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Hello friends, today is an exciting day and if you are fan of incredible porcelains (mostly blue and white but some colored) then you have come to the right place!

It is hard to believe this is the last presale container arriving in 2016!! This is the biggest one yet…. I will be getting another one in right after Christmas/beginning of Jan. (and will offer a presale on that in about a month) but this is the final container arriving and to be sold in 2016.


Many sold out favorites are making a comeback along with some incredible  new, beautiful pieces which I am very excited about offering today.

Now is your chance if you missed out on a previous opportunity. With the holidays coming, I doubled up my normal quantities on many of the most popular pieces. So get your pen and paper ready:)

 This sale is on for 3 days. Many items go very fast. Please read through the rules before submitting an order. As most of you know these things move quickly , so act quick and get your orders in. And if you like your friends, really really like them, tell them about it too:)

  • Email all orders to
  • Please refer to item number only
  • We will acknowledge all orders and an invoice will be promptly sent if we can fulfill your order
  • As the response to these promos is tremendous, it might take a little longer to acknowledge your order than it normally does
  • Subject to availability, limited numbers of each item
  • This sale will end on Saturday evening 10/15, no extensions
  • ALL PAYMENTS DUE WITHIN 12 HOURS, PLEASE do not submit an order unless you can comply
  • Shipping is extra and this offer is good only for the U.S. (sorry to my international customers)
  • Final sale
  • This is a PRESALE/ADVANCE PURCHASE, this container will be in approx. Nov. 26th
  • All orders over $700 will get an extra 10% off
  • Questions? Email

Ready to see all the goodies? Let’s get started…


ITEM 1. NEW! In love with this new jar, a gorgeous scalloped tea jar, just fabulous and sure to become a best seller.  Available in two beautiful styles. Measures 14″ x about 11″ wide $110.00 either style


undf3named undfd3named unasdfanamed



uasd2nnamed unndfsdfasamed unnam343ed uncvznamed

ITEM 2. Wonderful new village scene flat top jar, a real beauty! 12″ tall $105.00

unnamfted unnad3med

ITEM 3. It’s raining foo dogs! A few new colors and bringing back the navy and the white, these are so decorative and also make great bookends! Any color $45.00 for the pair





Spring green


Soft white


Turquoise *did not have the high res picture done in time, this shows color


ITEM 4. Fabulous new chunky open jar, love this piece. Great with nothing or filed with flowers or branches, exquisite. 16.5″ tall $148.00

adsfa unnafadsfmed

ITEM 5. Incredible floral vase,these are simply exquisite!!! I can see gorgeous cherry blossom or hydrangea arrangements in them now! Measures 17″ x 8″ $150.00

unnamefdfdd usdfsnnamed

ITEM 6. Tall umbrella stand that doubles as a very large vase…fabulous! Measures 21″ tall $165.00


sdssunnamed unn232amed

6B. Another beautiful style measures 21″ tall $155.00


ITEM 7. The ever so popular cherry blossom jar is back, a really beautiful jar.  Measures 13″x 10″  $105.00


ITEM 8. Fabulous blossom octagonal jar, great decorative piece. Measures 11″ x 8.5″ $105.00


ITEM 9. The in demand navy cherry blossom jar is so beautiful and measures 18″ x 6″ $140.00


ITEM 10. NEW! Cherry blossom and birds ginger jar with foo dog top, really loving this jar, love that it has a lot of white, think it makes it look very dramatic 18″ tall $140.00


ITEM 11. NEW! This wonderful octagonal jar is such a decorative piece, great piece for a mantle or console…wonderful as a pair. 17.5″ tall x 7.5″ at the widest point $110.00

i22ndebvccx maiasd32l-google-com_

ITEM 12. Blue and white double happiness vase, great piece to have on hand that works with anything, beautiful with a spray of flowers or branches. Measures 15.5″ x 8″ tall $110.00


