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Hi friends, it’s that time again…..yep the newest container of beautiful porcelains has just left the dock and will be here in about 4 weeks. Think this is the prettiest container yet!


As I always do I offer the incoming items at a special presale price for 2 days. Often things sell out before they even get here so this is a great opportunity if you have had your eye on something or if you missed last go around.

Bringing back some popular favorites with a number of other new and exciting items. Just a few rules before we begin-

  • Email all orders to
  • This is a presale/advance purchase for the container of porcelains arriving between June 29- July 10th
  • Responses to these are often overwhelming so please be patient if you don’t hear from us right away, we will acknowledge your email, promise:)
  • Use item numbers only (we will not take an order with item number) and color if applicable when submitting your order via email
  • Final sale and this promo will end Saturday morning at 9am (no extensions)
  • Limited quantities of each item, subject to availability
  • Shipping is extra
  • This offer is open to U.S. residents only (sorry to my international friends)
  • We will let you know right away if we can fulfill your order and if so we will send an invoice for payment
  • Payments are due within 12 hours no exceptions
  • PLEASE do not submit an order unless you comply with all of these rules
  • Questions? Email



ITEM 1. Gorgeous bright colored flat tops in the cherry blossom design,just looking at these jars make me happy:) Wonderful slightly raised design, so eye catching.

1A. Green cherry blossoms, measures 8″ x 8″ $85.00


1B Blue cherry blossoms, measures 8″ x 8″ $85.00


1C Yellow floral, measures 7.5″ x 7″ $85.00


ITEM 2.  Extra large ginger jar, this beauty measures 22″ x 11.5″ and is $185.0018-RYLU90

ITEM 3.  Extra large blue and white foo dogs are coming back. So fabulous and such a statement piece. Measures 16.5″ x 11″ $145.0030-RZGA01

ITEM 4. New fishbowl, exquisite x large fishbowl, love this piece! Measures 20″ x 20″ $315.00


ITEM 5. Another absolutely gorgeous fishbowl, measures 20″ x 22″  $375.00

IMG_2038 IMG_2037

ITEM 6. This fabulous jumbo fishbowl even comes with a top, which make it so unique…measures 24″ x 22″ $385.00


IMG_2017 IMG_2014

ITEM 7. This magnificent extra large vase is back, limited quantities…such a breathtaking piece filled with blossoms or branches 24″ x 9″ $145.00


ITEM 8. These popular exquisite planters are back available in rectangular and round. These are just beautiful with their pierced base and details all around the planter, perfect for a beautiful orchid arrangement. Either shape $225.00

8A. 10.5″ x 15″ Round


8B- 10.5″ x 15.5″ Rectangular


ITEM 9. Mini foo dogs! The white is finally here and the sold out navy blue is back, along with the ever so popualr mini blue and whites. These are perfect for any vignette and also make great bookends…

9A White $45.00


9B Blue $45.00


9C Blue and white $70.00


ITEM 10. These exquisite colored vases and chunky and so beautiful. One of two designs, very special. Measures 19″ x 11.5″ $180.00


unnaDFmcoloeed u4Drfvnnamed


indbvvvex-1 uASDAnnamef33ad

ITEM 11. The three x large emperors are back, so beautiful and a great accessorizing piece. Measures 17.5″ x 5.5″  $125.00 for the trio

indeFDDFDx indebvvx

ITEM 12. This super popular planer is back and we doubled up on the order, measures 9″ x 14″ x 9″   $80.00


ITEM 13.  The bird jars are back! Sold as a pair, these exquisite beauties measures 18″ x 11″ $270.00 for the pairindcvxczzex

ITEM 14. This beautiful jumbo ginger jar is showstopping! Measures 31″ tall and is super impressive, if you want to make a statement, this is your jar. $225.0019(1) 19-2

ITEM 15. Wonderful vase with detailed handles is back, great piece for your fresh flowers or cherry blossoms, measures 17″ x 8″ $115.00


ITEM 16. The perfect smaller planter is coming back, this is a must have and a perfect planter for just about anywhere, measures 7″ x 10″  $65.00


ITEM 17.  The popular flat tops are coming back, these are perfect to finish off a vignette, as a pair or filled with flowers. Super practical and a must have for any blue and white collector! Measures 12″ x 9.5″ $70.00 each



17B. 28-RZEY04


ITEM 18. Fabulous new garden seat, love this piece with this beautiful design on all sides…a beauty for the garden or indoors. Measures 17.5″ x 14″ $145.00


