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Hello!  Today is a special day for a few reasons…for starters, it’s my birthday! I am taking the day off and headed into the city, it is magical this time of year even with the crazy traffic snarls. I think the best gift might just be my completed Christmas tree!! Yes finally did it:)

There were days that I wasn’t sure this post would happen. I hemmed and hawed about a real vs faux. Having always gotten a real tree, the idea of a faux felt almost sacrilegious! But I deiced to be practical this year and since the burden of the tree falls on me, I have that right:)

Something about no falling needles, worrying about fires with not watering the tree regularly, and the dreaded stringing of the lights was a good argument to get a faux and that’s exactly what I did. I felt a little sad when it was delivered, the smell wasn’t there but I figured its an experiment this year and I was willing and able to test it out.

I went to a local high end garden center/shop who I found out after getting there that they are closing their doors after many many years and quite by surprise saw they had large trees that were on sale. I figured maybe that was my golden opportunity…so I chose the biggest tree they had (which looked HUGE in their shop) and seems I got a good deal though it was still a hefty sum. The strange thing is that when they delivered it, it looked like it had shrunk a few feet. Somehow it was dwarfed in my home and I immediately had buyers remorse.

I lived with a few days (it was  final sale) and started thinking I would put it in my family room and get a real tree for our usual spot then my husband talked me out of it saying once it was decorated it would take on a whole different look. And I hate to say it, but he was right.

Enter my blue and white decorations…..they saved the day!! My blue and white vision completely came to life and to say I could not love my tree more is seriously not an understatement. I am in love with my tree and my decorations are truly the icing on this cake, I just might want to keep this up all year long!! So take a look and keep in mind there are only a few gifts underneath but its certainly getting there and really helping the house to feel more festive……


I love the mixing of the blue and white balls and oversized 5″ ice blue balls (still have the light blue balls)

And it’s beautiful during the day too!

Tah dah! I did it and could not love it more….in fact it may stay up all year long:) The blue and white certainly fits right in! My patience paid off and it’s even more beautiful than I could have imagined, now that’s not to say I may not be buying another faux tree ( a wider taller one)  next year but that’s a whole other story:)

Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a fabulous day! Tomorrow the Holiday Love starts and there are so many wonderful holiday pics to share…..

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Design Chic on

I cannot even imagine the work, Tina but it is absolutely incredible! So worth all of the time. Now you can sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Happy Wednesday!!

Beth Christoff on

The tree is just stunning. My daughters have noticed that the new artificial trees have “slimmed down”! They dont seem to be as wide as the older ones. But a loved tree, no matter the size, is beautiful (thank you, Charlie Brown)! Happy Birthday!

Betsy perry on

Beautiful tree and gorgeous home!! Merry Christmas!


The tree is beautiful. And happy birthday to someone who makes many days beautiful through her lovely posts. You certainly contribute to many smiles on my face throughout the year!

Liz on

Absolutely beautiful! Merry Christmas, Tina!

Maria on

Fabulous tree!!! It’s magical!! Love it, have a wonderful and fun day.

Susan N. on

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TINA! I hope you have a wonderful day in New York, enjoying the beautiful holiday decorations.
Your tree is gorgeous with the solid color ornaments mixed with all of the blue and white from your shop. I love it!

Mary Lu on

Happy Birthday, Tina! Thanks for sharing pictures of your gorgeous tree! Enjoy the city.

Nancy Kelley on

What a gorgeous tree! Happy birthday and Merry Christmas, Tina!

Wanda on

Tina, that tree is fabulous! And the blue is gorgeous! Happy birthday!

maureen on

Beautiful tree in a beautiful home! Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday!

Liane on

Beautiful classic style – just love it.

RHonda on

Your tree is absolutely stunning. Have a wonderful Christmas!!

NaNCY h on

Your tree is beautiful! Have a very Happy Birthday…..God grant you many years.

Ann Kotula on


You bring magic to everything you touch. Have an amazing birthday and a very Merry Christmas!!

Joy on

Happy Birthday, Tina! Enjoy your special day! Your tree is exquisite.

Anonymous on

Happy birthday !
Beautiful tree and your homemlooksmwomderfuo also
Enjoy YOUR day

christine on

Happy Birthday to you! And the tree…..just beautiful! I pray your new birthday year is as Blessed!

Faith Boggio on

Happy Birthday Tina!! May your special day bring you lots of love & joy. Love, love, love your tree!

Elizabeth Ward on

Oh my goodness!
That tree us magnificent! Absolutely stunning!
I think it has to be the most bra tree I have ever seen!

Wow! Just wow!

Have a wonderful day!

Deborah Fisher on

Happy Birthday Tina! Your tree is lovely. IF you decide to order another one I strongly suggest Frontgate. I can speak from 11 years experience. They may put them on sale now, check them out! Have a wonderful day.

robin on

Tina, Happy Birthday!! Hope you enjoy your day in the city! I’m jealous! Your tree is gorgeous and the perfect size. The colors are stunning.

Hunter on

Happy birthday!!! I hope it’s as fabulous as you are:). Your tree is stunning (I would expect nothing else!).

Merry Christmas! Let the celebration continue!