ITEM 13. Wonderful popular bowl, so great for so many uses. Measures 6″ x 12″ $85.00


ITEM 14. NEW! Loving this beautiful little trumpet bud vase, measures 9″x  5″ $45.00


ITEM 15. NEW! Love this elegant new extra large ginger jar, very grand. Measures 25″ $235.00


ITEM 16. NEW! A perfect mid sized planter with elegant dragon design, this beauty has been lightly antiqued. 7″ x 11″ $80.00


ITEM 17. NEW! This exquisite trumpet vase is a beauty, measures 17″ and today is $135.00



ITEM 18. One of the most popular garden seats I have ever had, this beauty is back. Measures 20″ x 14″ $265.00


ITEM 19. This is one of my all time favorites, seeing is believing and in person this jar is gorgeous with a capital G. Very very grand and stately, measures 26″ x 14″ $265.00


ITEM 20. Darling minis are back, these sell really fast so don’t miss out. These are just so stunning, measures about 6″ x 4″ $70.00 for the pair


ITEM 21. NEW! How pretty is this green with the jewel tones? Love he square shape too, $135.00

23222unnamed unnabvcmed

ITEM 22. Large blue and white foo dogs, these are truly majestic looking. They measures 16.5″ x 11″ and are very grand, today they are $155.00


ITEM 23. More of the very popular bird jars, these are sold in pairs and are so elegant. Measures 17.5″ tall. A great size too, measures $260.00 for the pair


ITEM 24. These very popular mini bud vases are back! They measure 7″ tall.  Two styles either one $40.00

25. Village


25. Figurines


ITEM 25. NEW! This incredible colored jar is just exquisite, I can see it with a big spray of flowers, this regal beauty measures  16″.$ 130.00

unnaxcwmed unna8iimed

ITEM 26. NEW! This wonderful tall vase is back, a perfect vase for cherry blossoms, tall flowers are branches,  measures 20″ x 5.5″   $140.00


ITEM 27 .This wonderful chinoiseie garden seat in ivory with soft pastels  is back measures 18″ x 13″…..$120.00



ITEM 28. Three styles of the medium flat jars are coming. These measure 8.5″ x 8  and are $65.00 lowest price ever







ITEM 29. Extra large antiqued scenic bowl, measures 17″ x 10″…fabulous for a kitchen island! $130.00


ITEM 30. The darling blue and white pagodas are back, these are so decorative and also make great little bookends! 7.25″ tall $50.00 for the pair

aasd unsd4afanamed

ITEM 31. NEW! The beautiful scenic antiqued square blue and white jars are back. Two styles, measures 12″ x 7.5″ $85.00





ITEM 32.The most popular fishbowl is back! Measures 17.5″ x 17″, so beautiful with boxwoods, hydrangea, the possibilities are endless! $190.00


ITEM 33. NEW! This exquisite extra large jar is a new style…what’s not to love!!! I love every detail on this gorgeous jar. Measures 23″ tall.  $170.00


ITEM 34. NEW! The darling little minis are back…these are so cute and amazing with any vignette, the perfect little bud vase. Measures 4.5″ tall

34A. Covered ginger jar 5″ $25.00


34B. Mini vase 4.5″ $24.00


ITEM 35. NEW! Another amazing new Famille Rose flower vase, a perfect size and these colors are just so pretty! Measures 17″ tall $120.00

va v2a

ITEM 36. Stunning best selling round intricate pierced porcelain planter. This is such an exquisite piece. Perfect for orchids, ferns, or any flowering plant. Truly gorgeous. Measures 10″ x 15.5″. Today it is $235.00



WOW, that is a lot of blue and white (and then some)! See something(s) calling your name or perhaps someone on your gift giving list might have been very good this year and of course that includes a gift to yourself:) Remember, this is on for 3 days and these will not be these prices again. Great time to buy!! Now onto that giveaway…..



One lucky winner is going to win a beautiful pair of blue and white pagodas, simply tell me your favorite item here and how/where you would use it. That will put in the running.

