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Hi there, am back from my little getaway to picture perfect Palmetto Bluff/Savannah and feel so well rested and ready to roll, more on that later.  First off I want to announce the lucky winner of the La Prairie Luxe Sleep Mask, congratulations goes to….


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Back to work with lots going on. Haven’t done a Designer Spotlight in a while and today I am profiling a designer whose work I have featured before, New York and Palm Beach based Scott Synder. When it’s good it deserves an encore! Scott’s work is so timeless and elegant, and he is obviously as comfortable in a super formal setting as he is in an elegant ocean retreat,  I admire his attention to delay and how richly each and every room is done….sublime!

And of course   his love of blue and white, chinoiserie and treillage earns him extra brownie points in my book:) So here we go…..


Scott-Snyder-South-Hampton-NY-2 Owner scott-snyder-palm-beach-resort-1 Scott-Snyder-New-York-Resort-8 Scott-Snyder-New-York-Resort-4

Sargent Architectural Photography
Sargent Architectural Photography
Sargent Architectural Photography
Sargent Architectural Photography
Sargent Architectural Photography
Sargent Architectural Photography

scott-snyder-boston-ma-apartment-9 scott-snyder-boston-ma-apartment-10 scott-snyder-boston-ma-apartment-8

luxury-interiors-home-interior-decorating-luxury-homes-scott-snyder-17 scott-snyder-boston-ma-apartment-6 scott-snyder-boston-ma-apartment-7

Sargent Architectural Photography
Sargent Architectural Photography
Sargent Architectural Photography
Sargent Architectural Photography
Sargent Architectural Photography
Sargent Architectural Photography

Sargent Architectural Photography Sargent Architectural Photography Sargent Architectural Photography Sargent Architectural Photography


Scott-Snyder-Upper-East-Side-NY-6 Scott-Snyder-Upper-East-Side-NY-4 Scott-Snyder-Upper-East-Side-NY-2 Scott-Snyder-Upper-East-Side-NY-1 12.-Scott-Snyder-Penthouse-Palm-Beach-Florida-10 Sargent Architectural Photography

scott-snyder-Greenwich-Connecticut-Home3 9ca23ba42c1af0871e1edc504516fa1a luxury-interiors-home-interior-decorating-luxury-homes-scott-snyder-2


Pretty gorgeous, don’t you think? One of my favorite things to do is study the pictures of a favorite designer or room. I can find something in each and every one that I love and  often discover a particular detail or two that I add to my own design repertoire.  How about you? Have a favorite?

Click here to see more of Scott Snyder’s work…he is really a talent and I truly love and appreciate his authentic aesthetic to beautiful interiors that will stand the test of time. Thank you as always for stopping in,  wishing you a fabulous spring day and hope the sun is shining and the birds are chirping! Until next time……


PS New promo alert- perfect timing for the most exquisite fiberglass (that will have everyone fooled) planters and statuary promo. Click here (ends tomorrow)


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cyndy on

Beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing.

Carmen on

What a wonderful collection of rooms. Every room is elegant but still comfortable. I’m in love with the layered look of the dining rooms he has designed.

Peggy on

OMG! It is easy to see why you are inspired by Scott Snyder. His rooms are so high style and yet look so comfortable. I can only hope to learn from his photos and attempt to decorate a room similar to not only his style, but yours. Thank you for sharing.

Debbie H. on

Wow! What beauty and talent, I too love to study a designer’s work and apply different tips and ideas to my own space. Thanks for sharing. Have a beautiful day!

Suzy urban on

To a traditionalist like myself, Scott Snyder’s work is perfection. How wonderful to see his subtle use of color. I grow weary of the white on beige on white rooms of today. Thank you for this post and samples of his design. In addition to you, another of my favorites is the late Charles Faudree.

mary jane on

I love the use of white flowers in most of the rooms.

Barnali guha on

I am so impressed.. this is my style.. traditional elegance.. love it and thank you for introducing me to Mr. Scott Snyder’s work.

Donna De Marino on

I really like the above photos that are contemporary yet still traditional….my favorite look. Thanks for introducing me to a talented designer I was not familiar with.

Shawna on

Oh My GOODNESS! What a perfect way to start the day. Love that splash of bright green in the dining area with the chinoisorie. (And all the rest, too) Thanks for sharing, Tina.

Vicki Sewell on

Really enjoyed, just beautiful post. Have looked at it several times. Thank you !

kIm Peterson on

All I can say is WOW!! He is amazing thank you for sharing his incredible work.

CathyR on

Good morning Tina,

Interestingly beautiful post this morning. I can see why you like Scott Snyder’s work. It’s timeless, classic.

I just returned from your wonderful city late last evening. If you have a chance, you must see Alexander Hamilton. AH is one of the best plays I have been lucky enough to see in NYC.

Happy Tuesday!

Cathy R

Donna on

The panned clear glass folding screen was brilliant! What a talent to come up with that as a room divider without closing in the room. Elegant. His special touch of light blues and greens in some of the rooms are so happy.

Maritza on

So gorgeous…

Mo at Mocadeaux on

Beautiful! And you hit the nail on the head when you said that these rooms would stand the test of time. Each feels that they won’t go out of style, nor would the homeowner get tired of or bored with the design. All the rooms feel comfortable and elegant at the same time – the perfect combination and not always easy to pull off!

Khadija on

I love to study beautifully decorated rooms. I love your blog because you share these lovely finds.

ApRil on

Yeah for Scott and Charles Faudree. Thanks for sharing these Tina. Like looking at a coffee table book. So enjoyable.

LostRoses on

Beautiful inspiration! And the statuary is wonderful. I have a few of those pieces in concrete – there’s no moving them around! Such a good idea.

franki on

Luv, Luv!! franki

michele@hellolovely on

i think the last image you shared is my favorite — the tiffany blue works magic in that space, making it friendly and inviting and anything but ordinary! i so admire folks who just go for it and commit to a bold design. what a talented designer he is! peace to you.

corrieMae on

Love, Love, I am in love with all the rooms. Beautiful use of color in every room. I can not pick a favorite. Traditional, Contemporary, Elegant and yet they all look comfortable.
Thank you for Sharing.

PInk camellias on

The orchids in so many of his rooms – they are so beautiful. The rooms ain’t bad either! 😉 Thank you for sharing – I’ll have to look at more of his work.

Donna Lovold on

These rooms are absolutely, breathtakingly gorgeous…but they all look as if no one can possibly live in them. They appear lifeless and devoid of human emotion. Staged houses by their their very nature are just that, staged. But I see no signs of life in these homes. Like museums. I believe that is why the European FrenchEuropean French lifestyle is so revered, it actually looks as though people live in them.

Katie Clooney on

WOWZA!!! What gorgeous rooms. I had to scroll through 3 times. Have a great Easter.

Design chic on

Wow…so much to love. Adore the last image…gorgeous color! So glad you had a restful trip ~

DramadiVa on

I love the way he designates red’s importance in a room.

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