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Hello….first thing I want to do is announce the two lucky winners of the giveaways! Congratulations goes to-


Winner #1- Sandra (#132)   who won the box of 4 ornaments


Winner #2- Michelle (#158)  who won the beautiful silver bowl


Please contact me at to claim your prize and provide your shipping addressees so your goodies can be on their way!


I hope you are having a wonderful weekend! Here the foliage is starting to peak and it is spectacular…I hope to get out today and take some pictures with my “good camera” before the rain moves in. Really looking forward to a total day of relaxation today. I have earned it:) Had a nice dinner out with friends, a city day and today is all about a whole lot of nothing, fast becoming my favorite kind of days.

Hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend. Here we go with my Seven on Sunday….


1.WEDDING CAKES LIKE YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN. This is like “honey I blew up the wedding cake”…..beyond the SIZE of these mammoth cakes, large enough to feed a decent sized village, the detail is literally mind blowing.

Have I been living under a rock where wedding cakes the size of small Manhattan skyscrapers are de rigeour with a certain set in Jakarta, Bali and that region!! So much so that it looks like they actually require a big knife but a SWORD to cut them:)

I love all that you can discover on Instagram and this Jakarta based wedding cake extraordinaire, Lenovelle Cake really takes the cake, pun intended!!


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I mean seriously….can you BELIEVE this is a cake!


And come on now, shouldn’t this be ME standing next to this cake and not her:)


Thanks to my buddy Meg for sending me this picture (how I discovered them and now I can’t get enough)


2. HILARIOUS AD FOR SOMEONE RUNNING FOR OFFICE. These days funny, lighthearted and politics do NOT belong in the same sentence but this “gone viral” ad for a local Texas based  county commissioner running for office is hysterical and um….well, possibly to a degree something we can all relate to (wink).

3.  INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. This is always the highlight of these posts for me, getting to share all that I found on Instagram and this weekend does not disappoint!



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This one below really made me laugh-

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3 AWESOME NEW APPS! There are so many apps out there, it is overwhelming to even know which to use. However all three of these are REALLY worth looking into, it is amazing what these apps can churn out, the information they can provide! I am not the most app savvy but was recommended to these by someone who very much is-

1.IFTTT– This site is INCREDIBLE, almost magic!  I cannot believe all that it can help you do, really worth checking out!


SKIPLAGGED– Friend told me about it, apparently a super user friendly app for really reasonable last minute flights.



SKYSCANNER– A similar site, which he said he found a last minute flight internationally on.




4. EVER WANTED TO OWN YOUR OWN ISLAND?  Well, now you can! Forewarning- you will fall in love and this may have you contemplating a move to the Scottish Isles! Talk about fantasy island….this is simply amazing, located less than 2 miles from mainland Scotland.

Comes with your own water views and a battalion of charming old stone cottages all along the beautiful rugged Scottish coastline!  What an amazing family retreat this would make!

If you have  a spare few million and looking to recreate “The Holiday” here is your chance! And since you found it by way of my blog, I get to be your first houseguest. Click here for more info.

1477319509-syn-toc-1476978686-tanera-mor-summer-isles-4 1477319507-syn-toc-1476978066-tanera-mor-summer-isles-5 1477319506-syn-toc-1476978470-tanera-mor-summer-isles-12 gallery-1477319663-landscape-1476977194-tanera-mor-summer-isles-3

And perhaps the icing on  a very sweet cake, the post office/cafe!



5. LOOKING FOR GREAT FURNITURE DEALS? Decor Market, a wonderful resource for rugs, furniture and lighting is having a site wide whopping 31% for Halloween. The sale is on for ONE DAY TODAY for Halloween, can’t believe 31% off of EVERYTHING!