A winner will be announced Sunday morning. Only comments left to his post will be eligible. Be sure to include your name (if you post anonymous unfortunately I cannot find out who you are so be sure to include a first name and last name initial). Good luck!




















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Darlene on

The lovely blue and white pagodas would serve as the backdrop of a grouping of fall family pictures taken at the pumpkin patch. The family photos are in cobalt blue frames and bright orange pumpkins are scattered among the photo memories. What a sweet way to remember “picking pumpkins” from years past.

Meg Sandlin on

All of it is beautiful! My favorite are the blue and white foo dogs to go on a table in my living room.

Sue on

Hi Tina,
I love your porcelains and have purchased many and am always excited when they arrive.
I love the garden stool. I have many but this one is different , I just love the style and the scene on it. I would use it in my master bathroom!

DebbIe young on

Are y’all going to be offering the blue and white ornaments again?

Marta on

I adore the garden seat #27 in soft pastels with the birds. I’m from Portland, Oregon, so anything with “a bird on it” is for me! 🙂

Sherry on

Love #10, the Cherry blossom and birds ginger jar. I have a wall niche that needs this jar.
Hard to pick…all are lovely.

martha sappington on

item 23 is my favorite. i am a sucker for a matching pair. thinking these would be beautiful on my dinning room table with my silver candlesticks and the silver planter i purchased from you! love the flat tops too! gorgeous pieces for sure.

mary Wolfle on

I would choose Item 23 and place them on wall brackets on either side of the mirror in my dining room. On the table under the mirror I have part of my collection of blue and white and these would complement the collection perfectly

Mary Bogart on

Everything is beautiful!The new ginger jar #33 is my favorite! It is stunning!The details are amazing! I would use it front and center on my entry table in the foyer surrounded by more of my blue and white collection.

Joy on

I love the large blue and white foo dogs because they are so unique. They would look wonderful with my collection in my corner cupboard.

Kathrine on

Love No 13. This beautiful bowl is a great size.

Donna on

#36 is perfect for narcissus or orchids!…….just a marvelous container.

Would love to see a small foot bath shape, which is elongated, to hold 2-3 orchids in a row. Do love the long narrow style for the table.

Mary Ann on

Totally Exquisite! I love # 33 the new extra large jar. It is beautifully detailed. I am enjoying all my past purchases. You offer the most beautiful items. Thank You.

aRLYN on

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the large foo dogs. They would look fabulous on my fireplace!!!!!! I thought I was the biggest blue and white fan until I started following your blog. You have given me a even more renewed love.

Thanks Tina!

Kathrine on

Love No 13. This beautiful bowl is a great size for a coffee table!

Nancy G on

Especially love the new tea jar, 1a, beautiful…but so many lovely pieces to choose from!

Mary Ann on

Totally Exquisite! I love # 33 the new extra large jar. It is beautifully detailed and definitely a statement piece. I am enjoying all my past purchases and just re-decorated for fall with them. You offer the most beautiful items. Thank You.

Dale Sullivan on

#32. I would put it on my entry table with seasonal flowers and love it every time I walk by.

christine on

#32, the fishbowl, on each side of the fireplace filled with blue spruce branches and tiny lights for a beautiful Christmas display.

Ashley on

I love #10, the finer jar with the cherry blossoms. I have a entry hall table that needs a ginger jar, this one would be perfect!!

Lauren on

I love the pierced porcelain planter!! Would put on a marble top table with a fern inside. Gorgeous!!

Lisa on

I can’t decide which I like better, #13 bowl which is so pretty and would be a great bowl for salads for my large family gatherings or for a centerpiece, or #27 the ivory garden seat – so beautiful! I think I would actually give that to my sister for Christmas – it would be perfect for her small, lovely garden.


Love the small Foo dogs The real numero uno would be the #28 fish bowl.

Caaren on

Love #23. I would use them on the mantle. They are all fabulous!!!!

