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Happy Sunday, first order of business is to announce the two lucky winners of the two silver giveaways! Congratulations goes to-




Please contact me at [email protected] to claim your prize so they can be on their merry way.


It’s been one gorgeous weekend here though we are due to get some rain this afternoon…perfect excuse for a movie day. It has been a relaxing enjoyable weekend  with a dinner party in the city, a little work and and today we were planning to  head into the city to go to the 9/11 Museum however with the bombing last night, we are going to wait until next weekend.

We heard the whole downtown is understandably  chaotic with an active investigation…so scary and a reminder to stay safe but live your life to the fullest, every single day is a gift. OK, back to light, happy and pretty subjects….



1 PHENOMENAL PHYLLO! . I am always looking for great, easy, creative appetizers. I mean, who doesn’t love Phyllo dough? I wish it wasn’t so good, then I could use some self control:)

I always have a few boxes in my freezer because you just never know. And with a party coming up for Christmas I am already starting to think about a battalion of tasty but beautiful appetizers and any of these would be wonderful! These are particularly appealing-

I love this idea-“serving spoons” made of Phyllo dough with a bite size chunk of mozzarella and tomato…brilliant! I must try this


And how scrumptious do these look? I must try these, mushrooms, Gruyere, carmelized onion in puff pastry…yum! Click on over to for recipe


And being a lover of artichoke anything these got my attention, click here for recipe


Chicken wonton cups, sign me up! I could probably make a meal off of here for recipe


2. MY VERY FIRST FALL PURCHASES! I LOVE fall and you will soon start seeing some posts about my favorite season. I just bought my first official two fall wardrobe pieces (though these will be worn into winter and spring).

I can always justify splurging  for this season as they are so long, I more than get my monies worth plus I keep things forever. I have coats and sweaters I have owned for 10, 15 years (and still love them)! So here are my first two purchases-

I loved this the minute I saw it. Adore lace and live in turtlenecks so this was a match made in fall dressing heaven. I can see this getting a ton of use, dressed up or down. Click here


And this is the kind of thing I live in Nov-March, a sweater coat. Best part? It’s reversible and cashmere…brilliant!! I love that it’s lighter than a coat but with proper layering and a warm scarf, even for super cold days it always does the trick. This is a great fall/winter wardrobe piece, click here to see


3. ENCHANTED HOME HAPPENINGS. Lots going on over here, gearing up for a busy holiday season. And I  must say I am totally smitten withe everything coming in, more porcelain, silver, tole and of course the planters and ornaments.

These first few pictures just made me so darn happy showing my ornaments  in their Enchanted home boxes getting loaded onto the truck to be sent to the shipping yard (is it me or does that truck remind you of a giant La Cornue range) lol… that it’s blue!


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My bamboo lanterns were very popular and now I am making them in a 24″ size and adding navy blue with gold as another color option which I think will be beautiful. Here they are in their raw metal state, pretty even like this!


How incredible is this new planter? It is “up there” but nothing compared to the original (thousands). I am going to be getting in a limited number of these, they measure  and will be discounted of course. Would love your input on these and will be featuring a Enchanted Home shop update post where I will be asking for your input of a number of things!


PORCELAIN CONTAINER!!  For any one waiting, it  is coming on Sept. 23rd. That is our latest ETA…very excited for this and we are eagerly awaiting the arrival and will get orders out as fast as we can in the order they were received. The  next container after that will be here first week of Nov. and you can look for a presale coming in within two weeks (this will be the last container of 2016). Here are few things we are eagerly awaiting-

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4.INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. You know I so enjoy this part of preparing these posts…it is admittedly sometimes hard to actually narrow it down, I have so  many faves. Here is this week’s roundup-



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5. PERSONALIZED PHOTO PAPER. You know how every now and then you have a very special gift to give? Could anything make it even that much better if you wrapped your gift in personalized photo paper.