ITEM 19. How about this incredible new vase! I already have a space for it:) Love the colors and scenery, just perfect for a big spray of cherry blossoms $165.00



ITEM 20 This incredible garden seat is a beauty and its back….measures 18″ x 13″ $120.00

iss2ndfd3ex indasdfedd3x

ITEM 21 . These adorable mini fishbowls are back, these are so cute for smaller areas ideal for smaller flowering plants or succulents.  I also found another use lately, to use as bottle servers, I put my Pellegrino  and wine bottles in them, looks great! They measure 4″ x 6.5″ $35.00


ITEM 22. These large fishbowls are also making a return visit. Wonderful size for patios and inside the home.

22A 17.5″ x 16″ $190.00


22B 17.5″ x 16″ $190.00


22C 17.5″ x 16″ $190.00


22D 17″ x 17″ $195.00

inaa22dex indsdssex

ITEM 23. How beautiful are these new plates! I love them, measures 17″ round…just exquisite! Cannot wait to get these for myself:) $90.00

23A. 10-RYQQ36


23C. Solid wood plate stand $12.00 (only with purchase of plate) otherwise $15.00


ITEM 24. This pretty medium sized fishbowl is wonderful for topiries, orchids and would be stunning as a pair on a chest or console, 8′ x 8″ $42.00


ITEM 25.  One last fabulous oversized jumbo fishbowl…just exquisite I can see this with a large topiary for my patio, measures 22″ x 20″ $395.00

15-2 IMG_2000


So much to love, I am so excited for this container!  Now the giveaway details-


Simply leave a comment ON THIS POST and tell me a favorite item from this post and how you might use it, that is it. You will be in the running and a winner will be announced next Tuesday! The winner will receive  this wonderful planter (when they arrive)


See something you must have then email us at Thank you for stopping in!



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Kathy on

M favorite is the garden stool. They are versatile, as well as, beautiful!

Evelyn on

Love, love, love #20. I would put this garden stool in my bathroom with an orchid plant on top.

Judy toline on

Item 18 –the garden seat. It would be perfect in my glassed in porch. Love everything!!!!!!!!

JiLl on

I love #20 every time I see it!! The birds are so beautiful!

Su Zann bumpers on

I looovvveee #19! A little bit of color, but still the beautiful blue and white. I would use in the center of my new antique farm table in breakfast room.

Judy waller on

I love the blue cherry blossom ginger jar. I would use it to accessorize the shelves in my living room.

May on

Oh gosh, so many things that I love in this shipment, how to pick only one?

Since I was born in the year of the dragon, I’ll go with Item 5, but honestly, there are so many exquisite pieces that I have a large number of favorites (that’s a rarity for super picky me).

As for how I’d use it, why, pot a plant, of course! 🙂

Nancy on

#20, the white garden stool with birds is just beautiful and so unusual!

Debbie H. on

#20 garden seat would look beautiful out on my veranda.

Deborah on

NO 16 is my favorite as I think it would hold an orchid pot perfectly! I have been looking for a blue and white pot just this size and it would compliment my family heirloom, large, temple jar nicely.
Thank you! Have a lovely day.

Lynn on

I love 8b, the rectangle planter. Also the white garden stool and many other items!


Oh I love the tall vase! I would put it in my foyer with it’s navy grasscloth.

Liz on

Oh the blue cherry blossom 1B flat top jar is gorgeous. I have new glass bookcases that it would look stunning on for display. I’d also use it for some large showy white blooms!

Joan on

1c is so lovely, reminds me of Spring.

Sue on

How to choose when I really want them all! 22A ,is my favorite as I love both the size and the dragon motif. Two of these on my long outdoor table with topriaries would be stunning. Thanks for the eye candy.

Nancy pHarr on

Item 8 is my fav! I’d fill it with yellow lemons and set it on my kitchen island.

Sandy on

Hi Tina, I love your blog! My heart goes out to #14. This would look perfect on my round foyer table!

Suzanne on

I love #25, the oversized fishbowl. It would look great in my garden.

Mary MacKenzie on

#2, the extra large ginger jar. It would be gorgeous on my hearth.

martha sappington on

My favorite is number 24. I have a orchid that wants to thrive in this beauty!

Cindy White on

I love #25 – the jumbo fish bowl. I have the perfect palm that would look wonderful in it!