EllIe on

I absolutely adore the foo dogs.

Linda lubach on

I like the large foo dogs #22 and the minis- either would look great on my red chinoiserie tv cabinet. Congratulations on your new merchandise.

Lin on

The blue pagodas would be the perfect addition to the bookcases in my living room/library. And they are also a great Christmas gift for my blue & white loving sister-in-law. As always, you the eye for great designs. The white bird garden stool is also spectacular!

KaRen McLeod on

Love it all so much!!! Item 13 the blue and white bowl. So beautiful anywhere but especially on my kitchen table.

Geo55 on

I would love two of Item 8. The octagonal shape is so pleasing…plus none of the blue and white pieces I have are this pretty shape. Also love the bird motif.
Every single item you feature is BEAUTIFUL! I would be happy with any and all!

judy on

Blue and white lovers cannot go wrong with any of the items. They are all beautiful. If my budget could allow, I would love to purchase Number 18, the garden bench. It is gorgeous and can be used outdoors or in any room in the house! It is a winner!!!

Edie on

Item 5, the incredible floral vases, are exquisite! Exactly what my mantel needs! It’s a pleasure receiving your daily emails. Inspirational and beautiful 🙂

Jeanne Sevart on


I like the navy foo dogs. These foo dogs are symbolic correct. The male has a ball under its paw, and the female holds a puppy.
The position is auspicious too.

Katherine on

#25 is gorgeous. I’d use dogwood stems in one and place it on my console at the end of the hallway. The mirror behind would make it twice as beautiful.

Colleen Hunt on

Love #36, the planter. Would be beautiful on the table in my foyer.

Laura F on

I love the navy foo dogs and want a pair! I would use the pagodas in my daughters neutral nursery since we didn’t know what she was having until yesterday! It’s a boy! She’s a huge blue and white fan like me!

Any news on damage in palmetto bluff?


Sonya o on

Love the cherry blossom & bird ginger jar! I would place it on my mantle.

Meredith on

Hello Tina,

Thank you for the chance to win those beautiful pagodas. My favorite at the moment are the larger blue and white foo dogs. I don’t have anything like them and would love to use them in my clothes closet. I am planning to cover a small food stool in the Waverly dragons sapphire print and feel these would look perfect with it. Every time I open my closet, I would smile! 🙂

Thank you again for this opportunity.

Susan on

I love the large blue and white foo dogs! I would put those on top of the fretwork china cabinet containing my Mom’s blue and white dragon vases. Dragons and foo dogs- what a wonderful combo!

Karen Loach on

Beautiful! Love the planters!

Karen on

How to choose from among so much beauty? I think my favorite are the foo dogs. When my sons were little I read them a wonderful story about foo dogs guarding a house.

Arell on

#33 and #36 have caught my eye this time! I love all of the blue and white porcelains you offer. So gorgeous!

Anonymous on

Item #19— large jar is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!

Bonnie on

Among all the beautiful things, my favorite is always the pair of large bird ginger jars.

June on

I love it all!! But I really love both minis #34. I have a place in my kitchen that was once a work station, but I took out the desk and replaced it with a cabinet of drawers. The top part, however still has built in 5 slots for mail, etc. I put the pair of mini pagodas in 2 of the slots and would LOVE to put either of these in the remaining 3 slots. Fabulous!!!

Eve on

I love everything, but #27 is beautiful. Love the softness of the colors. I would put this in my bedroom along side a chair to hold a book I am in the middle of reading.

Barb on

I’ve had my eye on the foo dogs for quite sometime but I’d love either of the garden seats. I would use both in the living room.

Karenann on

My favorite piece is definitely #5, the vases. They are so gorgeous and their colors would go so nice in my living room! Thank you for such a lovely giveaway opportunity!

Karen T. on

I always like your Foo Dogs – big or mini. I have a bookcase in my living room they would be perfect on.