I love this idea!! You upload your pictures and a tube of photo custom gift wrap is created and sent to your front door. There are so many possibilities in how to use this…my mind is racing:) Click here to find out more.

imasdge-php image-dphp image-php

6. AN AMAZING VIDEO. How in the world did I not ever see this? I have watched it at least 8 times since and it gives me goosebumps all over each and every time. Bad enough this song always makes me cry and gives me chills…but seeing these two pint sized powerhouses was really something and to know this is not even their native language, just extraordinary.

So beautiful…….one of my all time favorite songs with lyrics that I think resonate with all of us. (the best is at the end so please watch it all the way through)-

7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY. There is no denying it, the holidays are not that far away…..just one trip to your local market and you are met with bright orange pumpkins and still closed mums! You know Christmas wreaths and ornaments are not far behind…scary but true! For me, this “pre holiday” time always brings a mixture of excitement, anxiety and sleepless nights planning and plotting. Wondering about you…how does the holiday hoopla make you feel?

Well friends there you have what’s up in my little corner of the world this week. As always thank you for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day and relaxing end to your weekend! Until next time……


PS A wonderful flower promo just started Saturday afternoon…seeing is believing! Click here for info



PPS Want to win this incredible rug? Then click here for the giveaway (winner to be announced on Tuesday)

















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Alwsys look forward to your posts. You have incredible taste. Wish you lived in
Dallas so you could decorate my home!

Thank you for sharing all the great ideas for appetizers!!! They all look delicious and I can’t wait to try them…
Have a great week.

Yes, fall is in the air and in the stores. I’m having girlfriends over for dinner tomorrow night and I just realized I may have to go buy me some pumpkins for a fall tablescape. Where does the time go?? Thanks for introducing us to the personalized photo wrapping paper. Love it! Oh and I finally saw The Light Between Oceans last night and I have to agree with you, it was slow, too long and not nearly as compelling as the book:(. Have a lovely Sunday!

Hi Tina, I love grabbing a cup of coffee heading outside and sitting to read your Sunday blog. It never disappoints, I must have that cashmere sweater coat, that is so “me” as well.

Those young kids singing, OMG. They gave me chills and brought me to tears, such a beautiful song. Thank you for the recipes I am part of an appetizer club. It’ like a cooking club but we meet monthly and each brings an appetizer and shares the recipe. Those above look fantastic and I may need to “steal” one for next month.

Thank you for sharing all the beauty in your world, cannot wait for your holiday goods to arrive.

I so enjoyed the video highlighting the children singing Josh Groban’s “You Raise Me Up.” At my son’s wedding, when it came time for the mother-son dance he came and got me and I didn’t know what song we were going to dance to. The music began, and it was this song. It has particular significance for us because he was in a car accident a year and half prior, which resulted in him being air lifted to a hospital after the jaws of life had been used to get him out of his car. God was certainly watching over him because he is fine today and happily married to the young lady is was on his way to see. He and I are very close and we have always tried to raise he and his sister to be honest, reliable, and good people. Many a happy tear was shed during that dance because we both realized it could have been taken away from us in an instant!

Tina, I love the links for the puff pastry. It is such a versatile dough that can be used for everything! I use it a lot for sweet braided rolls during the holidays.

Love the Instagram links! Headed over to check them out now.

Have a great day!

Hello, dear Tina. Instead of my usual coffee with Seven on Sunday, I am enjoying a glass of wine and happy hour with you. Such beautiful things as always in your shop. Very exciting that you now have ornaments. I’m going over to look at the flower promo right now. Have a wonderful and restful week!

Tina..Those little children singing…. the sweetest things I have ever inspiration.They should go to the UN!!!!.thank you so much..Loved the pictures..recognized Furlough Gatewood’s driveway and loved the shot of the long view of the bedroom with the two bureaus on either side of the door..I am wondering if you designed this..for yourself or someone else???It is perfectly n absolute triumph!!! Your blog is a feast of all things beautiful!

A beautiful blog for a rainy Sunday. The video was so moving. I love Josh Groban and have every C.D. he has made as well as Il Divo. Look forward to each and every post.

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