ApRil on

Items 17 a,b would be perfect for my dining room sideboard.
I love to change the colors and venue as the season changes
still keeping the blue and white dominant. The whole collection is perfectly lovely. What fun you have Tina, choosing. Thank you.

Joanna on

Love them all! A set of the number 17 ginger jars would be beautiful on a dining room table overflowing with hydrangeas!

Millie on

I love the garden stool for my brick patio and then use it in the house when winter comes. Maybe 3 of the #17 jars, to use as canisters in my kitchen, will look great on black soapstone!!

Shawna on

Items 19 and 20. 19 would have that spray of cherry blossoms, and 20, 2 of them, would go in my small foyer under a hall table. Thanks for a beautiful give away, and for making my Thursday morning as happy as the birds outside my window. 😀

Mary on

Number 18, the blue and white garden seat would be a great side table for my guest room. I’ve designed the blue and white room around a beautiful indigo-dyed and intricately pieced kimono, made by my talented sister.

Pat dupree on

I love all the beautiful items! My favorite is # 11!

Donna Clark on

The fishbowl with the top is just what I’m looking for!! I need something beautiful to store my golden retrievers food in and this is perfect!! Hard to find something pretty with a lid!!

Marianne slosar on

Love the mini fishbowls and the idea of using them for wine bottle holders! Perfection!

Vickie H. on

Love 22D! These planters are so WONDERFUL!!!

Wendy on

#25 the large fish bowl-two of these would be fabulous by my pool.

Linda on

It looks like the garden stool is the runaway favorite so far! I’m loving the large, colorful plates and can see them in the bookcases flanking my fireplace. Although…my friend owns the large blue and white foo dogs and I covet them every time I see them!

Lynne on

I love #20. I would use it in my office.

Latricia on

I love Item #10-B, the chunky colored jar in reds/corals and blue. I think it would be fantastic on an outdoor table with white flowers to celebrate the 4th of July!

Susan B on

Item #20 is beautiful! The colors are so pretty and feminine. I could see that in our Master bedroom as a plant stand.

Gina Penner on

I love item 8B, the rectangle shaped planter. I would use it on the table in my entry. Changing flowers with the season. Beautiful!


Chose…choose…choose… Too many favorites, as always. I have loved the white mini Foo dogs and the new Garden Seat with the birds!



Anonymous on

I like #5:) I would use two and fill them with pretty annuals. The deep blue would look great against the white trim and deep greenish gray siding on our colonial home. So chic- I think!!

Brenda on

The blue and white garden seat #18 is going to be placed in my back garden beside my hammock that is covered with a fuchsia chinoiserie fabric by Scumacher. It will be perfect to set a drink or book on next to the hammock while lounging on a lazy summer day!

Suzy on

Oh, wow. The Item 23 plates are striking! How would I use them? I would place them and display them in such a way that every time I walk by, they catch my eye, and I smile.

chris on

Love item 20, the garden seat! I have been waiting for them to become available! I’ll take two please to be used as end tables in my Blue and white living room.

MJ Moore on

I’m another fan of the garden seat (#20)! I’d actually use it in my garden, too.

Rosalie on

Great shipment! For me, the garden stool, #18 is my favorite. Perfect on my patio.

Iris on

I am in love with item #20 the garden seat. Love the colours and the delicate birds and floral pattern. Would definitely put it to good use.

Lucy Porter on

Oh Tina! You’ve done it again. So many wonderful choices. The detail on the garden stool is exquisite!

Shannon on

Item #20 the garden stool with the birds. I love it, and would place it beside a chair.

Jacki on

I love 18, the garden seat. They make great chair side tables. Thanks for the giveaway!

MartHa on

I love my garden stool. Favorite purchase.

Grace williams on

I love the bird jars!

Carol on

Wouldn’t #13, the pair of bird jars make a wonderful set of lamps? Depending on your decor you could choose a black shade with gold moire lining to top them off. When lit the light bounces off the gold lining onto those beautiful jars.

Bonnie on

I love and really “need” item 13, the pair of bird ginger jars. They would go on my dining room table.


I am going crazy for everything and looking for a spot for the incredible #14. However I have just the place for #19 filled with cherry blossoms, and back dropped by the picture window view of my pool and waterfall.

Andrea ( aka rokinrev) Stoeckel on

22c. I really love its shape

Constance Troyer on

I love #20 and have order two for what if affectionately as my bird room. Without planning it took on a bird theme and is everyone’s favorite place to relax.