Susan Logan on

Too many goodies to decide; but if I had to, it would be the blue/white foo dogs. Just love them!

MB Albriton on

I cannot decide between the beautiful fish bowl and the large blue and white foo dogs. Both are such statement pieces! I would fill the fish bowl with dried hydrangeas and use as a centerpiece–I would love to fill with some kind of boxwood and lights for the holiday season. My living room is painted navy blue and I think they would definitely find a prominent home somewhere in there. Both fabulous!

terry wiese on

Love them all but especially the garden stool. Have tried to order it before but didn’t act fast enough. hoping I’m ahead of the curve this time. Everything is beautiful.


Would love to have #18 garden seat. It would look beautiful on my back porch.

Linda brown on

#20, mini blue & white foo dogs. I missed out on these in the last sale. Will be used as adornments on master bedroom nightstands or as bookends in the library.

Frances on

Number #25 ( the colored vase) is my favorite. I will be using it in a still life painting. Love them all though!

Anna Casey on

They are all beautiful and some pieces remind me of my Grandmother and Great Aunt in Atlanta. I personally would choose the blue and white pagodas as a companion piece to my Grandmother’s blue and white plate to display in the white bookshelf by the fireplace. I have always had a special place in my heart for blue and white.

Linda doezema on

Just received some stunning pieces from you! Love the garden stool and pagodas! Everything is perfect!!

bill on

Item 9, I am going to use them as a pair on my dining room sideboard.

Derry Agnini on

I love item 23 the pair of bird jars. Would look great on either side of my buffet with flowers or at Christmas time with evergreen sprigs and berries!

Linda Cashman on

My favorite is the grand ginger jar #19. I could see it used in the center of a dining room table with sprays of flowers in it, or on a stand in the center of a fireplace hearth.

cynthia on

The Umbrella holders are beautiful. would look fantastic in my foyer.

Lee on

My fave – Item #6 ….. I would use it for umbrellas in my Southern California house – and pray for rain!

Deanna on

The blue and white pagodas would look great in my guest room. I have way too many books and these would be beautiful as book ends!

Cathy Temple on

Everything is gorgeous, but I think I’d pick Item 36, the planter. For the same reasons you stated, orchids, seasonal plants, or just on its own. Thanks, Tina!

Kimberly on

I particularly love the exquisite fishbowl, #32, and would use a pair on a hall console filled with white ponsietta for the holiday season.

Heidi white on

I would choose #18 and use it as an end table/garden seat on my deck which is all blue and white.

Katherine W Pitts on

I love #18, the garden seat and I would use it in my master bathroom. I’m in love with everything blue.

Jennifer poPe on

I’m a fan of anything in pairs

Item 22 the large blue and and white foo dogs would be the perfect addition to my bookshelves, and would look quite majestic indeed.

Shawna on

Item 35, because the multi color is my favorite. I’d put a spray of cherry blossoms in it for the entry foyer. Thanks for your generosity.

Linda Owens on

Item #16. It would be beautiful with orchids in it.
Linda O.

Tamme Smith on

I love #26. Such a beautiful tall vase. Great new item! Would be gorgeous with fall berry branches in it.

Sandy w on

I love the mini bud vases, the blue and white foo dogs, and number 26, the tall vase. I would use it on my entry table with fresh flowers or your faux cherry blossoms.


HI TINA… ITEM#21 is so unique and beautiful. I would display 2 of them on my mirrored dining room buffet..It is simply quite beautiful and show stopping.. THOSE COLORS..WOW..

leigh on

Item 1 and 26 for me…both the blue and whites are lovely and would make wonderful vases or to just display. Item 1 can also be used to fill it with your favorite things…love the little top….All are wonderful choices….Thanks so much!

Alice on

Love love love #27
Beautiful soft colors! Would be perfect in the master bath!
As always, gorgeous collection…so hard to pick just one 🙂

Lorelai on

I’m such a sucker for foo dogs–I love the spring green, navy and blue/white. I think they’d look lovely around the fireplace, or on our built-ins.

