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Hello and happy Sunday to you! First order of business is to announce the lucky winner of the beautiful cashmere scarf from Last Call. Congrats goes to


Please contact me at so that your lovely prize can be on it’s way!


Hope you are having a great weekend… the foliage is exploding and it is so gorgeous. This is most definitely my favorite time of year. My college son is home this weekend which is a great treat, though I have seen him literally for all of maybe 45 min,  such is the life of a busy, social college aged kid. I get it, I was 21 once:)

But when he is getting ready to GO OUT to a party in the city that STARTS at 11 at night…..I had a secretive little smile on my face as I sat cozy in my pjs in my comfy bed that I was so happy it’s him and not me. I like a nice evening out but I start turning into a pumpkin BY 11:) Moving on……


1 MY NEW OFFICE IN THE WORKS! So I have been very busy setting up an “official” Enchanted Home office at my warehouse space. It is about a 2400 sq foot space divided into rooms with one large room, which was a sad looking storage room.

It was high time to set a proper office up at the warehouse since I was going back and forth sometimes twice in one day. Especially now that the new site will soon be up with get this…….an 800 number (after many have asked for one)! Good things are happening over here. It is still very much a work in progress but definitely really coming along-

This board exemplifies the look I am after. My workspace  is very important to me, it has to be clean, crisp and happy.  Will be sure to share pics when its all done and painted! Here is a mood board I had created about the vibe I am after, and so far it’s coming along much like I had hoped-


So here is a very disheveled “before”- it is one long rather ugly boring room. There is  a hallway which leads to other smaller rooms which is where we store everything, this was a storage room that is being converted to the office aka world headquarters for Enchanted Home:)


Cleared it out…..can’t wait to rip up that boring brown carpet


And looky what I found, can’t believe this is commercial carpet!


Night and day! Looks brighter already, paint being  done in a few days


And here is a in progress shot, new desks got delivered and blue and whites started being put out, I will feature the completed before and after when done in about a week or so-



2.WHY DON’T THESE TYPES OF  STORIES MAKE IT TO  FRONT PAGE? We know within seconds when there is any kind of Kardashian drama or when something big is going down with one of our presidential nominees, when the latest Hollywood divorce is unraveling, but we rarely hear about those stories that embody basic, good humanity, the “feel good” stories that we all long and need to hear about. This is Hollywood at it’s finest.

Here is one recent such story that we should ALL know about and the media should talk about (thanks Dad)-


Denzel Washington and Brooks
Army Medical Center.
Don’t know whether you heard about this but
Denzel Washington and his family visited the troops at Brooks Army Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas,(BAMC) the other day. This
is where soldiers who have been evacuated
from Germany come to be hospitalized in
the United States , especially burn victims.
There are some buildings there called
Fisher Houses. The Fisher House is a hotel
where soldiers’ families can stay, for little
or no charge, while their soldier is in the hospital. BAMC has quite a few of
these houses on base, but as you can imagine, they are almost filled most of the time.
While Denzel Washington was visiting
BAMC, they gave him a tour of one of
the Fisher Houses.
He asked how much one
of them would cost to build. He took his checkbook out and wrote a check for the
full amount right there on the spot.
The soldiers overseas were amazed to hear
this story and want to get the word out to the American public, because it warmed
their hearts to hear it. 
The question is, ‘Why do:
Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Tom Cruise
and other Hollywood fluff
make front page news with their ridiculous antics, and 
Denzel Washington’s Patriotism doesn’t even make page 3 in the Metro
section of any newspaper except the
local newspaper in San Antonio ?’


3. A WONDERFUL NEW BLOG. I got an email from a newer blogger who experienced some of the same trepidation and uncertainty that I did when I started blogging. You wonder who will ever find me? How? Will they even like me?  I can relate from when I started blogging, as it can be daunting with a sprinkle of excitement for sure.

I want to introduce you to Elizabeth of  Ellie and Elizabeth.  Her home is beautiful and she has a love of design as so many of us do. Plus I got a few great ideas from her wise kitchen storage. Here is a peak below, click ere to visit and say hello to over at Ellie and Elizabeth.

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4 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST.  This week it is very heavy on the majesty of fall and great food….not planned that way but it just worked out like that with a healthy dose of blue and white of course!! Enjoy….

 faaa fa


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5. GORGEOUS E DESIGN JOBS AND TALENTED CLIENTS! I love to share with you on occasion the “after” of various edesign jobs I have been working on, it is so much fun to watch a room evolve and come together.

I have some incredible before and afters that I am going to feature within the next few weeks but here are a few recent pictures I got from my super talented clients/customers-

This job is still in the works but coming along so beautifully! Decor Market (where we got the cocktail table) featured it on their Instagram:) This will be a wonderful before and after and I will share with you when the pillows and final accessories are in place-


Another great project is this beautiful tranquil bedroom, we are working on pillows and small accessories now….