Rhonda on

I love #20, the Garden Seat! It would look gorgeous on my screened porch with a fern sitting on top!

Debbie cisneros on

Tina, it is so hard to choose one. Item #3 – The Extra large blue and white foo dogs wIll be beautiful on the dresser in my guest room.

Sherry Sivils on

#25 is my favorite. Love the large oversize fishbowl…need 2 of these for topiaries at the front door.

Janey moeller on

I’m still loving the foo dogs (both solid navy and solid white). I would gift the navy pair to a friend moving to a new home and who would’ve so delighted with the thoughtful gift. Is it bad luck if she named them after me and my husband? They will look great in her new home. ?

Karen P on

I’m loving the flat top jar in blue – absolutely gorgeous! I would use it in my family room or dining room to add a pop of color!

Roxanne on

All lovely, but the blue and white garden seat is calling my name!

cynthia on

#2, ginger jar. It would look stunning on my foyer table.

Laurie on

I love the large fishbowl with peacocks on it. It is so unique and unusual. I would use it with a piece of glass on it as a coffee table or with a huge Strawberry PeeGee Hydrangea in it near my front door!

Catharine on

I love 23B…the incredible plate. I have a cabinet displaying my collection of Asian pieces and I would put the plate front and center! Or…in the center of a table surrounded by small vases of orchids or tiny votives.

Lea on

Although I love them ALL, my favorite is #13. I would put the pair on my freshly white painted living room mantle perhaps with sprays of dogwood for the Spring/Summer and holly berries during the Christmas season. So beautiful,
Thanks Tina!

Jenny Luken on

Love #2. I plan on using it next to my fireplace.

Ann on

#22A is my favourite. I would use it for an orange tree in my dining room
and pat it lovingly everyday. : )

Christine on

Birds and dogwood blossoms … so serene and calming .
I can hear the birdsong now !
You guessed my favorite ? #20 !
I would find a place in my home for any of these lovely items !
Your blog continues to please and takes me to beautiful places .
Always !

Laura on

I love the mini fishbowls (Item 21)! They will look great on my kitchen window sill with herbs planted in them.

Tammy Fox on

Hi Tina,
I just love #20 the garden stool . it so lovely and soft i could just see it in a ladies dressing area with a soft silk wrap draped over it.. It is just femine and lovely

Judie on

I really like 17C. It’s small, unassuming and looks antique. I don’t have anything with that shape in my collection, and it would round out any blue and white vignette!

Valerie Kokenes on

WOW! I love the fish bowl and the plates!! Beautiful!!!

Sonya o on

My favorite is item#13. The pair of bird ginger jars would look great on my kitchen counter on each side of the sink..

Donna C on

The rectangular planter 8B is my favorite. I would put an orchid in it and place it on the table in the front hall.

Susan Nicholson on

My favorite is #7, the dramatic tall vase. There are so many beautiful items in this shipment, love so many!

Maggie on

Love the garden seats – a great way to imbue a bit if chinoiserie into the decor at a different level than table height.

Karen on

Love #14, the super sized ginger jar….just fabulous!

Sherry on

Once again I want too many things. I am especially fond of 8 B. I can just see it full orchids or cooking utensils.

Pam callahAn on

Love the garden seat … I use it as a side table next to the lounge chairs on my pool deck … I also use it in a guest shower for a place to sit and shave your legs !

Denise Schnitzer on

Love Item #18, the blue and white garden stool. I would use two of these on the bottom shelf of my sofa table … stored away and beautiful, but readily available for extra seating or as small tables for drinks.

Marcia MooRhead on

I love 8b, would use with white orchids, always a classic, Marcia

Kathy on

Oh my! Absolutely beautiful. What a wonderful way to start your day. I love everything. I’ve looked for the mini foo dogs and there they are. 9B would be my favorite for now.

Karen mcLeod on

Hi Tina, #4 the fish bowl with a large palm in it for my dining room. Really any of the blue and white fishbowls would be great! So many beautiful things arriving. How exciting!

keshakeke on

I simply adore item 20. Such a beautiful garden seat. It would be beautiful in my sunroom

Arell on

I love #20, the garden seat. I think I would have it in my living room, maybe with a plant on it. I like the idea of a “garden room” and it would look lovely!

Susan Osborn-Sanders on

The Garden Stool is so Beautiful, I love it.