Starr Sears on

Pagodas would go inside fireplace with birch candles and magnolia branches, ponderosa pine cones and silver balls…

Ashley Sikora on

I love the foo dogs, i have several sets but would love to get more for my bookcases!

Catharine on

I love the umbrella stand! Perfect in an entry way…or several grouped together….beautiful designs!

Judy toline on

I love the foo dogs. They would be perfect in my bookcase.

Linda Beth on

I love #27, the ivory garden seat with birds. So beautiful, and just the piece needed in our guest bedroom!

Mary Catherine on

I really love the blue and white garden seat (18). But, when asked to choose, I think that the large ginger jar(19) is outstanding and a beautiful statement piece. What a problem to have! — having to pick a favorite among so many lovely things. Thank you, Tina.

Alexandra on

I love the #32 fishbowl! I’m picturing this with a Meyer Lemon or rolled towels….it may have to come my way! I just received my order from the last presale. Love everything!!!!!

Christine on

I am loving the reverse color Cherry Blossom and Bird Ginger Jars….I would use a pair of them on each of two large, dark wood chests as a feminine foil to the heaviness of the chests. I think they will look stunning!

Dee Farrell on

Number 6, umbrella stand would bring sunshine on any rainy day.

Bev freiley on

Love #5, the tall floral vase. One would look gorgeous on my dining room buffet, as it would match the pastel colors in the floral wallpaper. Better yet, two would look even prettier!

Bettina Woodring on

Love, love,love the tall umbrella stand #6. Would use it for my antique walking cane collection.

Debbie H. on

I love the garden seat with the birds on it. Would use either on my back porch and under my covered seating out by the fireplace.

Blair on

I love the blue and white foo dogs, and could see them on my dining table or sideboard!

Eileen on

The cherry blossom jar is just a beauty and would beautiful in my blue master bedroom on the white fireplace mantel.

Emily Thomas on

I would pick the #36 planter. Our kitchen sink faces the corner of our kitchen, so there is a good bit of space behind the sink. Right now there is a plant sitting there in the plastic pot it came in, looking so sad. But if it were sitting in the #36 planter, wow!! That corner would go from blah to stunning!


I am very excited about your website and your inventory. Great selection, fantastic prices, a welcome addition to my favorite stores and stories. Thank you.

Liz T on

They are all lovely. I especially like #27, the garden seat. I would use it in my guest bath to start but I imagine that I would move it around!

Beth K on

LOVE the large foo dogs! Your entire selection of blue/white is fabulous!

Marge K. D. on

Item # 26 would look just perfect in my living room. Never get tired of blue & white!

Elaine LeFleur on

#19 is magnificent! I have two bookcases on the sides of the fireplace in my living room with windows above. These would be perfect sitting there. Or anywhere in my blue and white parlor. Wish I could post a picture to show you!

Laurie on

I love it all! The mini gigerjars are adorable ,my favorite garden stool. The bird gingers….oh my goodness


Wow! This is a hard one Tina. There are several I have my eyes on, but I would have to say my first choice and one I hope to buy is the dragon planter. At $80, how could I not? I would love to plant an orchid in it and place it in my living room.

Fran on

Love the new octagonal jars. Would be perfect on my library mantle!

Jacquelynn O'Boyle on

I am all about the foo dogs. I would use them anytime,anywhere,any place. All the colors are wonderful.

michele@hellolovely on

i do believe they would be right at home on a pretty bathroom vanity! love the cherry blossom vase! xox

Barbara on

Love the pastel garden stool, but favorite is 21 the square green jar.


The blue and white pagodas are beautiful! They would look great on my sofa table in the living room.

Karen on

All are stunning, but there is something so precious about #34B…the little bud vase. I would place it on a silver tray between the two sinks of the vanity top, in my master bathroom… holding a single gorgeous peony blossom. What a way to start and end a day!

