim skirt, or your favorite chinos. Part of the proceeds will benefit the Dress for Success charity.


Good Morning from Virginia. Hope your day is filled with fun and sun. I love snow too, but warmer days are something to look forward too. The birds are chirping and signs of spring are popping up all around Virginia. Thank you for the opportunity to take the survey and offer you some suggestions. But in my opinion, I think perfection speaks for itself and your site is beyond interesting and fun. I love all the silver items you offer and this week your giveaway would be a welcome item. Thanks so much for making my day a little brighter. Mary

I’m so excited for you. I can’t wait to see the lovely goodies. Thank you for all the lovely giveaways.

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