Susie H on

I love item 6, the large fishbowl with the lid. Exquisite!!

splendid market on

That garden seat is very tempting, what a great selection you have. I received my celadon pagodas and they are perfect in my dining room. xo

Miriam reese on

My favorite is #7. It will be the beginning of my blue collection. I would put it on my family room hearth to put seasonal items in. Really love so many of your beautiful porcelain, it’s hard to choose just one!

Susan M Cooney on

I would use #6, the large fishbowl in my bathroom with large white towels rolled up and placed in it.

rachel on

I adore the garden stool also, I would use it all over my house where ever I need it. Just a suggestion I have been looking for a low, wide, blue and white bowl, that would not easily be knocked over for my family room coffee table. With 5 wild kids and new black lab puppy I need something low. THANKS for all your inspiration! Rachel

Saryn on

I just love this selection of pieces! I would use Item #22, the large fishbowl and full them with the bountiful blue, white and green hydrangeas that will bloom in my garden this summer!

Jacquelynn O'Boyle on

I love all the Foo dogs and they would be beautiful with my other blue and white collection.

Tammy on

My favorite is the rectangular shaped planter 8B. I have a Christmas cactus that would look great in it! Thank you!

Nanette on

I love the jumbo fishbowl. Perfect for my large plants!

Mary Crozier on

Too many favorites to choose from-but I love 8B!!!

So fun to peruse all the pictures.

Sandy w on

They are all very pretty, but really like number 19!

Erin moore on

I love the flat top jars, I need 1 or 2 of those 🙂

Vickie H on

Every item is beautiful. The foo dogs or the emperors are just too cute and could be used on the mantel or in front of the fireplace on my grandmothers sideboard for decoration all these items would work in any room of a home.

kathy bunge on

LOVE the beige garden seat with birds! Have several already but I must find a place for this beauty!

Vicki Brady on

I adore 1C! So fresh and different. Makes my heart sing!!!

Margaret Phillips on

item 20. I love anything blue and white,but this would add just the right touch to my living room

trudi on

I am loving the blue and white garden stool. I would place in my family room next to a chair.

Trudi R.

Cher on

Love the flat top porcelain jars especially 17B. Also would enjoy small porcelains for serving wine and bottled water.

Fran on

Love those gorgeous new plates! Would be perfect on my dining room sideboard!

FelIcia on

I absolutely love the cherry blossom flat tops!

Karen on

No 2 please …………I love jars… I would love to display peonies in it !

Tina your the reason I fell in love with Blue and White…….
Thx so much… keep em coming…

Emily on

I love so many of these blue and white pieces. Today my favorite is #18, the garden seat. If you ask me tomorrow I’ll probably choose another favorite!

Ruby on

These are all so beautiful, but I think 23C is my favourite because of the gorgeous image!

Beth k. on

Oh so many wonderful selections! Love the new plates and stands, #23A. Would be lovely in my foyer with foo dogs.

Jane KEane on

So many lovely pieces! I would choose Item 6, the fishbowl with the lid. It is so unique and versatile, although I would use it in my sunroom.

Chris Mccomb on

Beautiful porcelain! I love the Blue Cherry Blossom Jars. They will look awesome in my bedroom on a tall chest.

Charati Jennings on

I love #25. What a statement piece. I’m thinking with a beautiful fiddle leaf fig or maybe a nice ficus.

Janie horn on

Holy cow! How are you ever going to choose from ALL these comments???
My favorites are the flat tops and the small fish bowl with the dog heads and rings. Both would be great for plants, flowers and in still life set ups.
All three flat top designs are wonderful and so versatile. I don’t know which to choose.
You’re a great buyer, Miss Tina!

cheryl on

I love the new large planters. They would look wonderful with an indoor tree such as ficus or the ever popular fiddle leaf! Thanks for the giveaway!

maureen on

The garden stool #20 is my favorite! Just may need to order this.

Regina on

I would pick #20, the bird garden seat. It would be prefect in 2-3 places in my home. All of the items are gorgeous!

kim on

The garden stool!


Would love a pair of item 7 to place in front of fireplace.

Donna C. on

Hands down Item #18, the blue and white garden stool! Simply sublime!!!

Beth c. on

Love number 7! I would you this vase on a chest in front of a mirror, accompanied by white cherry blossoms!

Linda imgrund on

I love the garden seat and would put it in my blue and white library. A good book, a comfy chair and this lovely addition to rest my coffee cup–what more could I ask for?