You will not get over the before when you see this incredible bathroom, going to feature this on an upcoming post, here is  a teaser:)

unnsdfsfdamed unnamfdfded

And loving this arrangement a talented customer made-


What a thrill to see the first round of Provence planters put to beautiful use….amazing!

I have 5 left that are up for grabs for non payment- contact me at if interested

unnafddffdmed unnamfdssed unnadsfaamed unnamsadfasfaed


6 AMAZING PUMPKINS! I love Amy from Maison Decor, she is so talented and I really love and admire not only her talent but her gumption to roll up her sleeves and get things done.

I have had the fortune to meet Amy in Boston when she had her wonderful shop, and can attest that this woman can do anything hence my nickname for her – Amazing Amy. Loving this pumpkins she did, she makes it look easy but I know they are not:) Nice job Amy!! Click here to read the post plus a how to-


a-pump-tute-4 a-pump-tute-7 a-patch-of-pretty-pumpkins a-horizon-pumpkin-shot

asdaunnamed unnamfddfed



7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY. On the subject of media,  there is a lot of talk lately about the media being rigged and bias. I have my own definite feelings about the media and of course there are a few factors that would potentially affect how one looks at it. What media you are listening to- there are those diehard right wing and left wing media outlets and they are both masters at selling one story or another with a very specific angle.

And of course how you look at the media largely depends upon your personal views and how much what they say shapes what you feel. It is interesting and never,  especially with social media has media as a whole infiltrated our lives as they do now. On one hand I love the immediate access to breaking news all around the world, on the other I think it’s gone too far and often crossed lines.

I also have seen a HUGE shift in how anchors personalize the very stories they report on. It’s not difficult to see where they stand and that bothers me. I want balanced, fair objective news not a personal narrative….they need to get off their soapbox!! BBC is one that I have found so far to be the most balanced.

So as I always love to hear your take, its your turn to weight on the media in our lives-



And that friends is a wrap! Hope you enjoyed the post, anything excite or resonate with you? It is coooold here today, a great excuse to bring out my favorite cashmere sweaters and cozy jackets,  bring on the boots! Wishing you a wonderful and relaxing Sunday. Today for me, it is all about total relaxation and doing exactly what I please:) Until next time…..


















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Betsy on

Good morning Tina — would you be willing to share the source for the ‘roman-type’ shades that are in the bedroom window photo? They are just what I’m looking for! Thanks so much, Betsy

Dramadiva on

Happy Sunday!


Tina, what a fabulous post! Love the new office. Thanks for sharing the good work of Denzel Washington. I always say that there is so much work to be done here. No need to go to other countries and adopt children and make headlines., not that it is wrong, but charity begins at home, although it is not as glamorous. Can’t wait to see the finished project that is in the works. Loving a cool a.m. and hope that the90 degree weather of the past week is gone, at least for a few months!

Alice on

Love your blog this morning and if I could transport myself to any one picture it would be to John Rosselli’s shop. Everything he carries is outstanding. No junk there.

Also must comment on the medias determinationvto give their own opinions and to try to tell you what to think. I’m sick and tired of the main menu choosing only what they want to report and leaving out the most important facts. What can we do to change that???

Alice on

Hate authorities correct. Should say main media.

Eve on

Happy Sunday to you. What a beautiful day on the North Shore of Long Island!
Thank you for sharing Denzel Washington’s story. An amazing human being. Thanks also for introducing us to Elizabeth & Ellie. Love her blog.

franki on

You’re tops!! franki

ApRil on

Very much like the kitchen storage units. Clever space savers.
People who do really good things are usually more quiet about it. Happy blog, happy Sunday. Thanks Tina.

Susan Jacoli on

Another fabulous Seven on Sunday. I would like very much to know the source of the Roman shades in the bedroom. Thanks for sharing.

Ct on

I wish celebrities would stop using their popularity to help candidates draw crowds and make political statements. Many of them are clueless about the real world.

Denzel Washington did an amazing thing and should be congratulated for stepping up for our military. If not for your post, I would never have heard about this wonderful heartfelt deed .

Yes, let’s help our own !

There are many who do good deeds everyday no matter how big or small , the press should report it.
Kindness can be contagious

Celia Becker@ on

Another great Sunday with The Enchanted Home. Your new office is no doubt going to be enchanting too. Congratulations. I love cloth pumpkins and have made dozens over the years. In fact, I did a tutorial blog post on the subject a couple of years ago also. They are great because you can use any fabric to match your decor. Who says fall has to be all orange and brown? And thanks for the introduction to the new blog. I will check her out. You are so kind to promote her, as being a friend of Tina’s is a real benefit to bloggers. I know, as your blog has brought me a lot of traffic, for which I am truly grateful. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! XO

Donna on

Spot on, Tina

The news media can no longer be trusted to bring unbiased, truthful information to the public. Now, the news media is a Circus and should be labeled with P. T. Barnums, “There’s one born every minute”.

