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Hello!! Hope your first week of 2017 was a good one.  I was under the weather but after a few days of rest am happy to say I am feeling better. I want to first announce the winner of the beautiful blue and white bowl. Congratulations goes to-


Please email me at to claim your prize and provide your shipping details so your bowl can be on it’s merry way!


Back to business and back to my Seven on Sunday, which I so missed doing but then the holidays took over:) Things are settling down here, the ornament and porcelain mayhem has died down, and mayhem it was but the most fun type possible:)

Hard to believe the new year is here, just as I was going to vent about not getting a big snow day so far, the weather gods surprised us yesterday and we got about 8-9″!!

We all know that everything looks prettier sprinkled in “nature’s fairy dust’ as I  like to call it even though it curtailed some weekend plans. We enjoyed a lazy and unexpected down day at home and I must say it was quite nice and today will be more of the same especially with the Golden Globes on tonight.  Let’s get started with my Seven on Sunday…..


1 TWO REALLY GREAT NEW ETSY SHOPS! Etsy is  a fun world to get lost in…I have not had not much time to visit there but when I do I always find something good! These two shops offer such wonderful, unique things, I had to tell you about them as they are great finds-

These notepads, cards and  amazing monogram decals that can be used for so many things are not only so fabulous but her prices are incredible too, great gift/party favor ideas! Click here to visit Sparkly Pink Polka Dots

And this darling company, Folk Fortune makes the cutest pompom slippers and straw totes, really unique and so pretty! Click here to visit them

2.INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Missed sharing my faves and this week was hard pressed to narrow it down, but alas I did! Still some holiday inspired pictures here, as I am not quite over them (my tree still up would be proof of that) and a mix of other fun pictures-

And my favorite this week is this one because I feel like I died and went to wedding invitation heaven, I would love this for my eldest son (now we just need to locate a suitable bride) lol

3. AMAZING NEW ITEMS COMING IN! I have lots of goodies coming this way and you would think after doing this for almost 3 years I would be jaded but nope, when I love something I LOVE it. There will be several porcelain containers this year, more stunning chionsierie tole, an amazing container   late Feb, and then some really exciting top secret projects are in the works.

If you can believe the ornament collection for 2017 is starting to be designed, most of the top sellers will be coming back but there will be some additions as well and you can bet I will be asking and counting on your opinions, so stay tuned…

These long sold out and much awaited chargers are finally coming back next week! Be on the lookout for a quick promo on them-

The Provence Planters are also coming next week! Most were presold but I do have some extra which I will be offering for a one day promo within the next 10 days or you can email us to find out what we will have available at

A few of the many porcelain beauties coming in the Feb. container (lots of new planters and new items)

Here is a look at some of the beautiful new chinoiserie tole pieces which will be here in about a month (will hold a presale in a week or two)-

4. A FAVORITE NEW RECIPE As we start the new year trying to eat a bit healthier, I am on the lookout for tasty but healthy recipes,  I tried this and it’s a winner, super tasty.

This zucchini lasagne will most definitely become a regular part of our meal plan, though admittedly with just two of us now I cook less. I made a big casserole of it and froze half for a future easy dinner.

On Sundays I love to stay in and cook something yummy especially during the cold winter months and think this is actually going to be on the  menu today, with a big arugula salad with lemon and olive oil…it’s a great and very flavorful meal . Click here to Skinnytaste for the full recipe.

5. A FASCINATING MAN. We all know the  name, Warren Buffet. By all accounts, not only is he known for his incredible generosity with his many billions but by his iconic vision and business acumen. A fascinating documentary has just come out on his life and I cannot wait to see it! Such an inspiring man…..this is going to be GOOD!!

6. A CHIC NEW COAT My mom got me this darling coat from Tory Burch for Christmas and I just have to say I love it….it is sooooo cozy, soft an warm. I love how it’s not a stiff coat but instead one that is as soft as they come, feels like I am wrapped in a cozy blanket…… I love the color too, goes with everything. Thanks Mom:) Click here to find out more

7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY. One of the things I hope to do more of this year is travel, we used to travel a lot then somehow between our kids getting older, busy schedules and of course my extreme fear (claustrophobia in a big way) we have done less. I hope to change that this year…..when I finally do get on a plane and get to where I am going, I wonder why we don’t do it more often!

Travel just broadens your mind in ways that nothing else can… about you? What is your take on travel as we begin the new year?