Jennifer s on

The precious blue/white foo dogs will keep a watchful eye over my blue and white pieces received from my dear mother and mother-in-law!!! Fabulous

joan on

As usual, too many tempting choices, Tina! But definitely #22, the pair of large Foo Dogs. Would have them made into lamps and place them on the patina’d console table behind one of the sofas in my timber-framed family room. The room can handle their scale and love pairing the refined with the rustic. You know what it’s like when you’re the only gal in a house full of men (including the dog!) – nothing can be too precious!
Enjoy this fabulous weekend weather all!

Patti Olsen on

I intend to buy the garden seat to use as an end table. The colors will be perfect in my living room. I have had a problem finding something that will fit because the space is a bit awkward, but this will be a perfect solution!

Rebecca hellman on

I want it all! My birthday present to myself will be a pair item19 the HUGE jars that are 26″ tall,they will flank my sofa table that face my dining room. also doing some Christmas shopping now so I don’t get crazy during the holidays.

Vivian walker on

Love most everything, but 27 is what I would love to put in my yard.


My e-mail was cut short. I would like to order #6 umbrella stand, and # 20 Foo dogs.

Susan Johnstone on

So many lovely items…it’s difficult to choose. I would love an umbrella stand to hold extra wrapping paper in my office/craft/wrapping room. The larger blue and white foo dogs might work outside my side entry door. The blue and white garden seat truly is one of the prettiest I’ve ever seen. I could use it in many different places. Better stop, or I’ll list everything you have.
Blessings for a wonderful week ahead.

Eileen on

Item 27 is just gorgeous. I’d use it in my sunroom, or my livingroom or my library. I think I’d be moving it around a lot just to enjoy it in so many different places!

Ali on

Love it all so beautiful and classy!

Susan on

Love number 29. They make me happy

Betsy on

#36 planter- I love it, so gorgeous!

Susan on

LOVE #32 A+B. They would break up all of the round blue and white displayed on top of my piano.

Linda on

You have such wonderful pieces at great prices.
I am patiently waiting for my ornaments. I am doing a smaller tree for my kitchen island and I am anxious to get started.

Charlene lane on

Hi Tina,
Wow-it’s so hard to pick my favorite from such amazing blue and white items. They are all fantastic. I think that if I had to choose, then number 19 melts my heart the most. I would put it in my foyer and fill it with lots of holly branches, magnolia branches and fragrant tea olive branches-all from the yard. It would be a “welcoming” foyer piece. Thank you for your wonderful blog and your gorgeous items.

Donna C. on


Jennifer on

I love item 23. I have entry table that these would be perfect on. Especially for Christmas with a bowl of pine cones and an evergreen wreath.

Latricia on

I think that a pair of Item #1 the scalloped tea jars placed on either side of a white sink in a kitchen would be beautiful!

Laura Haas on

I adore the foo dogs (item 22); can’t decide if they’ll be on the mantel or on my bookshelves…decisions, decisions!

Gayle on


I would like #9… And would use the pagodas on either side of our book shelves!! Love the garden seat as well… Looking for the perfect home?

Patty payne on

Iam in love with #36. I love the unique shape of the pot and would plant live ivy in it. I would place it on a stack of books on my entry table with a lamp and fragrant candle or round bowl for keys.

Linda Doezema on

So hard to choose! I would order item 23 the pair of ginger jars! They are beautiful and one can never have too many!!

Carlin Camp on

#4 makes me smile, empty or filled!

Beth on

The garden seat is my favorite. But really, I love it all!

Shelly Mathes on

Forest For dogs please.

Barbara R. on

Hi Tina,

So enjoy your site. I’d just like to know where do you get all of your energy????#18….the garden seat… my choice. I just bought a condo in Naples and it would look wonderful on my lanai or in my master bath or in the guest bath.

Eileen on

#27 is just beautiful and I would use it on an enclosed porch that we are just finishing.

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