I am working with a few edesign clients and we have made our lists in time to take advantage of the extra steep discount. Make sure you check it out and use the code SPOOKY31 on their site today only (click here) if you decide you just can’t live without something. Here are a few things on the list-

This gorgeous chair and ottoman, so beautiful! Click here


In love with this Lucite/brass end table, click here


One lucky client is getting this rug for her dining room…love the colors and the price of $700 even more. Click here


Doing a pair of these on either side of her sofa, gorgeous! Click here


How neat are these? I just ordered two for the two desks in my new offices,thought for sure the $119 price was a typo! click here




7.  SUNDAY’S SURVEY So this week, is all about balance of time. Everyone’s formula is different, some need an equal balance of time between work and play, others more. These last weeks have been 95% work and 5% free time and I am really not complaining because its been a labor of love. But I was talking to a friend who recently went back to work and we were on the subject and we both acknowledged it’s a process to find that perfect balance.

Today’s world is akin to being on the autobahn 24/7. Everything happens fast and there is no rest for the weary! So in reflecting on your life, do you think you have achieved a perfect balance or is there improvement to be had?


So friends, this is what’s been on my radar, anything  excite or delight you here? Hope you are having a wonderful weekend, enjoy your Sunday and be back soon. Until next time…….

PS As of Monday morning a brand new promo started, amazing selection of Annabel Ingall totes, last A.Ingall promo of 2016!  Click here














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Eve on

I think this is my favorite post so far! (Who am I kidding–I love all your posts)!
The wedding cakes are unbelievable–wonder if they taste as good as they look.
Happy Sunday to you!

Celia Becker@ on

As usual you knocked it out of the park with a great post. Those wedding cakes are the most decadent things I’ve seen since Marie Antoinette’s rule. And the 2 little Hollywood Glam Trick-or-Treaters are the cutest things I’ve ever seen. And that petal cake on Instagram looks like real flowers. It is all such a feast for the eyes. Thank you! Have a great Sunday!

SusaN on

Starting Sunday morning with your post sets the tone for a happy day. Thank you for the love and light that you bring to us all. I showed my husband the pics of the cakes telling him to have one of those babies for when I turn 100, which is a long time away, but it never hurts to be a long term planner!

LIZ on

Hi Tina have a lot to comment on. Love the commercial reminds me of my own parents (my father ran for a local office) and when he won my mom was happier than he was haha.

Those cakes- OMG! I have never seen such decadence, thank you for sharing these works of art.

Love the lamps you ordered for your office I am going to order a pair myself. Last, regarding your comments on balance- I have worked hard but finally feel like I have achieved a perfect combination of what makes me happy. I give a lot of credit to yoga, i do it four times a week for an hour each time and I cannot tell you the benefits it has brought me. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a better balance in their lives.

Have a great day.

Katie Clooney on

Tina… I am cracking up at that political ad. The wife should be hired as an actress, she is so good. And those wedding cakes… Holey Moley!!! I am NOT sending your link to my girls. I don’t want them to get any crazy ideas. Love you Instagram photos as always and I’m going to try out the new apps. Have a great week.

Lisa Barker on

Hi Tina,
You have me dreaming of the island in Scotland. We are half way there as we already live in England and I run a village post office – this would clearly be the obvious next step, don’t you think?
As usual, I really enjoyed your post.
Thank you and happy Halloween
Lisa x

Design Chic on

I don’t think I’ve laughed as hard at anything political lately as this ad…hilarious. Had my husband watch it with too! Gorgeous instagrams and thanks for letting us know about the sale – can’t wait to check it out!

SuZanne F on

Your best Seven on Sunday yet, Tina!

FiveFabulousFrenchies on

Hi Tina,
Those cakes were a real treat to see, all of them beyond extraordinary!! I also loved the Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe costumes, so adorable!! Many thanks for the repost, it’s always an honor!! Happy Halloween!! FiveFabulousFrenchies

Mo at Mocadeaux on

Those wedding cakes!!!!! I can’t even imagine the budget for those weddings! Not knowing anything about the candidate, I sure did love that political ad. His wife might have a future in comedic performance! What a delightful contrast to ALL of the other ads we are seeing! Have a great week, Tina!

franki on

This was SO FUN…and helpful…THOSE CAKES!!!! franki

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