Marge on

#20, garden stool. So soft in color, ( I love the Blue and White collection for sure) and so perfect for porch this summer.

Peggy on

I was born with a passion for blue and white, and have a couple of porcelain vignettes in our home. I am creating a new one on our sofa table and have been looking for tall ginger jars, such as item number 14, to start the arrangement. So glad to have discovered your beautiful site!

Cindy Weis on

Tina once again you have done it, the collection is beautiful, and being a longtime lover of your amazing pieces and knowing the quality and detail that each piece has it is really hard to pick from the new collection, but I have to say I am longing for that beautiful blue and white garden seat. I have now decided I am going to have to take my addiction to blue and white outside on my patio and start my collections for out there (the house is happily bursting at the seams with blue and white)! both of the garden seats are lovely (I could also use the soft color peach/beige in my bedroom, and the blue and white one out on my patio)…..Happy Holiday weekend to you and your family.

Karolyn on

Ive never see anything like those #20 garden stools love them Tina!!
Have a great weekend my friend!
xo K

jk on

I love all of them, but…I love 1B and item 13. I would remove other things from my living room
shelves and add them in.
Thank you once again for the opportunity to participate in another of your fabulous giveaways.
Have a great weekend.

joan on

My goodness how does one choose?!

It’s a toss up between the exquisite garden stool with the gold trim #20 to act as an end table between two chairs in my sunroom and #22D fish bowl, which I’d fill with rolled up fluffy white towels w/ blue monogram and set on the floor beside the tub in my guest bathroom.

Kathy on

Item #25 is my favorite – I’d love to use a pair on my front steps planted with topiaries.
Thanks for making such terrific items available.

Kristi on

Love them all but the dragon fishbowl 22 a is a fav.

Moy on

My favorite is the No 20 – Garden Bird Stool. The creamy colorful stool can blend in any part of the home. Would use a set for outdoors to use place drinks or a plate of food on. In the winter would bring them in to place orchards around the home. Gorgeous !

leigh on

Item 8?..I would love it on my dining room table and having beautiful flowers in it?.hydrangea’s and peonies?..Love blue and white?.many gorgeous items!!! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

Audrey P on

All so wonderful!

Item #11 is my favorite and would actually order them, but the 17″ x 8″ is going to be too big so I’ll wait and hopefully there will be a smaller size soon.

Item #15 – The vase is absoltuely wonderful

Item #17A – The Flat Top is adorable and may just have to order that. However, the last time I tried to order something, I’m not sure you received it as I never heard anything back – it was the room scents.

Anyway, thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

Peggy on

I love Item #1B because as I was scrolling through the items, my three year old grandson, Carter, said he liked that one because it was blue. Now who can argue with that?

Nora on

Without a doubt my favorite is #14, the statement ginger jar. I have 20-foot ceilings in my living room, and it would be stunning on top of the Art Deco armoire. Everything is beautiful, but this is the real show-stopper. Thanks for the chance to win the lovely planter! I have an orchid begging to set down roots in it!

Anne Nelson Morck on

I will always love the blue and white foo dogs. You have some really beautiful things this time. Love the idea of putting wine in the small fish bowl planter.

PatricIa Gilbert on

So many lovely things, but I think the garden seat with the birds and flowers is my favorite.

AnNaliese on

I love love love #25the giant fishbowl. I have a Palm plant in my living room that NEEDS this fishbowl.

Susan on

Love love love 22d. I have never seen this shape anywhere before!

Catherine pender on

My favorite is #6! Would look so wonderful in the middle of a dining room table with a floral arrangement. Would look beautiful with lid for a completely different look.


BLUE AND WHITE GARDEN SEAT WINS “HANDS DOWN”>>>>>>ALWAYS WANTED ONE AND LOOKS AS THOUGH I AM NOT ALONE>>>something is not working with my period on my computer so disread the >>>

Sherry on

#18 The fabulous garden seat would be perfect to have on my screened porch with my white wicker set. I have just the right spot to enjoy it. Thank you, Tina, for this opportunity! Such beauty!

DeBorah pietrangelo on

I am drooling over number seven the extra large vase? I can just see it filled with forsythia in my entry hall. You got such gorgeous things .

Ellen Ruppert on

I really love Item 21 as a mini planter and your idea for serving wine or pelligrino. It also makes a perfect hostess gift. Something small that can be tucked in a blue and white collection.

Susan on

I think the bird jars are amazing! Everything is beautiful, so it’s hard to choose a favorite.