So that wraps up this Sunday…anything here get your attention? Hope you enjoyed the post, and wishing you a wonderful and relaxing Sunday! I will be hunkering down later today for the always fun preshows for the Golden Globes, love awards season!!  Until next time….

PS One more day for the chinoiserie/tole lighting promo, click here to read all about it

















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Kathi holbert on

What a great way to start my day…such beautiful things!

Moy on

At your convenience, go to Beaux Mondes blog to view your beautiful ornaments on their tree! Fabulous.

Thanks for a great year of beauty, recipes, entertaining, recommended products, career & family.

In Gratitude,



Hi Tina… thanks for the heads up on that Etsy shop. Such great stuff!! Love the coat that your Mom got you. The zucchini lasagna looks positively delish. The Mister and I are going to watch the documentary you suggested. It’s too cold to go out! Have a wonderful week!

Neil on

Love the new mirrors and the cute new Etsy shops!!
Thanks for your great taste!!!

Sherri on

Hi Tina, love everything, especially the wedding invitation . As the mother of boys, what is your opinion on including/excluding the names of the groom’s parents on an invitation. I know that some people do include the boy’s parents names. I think that if the groom has living parents, they should be included, after all, he is not an orphan. Just my 2 cents! Sherri

Donna R on

I look forward to trying the lasagna recipe! Thank you. Loved the gorgeous wedding invitation. Married 3 daughters so, I was able to be a part of most of the wedding details. Hope you will be involved one day with your boys.


ApRil on

Fun blog, lots of info. Thanks for all, Tina. Happy New Year ?

franki on

That coat is…HOT!! So pretty!! franki

Deanna on

What a beautiful coat from your mom! And staying in on a cold day and cooking is so rewarding and that lasagna looks yummy. (Side note, I did place the groom’s parents’ names on the wedding invitation. We are hosting but they are in a position of honor as the parents of the groom.)
I can’t wait to see the pictures of that beautiful snow you have there. Lucky! AndI love gazing at your kitchen when you’re cooking something. I love your pictures!! Happy Sunday to all…

judy on

I love it when you find things for your son’s “wedding”! I did that too, right up until my son got engaged and a dear friend warned me to “wear beige and put tape over your mouth”! Unfortunately, we, moms of boys, do not get an opinion, idea, input or anything on venues, invitations, flowers etc. I didn’t wear beige but I did ask what color she wanted me to wear……and I kept my mouth shut. They have been happily married for 9 years and my daughter in law loves me and I love her! Best advice I have ever been given……..

Our French oasis on

Always love your Sunday posts, I find so many new and exciting people to follow. Hope you are feeling fully recovered now. X


Looking forward to everyday of 2017. My goal is to appreciate and live each day, as though it were my last.
A part of my everyday will be anticipating the next TEH Blog and shop offering!
Tina, thanks for sharing your thoughts and aspirations with us.

Joanna on

Judy, that was great advice from your friend. I had to laugh though – Wear beige and put tape over your mouth. Lol So true!

Love Seven on Sunday, Tina. Skinnytaste is a regular for me. Great way to lighten up all those recipes and their salads are delish. Your mom has great taste. I want that cozy coat. ?

elizabeth@pineconesandacornsblog on

Hello Tina,

i too stayed in all weekend and cooked and baked! I loved it. I have made that zucchini lasagna, it is delicious.

I love Etsy, there are so many great things to explore, you are right though you could get lost and spend hours looking for stuff.

Have a great week. I hope that you enjoyed the golden globes.

Desiree | beautifully Seaside on

Happy New Year Tina!! I want to first start by saying that I love the coat your mom bought you for Christmas! It is sooooo pretty! I also love those Etsy shops you featured, because I would love to buy a pom pom beach tote this spring. I’m glad your feeling better! Hope you have the best week!

michele@hellolovely on

i will have to try that lasagne recipe…big changes around here with diet restrictions so i have to get creative. more travel? yes! travel to chicago!! yes? i’ll meet you wherever whenever. i’m with you on more trips this year and am already scheming. happy monday, beautiful. xox

So South Shore decorating blog on

Hi Tina! I hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday season. It’s kind of nice to get back to normal, especially visiting your seven on Sunday posts. Definitely my favorites. We got 18 inches of snow where I am which is a little much for my taste, but it is beautiful. I’m sure it’s beautiful in New York as well! Thanks for a lovely post as always .

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