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Good morning. Hope everyone is well and enjoyed a wonderful Easter holiday. Bet you weren’t thinking I would post another chapter so soon, neither did I!  On the PB side of things, everything is really moving along at a nice swift pace. Brick chimneys are almost up and cannot wait to see them done. We went with the pierced chimney detail which I just love.

Starting to firm up kitchen details, bath flooring and lots of other fun and exciting things.Thanks to all for weighing in on the outdoor porch flooring options. Turns out we could not use brick in the front as we could only use up to 1″ stone and the brick we used for the house does not come as a brick flat. Then we realized by using outdoor rugs on the back porch, there won’t be a lot of “floor reveal” so took that expense and will put it into millwork indoors. Hoping to get down there in a few weeks.

Today is all about a decision that needs to be made pronto, shutter color. I am tossing and turning and just when you think choosing a light blue paint is a piece of cake, you walk into a paint store and realize it’s a whole world unto itself:) Plus doing this from afar does not make it easier, if I were there, I would probably be able to. make it much faster.

I am leaning towards 1 or 2 colors here and hoping by doing this post, you can help me winnow it down!

So this is the exterior color (a soft ivory) with the roof color (a pale soft silvery gray) I want pale blue/gray shutters. Just keep this color combo in mind as you scroll along…..

These are pictures I gathered over time from my “blue shutter collection”,  a few are darker and a few lighter.  I want something in the soft gray/blue family.  Would love your opinion as I narrow it down and soon make a final choice-

All colors below shown are Benjamin Moore. Ready to put on your thinking caps?












Here they all are-


Confused yet? Welcome to my world:) OK your turn to choose your two favorites-


After a while they start to look alike but I think I have it narrowed down to two. I look forward to seeing what you all have to say. Thanks for your input in advance!

GORGEOUS crystal/brass lamp flash sale started yesterday (ends tomorrow) click here to see it.

That’s a wrap.I will be paying close attention to this poll as this decision needs to be made in the next day or two.  Thanks for stopping by, until next time……







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I would choose Gentle Gray or Nimbus Gray, thank you for sharing this beautiful process with us. Have a great day! BTW I am not receiving email updates from your blog, I just google your blog every couple of days to get updates 🙂

I am in St Lucia. They have a lovely shutter color here. Should I send you a picture?

I just painted the interior of my beach house BM Quiet Moments and corresponding hues. It is a lovely blue gray with hints of green. Not sure how it would look outdoors but might be worth a try!!!

I live not too far from PB, the bright sun can visually wash out color. My painter tells me that gray fades the most in the sun so even if you start out with a darker gray, it may look lighter in time. Although, we’ve had dolphin on the back of our house for 17 years and have not noticed that it has faded. It looks much lighter on the house than on the Benjamin Moore chip. We’ve only had it painted once the same color during all that time and it is holding up well for us. …..P.S. I really love that Nimbus Gray ❤️

I have the same exact roof and siding. Go with Nimbus and it won’t fade into the neutrals. My 2 cents!

Nimbus Grey! By the way. Be sure to roll up and take in your outdoor rugs when you are not in residence. They say they are all mildew resistant, but they will mildew in just one season! Please learn from my mistake!

I am just finishing a house in the North Carolina mountains and spent untold hours trying to get the right blue for a new Dutch door at the front of the house and shutters for the windows. I fell in love with Light Blue #22 from Farrow and Ball!

Tina my inlaws have a home in Bermuda and painted their shutters Glass Slipper and it is so beautiful. I think all your choices are really pretty but I can only speak to seeing that one up and it is really pretty. I cannot wait to see your house finished, such fun to share with you in the process. We are going to start building our home in June and are so excited, I have gotten many many ideas from you. Hope you have a great day.

I love all your inspiration pictures. In your picture 1 of the simulated shutters you have silver mist pointing up, but on the color swatches you show it on the bottom…. Not sure which is which, but they don’t match up. I like all of the blues, I’m a sucker for blue, but I would heed the warnings of those who are worried about fading.

Kristen said that she painted her interior Quiet Moments (BM). I live on the oceanfront in Virginia Beach and also have painted the interior of my house Quiet Moments/ Healing Aloe/ and Beach Glass the coordinating colors. It’s a nice color that mimics the color of the Atlantic Ocean on the east coast above Florida. May lean a little more towards green in certain lights than you’re looking for, but is definitely worth a look. It doesn’t compete with the color of the ocean, it compliments it. I get wonderful comments on it.