Rose on

Happy Birthday to a creative artist! Your posts are a gift to us all!

Eve on

Wishing you the Happiest of Birthdays! May your day and year be as fabulous as you are!

Your tree looks amazing! We also have a faux tree, after a lifetime of real ones. Love it! Though, I still ask my husband if he watered it!!!

Enjoy the day!

Ellen on

Happy Birthday Tina! I hope your birthday trip into the city is fun fun fun!

Your new blue and white tree is stunning. I bought my first artificial tree this year to save myself from watering duties every day and it turned out to be better than I had hoped.

My birthday is Dec. 26. We wait a long year between significant celebrations so we have to learn to host mini celebrations throughout the year.

Thanks for your wonderful blog and your fabulous taste.

Judi on

Very beautiful and with faux you can enjoy it so much longer, before and after Christmas -without worrying when you’re not there for a few days, no drying out fire hazard. But I do miss the Christmas tree aroma. Happy Birthday-mine was yesterday!

Peggy Thal on

Happy Birthday and have a wonderful day of all good things. Your trees is gorgeous!

Rita on

All your work and planning was well worth it ,Tina. The tree is stunning.
Happy birthday and have an enjoyable day in the City.

BabS on

Happy Birthday!! Love your tree! I am not far behind you with teenagers who I have to beg to help me decorate the real tree. The artificial looks more appealing every year especially after seeing yours so beautifully decorated.

Lori Wilbins on

So beautiful! Thank you for sharing!!!

Donna C on

Happy Birthday, Tina! Enjoy your day in the city. Thank you for sharing your Christmas tree. It is absolutely stunning.

Susan Logan on

Stunning tree (and house!) and a very happy birthday to you! As always, thank you for sharing!

Deb A. on

Dear Tina, Happy Happy Birthday!! What a joy to look at that breathtaking tree! It looks like it is straight out of Bergdorf Goodman – simply perfect and so elegant. It complements your home beautifully. Great job!!! I might just keep the pics up so I can refer to it throughout the year because it is so gorgeous to look at. Hope your day in the city is perfect – you deserve it!

elisa on

First of all, Happy Birthday!!!
I hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy the beautiful tree! You did a fantastic job.

debi timmerman on

Most importantly, Happy Birthday to you, Tina!!!!!!

I am sitting here with a big smile on my face as I have been to this movie, too. Got so tired of having the family act like rats leaving a sinking ship when it came time to put the lights on the tree that I took matters into my own hands and bought a “faux” tree! I bought mine from Christmas Tree Classics….not inexpensive but the quality is fabulous and there are so many to choose from. Fully lit with LED bulbs….yea! We have had it for five years and figure the cost has now been fully amortized relative to the cost of buying a huge fresh tree, having it delivered, hauled off, etc.. P.S. – Not one member of the family detected that it was not real until I finally let the cat out of the bag.

Katie clooney on

Happy happy birthday, dear friend! Hope you enjoy every minute in NYC. Your home looks breathtaking!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

deborah bowker on

All I can say is WOW!!!!! Happy Birthday and Love to Teddy,


Sharon Ellis on

When I saw the first glimpse of the tree, it too my breath away & I couldn’t wait to see more…..and you certainly delivered! Thankyou. Happy Birthday & have fun In The city. I’m excited to hear all about your day .

Alice H on

Happy Birthday Tina!!! Enjoy your day. And have to say…a knock out tree!

Jayne on

Beautiful, which we’ve come to expect from you! I think the dimensions of the tree are perfect for that space. If it was much larger, the window behind wouldn’t be visible — which adds to the total look of the space. Personal taste, but I think adding some ribbon would soften the look a little. I saw a great idea on pinterest where the person took 4 foot lengths of three different ribbons (could be same color, different texture or different colors). She tied them in half with one of the ribbons and then tucked it into the branches, slightly separating the ribbons and letting them curl naturally down the tree and then tucking in the ends. The look was very professional and she said uses less ribbon than just wrapping the tree with ribbon. Just an idea. I always look forward to your posts and ideas! Thanks and very happy holidays to you!

Holly on

Gorgeous!! I agree with the previous poster that the shape of the tree is perfect because it allows you to glimpse the beautiful arched doorway behind the tree. Happy birthday!!

Fran on

Happy birthday, Tina! Your Christmas tree is gorgeous!

Donna on

Happy Birthday, Tina! Fabulous tree………….

A few fresh branches, here and there in your home and you’ll have the aroma……….easily disposable.

I have some fresh cedar in my dining room light fixture……lasts at least 2-3 weeks before replacing.

Kathy on

Happy Birthday! Your tree is a gift to all of us! That is the most beautiful tree I have ever seen!!
The ice blue balls compliment your beautiful blue and white ornaments perfectly. Just exquisite!!

Mary Bogart on

Happy Birthday, Tina! Your tree is stunning and looks amazing in the space! Enjoy your day!

Kim Peterson on

Happy Birthday Tina!!! I’ve been following you for a few years now and I think this is your most beautiful tree yet!

PatTY aNN on

Stunning tree in my favorite colors. Happy Birthday and may all your Christmases be white…BLUE AND WHITE that is.