We need a resurgence of some Paul Harvey types in the news media……

classic•casual•home on

What a good man that Denzel is…I hate it when he plays bad guys in the movies 🙂

Your office will be a beautiful place in which to work! A productive spot!

I find myself hardly watching the news lately. But I did watch BBC recently while we were in Europe and thats a good idea …less “personality” and more news.

Deanna on

Those velvet pumpkins are great! I love your post today, as always. Any chance you have pics of the fall foliage in your area? I don’t think our autumn is as pretty as it is by you, so I am thirsty for some beautiful photos of autumn. Your office looks beautiful already… always fun to see you turn something drab into something fantastic! Happy Sunday!


So impressed by so many things here- your wonderful office redo, it’s night and day already! That carpet was a find.
And Denzel, what a wonderful man and example he is to everyone. I wish more of Hollywood would take his lead.
And those design projects are incredible Tina= the bathroom in particular looks so beautiful, would love to see much more.
Last, the media is a joke. I use to watch CNN habitually, my kids made fun of me as they didn’t think we got any other channels in our house. But no more, there are many offensive reports they employ that need to get off the air. Sadly our news is a joke compared to that of many European countries where news is just news, as it should be.
Great post as always!

Anonymous on

Hi Tina,

Please share information about the commercial carpet,

Am sure there are color options.

Thank you

Lynette ciner on

Hi Tina,
Your blog is lovely. Thank you. I would like to comment on the media of today. We no longer gain from most media outlets an accurate or deep understanding of the news. But we are still free to act and think consistent with our own values and integrity. What we can do is spend our time and energy seeking out people like you and your blog. Thanks again and enjoy this beautiful Sunday.

ARell on

Great post! I am very excited to see your new office space. What a difference the new rug makes. And thank you for sharing the article on Densel and the generous contribution he made. It was very heartwarming and certainly something I was grateful to hear about in the midst of so much strife and violence in the news these days. Also, thanks for sharing a little bit about your son and family life. I am right there with you turning into a pumpkin! And happily so!

Fran on

I couldn’t agree more about the media. You can tell where the newscasters stand almost immediately. I long for the days when the news was ‘fair and unbiased’ and you were hard pressed to figure out if a newscaster was a Republican or a Democrat. Journalists are supposed to report, not interject opinion. The so-called news these days is not only a disgrace but also a disservice to the American public.

Linda Gardepe on

Hi Tina, Is there any way that you could or would share the name of the commercial carpet in your new office? It is amazing!
Thank you

Marsha on

God bless Denzel Washington! I realize the media likes to report the fluff (reference some of the names you mentioned), likely because of their distorted notion that it’s what the public wants (and proven true, apparently). Such a disastrous commentary of our culture!
Many thanks for sharing the Denzel story.

Good luck with your new office!

Donna De Marino on

Instagram: Jay Hagani Photography, Derby, Connecticut, what a beautiful shot. Makes me want to crawl into that picture.

Cute pumpkin project! So creative! The office is really coming along, the carpet made a huge impact, what a difference!

Denzel, those who can, should. He did. Props to him for remembering those who feel forgotten. If we all do a little it will become a lot. I’m somehow glad it wasn’t done in a splashy way.

I stopped watching the news, reading online media, listening to radio talk shows about a year ago. Kindle unlimited is my new best friend.

Doreen on

Just spotted the gorgeous blue/white little pumpkins (one has “K” monogram) in the photo labeled “And loving this arrangement a talented customer made-” Would it be possible to find the source for them? The are really lovely!!

Donna on

What color did you paint your office walls?

I am liking your office concept very much. Classy.

joan on

Love reading posts about people like Denzel Washington who quietly do good – truly a fine example for all Americans and our children. What a great idea for a high school or college fund-raising project.
Your carpet choice is fantastic & so ‘You’! More info please!

Michelle K. on

Thank you! Thank you for the topic of your poll today!!! I am so glad to see such a landslide result. The topic of news today and how it is delivered has been a hot topic with my crowd. We are all disgusted at the bias we have to listen to. Used to be we could get a clean story. Between the sensationalization and political bias, no wonder we have such a ridiculous election this year.

Amy Chalmers on

Tina you are so kind to share my velvet pumpkin tutorial~ I know so many of your readers would love to meet you in person, and if they could they would see what a winning personality you have, and how down to earth and generous in spirit you truly are. Sending you my best!

MRs. H on

Wow. Can’t believe that is commercial carpet. I would love to know the details on the carpet (brand/color). Thanks!

Mo at Mocadeaux on

Our fall colors here in Chicago have been disappointing this year so I love seeing the Instagram feeds with beautiful changing leaves. I will definitely check out Ellie and Elizabeth, I have a pull-out spice rack in my kitchen and it is fabulous! And kudos to Denzel – quietly doing good deeds.

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