I agree with Donna D–the sun is intense in SC so you really need a saturated color to stand up to it. Hence, Rainbow Row……?

I think shutters are most attractive when they provide a contrast. So to me, the more color the better. Plus as others have said it may sort of wash out from the sun over time.

The Nimbus Grey seems to give the most contrast with your siding and will stand out in the light off the water.

Love all the choices but Nimbus Gray is my favorite! Maybe it’s my phone but some of the color choices seem to have a purple/lilac undertone. The building process is a crazy busy time but so much fun to see your thoughts come to fruitation.

I live just a few miles down from you. Agree with the comments on fading, we restrain shutters every few years to keep the contrast.

What about a French blue? Color will fade and looked washed out Of the color you looked at the N. gray but wouldn’t be my first choice It’s not easy to pick a paint color. Good luck

I vote Silver Mist we own a home on Kiawah and used it with a comparable facade and roof color, love it. Have people stop by all the time asking what our shutter color is. It is the prefect blue/gray. We do repaint them about once a year just to keep them fresh. Good luck, all your decisions are just beautiful.

Hands down, Nimbus gray. It has depth and less lavender than some of the others. Plus it has nice contrast and will fade in the SC sun in time. I am painting the entire first floor Revere Pewter this week and am struggling with either Manchester tan or Edgecomb gray in the kitchen, so I feel your pain. Hope the kids made it back from Coachella, mine did -phew.

Remember, too, that in the South, we have a deluge of yellow pollen in March and it will get on EVERYTHING on your porch, even if it is covered. It takes about a month for the pollen to stop falling. It will ruin outdoor cushions, pillows and rugs. I have to hose off my porch and outdoor furniture a couple of times a week just to keep it off the
outdoor wicker. The cushions are only brought out in the month of March if I am having guests, and then they go
right back into the garden house until the pollen stops falling. If you sit on a cushion where pollen has fallen, it will get all over your clothes.

I like a French Blue color that has a little punch–like the blue shutters you see in France.

Since fading may be an issue, I’d start with my first choice Nimbus anyway and see how it held up. Then check it in a year, if it became a tad lighter, would that work?

I can see where you would be confused! All of the colors are beautiful and I am sure that whatever you choose will be fabulous! Have a great week Tina.

Silver Mist hands down. Used it myself and would paint my shutters that if I had shutters, haha. Here in WPB, lots of people use Silver Mist on their shutters and as an overall accent color.

My second choice would be beacon gray. Lovely choices.

My terrace level is painted Manchester Tan (except the bunk room and bath, which are Sea Salt and Silvermist, to bring it full circle to this post), and it is a nice neutral. Furnishings are cream, brown, and blue with a little green in some of the patterned fabrics).

I am just south of your bluff area and your friends are correct in suggesting that you’ll have fading from the hot summer sun. Take a look at Polar Sky by Ben Moore. We use it for porch ceilings in the south.

The darker hues give the most contrast of course, but I favor the the softer hues this time. I really like the Silver Mist and Glass Slipper. Have fun making your final choice. It will be beautiful no matter which one you select. Good Luck!

Silver Mist is a gorgeous color. I used it in my family room/kitchen area and it’s just beautiful. It’s a serene color, very pure and soft. There’s a lot of marble in that area and the silver mist really compliments the grey veining in the stone.

Leaning toward Silver Mist – softer tones are nice too. It will pair nicely with the roof color while offering a pretty and soft contrast against the main house color. As Linda suggested French Blue would be beautiful too.

Wow…what a gorgeous French inspired home and I have to go with the popular option of Nimbus. We just had our Miami home painted and decided to take all of the shutters down and store them for now to update the exterior. I do love them on a French style exterior like yours but ours is tropical and I’m not sure why they built this house in the 60’s with them to begin with. Thanks for stopping by…I’ll visit you later when your party post is up and tagged you over on Instagram 😉

Since your roof looks so silvery light in the pic and your house color is so neutral, too, I would go with the Nimbus Grey for some contrast.

What color is the house? You mentioned “sort ivory” and that’s exactly what I’m looking for! Could you please share? Thank you!!

Hi Tina,
We are also renovating. I’m searching for an off white or ivory/cream paint for exterior. I don’t want stark white but I don’t want yellowish cream. Any chance you’d let me know what color ivory you used?

I like Beacon Gray a lot, and I really think you have nailed the elegant, sophisticated yet fresh look you are going for! It’s hard to choose because they all look good and because of the sun/shadow in the photos. Silver Mist is great too.

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