Jane thompson on

Your tree is truly stunning! I would want to leave it up all year,too. Happy Birthday! And thanks for making me smile on a gloomy day in Georgia.

Kathy on

Tina – the tree is stunning. I too struggle with the real vs. faux, but faux is the way to go for all good reasons. With the visual taken care of by the decorated tree the only thing missing is the wonderful scent. That is taken care of by Thymes Frasier Fir Reed Diffusers. Hands down the most realistic evergreen scent there is. Thanks for sharing with all of us all year long.

Fiona on

Your Christmas Tree looks amazing, Merry Christmas and a very Happy Birthday!???? Enjoy your time in the city!

corriemae on

A Very Happy Birthday to you Tina!! You tree looks so beautiful, truly gorgeous. Birthday wishes to you and have a lovely time in the city.

Sue J. on

Happy Birthday, Tina! Your Christmas tree is beautiful!

Karen on

The tree is beautiful day and night. Have fun today-Happy Birthday.
Karen in LA

Sandy on

Have a beautiful birthday, Tina. Your tree is magical!

Sherry on

Happy Birthday to a beautiful, sweet woman who does so much for everyone . The tree is gorgeous but would expect nothing less coming from you.

Bev freiley on

Happy birthday, Tina! The tree is wonderful; the blue and white motif is stunning, and the size looks perfect. Your husband was right! I, too, am glad I got a fake tree after so many years of resisting. So much easier, and now I don’t worry about the fire hazard. I got mine several years ago at Dillard’s, and it is kind of sparse but looks good when fully decorated. Although now some lights have gone out and I have had to add a few strings to fill in those dark places. That’s a problem with prelit trees! I do have my eye on a gorgeous Frontgate tree for next year.

Sally on

Happy Birthday to you dearest Tina,

I do hope you will have a wonderful day and that you are enjoying special time in the City. I can only imagine how beautiful New York is at Christmas.
Please forgive my long absence, I have only been able to stop by occasionally these last months. I have missed you! but have been so delighted for your blue and white ornaments….and now here they are gracing your home on the exquisite Christmas tree, brava my darling it is magical and a dream come true

Fondest love to you across the pond
Sally xx

Coty Farquhar on

Wishing you the most fabulous birthday today Tina!
And, your tree looks just beautiful!

xx Coty

Kathy on

Be still my heart ???

Judy on

Happy Birthday Tina. May you be blessed with a wonderful year and many more to come. The tree and all your decorating looks divine. All that’s needed is a glass of wine or champagne. Enjoy your special day. Judy

Anonymous on

Happy Birthday and Merry Chistmas,Enjoy Tina!

Mary Zanella on

Happy Birthday and Merry Chistmas,Enjoy Tina!

JoannA on

It looks perfect, Tina! All decorated up, it fills that space nicely. I love where you put it, too. Perfectly framed! It’s nice to get that big job ( however much fun ) behind us. Merry Christmas!

Alice on

Drop dead gorgeous! Not a single inch left uncovered with blue and white balls. It is indeed magical. What a joy to see. A Christmas present and birthday present to yourself. I always give myself something special. After all we do deserve it. Happy happy day!



Cher on

Love your tree and it looks fabulous with your inspired Christmas ornaments. Have a wonderful birthday, too.

Debbie on

Tina, this is Beautifully You! Happy Birthday! Your house is magnificent and I love taking peeks into your world and decor! BTW, no apologies about artificial vs. real trees — I had the same dilemma and never looked back now — as you said, the pine needles, watering, cleanup, lighting issues and the #1 reason you COULD NEVER get that many ornaments on the branches of a real tree, it would not sustain the weight. So I rest my case. . . my favorite place in the world at Xmas is Rogers Gardens, Newport Beach, CA and all the trees in there (inside showrooms) are artificial for good reason — I know you’ve been there, too! So congratulations on a beautiful choice and making memories anew!

MaiTai on

Happy Birthday! Your home looks so beautiful and festive!

Maggie Baron on

Happy Belated birthday, Tina.
What a gorgeous tree!
It has inspired me to take a second pass at my own.
I’ll be helping a client this weekend with her tree, so we will use yours as inspiration.
Thanks for the fun insights and design ideas.
Happy Holidays!

Deborah on

Your home is stunning and your tree gorgeous. It’s not real, is it? I always insist on a real tree, but am tempted to go otherwise if I can find one realistic enough. Would you share your source?

Mary JOy on

Happy Birthday, Tina! Have a happy, healthy year. My bday is the 19th. We also are going to NYC with the entire family (14 of us, with the grandkids), and bunking st the Madarin. It will be after Christmas, since we have my nephew’s wedding in Charleston this weekend.
The tree is spectacular. I ordered a bunch of the ornaments which I’ll use next year as I procrastinated and my other trees went up already. Will be ordering more. I also love an “overloaded” look on my trees. Merry Christmas!

Mo at Mocadeaux on

Happy belated birthday! Your tree is stunning!

leigh on

The tree is absolutely stunning! Your husband was right! It is perfect! Thanks for sharing it with us, and a very Happy Belated Birthday!!!

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