SuzanNe FerrEr on

Everything is beautiful, as usual, but #6 (large covered fishbowl) floats my boat! I have just the place to display this wonderful statement piece. Can think of a dozen good ways to use it, but outdoors as a cooler for drinks is tops! Love ALL your goodies!!!

Tricia L. on

My favorite item is Item #12- a friend of mine gave me an orchid a few months back and it was beautiful…. however since then all the flowers fell off and I thought it was dead but I moved it to a different window and it seems to be very much alive. The leaves are bright green and it seems to be growing a new stem. It seems to be outgrowing its pot, so this planter would be perfect! If I can keep this orchid alive and well I will be adding more to my house.

Joan on

Everything is beautiful, as usual! I’d love the garden seat, #20, to put beside my clawfoot bathtub. I can see it with a glass of wine on it!

Betsy on

The Blue & White garden stool is to.die.for.
You have stuff cool things- want it all!

Kelly on

I love the blue cherry blossom ginger jar, it would be used on my mantle.

Frannie on

The garden stool for sure.. have been thinking about getting one for my bedroom or my bathroom for some time now!

Joan on

The fishbowl with a lid is something I’ve never seen before! Congratulations on your continued success with your blog and shop. Always a joy to check in with you Tina.

Diana on

The flat tops are my favorite…love #17B which would look perfect on my fireplace mantel.

Melissa on

So many beautiful items that it is hard to pick a favorite. However, I have had my eye on number 8 for a long time. Would use it on my foyer table.

Donna DeMarino on

Item 8 Would love to use it as a planter for orchids.

Eli@CoachDaddy on

So many great items to choose from. I just learned to plant and care for succulents yesterday, so I have my eye on items 12 and 16 for just that purpose. I can see two or three spilling plants making their way over the edges of those planters, with a gorgeous aloe in the middle.

Darcy on

ohhhh…… so many gorgeous pieces. I could just imagine the garden stool in my sunroom anchoring the two “new” vintage chairs I’m refinishing.

Susan jacoli on

i like the garden stool. It’s just what I need in my newly landscaped garden amongst the boxwood.

Martha Lightcap on

I want just about everything I see! Have to have number 18 – the beautiful garden seat for my patio. It would tie in my lovely bonsai’ s that are in my planters – so gorgeous!

Kay Kulokoski on

I am just crazy about the second vase on no 25. It is just gorgeous and I was thinking about a center piece but I think it would make fabulous lamps.

Elaine on

#20 is my favorite. I think I will plant a seed and tell my girls I need this for my birthday! Just plain old beautiful!

Robin on

Tina, you have outdone yourself; all the pieces are gorgeous! Everything I have purchased from you has exceeded my expectations. The garden stools in this shipment are stunning!

Sheila on

Love #10 in blue and white! My son is making us a mantle out of reclaimed wood from my Grandfather’s house for our den, the Foo Dogs would look great!!!

Deanna on

The jumbo finer jar is what I would put to good use. But then again, any porcelain from your shop is lovely. I’m saving up for my next purchase from your wonderful, lovely shop!

Krista Pettit on

Although I love every single item, I would choose #13 the pair of bird jars as my favorite. Absolutely gorgeous! I would love to put these on the console in my foyer.

Pat on

22d is beautiful for an orchid or flowers or used as a wine cooler. 25 is georgeous and would be stunning used for a Kimberly fern (non shedding) on the patio or inside.

Donna on

Love 22D! I love the shape and have nothing like it. Also would love to win that planter for an orchid that will soon need repotting! Recently found this website and LOVE it!

Kathryn on

I LOVE number 2 because it is such a classic, but I also ADORE the garden stool…I don’t have one yet, but it would look beautiful on my porch :-).

Melissa on

Love so many of the pieces – but rather fond of the three emperors. I would place them on my fire place mantle (centered), surrounded by blue/white ginger jars, vases and a glass vase of white floral branches. Perfect!

Karen on

The flat tops are devine and add such a fun shape to the other jars in a grouping.


LOVE 23A??The beautiful plate with all of the color. Would go great in so many rooms.

Victoria Bradsher on

I like number 17 – the flat top. I plan to place one in our guest bath and fill it with monogrammed bars of soaps.

Terri on

#20 is just stunning.

Pattie on

Love the new garden stools!

Heather S on

I la la LOVE the planter most! I would plant a jade my grandmother gifted me in it. Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

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